Monday, June 28, 2010

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shall recap yesterday ;DD 

okay , so i went to ang mo kio to do some discussion for a bio presentation . last minute , but still ... haha . so met nai at ang mo kio mrt , then yany came and we walked to ang mo kio library . pretty far , but still quite fun . saw KOI bubble tea , wanted to buy but the queue was FREAKING long . like seriously . still had to take queue number , like hospital like that . so we went to ang mo kio library . then there were quite a lot of people there , so no space for us to do our work . so we went to the cafe in the library . it's called cafe galilee . we settled ourselves there and we ordered some stuff . nai bought a peach shake , yany bought some cookies and cream thing and i bought onion rings . it's quite cheap . a lot , yet it's $3.80 like that . 

haha , nai considering what to order .
our food ! whee ;DDDDDDDDDDD it's quite nice . then dawn came later with her laptop so we typed out our presentations , spend about 2 and a half hours there ? then bus-ed home . decided to buy SLURPEE , so i crossed the overhead bridge to the 7-eleven nearby . wanted to buy some stamps so i can mail jasmineDARLING her super belated birthday present . but the machine needed an atm card . grrrrr , and i didn't bring mine along . 
then went home and slept . 

2806'10 (MONDAY!)
today had school ))): changed pe teacher to this humourous guy . haha , but he said we shouldn't blog about him . so i shall not elaborate . then blablabla . and today's MONDAY ;DDDDDDDD emily day ! hahahahah . went up 132 . sat on this seat and there was something scribbled on the seat in front like "___________ , B*TCH ! snatch my boy , i'll give you HELL!" it's like , aiyo . why go to such extends for a boy ? 
then emily passed me a SUPERMAN TEE(: hee , bought through her from some blogshop . YAY ;DD

tada ! pictures(: 

went home . here i am . 

tada ! 
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Friday, June 25, 2010

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arrggh . it's saturday already ))): i want more holidays ! 
anyway , MICHAEL . JACKSON . IS . AWESOME . i mean , seriously . i stayed up late last night and slept only this morning to watch the show but it was worth it . 
even though it's my like , 3rd time watching it but it's still AMAZING . like , seriously . he's dance moves are crazy . even though his backup dancers do the same moves as him , he has the STAR POWER . totally . OMG . it's crazy . i'm going crazy thinking about it . 

anyway , NIGAHIGA uploaded a new video yesterday (: it's SKITZO , my favourite ;DD haha , and it's funny . pure retardedness . how did he even get that despicable me guy to come . it's so cute . but people are saying he's a sell out ): oh well . oh , and youtube has this new button under the video . i kind of circled it in purple . 

it's in the shape of a soccer ball and when u press it , some weird noise comes out . i think it's the noise of a vuvuzela . [spelling ?] but anyway , it's pretty cool . 

alright . 
zaijian ;DDDDD
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dancing michael jackson Pictures, Images and Photos


[august 29 , 1958 ~ june 25 , 2009]

today's the first anniversary of the passing of the legendary KING OF POP , michael jackson /':
in memory of him , the top is a playlist of my favourites of his songs . check out thriller's official music video (: it's the second last song of the playlist on top . such a great entertainer , he will be remembered , missed and loved dearly .

michael jackson , YOU ARE NOT ALONE

you are not alone
for i am here with you
though you're far away
i am here to stay
you are not alone
for i am here with you
though we're far apart
you're always in my heart


R . I . P

posted by yapliyin on 25 june at midnight . sharp
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

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i shall not touch on KING OF POP in this post , since my previous one's already dedicated to him . ANYWAY , yesterday i had a BRILLIANT time chatting with bibiana and matthew ! in my status . so , it was pretty tedious . 

130 comments ! all by the 3 likers ;DD hee , so nice and funny . 

look at all my notifications ! two of them flooded it ;DD haha , click to enlarge the picture . 

this was how it started . actually me and matthew were already chatting at rachael sim's status . then bibiana joined in ! ;D

so me and matthew had 32 comments at rachael's status ... 

and how matthew ended the convo with a nice 130 number (: haha , we ended at about midnight last night . it was awesome . both of them were using the facebook on their phones , so i guess it was really tiring for them but THANK YOU ! it was really fun talking to u guys . 

then , under my blankets on my bed , i sms-ed both of them saying STUFF . hahahaah , and both of them replied at about the same time . heee . mr . and miss . low . they're siblings .LOL . 

bye ! ;DD

p/s: i love hamburgers more than pizzas . but of course , i love MCWINGS from KFC the best (:

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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today's my brother's birthday . but he's in school . having chinese oral . hah to him . he's taking chinese in JC cos he didn't take higher chinese in sec school . HAPPY BIRTHDAY , BRUTHER ! ;DD anyway , went to my grandparents house yesterday . 
as usual , my grandmother would cook up a feast when she know that we're visiting . the food she cooks would ALWAYS HAVE her trademark fried chicken wings and fried wontons . hee . yummie . i love my grandmother's cooking . why didn't my mother inherit the cooking genes ? hmph -.- anyway , i love it that my grandparents always stock up on coke in their fridge . hee , i was busing admiring the fifa world cup edition coke can . 
i was bored . hee . 

and look at the barcode ! ;DD it's in the shape of a coke bottle . okay , i have no idea why i was to intrigued by the coke can . 

and my brother took the normal can . i took a sip . HEY ! why did the normal can of coke taste nicer than mine ? okay , i was just being very retarded . but it's true ! :O 

anyway , my grandparents have this awesome fridge magnet . hee . it reads "MIND BOGGLING BOOBS" and they have pictures with descriptions of the shape of the boob . sick . heh . if u can't read it , from top left - sweet potatoes , block busters , under chinners , bee stings ;; bottom left - has beens [the funniest , in my opinion] , lemons , pears . 

haha , pretty cool for grandparents , eh ? ;DD
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

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gosh . 
i realized that A LOT of people enter my blog ... in yesterday's post the blog counter showed 3197 . now it's 3247 . it's 50 people in just a few hours . and it tallies with another software is use . this info is FLATTERING ;DD , but u guys don't tag D: and even if you DO tag ... what kind of name is a dot {.} ? ugh . maybe i should just private my blog and invite those people who tag . 
nevermind . anyway i slept really late yesterday . or should i say i slept in the morning today ? cos i was doing my history PT . when i have the sudden rush to do history PT , i HAVE to do it or it'll go away , based on past experiences . so I'VE COMPLETED that PT , finally . hee . but it's due like , in july anyway . i think it's awesome . hah . it's like , 25% of history results . cool , right ? ;D and i woke up only now . like , 1 something ? 

alright , short post . 
shall touch up on my pt , since history is my worst subject . 

~zaijian ;D
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Saturday, June 19, 2010

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helloh (: 
i realised i haven't been replying to tags for a long long time ... so here it is ;DD shall start from the most recent , till 3 june . 

bibianaMEI(: // aww , we never see each other , so sad )': but never mind ! next time will have many other opportunities . hehe . jon see me never call me , so bad . grrrr . thanks for the tag anyways (L)

emilyHONEY(: // eeyer . ur idea whatt . LOL = = 

shiminROBOT(: // HI ROBOT . BYE ROBOT . I LOVE YOU ROBOT . cutieee . my monkey is better than your robot :P 

jasminJUNIOR(: // hello junior ;DD thanks for the tag . (L)

carrisSENIOR(: // hi , thanks for the tag , linked ;DD

emilyHONEY(: // hee . your favourite , or rather , hatest reply --> IKR . ;DD

brendaMEI(: // tag back already ;DD nah , i'm not pretty at all . i'm as ugly as ever (: u're the pretty one . thanks for the tag (; 

jessaMEI ;; jewelynMEI ;; alinaGOODFRIEND ;; carrisSENIOR  // thanks for the tags ! ;DD I LOVE YOU ALL (L) 

zhentingAPPLE // APPLE ! thanks for the tag ;DD 

qigeDIDI // hello ! thanks for the tag ! ;DD what hyper ? LOL = = 

alrighty , i'm done (:
keep the tags flowing , people . 
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heyyy peeps ;DD 

today's FATHER'S DAY , so HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all DADS , especially mine ! ;DD ILOVEYOU . heh , he probably doesn't read my blog anyway . and he's not encouraged to . hah . gave him chocolates , hope he's kind enough to share . if he eats too much , he'll get constipation anyway , so i'm sharing the burden . aren't i kind ? ^ ^ 

i removed "airplanes" from my playlist . getting a bit tired of it . replaced it with "avalanche" by marie digby . she's a singer born from youtube , i love singers like that , with the exception of justin bieber . i love it more that i've been following her even before she even became famous , all the low quality home videos progressing to high quality official music videos . i think singers like these are pure and all , so i prefer them better to already popular singers . now , i'm following a couple of singers who aren't exactly famous but are already starting to get spotted by music directors and producers and all . i think it's super cool . youtube is amazing . 
and of course , i also edited the list of songs floating on the right of my blog (: i think that thing's cool . hee . i'm so proud of my html codings . hahah 

oh ya , came across this AWESOMELY CREATIVE advert in the newspapers today . it was like , "to all who don't use _____ , HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!" isn't that insanely creative if u can fill up the blank ? i'll tell you , the blank's supposed to be "DUREX" , which is erm ... the brand of condoms . if u don't know what's that , i'm not telling either . go look up the dictionary or something . but for those who know , isn't that SUPER DUPER INSANELY AWESOMELY CREATIVE ? if you actually get it . 

whee ~ 
hope u enjoy avalanche ;DD 
zaijian (: 

p/s : my visitor counter indicates that 3197 people have stepped into my blog , but WHY SO FEW TAGS , UH ? tag tag people ! leave a mark ! leave your footprints in the sand ! ;DD thankew in advance . i expect to see an improvement (: hee , standard bossy me . 
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just came back from compass with my mother . went there and bought a lot of stuffs , saw a really cute tee on sale . super cheap , so bought it . it's HAPPY TREE FRIENDS design . those gross but cute videos . if u never watch before , here is a sample (: 

this is the print of my shirt . it's GIGGLES getting her skin ripped . hee . not as gross , but still cute . hahaha . 
then at compass there have the ICING SHOP or something like that , forgot the name . it's like , they have plain white cakes for people to decorate . at first i thought will be very ex , but turn out to be quite cheap . like , $11 plus for the smallest cake . then they also provide icing and basic decos . so cool , but never do larh . next time MUST do with friends ;DD
then went to burger king for dinner . 
then went home . blogging ;DD 
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Friday, June 18, 2010

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i'm bored . so i went blog hopping . to be exact , my juniors' blogs . i just kept clicking the links without tagging . hee . so i went to random blogs , juniors who i know by name but can't really match the faces to the names . then i realised that a lot of them link me up ? or even to the extend of blogging about me ? this is crazy . hee . but it's so awesome . i'm getting a huge boost in my ego . hah . didn't realised i was that popular ;DD EGOPOK me . 

oh yeah . was playing this MICHAEL JACKSON GAME.
i think it's really retarded . you got to have loads of patience , cos when it loads , u can't go to another tab cos it will just start the game itself and u'll miss the notes . the person dancing there is obviously not michael jackson . i mean , even with the make up and all , the impersonator CAN'T impersonate his dance moves . especially the one where he's supposed to hold the private part . it's retarded . but i play it cos i like the songs (: i love MJ ! 

as u can tell , i'm utterly bored . and even though my chemistry module is over , i'm listening to THE ELEMENTS SONG
i still remember that my brother showed this to me when he was sec 1 ;DD heh , it's been 4 years . hah , and no other elements have been discovered . 

zaijian . 
this is random much . 
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had 6R7'09 class gathering yesterday ;DD it was pretty fail , but quite fun anyway . met up with ex classmates (: i went to kovan mrt and there were quite a few people there already . SURPRISINGLY emily came earlier than me . but anyway , waited a while and off we went to ryan tan's condo . went immediately to the function room . took quite long for everyone to get settled before playing the first game - double whacko / wacko . played that in school , can sabo people . heh . i think victor's a not bad "protector" , heh . he's one cool cat [think 2009 end of year concert , my "comments" for his singing :P ] then those people who were the whackers 3 times had a forfeit . then emily said playing H2O , which is a game i hate platypus shit . then gary suggested hide and seek , which i second . but he gave in to them . so what can i do ? just don't play lorh . then they went out of the function room , and we followed . vernise didn't feel like playing too , so me and her went to the baby pool to play with the water and wet our legs . we waved to them from afar and in the end , most of them came . HAH ! so they never play H2O . fantastic . the boys psycho psycho try to "challenge" themselves to jump from one "rock" to another , in the end fall into the pool and embarrass themselves . if only julian can upload the videos on facebook or something ;DD

then i got myself all wet jumping in the pool , 

then the boys slide down the slide in the baby pool with their clothes on , then i saw this woman tell the passing security guard something like , "are they allowed to?" then the security guard came and tell us to lower our volumes . i didn't hear the rest of what he said . then they all came out of the pool and went back to the function room . then we started eating ? so many tibits ><  , so little real food . hah , but i proved myself by not eating any tibits ;DD yay ! then played truth or dare , which was horrendous . didn't enjoy it much . but nigel was super "suay" and the bottle kept pointing to him . hee .
then i forgot when victor asked me to play bball with him ? then i go and call vernise and johanah to join . he went to take another ball so we played a bit first . 
then the security guard chased us out . heh . 

then it was slack ? played blow wind blow which was quite okay . except for the interruptions from nigel and gary . BLOW WHAT . then saw JESSA ;DD hee , said hi and blablabla . then went back to the game . 
then celine ng came halfway through the game . she joined in , then after that emily suggested seaweed relay , but bad response , so it wasn't carried out . then forfeit time ! they had to drink a mixture of stuff . heh , i thought the whipped cream looked tempting . kerwin helped me spray  a lot into a cup , and i added a wee bit of pepsi . it tasted like those rootbeer floats .


then started hide and seek . me and gary were the seekers . celine toh just came out and went to the function room = = then xuan wei , megan and yu song didn't hide . found celine ng . but we asked them to go and hide again ? me and gary were walking around the condo , like a maze . and he walks damn fast = = then found johanah and vernise . vernise was eating a very large swiss roll and her mouth was filled with cream . unglam much , but very cute . 

then me and gary went to this stairs and went down , brought us to this dark , wet and smelly place . gary went in first of course . then he laughed , so i went in . WHOA , it's like this never ending corridor with doors or something . its like some rubbish place . i laugh like crazy when we were walking up . then we walk one big round , and he disappeared . went to the toilet with johanah , then went back to the function room , where so many people were hiding . then after that some boys came back and everyone was back , except gary = =  LOL , then they started some auction thingy . luckily the food i brought were all eaten up , then went to kovan mrt . decided to go to vivocity with amanda , celine ng and emily . went there , played at the waterpark ,
and then at the arcade , played guitar hero with emily , which i obviously pwned , like , i got 23000++ and she got like 13000++ ? hah , the next game she was a bit better , but i still won her . hahahahahah . then went to eat burger king cos we were all so hungry . we bought burgers and fries and a drink while celine ng bought onion rings and a drink . saw CHARLENE  YAP ;DD with other rg b-ballers . celine ng saw her b-baller friend too . probably some b-ball thing . 

then went home . and some tourists asked us how to go to orchard road from habourfront , we said got to change lines , and since we were heading to the same direction , we will bring them . they were very grateful ;DD then we chat and blah . they were from Philippines , and said they would tour us around as well if we went there (: but i was wondering ... orchard road had a flood yesterday , would be cleared by today ? even if so , many shops would not be open , would it ? but heck care . care so much for what . but still , i consider it as a good deed done (: 

mrt-ed to ang mo kio mrt and bus-ed home . horrible bus ride it was . it was freaking crowded and i had to stand . and i stood in front of this guy who kept starring at me . and another guy kept laughing for no apparent reason . i wanted to turn but it was so packed in the bus . ugh . but i survived it .  


went out with brother and aunty to compass point , eat lunch at the soup restaurant . then went to starbucks , ordered a white chocolate mocha frauppuccino while my brother , obviously being crazy and retarded as usual , ordered a americano with an extra shot of espresso . an americano is water plus espresso and espresso is just this super thick coffee small cup of coffee without any sugar or milk or sweetener , for people to just drink to wake themselves up . an espresso is ultra bitter , but my brother loves it . mine is super sweet ;DD heh . then a caucasian put some keychains on our table with a note saying something like "i am deaf , if you would like to buy these , 1 is for $6 and 2 is for $10 . thank you" but we declined . he nodded his head and smiled anyway , and walked away . then i passed by macs and saw the cool mcflurry outlet . the one at compass point allows you to mix and match the toppings of the mcflurry and it made me think of SBK outing , where we went there and bought it ;DD then my brother had to go to school , for his bridge club thingy in RI(JC) . then i went home . and here i am (: 

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

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rotting at home , but uploaded pictures from yesterday ! ;DD 

my unpainted monkey puppet ! but it's almost done ;DD i pull that string at the bottom and it's hands and legs move (: but it's gonna be attached to some electronic thingy . so i don't even need to pull the strings . 

gillian , me and valerie ;DD 

justine , jielin , valerie , me and gillian ;DD 

me outside the technical workshop ;DD u can see the sign on the left of me "technical workshop" and people came to crash = = 

i got a hammer stuck in the hole of the table in the workshop . phew , but i got it out with my wit , not strength ;DD hahahah .

unagi sushi from tangs market ! ;DD heehee , who ask jielin , gillian , huimin and valerie never come with me and justine ? 

photos courtesy of justin(e) bieber

and my facebook is screwed . does everyone's homepage look like this ? click to enlarge . 

and when i scroll down ... 

grr . aiyah , i don't care liao . 

xoxo , 
class gathering is tomorrow ! 
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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helloh ;DD 
WOOHOO ! sorry , heh . singing song :3 obviously the song will be WOOHOO ;DD sorry , just randoming . anyway , let me recall some stuffs . 

basically nothing happened in the day ? went piano lesson in the morning . BUT in the evening , went jogging with my mummy , to keep fit , you see ? ^^ anyway , back to the point . i was jogging like , in my neighbourhood , and i saw MISS IRENE :O it's my form teacher , btw . it's like super coincidental . and scary . i was like , OMG ! and we were running in clashing directions . that means we confirm see each other . she saw me first . she was like , aey ! hahah , but that day pretty normal anyway . boring life i lead >< 

what about monday ? even worse . i didn't even go out or have any encounters with anyone . i just stayed at home and rot . haiz , there's nothing to blog at all . sorry for wasting your precious times , people . heh . 

15june(TODAY !)
heh . at least i'll have one interesting day in a week . not that it's very interesting , but ... i went out . to school , at least D: gosh , i'm making myself sound very lame . anyway , i was supposed to reach school at 9am to do D&T [Design and Technology] so my father couldn't possibly send me there cos the timing , u know , clashes . so i took the uber long 132 bus ride . and then POOSH ! when i was on the bus , it started raining . and it got real heavy >< 
i was like , OH NO ! cos i would have to walk quite a bit and cross a big junction to get to my school from the bus stop . true enough , everywhere was SUPER WET :/ it was like practically flooding and my shoes were squishy and soaked . then my umbrella couldn't cover me totally and i was like , UGH . then this stupid car sped pass me and WOOSH ! all the water from the road splashed on me . grrrr . so angry . the muddy water was HORRIBLE . then when i FINALLY reached school , my whole pinafore was black , not dark blue :X 
then i went to class , there was no one in J-block . scary much  , but i'm used to it already . then huimin came . she was drenched too . after that ,  justine and gillian came , perfectly dry . they had cars to send them there >< 
then we walked to the D&T workshop which is this really cool place with cool machinery for us to do stuff like make toys cos they have all the materials and equipment - u can cut wood and melt plastic and we are allowed to use it (: ,  which is located ... somewhere in school . it's like , we got to walk on the large track to get there . we had to use umbrellas as it was still pouring , so in the end , the pampered girls had to get wet too . the field was wet and muddy , so we couldn't take the risk to walk through . and GUESS WHAT ? cos the track was filled with puddles of water , the puddles of water were filled with 


the worms were long and thin , and boy there were MANY of them . we screamed like mad women :3 then there was this shed or something along the way and there was something that looked like a six pack suit . damn funny . i told huimin , "WHAT IS THAT?!" then she screamed and jumped when she saw that . i laughed like crazy . and it wasn't just me . everyone did ><><><>
they all so slow leh [muahahahahah] i'm so evil . they haven't complete it yet . so i waited for them . i go and take scraps of wood and used the machine scrow saw [idk how to spell it] to cut it to form "JAY-Y" !  upload picture next time ;DD i think it's damn nice . hahah , ego again . i'm painting it now (: whoooo . hee , it's gonna be perfect . i'm gonna make it into a keychain . 
then after that , we left , said bye to mr . low , then we walked to the opposite bus stop . the plan was to go to tangs plaza to grab a bite . but jielin going home , then huimin was like , "you sitting 132 ?" and she said yes and in the end , gillian and huimin go and sit 132 too . then me and justine went to tangs market and eat (: delicious . ahhaha , it's their loss . i ate unagi sushis and justine ate taro-Qs .

i mrt-ed to bugis to meet my mummy ;DD while waiting for her , 2 people asked me for directions = = do i look very knowledgable or something ?

anyway , my mother came , we went to guan yin temple to pray ;DD then we went to eat and went to shop ! went to bugis street , which my mother didn't fit in , but nevermind >< 

zaijian (:
rotting tomorrow D: 
6r7 class outing on thurs ;DDDDDDDD 

shoot . my post is actually longer . but idk what happened to the rest . grrr . blogger problem ): 
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Friday, June 11, 2010

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wednesday (0906'10)
went out with miss emily khoo ><>< know =" =">

we saw this amazing poster of MICHAEL JACKSON in the science centre . it was about this impersonator coming - edward moss . i looked him up on youtube and boy , he DOES look like michael jackson when he's performing ! and he came to singapore last year as well . i wish i could catch him in action . i mean , that's the closest to seeing MJ in person ! 

in science centre , it was pretty quiet in the hallways leading to snow city and the iMAX place . 

then we reached SNOW CITY . it's my 2nd time there and emily's first . we went there and it was pretty quiet . we bought the snow city + science centre tickets for $14 ++ ? then i still had to rent gloves and we rent a locker together .  there were so few people except for 2 boys in the "changing room" about our age . then we went in , it was freezing ! at first outside they wrote that inside was supposed to be -5 to -9 degree celsius but inside was -21 degrees ! that's like , a BIG difference ! 

sneakily took a picture - we were not allowed to , but oh well . then we played the slope thingy . the person push us so hard then i always slide down backwards which is VERY SCARY >< all =" =">
then the in house photographers keep on taking photos of us cos we were like , almost the only ones in snow city . then we bought 1 photo each after we went out . it was supposed to be $18 for one 6R picture but cos we were students , so it was $5 instead ;DD

then we went to eat at macs . super crowded . cos there were many small small kindergarden kids . they were wearing shirts doodled by themselves . but I HATE KIDS , BABIES OR SMALL CHILDREN so i don't find them cute . 

then we went to the science centre . my seniors were there doing those work experience programme thingys but luckily it was their lunch break . heehee . then we went in . immediately we went to the futuristic world place cos it's my favourite ;DD 

emily is obvious in this picture , but can u see me ? then we explored the place . and filmed this totally fail video . we wanted to get famous like NIGAHIGA , whom i love , but looks like there's no hope for us . hahahahah .  just some pictures from science centre ... ;DD 
emily insisted on sitting on the big chair )): 

this kiddie playground thingy i was really scared to climb up cos i was scared the whole thing would break apart cos i can't stand my weight .

it's the BIG BOUNCY INFLATABLE YELLOW BALL . haha . it's not really bouncy or inflatable . but still ... ;DD then we went to VIVOCITY cos emily keep on complaning = = 

my leg's the one on the left , than emily's one is the top one ;DD then i went candy empire and bought this "special" wonka nerds . the packaging different only . 
heehee . when i got back home already very late ): 
and we had this rated photo . do u want to see ? cos it's seriously like , gross . 

here it is . it's POSED . so it's not real . 
okay . that's it ;DD

thursday (1006'10)
went to my aunty's house . cos house warming . it's right beside cat high . nothing much . ate kfc and pizza ;DD teehee . 

today ? stayed at home to rot . 

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