Monday, June 27, 2011

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Today's the first day of school . I WILL SURVIVE ! it's only going to be a term (: 12 weeks . Yeah , I would survive if I didn't have exams and projects bothering me .
Back to my point though , of the first day of school blues . Well , it wasn't as bad as expected . Except for the fact that I forgot to bring my Math Worksheets but I still pulled off my act of actually having my worksheet with an old one . Yeah , so basically I escaped unscathed , which of course is really good . Pretty proud of myself although such talents is not something to be exceptionally proud of .

We had a new Science teacher . He was quite nice , I guess , from the way he talked to us and stuff . But well , first day , who would actually scold us right ? Everyone would like to portray a great first impression so as to win the favour of who they were going to be contacting with regularly . In this case , our class .

That really leads me to the point of first impressions .
You know how they always say that first impressions don't actually matter , it's your personality that counts and whatever other crap they like to say to make us feel better . ("They" doesn't actually refer to anyone but you get what I mean) But seriously no , first impressions matter and usually that constitutes how you look . Looks definitely make a whole big difference to how someone treats you .

I mean , according to a research done in 2004 , they found out that if two people take an immediate liking for each other , their relationship would be better in the long run . And immediate liking = first impressions . Or how else would you judge if you actually like a person ?

It's not only job interviews or professional stuff that you need to make a good impression on . It's everything that constitutes your daily life . I agree that beauty , although a pleasure to behold , is actually really shallow and fragile . But seriously , that's life . People judge , we'd like to think that they don't , but that's the ugly truth . Truths are always so far off from reality and pops our bubble . *sigh .

Life is so shallow .
I'd like to think that my life is meaningful but usually I don't succeed .
I don't like deceiving myself either DD:

tomorrow's the second day of school . GAMBATE ! :DD
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

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School starts tomorrow .
I hate myself .
Perhaps I'd have a more substantial post when I get myself out of all these shit first .
But that wouldn't be soon .
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it's the 25th of june .
thank you for your brilliance .

nuff' said .

p/s : please watch the Thriller video today . making it the most viewed video today in memory of him would be a great way to show that his legacy still lives on two years after his passing . even if you're not a fan , michael jackson is definitely a legend .

my blog post exactly one year ago .
feel free to look at it . my feelings still hold strong .

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

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I haven't been doing real work lately .
Anyway , on Thursday , I went out with Emily ! (: After years of meeting her , I knew that she would be late . So I left my house at the time we were supposed to meet cos she never fails to be late . On my way there , I texted her , asking her where she was . She was like "ohno , are you there already ? I'm late again ." So she was there when I reached Hougang ! I'm so smart .

Okay so we went to Marina Square and then all we bought was like food . She couldn't take it already so we decided to go to Far East cos I told her that the stuff there are really good and cheap ! Intially , I didn't want to go there cos I'd be sure to see some of my schoolmates but we still went in the end . Then , we were just walking around the whole place . It's like Bugis Street with air-con so that's pretty awesome . In the end we were super angry cos they didn't sell what we wanted , and the only piece suitable was an ONLY piece . Didn't come in pairs :X So we went to eat dinner first because I wanted to go home and catch Dong Yi :D In the end , we got what we wanted . Not really , but second best (: Haha this is so vague but no one really cares .

Yesterday , Angelia , Huimin , Jielin and I had like this super philo mugging session at bishan library ! It was pretty productive , I finally sorted out all my thoughts on the Principle of Utilitarianism and we discussed on Nietzsche , Sartre , JS Mill , and Kierkegard . At one point , Jie Lin and Huimin were reading chick flicks , Angelia was typing away on Jielin's iPad and I was just drawing :DD

Ohman it looked better in real life but whatever . I used a 0.38 pen so mistakes aren't erasable and therefore it's so sketchy . Don't click it please . Oh and the chicken there is super retarded . I drew the chicken first , then Nietzsche who you probably can't spot but he's the guy right smack in the middle . And then I decided to draw the other Philosophers as well and BAM it turned out pretty cool and I regretted drawing the chicken . But I'm going to expand on this piece of paper and add in philosophers as I read on them so the chicken will be out of place .

Heh .
I'm so tired . and school is starting soon ):

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happy 18th birthday , brother ! :D

You'd probably won't read this but it's okay .
It's not exactly for you to read either . It's for me to think and reflect .

Right , but I'm going to write this AS IF you're reading it . I didn't bother writing all these in the small card I did for you but that's just cos you'll read THAT . But whether you'll read this really depends whether you stalk me . Which I highly doubt so and hope not .

Here goes a super strange and weird letter that shouldn't have been written ;

Dear brother ,

It's the 23rd of june today [actually its 24th now but it's okay] 18 years ago on this day , I wasn't born yet , which is terribly unfortunate . BUT , you were coming out / were out not too long ago . You've grown to become this super annoying brother but YET super smart . It's so unfair how you got all the smart genes and left me with nothing . I used to think I was as smart as you but I highly doubt it nowadays . You make me feel horrible sometimes always . But it's okay because I've come to my senses that I would most probably live another four years after you are dead if our bodies play it fair and I would try to catch up with you in that four years . Anyway , you're super smart so make use of your talents ! Listen to the typical Asian parents beliefs for their children once in a while :D Oh and you're going to take A levels soon , so all the best ! You don't seem to be studying and I think we're all much more worried / nervous about you compared to yourself . JIAYOU and seriously don't last minute mug X: works sometimes , but not always D:

And after A levels , it would be NS super soon ! ): Much as I don't show it , I don't really enjoy your absence like when you go for camps etc . So I don't know how I would actually feel ! I guess when the time comes , I would know . Okay this is starting to become mindless blabbering . But yeah , at least I can take your shiny golden hat and you won't even know I took it :D I guess that's the only good point but yeah .

Anyway , you're 18 and coming of age . You can drink now , you still cannot smoke [right ? it's 21 if i'm not wrong] . You can take Papa's car out for a spin , AFTER you get your license though I doubt you're interested in that for now .

your awesome sister :D

they didn't write SIS ): but oh well , thanks for letting me take the oreo :D

Sigh .
we're all growing old . how sad .
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Monday, June 20, 2011

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

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In the blogpost that I posted yesterday , not the father's day one but the one on second chances , I talked about how second chances were meant to be used wisely !

This post MIGHT seem to contradict that one , but it isn't actually . That talks about grabbing second chances whereas this is about going back to the past . Right , I do realize I'm not making any sense but uh I think I'll sort out my thoughts as I go along .

So , look at the above picture . I suppose many people would love to stop when they make a mistake and go back to correct it . I mean , everyone always say that they would like to rewind time and like change whatever they've done in the past . Things that shouldn't have been done . But no , I personally believe that everything we do , was done for a reason .

Yeah , sometimes people make mistakes and I mean , who wouldn't want to go back and correct it ? Perhaps you wouldn't have lost a friend , or you wouldn't have been embarrassed . But , it happened for a reason . Something must have pushed you to commit whatever you have done . Going back to the past is out of the question . But , taking second chances is another matter .

Second chances are something that allows you to try to heal the wounds which you inflicted . You can't erase the memory , but you can lessen the pain of the incident . I guess that's a really awesome thing . That's why they are meant to be treasured and used wisely , just like what I said in my previous post .

But seriously what I had wanted to touch on was the topic of going back to the past . I like to link my posts to songs and this time it's Stupidass by George Watsky . I have always loved this guy for being such a cool person . He's someone I admire greatly and this song has been in my playlist since he first posted it on youtube . But today I went back and read the lyrics and completely agreed with it . Please do watch it , or at least search up the lyrics . There's a full version of the song in the description box but anyway this video might seem pornographic at the start , but it's censored so don't worry !

Yeah , basically from what my little mind can comprehend , this song is about like even though he could go back to the past , he'd still do everything all over again . And I completely agree with him , like even if you have been acting like / are a dumbass , what you did / have done matters a lot and you shouldn't change it even if you could go back .

I mean , we all live life for the experience and I think it's really funny why people would like to erase memories . Sure , we all do have regrets but learn from them ! Easy to say , difficult to put into practice . Ohwell . All of us got to try (:

These few days have been really tiring but exciting ohmygosh .
I am really tired .

love ,
liyin ! (:

haha christina i usually reply to anons cos i'm curious :D and besides , i tag back at your blog (: that's as good as replying muahah :D PANCAKES ARE (Y) BY THE WAY . and easy to make !

But actually , she raised quite a good point . I SHOULD reply to my tags in my blog posts ! I mean , perhaps that would be an incentive for people to tag . My blog views are increasing steadily but my tagbox is still dead . Apart from spamming and adverts .

Right , I should start replying to my tags in my blog posts starting from tomorrow (:

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

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speaks for itself (:
a slipshod piece of black paper . yet bundled with love . doesn't make sense .
oh but it comes with cookies as well ! not too bad right .

well , yes it IS a really bad gift . i forgot all about father's day ): no , i actually remembered but when i was out , i just completely forgot .

perhaps i could make it up by not using the computer tomorrow ?
that way he would save money right . least i could do . heh .
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I promised that I would update on streetsales , but only after Friday's streetsales were done .
I'm not sure who I was promising to since no one really reads my blog but I'm glad I made that promise .
Friday's streetsales were so much better than Monday's . I'm glad I didn't choose to stay at home and slack just because Monday's streetsales scarred me . For life .
I got a second chance to try and prove myself that I wasn't all that socially awkward (: I'm glad I utilized it . I don't feel that much of a failure anymore .

I don't feel like elaborating about Monday's streetsales but I was just really nervous and didn't dare to approach anyone . What was wrong with me ? Ugh , it's not like people would remember my face and go "ooh , that's the girl who asked me to get badges and I REJECTED HER IN HER FACE " . No one would do that but luckily I was in Bishan and there were many RI guys and they made up all my sales apart from a mother and her daughter , because I just felt more comfortable approaching them and they didn't seem to know how to reject :D

Angelia , Huimin , Joyce and I thought that Bishan was really horrid but boy , wait till we went to other places . Which we did , of course . We went to Ang Mo Kio and Somerset and it was just a waste of our energy and time travelling .

It was really tiring but I mean , it's for charity . It's for the kids in Melrose Children's Home . It's for a good course . We HAD to do it . No matter how difficult it was . I didn't actually reach my target on Monday , which was really bad and I vowed to reach the target on Friday ! It was a second chance for me and I had to grab this opportunity :D

Friday was awesome , Valerie , Jielin and I went to Bishan since it was the tried-and-tested area for "good" sales .

We started off really really well and we even sold extras so that we could have like an uninterrupted lunch which was really good :D and then after lunch , jielin's guitar friend from RI whom she doesn't really know actually came and bought three badges . At that point of time , we thought he was really kind already .

Then , he came back with a bag of chips and then started teaching us how to sell the badges well . Which was pretty effective but the point is , we didn't have such linguistic abilities . Oh well . We still managed to sell a considerable amount I guess .

I was really really proud of ourselves , I didn't think that hitting the target was possible for a person like me but it actually was ! You know what's wrong with me ? I just can't seem to avoid "picking" my customers ? Like I think that a certain kind of people would definitely NOT donate and kind of steer away from them but that just made me lose potentials .

Ugh , it's too late into the night and I can't seem to think properly , this post seems really really nonsensical and thoroughly lame . I'm so embarrassed but oh whatever . As long as I've covered what I had intended to cover , I guess it's good enough . Ohmy I feel like a freak .

All in all , streetsales were pretty good . I made a new friend on both days ! Joyce and Justin . And I did my part for charity . Y'know I really hate how I do things for CIP hours and not genuinely for charity . But whatever .

My Guides batch went out on Thursday but I was unwell on Wednesday therefore I wasn't allowed to go even though I had already recovered ! ): But they had fun , judging from their photos , so I'm really happy and I love you guys :D

Oh yeah , and I made pancakes on Thursday night as well ! They turned our pretty good I guess . Pancakes go really well with a scoop of ice cream on top . That's really the best way to eat your pancakes :D

I hate low quality pictures D: But hopefully this has captured the awesomeness of the pancake !
Ohmygosh seriously I think I'm super tired because I'm just babbling nonsensical stuff non-stop ):

argh .

love ,

sincere apologies for the lack of thoughts put into this post .
my state of mind is not very suitable for thinking .
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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Phew .
Got over the bout of depression I had earlier today .
Terrible times , I'm experiencing these few days .
And the point is that , I make myself feel like this . No external circumstances affecting my moodswings .
That's the worst part , because I just feel that I'm a piece of shit , can't even control myself , no ?

Bah . Like I said it's over .
what a wonderful phrase , Hakuna Matata , ain't no passing craze :D
It means no worries , for the rest of your days .
It's a problem free , philosophy !
Hakuna Matata .

What a classic , one of my favourite songs of all time . All time .
"Hakuna Matata" is a Swahili phrase , an African language , if I'm not wrong . Literally translated into English , it means "there are no worries".


How I'd wish I'd be able to sing that song and feel as carefree as Timon , Pumbaa & of course , Simba under the influence of the other two .
The Lion King has been one of my favourite movies from my childhood . I remember watching it as a tape , in fact I still have the tape , which is such a classic . If you haven't watched Lion King , then GO CATCH IT ! It's such a wonderful movie . Or perhaps catch it in the musical form at Marina Bay Sands (: I feel like watching it , it's the permanent act of MBS , if I'm not wrong :D

Now , come to think of it , the songs are all really inspirational and just plain awesome .
Elton John and Tim Rice are definitely musical geniuses , with a message to bring across through their beats . How brilliant . Another noteworthy song would be "Circle of Life" . Go check out the lyrics . Truly makes you want to live life to the fullest . Better yet , the original vocals are damn neat . And I love how they always incorporate some sort of foreign language into the songs of The Lion King , which is something that obviously goes with the jungle kind of theme , and this gives the songs a wonderful twist .

I'M GOING TO WATCH IT :D hopefully singapore doesn't not bring it into our theatres . i mean , there's no reason to not bring this film in right ?

I shall blog about my streetsales after my second attempt at streetsales on Friday is done .

Right .
Hakuna Matata (':
love , liyin !

blogging is really a great form of stress relief .
i think i've matured a bit from reflecting on my daily actions ever since i started taking blogging seriously .
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I completely disgust myself .
I'm a lazy blob of fats .
No , lazy is too weak a word to describe a horrible person like myself .

Oh my crap . I don't know what's happening to me .
And I don't want to know .
But I don't want to be like this .

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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This is damn cute , really :D

I'm really really really tired right now .
Had streetsales yesterday . A badge @ $2 and it's for charity . Who wouldn't buy them ? Well , many people wouldn't .

I have a whole ton of lessons learnt from yesterday but I'm really too tired to elaborate . Perhaps tomorrow or the day after . But the underlying meaning above all is that , WE SHOULD APPRECIATE RI GUYS MUCH MUCH MUCHHHH MORE . They are the awesome people who actually bought ! In fact , they make 100% [minus a mother and her daughter] of my customers . Or rather , I just approach RI guys cos I feel more familiar and comfortable talking to them .

Oh well .
Got to try harder .

love ,
liyin !
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Friday, June 10, 2011

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a song to start off , shall we ? It's going to be Emotional Rollercoaster by an unfortunately underrated artist , Vivian Green .

Seriously , you HAVE got to listen to this soulful song . The singer sang it so beautifully and right now , the lyrics are exactly how I'm feeling , except that it's not caused by love or men or relationships and these kinds of things .

I'm just kind of stuck in this emotional rollercoaster , and no matter how I tried to get out , I just can't . It's a complicated mix of various emotions , not all negative . And that just really makes it worse . The people who went for the class chalet from Monday till Wednesday will probably realize that cos I did a terrible job in hiding my emotions . But anyway , the class chalet's the reason why I was missing from the blogosphere for a pretty substantial amount of time .

During this whole class chalet , I've been taken on a ride on this emotional rollercoaster within me and I guess I just shocked a lot of people , so I'm really sorry if I have affected anybody in any way because I truly honestly didn't mean to do anything that I did . You can't stop a rollercoaster in the middle of a ride just because you can't take it , you just have to barf or something . Likewise , I just couldn't stop myself and that eternal whirl of emotions and I just probably pissed lots of the people around me . I'm sorry .

Anyhow , the chalet has been so awesome and I HAVE to write about this whole experience in depth . It's definitely a memory worth remembering , no matter the ups and downs .

Day 1 (06 june'11)

Made our way to Sentosa from Vivocity where Dawn and her kind Dad kindly transported our really really large bags containing 3 days worth of necessities to our chalet in Pasir Ris . We were supposed to have picnic but it was so hot , everyone just put their food on the picnic mats and ran into the sea while the food baked .

Boy , was the water cooling !(: Everyone was just really really comfortable in the water and was relaxing . Great start to three days of being together , I was really happy with the outcome of the sentosa trip . Then a few people decided to swim across to the other side of palawan beach and the lifeguard just kept shouting . Then , when they reached the other side , the lifeguard scolded them . Oops .

But anyway , a lot of us when to the rocks to sit and rest but alas ! Another accident occured :/ Leizuo's little toe was cut by the sharp rocks and there was this deep huge gash across and blood was oozing out profusely . When I say profusely , I'm not trying to be cheem by using a primary three composition vocabulary regular . But I really mean PROFUSELY . The gash was so deep and there was so much blood ! And to worsen it , the water was a salt-infused . It would have been really really painful for Leizuo but she kept saying it wasn't . Ohman , what a brave girl . And the same lifeguard just stood there and didn't bother about us until we all looked at him and he then walked towards us and told us to bring her to the First Aid located across the bridge . Oh yeah thanks a lot dude , great help .

Then it was getting late and we had to make our way to the chalet where Dawn and her dad , together with LiYi were already starting the fire for the BBQ :D Thanks guys , especially to Mr Chan , taking leave for us . We really really appreciate it .

And that's when I got really really pissed and my ride on that rollercoaster just started . Started slow , in fact . Our form teacher was late for an hour and Stephanie and I decided to go to the nearby chalets to take a look if she was lost since none of us had her phone number . We walked for a really long time and I was really tired . Then , we finally got her number after Steph contacted her seniors and in the end she wasn't coming . I was really really shagged and I just didn't have the mood to do anything D:

But after the BBQ , I guess I cooled down and momentarily took control of my emotions . Then , the sexy sixes [chalet ot] went to another room and we started getting ready for the night surprise for the class ! All of us powdered our faces , put lipstick , eyeliner and blood red nail polish . Honestly , it was really fun preparing for this , but no one knows how long we took to plan this whole chalet .

Then we started the Haunted House . I think we did a really great job so far and I was truly so proud of the Sexy Sixes :D Many of our classmates were visibly scared and it was quite cute watching them scream in terror , not to be a sadist of course . But then , something occured that caused the whole chalet OT to break down . Not all , but most .

It was just , we felt that the class didn't appreciate our efforts . It wasn't just the Haunted House . It was the whole building up of events that caused the sudden outburst of emotions and that's when I couldn't control myself anymore . It was one and a half years that I did things that the class didn't appreciate me for . I don't want to sound like a preacher but I think it impacted Angelia and myself the most . Since sec one orientation , the both of us were the ones who stayed back on the second day of school till 7pm to create the class cheer and in the end , the class just didn't appreciate it and switched to another simpler cheer .

The first chalet night was when I let everything I've bottled up all out . Everything I did that didn't get appreciated . I was just terribly upset and couldn't do anything to stop myself . Class Chalet OT spent more than 4 precious Sundays meeting at the National Library to discuss on all these matters and even had trial runs , wasting a lot of our time which could have been spent more constructively and productively . We didn't know if it was all worth it , was it ? I'm so sorry to those who aren't at fault . I'm so sorry to everyone I startled when I opened the adjacent door , shouted into your faces and slammed it at you guys . I just couldn't control myself and please forgive me .

Afterwards , the Sexy Sixes decided to talk to the class . We initially had our concerns , that the class would think that we thought that we were authoritative or like above them or something but Val told us that we were just speaking to them as friends because friends talk and discussed about problems together and what we were going to do was not much of a difference from that . Finally , we ironed out stuff and although there was still some sort of tension I was super glad and relieved . Stayed up awhile before going back to sleep because the class chairs [angelia , dawn and myself] were going to wake up four hours before the rest of the people to prepare a surprise for the class , which would hopefully be appreciated :D

Day 2 (07 june'11)

Who likes waking up to freshly made pancakes with rich creamy butter and drizzled with maple syrup , or even better , hershey's chocolate sauce ? :D

Well , everyone does and the class chairs woke up at 5.30am in the morning of day two , took a cab to dawn's house and started flipping those flapjacks . Well , they weren't exactly really thick , so I can't technically consider them as flapjacks but I like the word so deal with it . At first , the three of us were just tired and drowsy and all we wanted to do was get to bed . But , for the sake of a good breakfast for the class , we made those pancakes all the way till 8.30am before taking a cab back to Pasir Ris .

I'm so glad the class loved the pancakes we made . I mean , who could resist these sweet treats ? I loved it when someone said "Aey , you all da-bao from Macs ah?" Haha , our pancakes were of a commercial standard , with much more love and effort put into making them of course ! Everyone enjoyed it and I was super proud of us (: Yay .

Then came Amazing Race . Ohmy , it was super super exciting . Class Chalet OT put a lot of effort into this thing and if it didn't turn out right , we would be really sad . But surprisingly , it was so exciting , we were all running on the MRTs , everywhere and it was really tiring but super duper fun :D The not as enthu people in my group were fortunately really enthu and I was just so proud of us . We had to like eat food at every station , like the Taiwan variety show where you eat something that begins with the last letter of the previous food we ate and we had to do various tasks at every station .

We had to start with Pancake and end with Milk :D and my group came up with this ;
Egg sushis
Salmon sushi
Ice cream
Mango ice-cream

And we started our journey :D First station was at Changi Airport where we ate egg sushis and made the guy at the shop really really mad at us . Like really , we were so scared that we would be put on Stomp or something but luckily nope . We're truly sorry ! And the task was to ask a foreigner something in a foreign language . Samantha did that beautifully .

Then was Orchard Road where we ate sausages from 7-11 and we had to find an RGS girl and take a photograph with her . I think Angelia's Gym friend was there , so we took a photo with her :D

Next station was rest time at Plaza Singapura . I was really really pissed by the time we reached there but everything was settled eventually with courtesy from my group ! (: Every group had to stop there for 30min and my group had Gong-cha and ate Sweets , which was our next food item .

Then , we headed for Bishan , where we ate Salmon sushi , from the same chain of stores as Changi Airport , but this time we politely asked for permission and everything . And for the task , Samantha did it again and it was to ask an RI guy to give directions as to where RI was located .

Afterwards , BUGIS STREET where we ate ice cream from a mobile ice cream vendor and we had to shuffle in the middle of Bugis Street :D You know ? The famous shuffle made even more famous by Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO ? If you don't know about it , you've probably been living under a rock . But , the video is here for your viewing pleasure although it mainly consists of me shouting at them to do it quickly so that I could get out of the embarrassment .

Then , we headed for Tampines where we ate Swensen's Mango ice cream and looked for a shop amongst the three shopping malls . Luckily Samantha was smart and searched the web before embarking on the search .

It was the last station and we took a cab with the remainder of our assigned money to Pasir Ris and we were the first group to get there :D Even though I was just the group facilitator , the feeling of victory is so good ! The prize ? The honour of bathing before everyone else .

The best part was , everyone was so excited and hyper throughout the whole Amazing Race . The clues were so nicely designed , the tasks so beautifully done . Everything was really perfect . Looking at everyone enjoying the whole journey made me realize why I've been putting in so much effort planning for this whole thing because it's really worth it .

Oh by the way , a group of teenage boys moved into the chalet opposite ours after the Race and we were like playing cards on the bed and screamed when it got so excited . Jamie , who was outside ran in and told us that they imitated us . So we drew the curtains and Samantha wrote "Don't Pedo on Us >:(" and stuck it up . Doubt they could see it though d:

Then , we had free and easy time before we played with sparklers ! The photo below is me attempting to write my name backwards so that it appears right in the photo .

The guys [and girls , afterwards we saw] were all outside as well and they had a birthday celebration . It was kind of awkward cos we were so quiet playing with our sparklers that didn't whistle or made any noise when lighted and they were singing songs . But there was once where we clapped and they clapped too . Pretty funny heh . They made the night a bit more interesting .

Then we went into the rooms and everyone didn't know what to do . To go out ? But it was way too late , dark and dangerous . To stay and play cards ? Pretty boring . Karaoke ? No proper sound system , therefore no atmosphere . Eventually we made things interesting just by bonding as a class and reflecting about everything . I guess my emotional roller coaster had reached a new high . A positive high and I was happy about that . Had a great night's sleep that night .

Day 3 (08 june'11)

It was time to check out ): Everyone had regrets but above all , not playing enough reigned . We separated into our clique [not advisable , but unavoidable] and we all met at Macs for breakfast . My clique walked around E!hub for awhile before heading to the bowling alley .

Didn't play for the first two games , I didn't have enough confidence .
But it looked fun , so I tried out . My ball didn't land into the gutter every time so I guess that's quite an achievement for myself . Then , we stopped for some froyo , which I got with oreo crumbs and fruity pebbles . Amazingly sweet but good .

Then , it was really really really late and we went home ! :D

awesome three days .
i love two oh four .
you guys have sat on this memorable emotional rollercoaster with me .
and i'm truly grateful for that .


love ,

streetsales tomorrow @bishan . come support me if you wish :D i'm not sure if i'd be able to open my mouth to strangers .
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

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Pacman nails
Pacman themed nails which I spent so long painting on my less than an inch long nails .
Pacman themed nails that I am unhappy & unsatisfied with because the base coat screwed the black eyeballs which I cheated with by using a black marker .

But it's okay ! Considering I'm the type of person that can't even do smooth plain painted nails due to impatience . So , I'm still pretty proud of the nails above :D I should grow out my nails then I would have a bigger surface to work with , which would obviously be easier , but am unable to do so due to Piano . That shall be a motivation for me to pass my grade 8 in september . This girl here ? Is legit in nail art ohman how I want to paint like her .

Anyway , painting these pacman nails last night [on my left hand only since my left hand would definitely be unable to control that large brush to dot tiny details on my right hand] led me to play the real pacman game this morning . Pacman has never been my favourite game , I get so nervous and I just can't control that yellow guy properly . And he would eventually get eaten up somehow .

Me being me , I started thinking about Pacman and how it could have a deeper philosophy to it . As what has been recently on my mind , I linked it to life . And true enough , similarities could be derived from the simple old -school game to the complex thought . Me being me again , I didn't know how to put my thoughts into words , and turned to google . Just by typing "pacman philosophy" , I garnered so many different kinds of stuff and finally found one that was exactly what I was thinking about . Looks like my thoughts aren't a fresh one , but it's okay . There has been so many discoveries , I wouldn't be a first one . Here's the link ! It's apparently in the context of Buddhism , I'm not sure but it's okay ! I think it's pretty true .

Right , so Pacman is kind of like a maze , and the point is that there isn't an escape route if you realize . You just kind of go round and round in circles . I personally feel that life is like that as well . You can't escape this world , you were thrust into this world and it wasn't your choice . In Singapore , you can't escape either , since attempting suicide is against the law . However , for Pacman , you can just exit from the game . Sigh , I guess we just have to make do with everything we have and make the maze the most enjoyable one .

In Pacman , if you don't control the yellow guy and let him remain stagnant , he'll just get eaten up by the monsters , which are constantly moving and these monsters represent the various problems we encounter in life . You either solve them or you'll just get "eaten" up by them . Take a wrong move and you'll get trapped . The only thing you can do is to eat the rather uncommon blinking white food which would allow you to eat up the monsters but they would later still reappear again . In life , you'll never fall short of problems . Who doesn't have problems ? I have tons of problems DDDDD:

And I really love the paragraph in which the website said , "The tiny dots that you collect represent your desires . The more there are , the higher [it should be longer!] the time you spend in the maze . And the higher the chance of the demon killing you " I don't love the meaning , but I love how they linked pacman to life ! It's just really really so true . Man has so many desires , so so many desires . But the more you want to fulfill , you will encounter more problems along the way . However , I personally think that in life , you should have more desires , so as to strengthen the quality and meaning of your own life . I mean , a sense of accomplishment works wonders :D

Therefore , this echos my current view of living life to the fullest and make the most of this "trap" / "maze" . Afterall , you are stuck in it and there's nothing you can do about it . So , just live life :D This is totally different from the view I had a few months back ,

EAT RIGHT , EXERCISE , DIE ANYWAY . I have finally realized the absurdity of this line .
Well , not really . I might share this belief all over again if I'm feeling down about myself . But right now , let's enjoy it as it lasts .

On a sidenote , I don't feel like eating lunch .
And I'm VERY VERY VERY VERY ABSOLUTELY EXCITED FOR CLASS CHALET TOMORROW . CLASS COMM HAS SPENT MONTHS PLANNING FOR THIS . sacrificing our sundays , i do hope the class appreciates it . though i'm a bit worried & apprehensive as well with regards to gang fights over at the pasir ris area :X pray for us , if you can thank you (: BUT WE'RE GONNA HAVE THE TIME OF OUR LIVES :D

love ,

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

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You ARE very special . Yes , you (: Nope , don't look behind you . Look into the mirror :D
You are so special ! Just think about it , you may not realize it , but it's 100% true and I'd give you my word .

1. At least 2 people in this world love you so much they would die for you.
2. At least 15 people in this world love you in someway.
3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you.
4. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don’t like you.
5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep.
6. You mean the world to someone.
7. If not for you, someone may not be living.
8. You are special and unique.
9. Someone that you don’t even know exists, loves you.
10. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it.
11. When you think the world has turned its back on you, take a look: you most likely turned your back on the world.
12. When you think you have no chance of getting what you want, you probably won’t get it, but if you believe in yourself, probably, sooner or later, you will get it.
13. Always remember the compliments you received. Forget about the rude remarks.
14. Always tell someone how you feel about them; you will feel much better when they know. 15. If you have a great friend, take the time to let them know that they are great.

Let someone know that they are really awesome today (: Because you can really make someone's day . Just like how the unique , beautiful , awesome girl on the right did to yours truly yesterday (:

Although it was yesterday , the happiness still stays and carries on till today so thank you :D
It's truly amazing how someone's words are able to impact another person . The power of words , that is something so strong . It can break someone's heart , or it can brighten someone's day .

Alright , today wasn't all that exciting , not many lessons to learn . Okay , I shall not be a crazy preacher and give advice to my readers , if any . That would get quite boring . Therefore , I shall talk about my day , which isn't going to be any less unexciting .

So I went shopping with my dear mum today , something which I haven't done in a while due to schoolwork keeping me so busy . But of course , it wasn't for self indulgence or carefree purposes ! I needed my mum to accompany me to the library first to assist me in finding chinese books for my book review or some holiday homework thing because , as a lot know , I'm kind of like a Chinese illiterate . Yeah , disgrace to my roots but I'm really bad in Mandarin and I need hanyu pinyin to assist me in reading almost every single word . And I needed to get stuff for my SIP as well . Can't really be considered as shopping per se but walking around amongst shops , how can there be no shopping ? :D

Anyway , we did important stuff first . Headed to the library and whilst my poor mum was busy looking for my Chinese books , I headed over to the teenage section . Ohman , what a bore . The only section that intrigued me was the one on Psychology and Life and stuff . The rest of the shelves were mainly filled with frivolous pink books on relationships , love and boys . Though I admit that these books are interesting and pretty fun to read , what is becoming of the world ? ): But I got a book entitled "The Meaning Of Life" which I'm going to absorb myself in in the days to come at the teens section so that section has redeemed itself , I guess .

Then , I went to the adult section and headed for the Philosophy shelf . The variety of philo books were so limited ! They only had like general philo stuff and not detailed Philosophers and their works , which is a disappointment . But I still grabbed two books from there ! One being this super cool book that poses many Philo questions and it really works my brain :D And another's "Philosophy for Beginners" presented in a comic book form . I borrowed it home and my scary brother could name every philosopher on the coverpage . And the point is that they were in cartoon form and the philosophers all looked the same to me , with their grey beard and wrinkles .

Borrowed the books and left the library for shopping :D Oh and my mum keeps thinking that almost every guy on the street is looking at her daughter . Mum , stop thinking so highly of your daughter . She's not a pretty person . The only guys that are looking at her are uncles more than fourty years older . I don't really notice my surroundings , I don't really care , and that really helps . Or not . Because people just take advantage of my inattentiveness and that's proven by this old man who well , tried to do just that but thank goodness for my mum who quickly pulled me away .

Got my SIP stuff , I'm so proud :D Then , we went walking around and sat down somewhere to rest [got to understand how parents are like] and there was ANOTHER old man who was sitting beside me and kept moving his body and edge closer to me . Oh goodness gracious . Why was this happening ? It was so awkward and my mum and I swapped places and that man just stood up and left . What is happening to our society ? Is there not enough pretty girls that men have got to hit on ugly ones ? Okay that's not the point . Our society is so screwed up it's so dangerous and just plain unsafe to have fun and not care about whatever circumstance you were under . Sigh .

But whatever , then I went to so many stores but none of them sold green nail polish ! D: Nor yellow . Nor turquoise D: Places just sold common colours like red , pink , black , white , maroon . How undesirable . Heh then I went to some shop and got three pairs of earrings :D That was my only buy today . The GSS is on but there's nothing that seemed to catch my eye . I think my earrings buy were just impulsive based on the idea that I didn't like leaving any shopping trip without getting anything . When I was choosing the earrings , nothing was exceptionally eye-catching , just mediocre and I just got the pretty decent ones . Oh well , but they are quite cute actually .

Then we just bought sushi and went home (:

Unsubstantial post but I'm so tired . Still going to read my Philo book now though ! It's damn cool :D

love ,
liyin !

AFTER PIANO LESSON TOMORROW IMMA GOING TO PAINT MY NAILS WITH THE LIMITED COLOURS I HAVE . HMPH . shall use my acrylic paints for details . i read online that that's professional nail art . but i don't have a tiny brush . HMPH .
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

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Yesterday , I predicted that today would be an exciting day , for the lack of a better word .
Well , was it exciting ? Not exactly .
Today was basically a day that's really meaningful and so "deep" . I did so much reflecting upon myself and I can say that I have found most of the meaning of life .

In the morning I had waddle v-capt interviews . I reached school at about 7.30AM even though my slot was at 9AM , which resulted me proceeding to my classroom and stare at my laptop . I opened a word document and tried to predict the questions that they would be asking . I thought of the most direct question "why do you want to run for waddle v-capt?" . I did some soul searching within myself as I wasn't too sure as well . Did I want to run just because it looked cool ? Just because I would feel superior ? Well, of course not . I thought about it long and hard and I just couldn't put what I felt into words . Therefore , when it was my interview and when they asked the very same question , it didn't exactly go very well , I think I was just stuttering , and I was just being really really nervous . I'd probably not get the chance to run , and I think I was quite upset when I left the room .

Firstly , I didn't know what my aim in life was , and at that point of time , I was unsure , I was truly confused , I didn't know why I had truly wanted to run for V-capt . But I got my answer soon enough at the later parts of the day .

After that , I went to Bishan library that was supposedly a productive session to complete Math AA but Jielin Huimin and myself just completely failed it . We just kept digressing and ended up going onto facebook and watching videos . Then Jielin and I went eat lunch at J8 , ended up getting Gongcha & Oldchangkee ! Y'know I really hate going to J8 , there's just so many sec school people & I just feel really uncomfortable but anyway that's really besides the point .

I wanted to look for red , yellow and green nail polish but then decided to leave frivolous stuff for later and therefore we just headed back to the library . Such hardworking kids :D I was still super worried about MDAS and the stuff we were conducting . Anyway , we went there and had our soap-making session with the very acidic and dangerous solid form of sodium hydroxide .

The people there were just so awesome , it has been such a meaningful day for me . THEY have made it such a wonderful day for me . I don't feel like typing everything out right now , it's pretty late so I shall just copy and paste an extract of the email which I sent to my SL group just now (:

you cannot imagine how super duper proud I am of ourselves , so thank you !
i'm glad that we have had the opportunity to work with them and thanks for calming down my nerves when i have been super pessimistic .
the people there were really awesome and i'm thankful for them :D
thanks for having worked so hard and being the best . although we finished soap making really early , we thought on the spot [SEE I TOLD YOU SO THAT WE HAD TO HAVE MORE ACTIVITIES] and engaged them :D

through this , i have learnt a lot .
i don't know how to explain it but i think i'm super fortunate and we have to learn from them .
many of them still have a cheerful deposition despite being disabled in someway and that is something we should really take into consideration and reflect on ourselves .
they have such a positive outlook in life and i am truly touched .
looking at them just makes me feel shallow about myself and the minor problems i have blown up .

Right , they have truly made a difference in my life . It was just a mere two hours but the people there were really positive and and it was just so touching to see them so happy with their lives even though they had certain conditions that restricted a lot of things they could do .

I really thought hard about myself and the meaning of my life . Are grades really that important ? Yes , to a certain extent but it isn't that important . What I truly want is to be happy . Yeah , I look like I'm always happy but I have emphasized this so many times before . I only appear to be happy most of the time . I am in fact a very troubled person and I am very unhappy with myself . But now , I think that I should have a more positive outlook in life , and learn from the many people around me .

This way , I would be happy and my life wouldn't go to waste . Back to the first section of my post regarding V-captaincy . Why do I want to run for v-captain ? Yes , I love Waddle , I want to serve House , I want to make the House experience a better one for all Waddlians but above all , I want to make the most of my life and do my best in everything I do . I only have one life so I intend to give my all for everything . Only then would I have no regrets and I would be a happy person which I hope would rub off to everyone around me . I know that this reason is probably not selfless enough , it's probably not a good enough reason but I guess that this is the true reason .

I can't wait to volunteer for street sales for THE LIL BIG PROJECT . it's going to be oh so exciting ! :D and another great exposure for myself , and above it all , i'd be able to help the less fortunate , something which has impacted me even more since today .

such a meaningful day ,
so close to finding the real meaning of life ,
a really enlightened liyin :D
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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Right now ?
Let's just say it's an askldjflaksjflkasf moment :D I'm really really excited . Today is the first day of June , yet another new month of a really exciting year . It's the June Hols , but all these excitement ain't going to stop . In fact , it's going to get better .
Although AA's over , Sports Fest is over , there's still a whole load of other things going on . There's still Guides elections , in which I have yet to start on my own write up . There's still Swim Carn and there's still another full semester which is going to be more exciting than the first . I can feel it .

In the short term , tomorrow's going to be a very exciting day by itself . In the morning I have some pretty uncertain but exciting thing in school , in which I am very nervous about , but I would just face it with a calm demeanor , and I truly hope that it would work to my advantage . However , I am positive that it would not affect me very badly if it doesn't go well tomorrow .

Afterwards , I'd be heading to Bishan Library to do some studying . Not the most exciting but it's going to be productive , I am going to make it a productive session and I am positive of that . I'm not going to be bothered by any form of distraction before my Math AA group arrives and we would do Math AA which would not be the most boring thing .

Then , we would be doing Service Learning at MDAS . This is something that would be a whole new experience for myself and I'm really looking forward to it although I am very very worried about the dangers that might happen tomorrow . I mean , yesterday when we were dealing with sodium hydroxide , it wasn't the most pleasant thing and the acid burns were really really painful . It's amazing [in a negative light] how such a small piece of acid can inflict such pain on my elbow . I am really nervous about letting the MDAS people work with acid . I mean , even our clumsy but cute group members were unable to handle it .

Oh man I'm so nervous but still really really excited about the whole new exposure . Tomorrow is going to be really tiring , but I would enjoy it , hopefully . I have been having really bad mood swings lately - sometimes I'm really happy and all and sometimes I'm dead pissed and everyone's got to watch out . I HAVE ACID AT MY HOUSE NOW . WATCH OUT OR I'LL THROW IT INTO YOUR FACE AND YOU WILL BE DISFIGURED . Yes , it's THAT deadly , it just takes effect when it comes to contact with little bitty of warmth from our body heat and it seriously burns your fingers .

But anyway , the real reason why I'm truly feeling really excited for is the presidential elections . As in , the national presidential elections . Yes , it's the same guy that's brewing my excitement for politics once more . Mr George Yeo :D Did anyone catch his latest facebook status ? Many , I presume , judging from the 2238 likes it has garnered . But if you missed it , this is it "Many Singaporeans from different walks of life, young and old, have asked me to reconsider my decision on the Presidency, some impassionately. Thinking hard about it and praying for wisdom.
" . It was the happiest thing that happened today . I was so happy when I saw it . I mean , he's reconsidering running for President ! I know I sound really shallow now but if he wins , above all the other contributions he would be able to make to Singapore , he's photograph would be everywhere ! :D We would see his face in all government buildings , including school halls . But anyway , having George Yeo represent Singapore as President would be something pretty suited for him .

On the issue of politics , I feel that PAP is truly making a change . They are really listening to the people and their views . I mean , recently Minister of Transport Lui Tuck Yew was spotted travelling on the MRT during the peak rush hour . And the media wasn't sent there to snap a picture of him , it was caught on camera but a fellow commuter . This shows how genuine it is and how keen they were eager to serve . I mean , everyone's been complaining about the crowds and asking Ministers to get out of their air-conditioned cars and try taking public transport in the rush hours . It was the hot topic for this year's GE and well , they HAVE responded and I sincerely hope that Singaporeans would remember these little things and vote wisely in 5 years time . Of course , I hope that PAP would keep up the good work .

I am a happy and contended AND EXCITED little kid for now .
love ,
liyin :D

pardon me for the lack of vocabulary in this post , but i'm really very excited . i tried looking up the thesaurus , but the words they proposed didn't seem right .
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