Saturday, June 19, 2010

heyyy peeps ;DD 

today's FATHER'S DAY , so HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all DADS , especially mine ! ;DD ILOVEYOU . heh , he probably doesn't read my blog anyway . and he's not encouraged to . hah . gave him chocolates , hope he's kind enough to share . if he eats too much , he'll get constipation anyway , so i'm sharing the burden . aren't i kind ? ^ ^ 

i removed "airplanes" from my playlist . getting a bit tired of it . replaced it with "avalanche" by marie digby . she's a singer born from youtube , i love singers like that , with the exception of justin bieber . i love it more that i've been following her even before she even became famous , all the low quality home videos progressing to high quality official music videos . i think singers like these are pure and all , so i prefer them better to already popular singers . now , i'm following a couple of singers who aren't exactly famous but are already starting to get spotted by music directors and producers and all . i think it's super cool . youtube is amazing . 
and of course , i also edited the list of songs floating on the right of my blog (: i think that thing's cool . hee . i'm so proud of my html codings . hahah 

oh ya , came across this AWESOMELY CREATIVE advert in the newspapers today . it was like , "to all who don't use _____ , HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!" isn't that insanely creative if u can fill up the blank ? i'll tell you , the blank's supposed to be "DUREX" , which is erm ... the brand of condoms . if u don't know what's that , i'm not telling either . go look up the dictionary or something . but for those who know , isn't that SUPER DUPER INSANELY AWESOMELY CREATIVE ? if you actually get it . 

whee ~ 
hope u enjoy avalanche ;DD 
zaijian (: 

p/s : my visitor counter indicates that 3197 people have stepped into my blog , but WHY SO FEW TAGS , UH ? tag tag people ! leave a mark ! leave your footprints in the sand ! ;DD thankew in advance . i expect to see an improvement (: hee , standard bossy me . 

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