happieChildren's dayy!(:

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

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todayy is children's dayy eve, ya, u shld knoe tat. so , teacher's giv us presents!! hahas, photos to show u the stuff i received(:

this one is the OREO muffin, looks quite nice rite? heehee, its given by Ms Yeo and Mrs Tan together, they oso give 6 L--shaped folders [2 white, and 1 of pink, green, blue, yellow]. u can see below... hahas.
then this lollipop is from Mr Choo, art teacher(: iheartslollipops, hehe
this prettyy "bestfriends" strap is from mr ng, he's not my teacher, but is the teacher-in-charge of prefects, then he give to all the prefect EXCOs(:
oh, and this is my favourite! given my mdm ong, [myP4teacher], its a pen, then its like, for graduating children, when u click the pen's button, the message on the "screen" will change, very cool.... and then lyke wat ms ong always do, she likes to giv inspirational bookmarks(:
alrights, this one is a keychain from何老师. its a boy and a girl, use wire to make de, very cute and nice(: then they have the hearts on their body, so cute ^_^

last but not least, 茹老师giv us this pen, it looks like a packet of sweet, but its not, hahas. very cute right? 
okayyes, so this is all my presents for children's day [my last!!] THANKS to all my teachers [whether or not u giv presents(: ]

today durin the Children's day concert in school, i cried! it started when mr ng played the harmonica, very touchin, then i was cryin, tears were like, flowin out freely. rachael sim oso cried , but i tink i cried even more badly than her. hahas, rachael was sayin tat it was our last children's day, so we were cryin, omigosh, luckily the tears dried up before we head back to class, yikes. i think graduation , i'll be even worse, so scared....

okayyes, so i wanna wish everyone a happy Children's dayy!
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normal dayy

Friday, September 25, 2009

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today was jus a perfectly normal dayy, chinese teacher brought us to com lab to do 作文,then normal dayy, after tat in class got quiz, which was on the nature ramble yesterday, which i was busy taking photos. u knoe, i was versus shu hui, but we both oso dunnoe the answer, hahas, teacher ask us to go back sia, so sway, cos other ppl's question i knoe, my own one i dunnoe, ): but luckily never lose points for my group cos the other group oso dunnoe.

in the end, my group won, they got 28 points, my group 33, hahas, but no big deal anyways. psle's in like, 12 dayys? so fast, its like zoom, and tats it. once its over, im seriously free, u knoe, like woohhoo. omg, im soundin soo weird, like so childish, well, mayb i am, but, ugh. neverminds.

tomorroe will be work dayy, 2nd last weekend until psle starts, freak, its soo fast, hmms, i think i repeat this like, twice? hahas, i'd realise im lame. todayy went tuition with rachel wee, did science. and one question, the "experiment" was conducted by Ah Meng, then we were like, laughing hysterically . now, im eatin grapes which are damn sour, d:

alrights, tats all for todayy, 

ihearts the song, FIREFLIES by OWL CITY!!! rawks. oh, and oso TIK TOK by Kesha!! omg, lurve it mans.
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Saturday, September 19, 2009

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alrights, just finish maths paper, ACS 2009 prelims, yar lorh, my mother so fast bought prelims for this year liaos. multiple choice got 38/40, and its like, i did within the time of 50 minutes, with bout 28 min left over, i so pro rite? *clapclap. thanks very much(: l0ls. heehee. anyways, now my mother sayy can use com for awhile, until lunch time then stop and later continue to do more past year paper, yeah. hmmms, psle's in bout, 17 more days? hmmms, i suppose im quite prepare ba.

anyways, today hari raya, so 2moro got extra holidayys, very happy, me. can stay at home. even though must do paper, i kinda enjoy doin it now, yupps, so, okayyes lorh.

buh-byes, must makr full use of my time

quick replies-->mikaTANjunior:] relink-ed (:
                       -->rachaelSIM^^ thankies
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blogger's workin!

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yays! my blogger at home is working! so can change font colour, as well as, upload pics!! yeahyeah! its usually, me , jasmine and emily larhs, finally! actually quite boring lah, but its still nice! :]
jasmine, hahas, head poppin out like dat.
agains, her head poppin out, hahas.
alright, tis photo would probably be nice if i wasnt lookin somewhere else!! -_-
blur, but i like it:]

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bloq from sch.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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hey ppl, now im currently bloqqin from school. social studies lesson, teacher sooo nice. alumni from school, last time oso best class.... heehee, then if we finish work, can playy, so tats why im bloqqin now sia. and school blogger website can work, so can change font colour... hahas, so good.

anyways, updates on my life, hahas, not reallyy good though, psle's in 21 dayys or so, i mean, u can actually see at the right side, yupps. im sooo scared, anyway, loads of exam papers to do, so, okayyes larh, hopefullyy i will be prepared 4 psle when time comes.

tomorroe im havin listenin compre [psle]... hahas, wish me luck, later arrangin the things, so, will waste some lessons, but its maths, so veryy sad, just now recess went to see maths teacher, she veryy funnyy, i love my teachers, hahas. now, i wanna playys, i mean facebook. so buh-byes

quick replies: weiting -->hihies!!
emily --> hahas, too bad :[

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wrong, wrong, just wrong.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

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watts wrong with my freakin com? or is it the wrong blogger webpage, why is the screen lidat? cannot change font colour for my post, cannot post pictures, cannot do anything correctly! its wrong! anyways, tis is like, the only day [or night] which im kinda relaxin durin this holis, morning do assesments or past year paper, only eat and do and sleep.... sianz.

anyways, its 25 days awayy, yikes, pen ur "luck" wishes on the tagg box fr me if u dun hate me larhs. kayyes? thanks in advance lah. heehee.
i wonder wat i wanna do after psle? of course larh. go outs with friends of course! but go where? always the same leh.... watch movie and eat , i wanns smth different, like, sayy , theme park? or night safari? hehe... u knoes night safari durin oct got halloween, then will scare euu, later heart attack, lols. hahas,

now eating banana cake, maybe tat's not wrong, cos its YUMMY:] but abit oily, jus abit. :]

anyways, continue taqqing, kayyes? thanks :] <3

*oh yah, did u see my previous post? the date was 090909....
so cool lorhs. hahas, buh-byes:]

oopsies, forgot. some quick replies / i mean, reply:
)-asmine)unior: kayyes, relinked:] and neverminds, just change url, dun mind:]
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Quiz! taqqed by janice

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

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quiz--- taqqed by janice chan... :]
1 : How you're feeling now ?
stressed out

2 : Thing nearest to you ?
com keyboard... duh?

3 : Colour of your pants ?
white shorts

4 : Game you're currently playing ?
eh.... restaurant city, but im kinda *sian.

5 : Your ringtone ?
silent mode, vibration

6 : Last message in your phone inbox ?
emily khoo

7 : Best friend ?
lea, emily

8 : Brand of your TV ?
uh, lemme check, panasonic

9 : School ?
holy innocents' primary school -lurve it.

10 : Own a MP4 ?
erm, in phone counted? if not, only MP3

11 : Best colour for your hair ?
natural is best--black:]

12 : Curly or straight hair ?
its kinda curly, but i <3 straight, wanna rebond!! see my wishlist?

13 : Song you're listening to now ?
Run This Town [Jay-Z feat. Rihanna & Kayne]

14 : Did you kiss anybody for the past 2 days ?
nopes :]

15 : Your nickname ?
yapyap, yappie etc.

16 : What would you be wanted to call if you weren't your current name ?
hmmms, maybe i'll have an english name... u guys help me create, can? i dun mind:]

17 : Have secrets ?
obviously, rite?

18 : Will you be happy if you have everything ?
i'll only answer ur question if i DO have everything.

19 : Always thinking of someone ?
not exactly... d:

20 : 14th name in your phonebook ?
Foo Yulin

21 : Most desperate dream ?
erm, ghosts, probably?

22 : When did you last laugh till you cried ?
oh, i do it often.... just a while ago, talkin to celine toh on msn.

23 : If you had a crush , would you tell them you love him/her now ?
now? not exactly an appropriate time

24 : Single or Taken ?
single, not available, cos not interested. d:

25 : Tattoos or piercings ?

26 : If you could be somewhere in the world now , where would you want to be ?
over the rainbow :]

27 : Anybody broken your heart before ?
hmmms.... nopes.

28 : Whose birthday(s) is/are coming ?
not exactly, only if u tell me then i buy present :]

29 : Planning to give them presents ?
only if u tell me

30 : How many email accounts do you have ?
heehee, lost count. :]

Finally, tag 7 people
4.jasmine [both teo and tan]

okayyes, DONE! :]
now for some quick replies:

annadineMEIMEI: kayyes! relinked :]
bibianaMEIMEI:thankies! :]
brendaMEIMEI:relinked! (:
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28 dayys 2 PSLE :[

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

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*sigh. its only 28 dayys till PSLE, like, less than a month??! school holidaes dun even seem like school holidaes , no relax mode AT ALL sia... its like, all the stress lidat... and went back to school on mon, tues, wed.... all like normal school day....ugh. and blogger somethin wrong, horrible background... wanted to copy screen let u see, but now cannot even put photo, like WTH?

im usin com ONLY bcos have to do some chinese compo, yupps, luckily finato all the holiday homework, no nid to rush liaos... *phew!
at least next 4 days no need to go school, but after tat, its tough time... go through worksheet everyday without fail, so boring will sleep deh, but its the last of primary school already, have to embrace it.... ok, its only 28 more days, and 35 more days to FREEDOM, PEACE & FUN!!! heehee.... so jealous, rite?

bye, :]
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