Saturday, September 24, 2011

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brought tears to my eyes , such an inspiration (':
hopefully he goes far and stays clean forever . pretty difficult but gosh he seems so motivated !

alright , piano exam tomorrow . super screwed but i'll just give it my best shot .
actually i still have a day cos it's 1:17AM and I have yet to sleep for yesterday , if you get what i mean .

okay chris rene is super inspirational .
so are peanut butter cups . thanks for the recipe , :D , it looks good xD
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

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Reese's peanut butter cups , oh so sinful but so so so good ! It's the perfect blend of salty and sweet ! These are going to accompany me while I mug hard for the coming EYAs . The speed of the eating of the peanut butter cups are wayy faster than my pace in studying , oh man why is this happening !

Okay anyway , life has been really really scary and it's been quite an experience so far . So , as some of you might know , I'm now a prefect in training (I'm not quite sure how I got through the interview but I'm quite happy) and it's the second intake so it's quite scary cos like most of my batch already know each other but I'm trying to fit in so yup (:

My brother and I now have a pretty good sibling relationship I'm quite glad . I love the feeling when we sit across each other with our books , papers etc and like sometimes we pig out on food together . (Yes , it sucks having to share but ah well , I think sharing has its benefits as well) My brother is currently writing his KI paper for the A levels , super last minute but I think he'll do quite good ; it's on the philosophy of language , I've read it and although I don't understand half of the stuff he wrote , it seems quite impressive ! JIAYOU brother for your A levels , I know it's kind of stressful now (although you don't seem to appear stressed out) . Peanut butter cup for you ? :D

Okay and yesterday we had RS presentation to sort of wrap up the entire year's Philosophy project which I embarked on together with Angelia , Jie Lin and Hui Min. It was super demoralizing to sit through the other people's presentations cos we were in the Philosophy / English Lit and Lang group and most of the people who took up these subjects were GEP (lol inferiority complex but i think it can't really be avoided) and then we felt that our presentation was missing quite a bit of technical information , like most of them followed the structure of the report and it was super systematic whereas for ours , it was kind of all over the place (literally as well actually , since we used prezi and not PowerPoint) . But we went up and I thought it was quite good cos we were the only one who actually got the audience's attention by showing the video clip on Megamind . And the Q&A was quite funny , at least we managed to answer the questions so good job guys :D We finally did it (:

Hehe I feel like blogging about the philosophical themes in Megamind but I definitely don't have the luxury of time right now . After the EYAs then , after the EYAs ! :D

Oh and did I mention that my Piano exam is this monday ? oh wish me luck although it's kind of a confirm fact that I would fail it xD

#notetoself : make homemade peanut butter cups after the EYAs / during the mugging period . constantly buying reese's will make me quite broke .
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Friday, September 16, 2011

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It's going to be a really long journey , not to mention tedious and tiring .

okay i'm sorry for not posting . my mind is crazy these few days .
house interviews were crazy . it's so different sitting on the other side of the table .

i need to study or i'm screwed i'm sorry ):

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Friday, September 9, 2011

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sorry i'm hyperventilating . but seriously he's so amazing .
might not be the buffest guy , he might not look too handsome .

but he's so cute , he's tongue is amazing - its so fast .
and his brain ! his brain is works wonders . all his lyrics have so many smart and just damn witty hidden meanings .

and did i ever mention that i completely adore what he stands for !
turning down ad campaigns (which promised him a lot of money by the way) due to the fact that he didn't want to be rapping about something he himself didn't like .

that's definitely to be respected .
he knows that we're living in a capitalist society and he understands that he needs to eat too but quoting him " i don't need to be rich " .
who would actually turn down money just because they knew what they really stood for and believed in ? it's seriously so amazing and gosh ! RESPECT !

heh this is such a lousy post but i hope it convinced you to download his mixtape album "A New Kind of Sexy" . it's so good .

i think i'm a bit crazy .
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Monday, September 5, 2011

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Does anybody actually eat a whole baked mooncake in one sitting on their own ? I think people usually cut it into quarters and share it with their families right ?
But well , yes , you're reading the writings of a person who eats baked mooncakes whole right now .

It's extremely heaty but I couldn't stop myself !
And it's not an exceptionally good piece of mooncake , it's just white lotus paste .

Not only did I eat a whole baked mooncake today . Apart from the three proper meals , this is what I ate in addition :
  • chocolate rice cream bun
  • two packets of twisties (yes two packets !)
  • half can of coke zero (at least its comforting that it's a coke zero and not a normal coke)
  • two cups of lemon barley (yes two cups gosh !)
  • one bar of chocolate (nope , not one cube or one square . ITS A BAR PEOPLE !)
  • one bowl of grapes
  • a few chocolate chip cookies
  • one slice of my grandma's birthday cake from yesterday (super duper sinful)
  • the baked mooncake of course !
Yes , this is terribly depressing . I ate all these PLUS my usual meals . Little wonder why I'm such a fat and chubby girl . Okay , I don't usually eat this much . So why did I today ?

It's the holidays and temptations around me become more tangible .
I know that the food's there ! It's so easy to reach for cos I know that my refrigerator's and cupboard's stocked , it's such a great way to reward myself after I studied / when I study (ahem , not like I actually deserve the above treats but ...) and well , because I give in to temptations pretty easily .

Above all , it's because the limbic system of my brain is much stronger than my pre-frontal cortex of my brain , which is super horrible cos it means the temptations I get are stronger than my yearning to do proper work . I usually eat when I'm doing work because it's kind of an excuse to delay what I'm doing .

Yeahhhhhh , I'm going to become a chubby baby by the end of this holidays .

Speaking of the pre-frontal cortex of my brain , it's really really scary how that part can control a lot of crazy things people sometimes experience . This pre-frontal cortex thing controls what one deems as the "ideal" image of himself as well . And there are some people who actually think that looking like an amputee is the "perfect" image of themselves and therefore take to cutting their limbs off / asking a surgeon to do it . I'm not looking down on real amputees but don't you think amputating healthy limbs is quite a weird thing to do ? This is known as Apotemnophilia , and if you're free do read on this topic , it's really quite interesting and sometimes a bit creepy .

Okay my pre-frontal cortex please work ! Be stronger than my limbic system please .
But nope my ideal image's gonna be one that's slim and lovely hahahhaahah ! (sigh , society nowadays . such a screwed up perception of beauty but oh well !) So yeah , pre-frontal cortex just keep thinking of that and then it will decrease my tendency to eat too .
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Thursday, September 1, 2011

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You know , I haven't laughed like this for a long long time .
As in , people who see me on a daily basis probably realize that I laugh like a horse nowadays . It's hard to explain but I'm actually laughing like this cos stuff isn't as funny nowadays and I'm not as cheerful as before , and therefore things in my life don't deserve a real laugh , but instead a horse snort .

However ,

did i mention how much i love


they are so awesome i can't stand it .
So , I went to HIPS after teachers' day celebration today ! I was such an idiot . Instead of taking 190 to dhoby ghaut and just taking the mrt all the way to hougang , I took from Orchard to Bishan , changed to circle line to Serangoon and then changed to purple line to Hougang .

It was really funny , at Serangoon , there was a train that arrived at the platform . I didn't know if it was heading to the right direction , so I decided to miss it , and not run for it , just in case it wasn't the right one . So as I was walking slowly to the board that stated the direction and stations etc , I heard someone calling "Yap ! Yap !" It was Yulin and Vernise in the train so I ran in ! Gary , Pius and Benjamin were with them too . It was so funny .

Then it was really fun at HIPS , saw so many people I haven't met in a long time . The sense of nostalgia was so overpowering and really awesome (': But it was horrible that the girls and boys of 6R7 were constantly separated . I think only Gary , Emily and I spoke properly and discussed the outing . But it was still quite fail , we went to the playground , it was so hot and yeah I don't feel like touching on the boring details of my day .

Then , slowly people got really tired of the slow-paced outing , seriously it was terribly tiring and boring . So , in the end there was only Emily , Alina , Gary , Matthew , Jerome , Nigel , Ryan and myself left . We decided to hang out at the food court and just chill . Okay , then it was so awesome , the guys were so funny I kept laughing and it was really serious laughter . I was so happy and felt super relaxed around them . Gosh only these few guys can make me feel so comfortable and communication was so easy with them . It made me miss having guys hanging around , because their sense of humour is much better than a girl's in my opinion .

We were so enthusiastic about everything we were discussing that we have even created a facebook group to discuss and it's just great :D

Okay sorry for narrating about my day . But I'm really really happy .

On a sidenote , HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY to all teachers out there !
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