Saturday, July 17, 2010

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hello (: 

so , i went to 


yesterday with my mother ! ;DD 
it was quite cool , left house at 9am plus ? then took bus and mrt there . at habourfront mrt there , had the bus called RW 8 i think . then the seats were purple and blue ! heh , actually its just a normal bus . but i was just so cool . crossed the bridge thing to RWS . could see the far far away castle already ! but didn't take photo of it ... 

yay ! then finally reached there ! ;DD this is the entrance , got the globe globe thingy . so i took photo of it when it finally stopped at "UNIVERSAL" cos that globe spins . so i was standing there smiling like a dummy or something :P until my mother finally took one nice photo with the word at the correct position . 

ahh ! finally inside ;DD the entrance was HOLLYWOOD . all the hollywood stuffs . i don't like the design of the ticket . not cute one ): disneyland's was cuter . haha . 

once we got in , we saw FRANKENSTEIN already ! ;DD he's so tall , i want his height BADLY . i was like , HELLO ! hee .  
but the place was so darned small  . hollywood only had one attraction , which was the "Pantages Hollywood Theater" , which is a musical show featuring monsters . i went to watch that afterwards cos they had fixed showtimes . so we headed to MADAGASCAR ! ;DD went to the kiddy ride "King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round" which is just a carousel . 

the place was again , so small ! the other attraction was "Madagascar: A Crate Adventure" which we didn't sit cos i couldn't find it :P so went to FAR FAR AWAY ! ;DD  

queued up for the "SHERK 4-D Adventure" 

went into the castle , had all those decorations along the walkways ...

then the queues were so complicated . i was the first person of the second batch of people to watch the show , so i kinda lead the way for the whole crowd behind . it was like a maze . scary . haha . went in and watched . at first we went to this small room , they gave intro and stuffs , i was like , IS THIS IT ? but after that , lead us to the cinema thingy and put on our 3D glasses and stuff . the seats moved when shrek was galloping on the horse an stuff . then water splashed at us , and the worst thing of all - the screen had 3D large spiders crawling to us , and then under our seats , "spiders" tickled out legs . it was horrible . but so cool too . it was very real . then we heard children crying . LOL . 

came out , when to sit "Magic Potion Spin" , which is a ferris wheel . it was so low . even if the carriage dropped ,  we wouldn't die . it was located in the Fairy Godmother's Potion Shop . 

after the ride , when to take photo with DONKEY which was located in the shop . looked around for souvenirs , not very suitable . wanted to buy the fairy godmother's potion bottle which is like this plastic bottle that looks like a chemistry beaker . but it was like , 10 over bucks for a plastic bottle . so decided not to . i would probably throw that thing away after drinking the "potion" inside too . hee . 
then went to eat at "Friar's" which was located at Far Far Away too . my mother ate this chicken wrap thingy . i went to order a kids meal cos i don't like wraps . too much veggies . so i ordered this chicken thing . it's like , everything was branded with "UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SINGAPORE" , the cup for the soft drinks , the aluminum foil , EVERYTHING . surprisingly the food there was priced quite reasonably . like , me and my mother's set was both $8.80 , which fries and stuff . i even had this lunchbox thingy . HEE . it's so childish . but still ... then we ordered this fried prawns thingy . haha , after that i went to buy PRINCESS FIONA'S SOFT SERVE ICE CREAM . the cone is green , cos she's a GREEN ORGE . hee , so cute . it's quite BIG , i tell u . for 3 bucks , it's quite worth it ;DD I LIKE ICE CREAM . 

then went to ANCIENT EGYPT afterwards . took a picture with this guy . he looks scary . 
we didn't really sit any rides here . YET . then went to NEW YORK ! i got no idea why this GREEK god or something was in NEW YORK . out of place . haha , i think he's Hercules . it seems like he's carrying the world . u know ? one of his 12 labours by Eurytheus ? so i guess it's him . 
just some street shots of NEW YORK ;DD

went to watch "Lights , Camera , Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg" it was damn cool okay ? it was like , ALL the cool effects right in front of us . so now i realised that those cool effects in movies is NOT computer generated . u know ? like storms , fires , toppling of buildings and stuffs are ALL real ! it's all in the set . 

then EVERYTHING was linked , and i got back to the HOLLYWOOD place again . it's like SO SMALL . singapore is really damn good of knowing how to make places look big . haha . 

then i saw PO , from Kung Fu panda ! ;DD decided to take a photo with him . i wanted to hug him , so i did . haha , and he hugged back ! he didn't do that to other people , maybe cos they just stood there . it must be cos i'm popular with bears ! ;DD i mean , i have so many teddy bears :P he's so cuddly . 

went to Madagascar again ...

then i saw the FROG PRINCE in FAR FAR AWAY ! ;DD took a photo with it . and behind him , there were many frogs ! they all looked so real . 
went to Ancien Egypt again ! ;DD 

and back to Madagascar . i wanted to take photo with this penguin , but it was running away already . hahaa . 

then went back to Far Far Away and watched "Donkey LIVE!" this is the picture of one of those small rooms u go before u get in to the "REAL SHOW" 
anyway , the show is damn cool . the donkey was actually in the big movie screen , but it can interact with us . we can ask it questions and stuff , and it actually answers ! it's so cool . 

then went to THE LOST WORLD , which is the Jurassic Park thingy . went to queue up for the "Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure" . wore poncho , cos we would get wet . like , REALY WET . it's the circle circle float which can take 12 people . it slide down waters . at first it wasn't scary . but i was sitting at the unlucky position where all the water just gushes in . other people didn't even get wet :/ then we went through this dark tunnel which dinosaurs and stuffs . then suddenly , the float was lifted up in the dark . it went up , up , up and suddenly , there was this quite steep slide ? at we were like , WHOOOOOSH . i got DAMN wet . but it's quite fun . 

then went to ancient egypt again ! ;DD
decided to ride the "Revenge of the Mummy" which is an indoor roller coaster in darkness . the roller coasted plunger down from 3 stories high , there were quite a lot of visual effects , then it went backwards , forwards , up , down , it tilted , and it even dropped . i screamed but it was quite fun .  then i looked at my mother during the ride . she looked SHAKEN . terribly SHAKEN . after the ride , she became all weak , and couldn't walk . she has erm , high blood pressure . she felt like vomiting and her face was all pale . then we went to sit "Treasure Hunters" , which is just this slow jeep around the place . so she rest inside the jeep . 

but she still felt weak and stuff . so she rest for about half an hour before she could walk . LOL , all because of that roller coaster . we decided to skip dinner , cos both of us were still so full . then many people started coming into the theme park , cos after 7pm on fridays and sundays , admission is only $5 , but u can only dine , and shop . but good enough for them , cos they can still take photos and stuff . but they're only limited to go to HOLLYWOOD only . 

took a photo of the castle (:

then my mother went to rest while i went to look for souvenirs . i went to buy the Oscar awards trophy  thingy for EMILY KHOO . u had better thank me . haha . but only got the small ones . so i bought one "world's greatest friend" . it's darn small . at first only have "world's greatest mum/dad/son/daughter" then i went to search like crazy . only have one , so i quickly bought it for $9.90 (: then bought retarded pack of poker cards and luggage tag thingy . and i bought a really cheap pop up fan thingy for only $1.90 . then also bought a keychain for $8.90 . i think it's quite nice . 
and lastly , i bought a cap ! i think it's really nice . it's not like those caps which just wrote "UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SINGAPORE" and got that globe thingy . but it's quite cool . it's black and the words are silver . they are all below . haha . and there's the plastic bag in the middle . i think it's quite cute . i like the plastic bag . i have 3 , hee hee . 

then it was like , 8.30pm already . went to buy an ice cream for 2 bucks . outside sell for like , 70 cents or something . then also bought a bottle of HEAVEN & EARTH apple tea for 3 bucks . daylight robbery , but nevermind . haha . the shop also sold the gingerbread man from shrek ! ;DD hee , he was selling for $5.50 . didn't buy it ): seriously , i have never eaten  a gingerbread man before i my life .

whoa , i was in Universal studios for exactly 10 hours . CRAZY . but nice ! i love it . hope to go there again sometime (: it's small , but singapore really did a fabulous job . they had water coolers , restrooms , fans , shelters , seats EVERYWHERE . there are small little things , but they make the whole place cooling . UNLIKE singapore's weather . but maybe cos yesterday's weather was perfect . it was raining like , in the wee hours yesterday . then when i got there , it was sunny but cooling (: 

I'M PROUD OF BEING A SINGAPOREAN . cos we are so smart :P 
gosh , this is so cliche

zaijian . 
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

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so , what happened eh ? i can't really remember . erm , past few days ... i remember i watched world cup . pretty boring , no goals at the start , only at the extra time , one goal only . so boring . but octopus paul is correct . haha , he's so smart . but he's retiring . anyway , had school dental checkup yesterday . still had 4 baby teeth :P hee , dentist say she wanted to pluck all out for the next 4 consecutive days . so after school went to pluck out one and today after school went to pluck out another . tomorrow i'm going to visit her to pluck out another one . actually , it's not pain ... even the injection . the feeling is actually quite "shuang" even though the tooth isn't shaky at all . poor dentist , had to use all her might to pull out my teeth . i'm sorry . hee . there was so much blood D: since it's not a natural "drop" . haha , but i like it . 

then after that went to D&T workshop . tricia , valerie and lei zuo were there . they were doing their puppets . i finished , but i wanted to test again with the batteries . took a video of my puppet moving on its own with the help of batteries of course ! my hand is covering the sensor that makes the puppet move . 

i'm not sure if the video works , but here it is (: 

i have no idea why it's in youtube format . i didn't even upload it to youtube ... LOL . but anyway ... 
took 132 home biting gauze , just like yesterday D: 

alright , done (:
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Friday, July 9, 2010

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long overdue photos from YOUTH DAY when emily came to my house (: 

anyway , i'm too lazy to blog about it . teehee . 

shall blog about today ;DD 
went to school . got out of car . looked down . gahhhhh ! my school badge dropped :/ probably in the car . luckily the prefect at the gate didn't really notice cos i pretended to scratch my shoulder to cover the blank space . heh . then i walked all the way to J-block without being caught . then i borrowed my friend's badge to go to the PB room to buy one . thanks NAJLA ;DDDD for the badge .

had chinese , teacher commented on what those china people said of our class . just in case u didn't know , yesterday a principal and a teacher from shanghai no.4 school or something came to sit in our chinese lesson . we gave a damn bad impression i think . a lot of them came late cos it was RECESS before and the bell wasn't working . then we greet wrongly , then our presentations were horrible cos our reading skills were not very good . but the points we made on the topic were pretty cool and relevant and good . it's kind of a mini debate . i was sitting at the last row and they were sitting behind me . so i could hear their convos with each other . shall not say it . but anyway , my chinese  teacher said today that they actually went to another girls school in singapore before coming to my school . if u can guess , it's THAT girls school ? u know ? our "rivals" or something ? they said that school was like china , the teacher teach and the students take down notes whereas our was different , we gave our opinions and stuff . so not bad overall ;DDD yay 

then 3 hours of aesthetics (: completed my puppet ! it can work on batteries now . it's AWESOME . i think i was the first one to finish it . my monkey was wearing a michael jackson hat i made from sponge . it's AWESOME ;DD heh , it's seriously my PRIDE . very cool . i made a banana peel too with felt cloth . at first i thought the electronics stuff won't work , but it WORKED ! so damn happy . but i'm pretty pissed larh . cos some people don't believe i did everything myself ): damn sad okay ? i mean , it's ALL MY WORK , my parents or whoever didn't even help . seriously . i'm proud of it . don't burst my bubble . i mean , i really designed it , with so many drafts , then draw , cut the wood , cut the limbs , assemble the box , drill , screw , melt the wires , attach the switches , paint , decorate , EVERYTHING . it's very difficult . it's not perfect , but it's SOMETHING . 

then assembly , rushed there . then head prefect campaign speeches ... and stuff . and then GUIDES ;DD we were learning the dance for annual assembly where scouts and guides from other schools would come . then sec 1s and 4s have to do a dance . haha , it was pretty fun . paired up with jamie . i think our chestpumps are awesome . hee , at least we could do it properly . then we were in the dance studio comparing flexibility . i showed them how my leg could touched my head and they were like FREAKY and all that . heh , i don't understand what's so freaky about it . LOL . 

anyway , went home . 
came back . 

tralalala , 

p/s: chatting on msn with bibiana and sheffield . problems a p6-er have are so much , EXCO is dying . i'm so sad . haiz , i didn't have all these when i was a p6 . no friendship problems , only maybe exam stress and well ... relationships & love . 

oh and , this was on facebook . see the 2nd recommended pages . what has michael jackson got to do with starbucks ? hahahaha , 

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

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happy fourth of july ! not that it concerns us anyway . or rather , me . 
it's sunday and well , tomorrow's youth day ! so there's no school , so i'm happy . hahah . on friday , i painted my monkey puppet . u know the one i have been talking about ? but i finally got to bring it home to complete . 

when u pull the string , the monkey's arms and a leg moves . so cute right ? and i painted "MONKEY" on the front of it's shirt and "business" at the back . i love it , i think it's really awesome . cos it's like , all my work ;DDDDD . the cutting of the wood , the melting and bending of plastic , the drilling of the holes , the designing of the puppet . OMG . i'm feeling so proud  . and i love the shading of the monkey's head at the back ! i love how the brown blends . haha , and see that box on the top right hand corner ? there's all the wires and stuff , so this puppet won't be hand operated ! it'll be light-sensored ;DDD meaning when i cover light from it , it'll move . AWESOME (: i can't wait to attach my puppet to those electrical stuffs , but i'm not sure if i did it correctly , so we had to melt metals and it was terribly scary . ugh . im so scared . 

oh oh , and when i finished painting , i took a photo of my "working space" i think the photo's really artistic , especially in black and white (: 

and one in colour ! not that nice , in my opinion . anyway , it's not a posed picture . haha , alright , bye ! ;DDDDD
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