Friday, June 18, 2010

i'm bored . so i went blog hopping . to be exact , my juniors' blogs . i just kept clicking the links without tagging . hee . so i went to random blogs , juniors who i know by name but can't really match the faces to the names . then i realised that a lot of them link me up ? or even to the extend of blogging about me ? this is crazy . hee . but it's so awesome . i'm getting a huge boost in my ego . hah . didn't realised i was that popular ;DD EGOPOK me . 

oh yeah . was playing this MICHAEL JACKSON GAME.
i think it's really retarded . you got to have loads of patience , cos when it loads , u can't go to another tab cos it will just start the game itself and u'll miss the notes . the person dancing there is obviously not michael jackson . i mean , even with the make up and all , the impersonator CAN'T impersonate his dance moves . especially the one where he's supposed to hold the private part . it's retarded . but i play it cos i like the songs (: i love MJ ! 

as u can tell , i'm utterly bored . and even though my chemistry module is over , i'm listening to THE ELEMENTS SONG
i still remember that my brother showed this to me when he was sec 1 ;DD heh , it's been 4 years . hah , and no other elements have been discovered . 

zaijian . 
this is random much . 

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