Sunday, May 27, 2012

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Week 10 has been absolutely amazing (': 

The whole week was spent doing the things I loved, which was mainly House and MPP! The main events were meeting with our student mentors, Sports Fest and MPP sleepover + presentation (:

Met our student mentors at NUS Law Faculty on Tuesday! 
The five of us are seriously the coolest yet most retarded kids ever. We didn't take lunch beforehand and when we reached their canteen, it was closed as it was their holidays, so we had to walk all the way down the horrible hill to a prata place and had prata lunch! Which was pretty good. 

It was really really amazing spending time with the four of them, I'm so glad I joined their group and MPP is really something that I'm really interested in so Research Studies isn't such a bore. We were such sweet people and also because of the tea incident that happened when we last met our student mentors, we got some tea for them from the prata place and Mel even decorated the cups with their names. It was so cute. 

Before meeting our student mentors, we had quite a bit of free time (actually, no, we didn't, but being the ridiculous people we were...) so we PhotoBoothed in the campus itself. It was such a pretty campus and I think we were making quite a bit of noise and were absolutely shocked and scared when this mature woman walked out from the building to where we were and starred at us. It is evident that we had a lot of fun though. 

The meeting with our student mentors was once again, really fruitful and I really appreciate all the time that they have committed into our project, our group is really lucky to have gotten the two of them.

Friday was amazing too (':
Waddle is such a wonderful house. 
Waddle House Comm is such a wonderful house comm.

Sports Fest has always been one of the events that I really look forward to throughout the whole year. It's where and when my pride and love for Waddle becomes much more tangible and the event really gives me the strength to go forward, to spur me on to do something greater, something larger for my House. 

In a nutshell, Waddle's performance at Sports Fest was really good! 1st for Sportsfest Challenge, 2nd for Overall, and 3rd for Cheerleading! So so so proud of Waddle, not many houses won't something for everything! 

They announced the Captain/Vice-capt nominees during Sports Fest and it's quite amazing thinking about how I've grown together with House, and it truly means so much to me. In Year One, I was just a little kid dancing mass dance - yes I was probably an enthu sec one, but to be honest, I didn't really like our mass dance. In Year Two, I joined House Comm and was given so many opportunities, including running for Waddle's Vice Captain. Now, in Year Three, I'm so privileged to be part of CELL (the wonderful group of people pictured in the photo at the top of this post :D) and now preparing to campaign for Waddle's Captain.

Everything seems so surreal, and it's hard to believe that time is passing so fast but I'm trying my best to take everything as it comes and to make the best out of everything. I am fully aware that I've been given so many opportunities and I really don't want to let anyone down. A week ago, however, I had quite a horrible mindset but after Sportsfest, I think it really doesn't matter who gets it as all three of us are equally good and we are all unique and would do our best for Waddle. Jiayou Angelia and Jing En! :D 

Oh yes, and really sorry, Jing En, for what happened at Toa Payoh! I'm sorry for being so indecisive!

Anyway, afterwards, in the evening, I went to Mel's house for our MPP sleepover.
We were so so productive, and so so sleepy, but it was so so fun. I love those kids, really! I thought our presentation was pretty good and we were pretty prepared. Little did we know that we would get thrashed the next day at ACS(I) during the presentation. 

Look at those sleepy heads beside me!

As I was saying, we were grilled by other expert and student mentors which left us stumped in front of other schools. Although it was a little embarrassing, it was overall a good learning experience and will definitely aid us in improving our Bill!

This week has been amazing. 
It's the holidays now. 
Time to tidy by life up a bit. 

On another note, Mr Desmond Choo has lost the Hougang by-election. I am very upset by this. Although I wasn't expecting him to win, I expected his vote share to improve a fair bit and that the margin between the two candidates get much thinner but his vote share only increased a few percent. Thoroughly disappointing. He is still such a gentleman though, I'm full of admiration for his attitude. 

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

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Survived Week 9 of Term 2. Gonna aim to live Week 10 to the fullest. 

T'was a crazy hectic week with so many PTs due. So glad all is over (': and 13ATCH did it together! It's so heartwarming having the batch facebook group where everyone's really just helping one another, giving morale and other forms of support. 
It's all over, I'm really happy! Spent the weekend really just recharging and gearing up for the week ahead - Week 10! A very very exciting week indeed.

There's really nothing much to say about this week - mostly has been focused a lot on my academic commitments - which is, of course, an extremely mundane topic to touch on and therefore I shall not do that.

Currently, there's quite a lot of things bothering me. (Academics was bothering me very much last week, but it's over now, so I'm not really thinking about them now) I really need to change my horrible mindset about something that means the world to me. It's crazy how I'm feeling so selfish about everything that's happening, I'm feeling very insecure and very pressured. There are so many expectations, but the thing is, I really doubt I will be able to live up to these expectations. People keep telling me that I can do it and I have nothing to worry about but no - I don't. I can't do it - nobody knows people's perception of me more than myself and I'm not confident of everything right now. Really.

The horrible thing about is me that as much as people are expecting a lot from me, and as much as I hate that and feel so uncomfortable and insecure about all these, I'm at the same time, expecting a lot from myself as well and would feel absolutely devastated if I don't get what I want. I really want to change this mindset of mine because I will just fall into pieces if it happens (which I think will). But I truly can't and I have never really wanted anything so badly before. It's crazy. It's such an unhealthy mindset. At the same time, I don't even think I deserve and am up for it. So yes, I'm battling an internal struggle ): 

I wish I could have a mindset like what this song talks about: 

I don't really like this song a whole load, but the rap that Amy does really talks about something that I want to have - the whole having confidence issue. It's really about having the guts to do what you want and not caring about what others really think. Karmin has been such an inspiration to me as well, from singing in their houses to getting sign to LA Reid's record label! Don't particularly like their "mainstream" songs though ): But, they are still quite amazing and are one of the artistes these days with real talent. 

Thinking more won't do me any good.
I think I'm just going to try to put in my best effort.

On another note, I went for PAP's Hougang By-election Rally today! I intend to blog about it soon on a seperate post because I have ... quite a lot to say (heh just like last year's General Elections). It was a really good rally, I'm so glad I went for it. I don't even know why I'm so interested in Singapore politics - I just am - that's why I absolutely love Social Studies (': \

Crazy week ahead (in a more positive way though, unlike last week)
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Saturday, May 12, 2012

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I should really drill such a mindset into myself.
Because really, I work so much better when I'm happy and when I enjoy what I'm doing.
Today was a very happy day because ORA is finally over and it wasn't as bad as I expected. 

Yesterday was really terrible though, but I'm so glad Kaiying and I found joy in the horrible things we were doing. 
We were supposed to transport Raffles Products to RI for the booth setup in preparation for ORA the next day. But, we had to collect the Raffles Badges from the supplier in Geylang as well. The Raffles Products were very unfortunately, extremely heavy and the two of us couldn't possibly carry it ourselves. We felt quite lost and really frustrated. Afterwards, we decided to just bring a portion of it and come back in the morning today to get the rest of the products - since we would have our cars today. 
However, it was still really really heavy and we had difficulty carrying the products to flag a cab down. But we managed to do it with blisters forming. We went to this warehouse building in Geylang with all our goods and collected the badges. It was just quite funny laughing at our own plight. Even the badge supplier felt quite sad for us (: 
We finally made it to RI at around 4.30pm! RIPB allowed us to use their room to put our merchandise, thank you all so much! (: Kaiying and I tried to set up our booth... but in the end we didn't really do anything,  wasting about 3 hours of our life in RI. 
I was so caught up with all these that I forgot to eat lunch that day and was so tired that I fell asleep in the middle of a discussion, I felt so bad this morning when I realized I slept halfway. 
But it was extremely fun spending time with Kaiying, she's quite an entertaining junior, I'm so glad I have her company and assistance in PB's ORA booth! 

So today was ORA.
Got to RGS at 6am. Kaiying, myself and our two dads helped us carry the Raffles Merch into our cars before going to RI and unloading everything! We decorated the booth pretty fast and I thought it looked really quite pretty and appealing. 
Soon, more people were coming in, and I saw many people I knew! It was pretty cool actually, having ORA as general event for Rafflesians to come together. Our Raffles Merchandise were selling pretty well too, I felt so happy throughout the entire of ORA, despite being extremely tired. 

Yanling! (: 
(Heh do you see a butterfly on my face? Choo drew that, it's really pretty!)

Clarissa! (:
It was quite a pleasant surprise when she recognized me; she was my PSL when I was in sec one, it's crazy how time just flew by. It's still quite crazy to think that I'm now already in sec three and everyone's just growing up so fast. 

ORA this year didn't had much of a carnival-fun atmosphere but more of a 'buy my stuff' atmosphere. 
But perhaps it's just cos I was too stressed out and mostly hanged out at our PB booth. 

Apart from having pretty good and smooth sales today, two things made me really happy today. I have such a warm happy and fuzzy feeling in my heart and belly. I don't think it's very appropriate to elaborate on the incidents today but today was such a wonderful day!

I'm really quite screwed for the PTs and AAs I'm currently working on now but I'm a happy happy kid and that will push me on (: 

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

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That photo above has no mel (who was selflessly being the photographer) so shall put a really horrible photo of the two of us here: 

Thursday was so amazing, even though it was a a day before SA day. 
Had MPP meeting after school and it was at our student mentors' school. In other words, it was held at NUS Law Faculty, which was really cool since it was my first time there. 

Mel's mum came to pick us up from school first and we got lunch from The Burger Shack before heading to NUS. We ate at the canteen, which was rather small and disappointing. 

Mel was taking unglam photos of all of us when we were eating, that girl is so amusing! Oh yes, credits to her for all these photos. Then we went to the bookshop where we met a pretty cool law undergrad who was really talkative before meeting our mentors.

Quite proud of us, our student mentors seem quite happy that we finished so much stuff, although there was still a lot of work to be done to tidy everything up. But it seems as though MPP is coming to an end already, because we have sort of finished the bill amendment and done most of our presentation. It was such a short journey, but it was so fulfilling and interesting. Getting into debates at the end of the year would be really crazy but I hope we get in, because preparing for it will definitely be a whole new experience even if none of us have good linguistic abilities. 

After the meeting, Sam and I were so lost and walked one huge round around NUS before cutting through the Botanic Gardens to the MRT. 

Friday was a really fulfilling day too. 

Started out with SAs - Philosophy, and Social Studies!
Philosophy, well, is philosophy after all. Social Studies is probably one of the most interesting subjects so I enjoyed writing the essay.

Afterwards, there was a mad rush to settle ORA stuff, followed by Waddle Housecomm appraisals. Again, it was quite refreshing to be seeing the different views given by various house commers and sometimes, it's crazy how their views and mine are so different, not in a bad way. Perhaps it's really the perspective people see things from. It felt even stronger when I went for a dialogue dry run/ meeting with some other House people later on. There's really so many things that have to be said, and so many things that have to be settled and laid down right, right from the start and I'm personally rather confused at the various problems that are happening because they are such sticky and tricky concepts to absorb and understand. 

But there are so many things that I truly feel strongly for and hopefully I'll be given the opportunity to make things right if my time ever comes (which I kind of doubt nowadays) and assist in whatever in anyway I can. I should really try to speak up more, there's nothing wrong with saying anything "wrong" or "incoherent". The dry run lasted pretty late into the night and I got to see the school at night and it looked so much more different. Not the physical appearance but rather the spirit and atmosphere it gives off. It was so... peaceful and tranquil but very empty as well and I felt a little strange and it made me truly appreciate the RGS culture because it is the girls that makes my schools the bustling place it is in the day, which to be honest, is something that I enjoy unknowingly but don't appreciate. 

Today was such a wonderful and relaxing day. 

I have always been wanting to go out to some park to just unwind but I just couldn't find the time. Since Monday's a holiday and I have confidence that I would still be able to do my PTs and AAs in time, I went out with my fellow Juju, Emily! (:

I think it's really amazing how the two of us still remain best friends despite being in different schools and having rather different interests. We can just talk for hours about anything and it never gets very awkward. Hopefully we can remain like that despite our increasingly busy schedules, especially next year since she has O levels and it's going to be crazy for myself too. We really shouldn't let past friendships fade away (':

So, we had a picnic at the Botanic Gardens today! I'm rather tired, so let's just let visuals tell the story. 

Picnic needs... food! 8)

Judging by normal bread standards, this bread tastes pretty good! 

These cheese cubes are so amazing (': The pink ones taste exactly like ham! Food engineers are crazy amazing.

What's a sandwich without some ham? (Okay maybe it's just me)

Gummies (': 


Then, we went to Island Creamery after spending a whole day chilling out at Botanic Gardens, which was such a refreshing experience without any stranger-human interaction and no one judges you in a park. I'm feeling so much happier and less stressed! Ice cream at the end of the day just made everything just better (although I don't really like ice cream). Had Reverso (best flavour ever!) and chocolate peanut butter!

Thank you Emily for today (:

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