Saturday, July 30, 2011

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yes , this looks beautiful , it looks delicious , it looks tempting .
look at the vanilla ice cream , dripped with what looks like strawberry jam . the ice cream is twirled into a swirl . it looks mouth watering .

But that spiral like shape which the ice cream is in , is what my mind looked like .
It's what my mind looked like on the 26th of july .
The strawberry sauce are the added problems .
Confused , in a whirl , unclear . Yet still looks happy and pleasant all the same .

It was Guides Striping .
It was emotional , it was unclear .
It was nerve wreaking , it was life-changing .
Wasn't life-changing , but impactful all the same .

got the position of QM ,
it was quite shocking , and thoroughly unexpected .
but it's a new post for me , i'm stepping up . my batch is stepping up to new roles .
this requires me to go to bishan quite regularly . about once a month ? but i live pretty near there so i'm not complaining !

michelle and kimtan got transferred out of mynah D:
when kim was being called forward as PL of another patrol , i almost cried . it was terrible , i loved her company and awesomeness in our patrol ! but i couldn't move , cos i was fallen in and didn't want to fall out cos I wouldn't be able to stop my emotions for getting the better of me then .
then , michelle was called forward as PS of another patrol and i was super shocked . cos i thought that since i was QTS , she would still stay as PS of our patrol ! ): but it wasn't the case . when she walked back , i couldn't take it anymore . but i didn't want to fall out cos like i said earlier , i would not be able to stop crying . so i let the tears flow out as i stood there . I saw chunhui looking at our reactions . it was super emotional and i was quite upset for a moment .

michelle ; i love you !
you're one of the first few people i met in Guides . being in 03 mynah with you was truly a wonderful experience ! :D you're my laughing buddy , i don't think anyone , anyone , can match up to both of us bursting into random fits of laughter and being really crazy together ! " i see you got the domos , nice choice ! " you're so so so so so awesome ! it'll be really much quieter without you breaking the silence during patrol corners and your absence will definitely be felt )': but , we're still in guides (:

B11ATCH was leaving .
not from guiding , but from attending sessions .
they would definitely still be here in spirit :D i love this batch of seniors , they'r super duper bonded and i think they have truly been real role models for our batch :D we'll miss you so much . really (: do pop by once in a while !

13ATCH loves B11ATCH so much !

okay it's late . i shall blog tomorrow :D
it will be on campaigning as well as aop (:

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Monday, July 25, 2011

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The world is such a frightening place .
I am very afraid . I'm serious .

I don't know , some things which I did not want to happen , happened .
Some things which I didn't believe would happen , happened . And I am still not convinced that it actually did happen . Because it's too scary and it's difficult for me to face it .
Stuff I never knew would happen .

The world is seriously such a frightening place . I try not to believe that it happened , I try to think that I'm just assuming things but , I don't know . It's so scary and it's just ... really quite sad . I'm very disappointed and upset that all these must occur .

It doesn't really affect me much but it's just really scary and I hope that you won't do this anymore but I hope that you would realize what you've done wrong . I'm very disappointed .

So there .

On a lighter note , school was awesome today . If laughter was a day , toady would be the day .

I woke up today thinking that it would be a typical "get up . survive . go back to bed" kind of day . I was , of course , not looking forward to it and wanted to slump right back into bed . After all , I wouldn't gain much through the day with this sort of mindset . But , of course I couldn't .

Therefore , Li Yin lugged her schoolbag to school and was not as early as usual because Dad took a long time to get ready . This pissed her off majorly . What a bad start to the girl's day .

okay wait . why is it from a third person point of view ? ._.

Okay anyway , I got to school and to my utter horror , there wasn't Lit , but we still had to hand up the Lit Romeo & Juliet FA we had . Ohgoodness . What am I going to do ? OX

okay shoot . why am i boring you with the minor details of my life ? ._.

But anyway , the rest of my day was quite awesome . I was laughing the whole day . It was just really crazy and everyone was high , as if on drugs but it was really crazy and fun . Everyone's faces turned red and what a sight it was . It was super fun and exciting . Okay , not exciting but I think I've extended my life for a few more years :D They say laughing is good for one's health !

So , it was super fun during Science today . We're doing CSI right now , after all the PhyChemBio & SIP crap for one and a half years , it's now awesomeness . Our new teacher's really weird and strange but still cool and extremely nice ! He doesn't ever get mad at us . I'm not sure if its because of the different teaching methods in a JC or that he has a very high threshold level for noise .

Anyway , we were trying to figure out who the criminal was and which numbers of the "cheque" was fake / added in and it was so funny cos Valerie was going on and on about how the issuer of the cheque was so retarded and stupid because he left a big blank in the cheque for the criminal to meddle with and add more numbers . Our teacher was standing there with us , by the way , to find out our verdict and I think Jie Lin and I were already laughing because of Valerie's comical expressions and stuff . Then our teacher started laughing really hard and it was seriously super funny . He was like " it was me ! " and it was just strange and very sudden . Jie Lin and I just starred at each other and started laughing ! It was just so funny and I was so high .

Our CSI teacher's really weird during lab lessons . He becomes this changed person and acts kind of differently but it's really entertaining and CSI lessons are the love (:

Okay I shall end here . I'm so boring . But today , I laughed a lot . It was exciting .
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Friday, July 22, 2011

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Okay , no I'm not love sick . The first line is right , but the second line is not very appropriate right now .

Anyway yes , I'm back to blogging because its Friday today and I have two more days to complete whatever crap that's due on Monday so I thought , why not ?
And I was encouraged (or rather , pestered heeheee) by WONGWONG , also know as urm christina hahah to update my blog . Hoho during guides session she was complaining that I had only one line as my blogpost yesterday . Well , it was three lines dear ! (: I need a dictionary , you need a calculator :D

And yes , there have been so many things that happened recently and it be a pity not to blog them down as keepsake . I mean , I'm really afraid that I'd forget everything one day , so at least I will have this blog and it would be really interesting to look back when I'm older .

So , right now , I'm currently in the middle of campaigning period . It has been super exciting planning for all these and I really want to thank everyone who has helped me in one way or another . I think its really cool that so many people are commenting that they see my face everywhere around school . Not sure if that's a good or a bad thing but any publicity is good for this sort of thing , I guess .

It has been really fun and enjoyable designing posters , stickers , and thinking of various ways to win the hearts of the waddlians (: I couldn't have done this without the support that I have been receiving and I'm truly very touched . So , I had like class visits to the sec one classes which was pretty warm . They were all quite welcoming and surprisingly not as awkward as I expected . I guess most of them were listening to me , probably attracted by my yellow polka dotted umbrellas so thank you 101 , 106 and 111 ! (: one eleven especially , you guys have been so supportive of me since house pract times and making me feel so welcome . I have grown to know you guys as friends and I hope that this can continue and that I would be able to do this with all the classes and those that will be coming in next year ;D

This campaigning period has made me feel so loved and this experience was something I have never experienced before so I'm glad that I was given this chance . But there has been some sort of unpleasant moments that are rather frightening and perhaps I'm just being judgmental . Anyway , 5 more days , including the weekends till the end of campaigning and /glups/ e-voting ! D: Okay , JIAYOU to all candidates k (:

K anyway , CSI has been super fun and the science teacher's pretty cool unlike when he mentored us for SIP and I thought he was just super strange . I really can't wait to start on the CSI movie (:

Philosophy today was strangely awkward . It was on the topic of ethics and we had to look at scenarios and stuff . I had so much to say , like on the theories of Utilitarianism & Consequentialism but then I realized that I only knew the theories but I did not have my own point of view which didn't really help so I was just quite confused about everything . COI next week , I can't wait for it .

Right, short update .
I am so cool 8D

Not a very substantial post on cool stuff , just random blabbers on my life but yeah , I'm busy and lazy hoho :3

ohyeah and thanks so much guys for supporting me through my tagbox :DD Ragini , :D , Christina (:
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

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I sincerely apologize for the lack of posts these days .
But I am really very busy D: Yes , its not excuse but I promise to update you guys once campaigning is over :D
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

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300th post . Dedicated to Harry Potter (:

Right , so today's the official Singapore release date for the last installment of the Potter movie series , Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 and of course , I went to catch it after school , with Waddle House ! (:

Harry Potter has kind of grew up with me , although I wouldn't call myself a true Potter fan , I am not a complete idiot to Potter stuff . I must admit , I definitely preferred it when everyone was young and innocent , when JK Rowling's plots don't circle around too much evil but that of Hogwarts and cuter stuff . Although that might not appeal to those who grow together with Potter , as their thoughts grow and mature , it's still quite sad that Harry Potter has kind of evolved from those cuter mystery-magical stories to gory , bloody , death-themed plots . Nevertheless , Harry Potter has grew up with all of us , especially my generation and it is definitely a MUST to catch the movie . What better day than on the release date itself ? It's even earlier than US :D

I was , however quite disappointed with what the movie was like , I don't know . I didn't feel any nostalgia or stuff like that . Perhaps because it's too far off from what I used to watch . Yeah , the only part that I could link with was the short part in which they had a flashback to when Harry was put under the sorting hat . It was so cute , they were all so innocent , it was all so happy .
But oh well , it's over .
Goodbye Potter , I will miss you .

Anyway , I'm running for Waddle Vice Captain ! :D
Please like my Facebook page , whether or not if you're from Waddle or RGS (:

Thanks ! :DD

Oh yeah , Geography & Math is over . Math was really horrible . Really . Shan't brood on it .

And the RI Philosophy dialogue was last Saturday ! (: It's was quite fun and enriching :D

k i'm so tired D:
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

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Right , so here's just a quick update of what I've been up to these days in photograph form (: Will elaborate after the geog and math and oral test that's happening tomorrow ! And no , I didn't buy a new camera . I just figured how to use my old one properly .

RI Philo Dialogue last Saturday .

I ate Nutella .

I played the piano and am trying to have regular practice so that I'd be able to pass my Grade 8 exam that's coming soon !

I am currently trying to revise Geography and Math .

And school is of course , still an integral part of my life .

There's so many exciting things that's gonna happen soon and I'm quite excited .
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Friday, July 8, 2011

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hello my dearest friends ((:
I'm really really happy now . Most of my troubles have faded away , and when I went to check my tagbox , I was pleasantly surprised by the tags left ! Especially to Jing En , Ragini and " :D " ! You guys have made my day today , along with many other people .

Right , so why am I in such high spirits ?

firstly , history cba is over and it was quite manageable !
secondly , oral pt is almost over (: yesterday was really horrible .
thirdly , swimmaton was quite boring for me but house comm dinner afterwards was really really so awesome .

you know , i really love waddle house comm . i think we're super bonded and really really cool ! they really made my day so much better . even though i was tired , i actually had the energy to laugh and everything and it was super fun just hobo-ing under the escalator at plaza sing with random guys taking the escalator and throwing m&ms at us . we didn't know what they're intention was but it was so funny . i think i was in my crazy state . ahh , i love waddle house comm , i really appreciate everything you guys have done and i appreciate being in this large family ((:

Yeap , I should start reading up on Philosophy .
or i'd embarrass myself tomorrow at the RI Philo Dialogue . Yikes , I'm quite nervous .
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Thursday, July 7, 2011

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right , feeling so much better now (:
my two loves .
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

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i appear happy but i'm in fact not .
i appear strong but i'm in fact really weak .
i appear strong - willed but i in fact bow to pressure .

i'm not who i appear to be .
i hope people understand that . but no one really does .

right now , i'm undergoing a lot of stress and i'm on the verge of breaking down any moment .

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

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Failure .
I'm scared of failure . I'm very very very afraid of failing /: Really .
I definitely can't take it . I'm really really unsure of my feelings right now , and well , the above picture has the perfect colour . It's what's making me worried .
I really really can't take failure , ohmygosh I have always succeeded since I was born , I have always been outstanding , perhaps not academically , but in terms of the thing I'm talking about now , I've usually got what I wanted .

Now ? I'm not exactly sure . RGS is a really big school , with really talented people all around and I don't feel as confident as I usually am . Oh my goodness , no I shall not bow down to anxiety and stress . I shall end with a cheesy quote everyone probably knows but I shall make it work . I shall not be a failure .

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

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It's Youth Day today .
No more Children's Day , no no (:
But yeah , are youths today way too shallow and superficial ? Is that how adults think of us ? Just a bunch of pesky little kids not taking life seriously and dwindling our lives away by consuming alcohol of puffing on cigarettes ?

Sigh , are we truly like this ? It's sad to think so . It's difficult to change people , it's difficult to change how some youths act / think . The only thing we can actually do is to prevent ourselves from falling prey to the bad influences .

Right , that's just a little "preach-of-the-day" thingo I had for Youth Day , reflecting a bit on the youths of today . Which brings me to the next point . Many things are changing , one very obvious point being the music industry . In the past , we had true and talented singers and musicians making music . Now , we have auto-tuned tunes and songs with the same kind of beats because it's kind of like the "tried-and-tested" kind of music .

If you haven't heard , there's this new song "Swagger Jagger" by Cher Lloyd that has been receiving a lot of criticism and stuff .

Yeah , when you first watch it , you might think that it's like crap and seriously the beats are strange , the lyrics meaningless . But Cher Lloyd IS definitely a talented girl , she's the third runner up in X Factor 2010 and it's the crappy music industry that made this kind of strange song to be released as a first single . Look at her audition ! She's definitely talented and has no need for autotune and stuff like that .

The worst thing and the shocker was that her record label is Syco , Simon Cowell's label and it's strange to think that this guy , with such a high standard allowed this to be released . Perhaps the music industry is just ruining everyone's minds . Sigh , it's all like booze , cigarettes , being "cool" , and all that .

No more lovely ballads . Leona Lewis' new album , under Syco as well , would be more of those electric , dance tunes and no more "ballads" anymore , as requested by Simon Cowell . This is seriously really sad . Whatever is happening to the world .

Does this reflect our generation as well ? Like , in all aspects , and not only music D:
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Saturday, July 2, 2011

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It's July already .
Half the year is gone . Have I achieved anything ? The answer would be a downright no . But that doesn't matter . Life doesn't circle around achievements . Just that you would feel really down about yourself , and you would feel useless , you would basically feel like a piece of trash . A piece of ugly trash .

I NEED to aim to do what I have never expected myself to be able to do , to turn my dreams into plans . And this term , I believe , is going to be a really really exciting and memorable term . A week has just gone by , and in this week alone , I've gone through an immense amount of happiness , sadness , and just some serious crazy feelings .

Right , half the year has gone pass so let me do some self-reflection .

In RGS , they stress academics , but above that , they focus on other stuff outside studies . An important point being leadership . I have never admitted this , but I must now . I have always been a girl who craves being a leader . Alright , craves too strong a word , let's just say ... "yearns" ? If that actually makes a difference . But yeah anyway , i have always been given a leadership position all my life (: Be it monitress or prefect exco , and the countless "leader" positions I have assumed in group work .

There's something about me that HATES working under people , it's not that I can't do it , but I feel really uncomfortable , and I don't know why . I'm trying to change this , and I'm succeeding because there's so many other influential people who I'm happy to work under :D

This year , it's no different . I had a leadership position , two in fact - one of them being class based , as vice-chairperson alongside Dawn and under our trusty classchair Angelia, whom I always go against ( But it's for the better so whatever ddd: ) . And , more importantly , House Comm . Even though PB and PSB is considered to be more prestigious , I'm not upset for not being selected for either . I'm proud to be in House , and this year , it's a lead board , it's important and I'm super happy to be given this opportunity to be in house (:

And now , this :D I can't say what "this" is yet , but it's going to be really exciting and the first time of my life that I'm doing something like that . Hopefully , I'd be able to turn my dreams into reality , can'ts into cans .

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