Tuesday, June 22, 2010

today's my brother's birthday . but he's in school . having chinese oral . hah to him . he's taking chinese in JC cos he didn't take higher chinese in sec school . HAPPY BIRTHDAY , BRUTHER ! ;DD anyway , went to my grandparents house yesterday . 
as usual , my grandmother would cook up a feast when she know that we're visiting . the food she cooks would ALWAYS HAVE her trademark fried chicken wings and fried wontons . hee . yummie . i love my grandmother's cooking . why didn't my mother inherit the cooking genes ? hmph -.- anyway , i love it that my grandparents always stock up on coke in their fridge . hee , i was busing admiring the fifa world cup edition coke can . 
i was bored . hee . 

and look at the barcode ! ;DD it's in the shape of a coke bottle . okay , i have no idea why i was to intrigued by the coke can . 

and my brother took the normal can . i took a sip . HEY ! why did the normal can of coke taste nicer than mine ? okay , i was just being very retarded . but it's true ! :O 

anyway , my grandparents have this awesome fridge magnet . hee . it reads "MIND BOGGLING BOOBS" and they have pictures with descriptions of the shape of the boob . sick . heh . if u can't read it , from top left - sweet potatoes , block busters , under chinners , bee stings ;; bottom left - has beens [the funniest , in my opinion] , lemons , pears . 

haha , pretty cool for grandparents , eh ? ;DD

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