Wednesday, June 16, 2010

rotting at home , but uploaded pictures from yesterday ! ;DD 

my unpainted monkey puppet ! but it's almost done ;DD i pull that string at the bottom and it's hands and legs move (: but it's gonna be attached to some electronic thingy . so i don't even need to pull the strings . 

gillian , me and valerie ;DD 

justine , jielin , valerie , me and gillian ;DD 

me outside the technical workshop ;DD u can see the sign on the left of me "technical workshop" and people came to crash = = 

i got a hammer stuck in the hole of the table in the workshop . phew , but i got it out with my wit , not strength ;DD hahahah .

unagi sushi from tangs market ! ;DD heehee , who ask jielin , gillian , huimin and valerie never come with me and justine ? 

photos courtesy of justin(e) bieber

and my facebook is screwed . does everyone's homepage look like this ? click to enlarge . 

and when i scroll down ... 

grr . aiyah , i don't care liao . 

xoxo , 
class gathering is tomorrow ! 

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