Monday, January 31, 2011

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hellllllo (:

sorry for not posting for a crazy long amount of time (: but since it's the last day of january , i thought it was significant and it would be good to wrap up the whole exciting month (:

right . it has been raining crazily and it's freaking cold . i was freezing today . sigh , i should have heeded my mom's advice and bring a jacket to school . but i just feel weird wearing jackets in class i don't know why . anyway , it has been raining and raining and IHG opening ceremony keeps getting postponed ): yea , so the awesome waddle banner has not yet been unveiled yet . right . so urm it's chinese new year celebration tomorrow (: awesomeness . and on cny eve my school has declared it a holiday which is awesome because rgs has never had such thing . we didn't even have half days last time . and now a complete holiday when other schools have half day ! wahaha . envy or not ? (:

so obviously i'm going back to my primary school because that's what half days / full holidays are for ! ;DD but uh since no one else as such a privilege of having a full holiday , i think it's gonna be me and jessa ! haha i think she's going back i havent contacted her . but most probably lah . speaking of jessa , i think of my mortal class and my mortal ! wahaha i have abandoned my mortal , i'm so sorry ): but your angel's a busy girl ! D: heh . will make it up to you someday kay !

oh yes and i got stupid flu and cough and whatnot and i'm feeling not so good so i'm gonna sleep now and hopefully i'll get well in time for chinese new year ! ooh so exciting ;D i think older kids are only excited about the money but no , am i being politically correct here , but i really like the meeting of relatives and ohno i think for english language aa or something we'll have to write on our relatives . and it doesn't help that i don't actually know my relatives very well . i kind of know them , but not that well .

right , of course i'll admit that i like chinese new year cos i get to buy new clothes without my mother starring at me with that disapproving eye . haha and that emily asked me to change my dressing and wear more revealing stuff ( HAHA RIDICULOUS LAH . gary will shake his head . ) and more dressy stuff so i got two dresses will prolly fit her criteria and are very ridiculously unlike me and it's so weird and after that i won't dare to wear the dresses already . THANKS EMILY , for helping me waste money buying clothes i'll wear once only .

right , so tomorrow we'll have to don red coloured clothing . i don't have any red clothes , so i guess pink will do just fine ? (: kay hope i won't be booked . and oooooooh tomorrow we have house day meeting so exciting ! meeting my comm members for the first time (: so far we have only conversed through email .

kaythanksbye (:

i love chinese new year .
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

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and another thing that's getting me excited ! ;DD IS THE UTTER SPAMMAGE OF EMAILS I RECEIVED ABOUT THE SPIRIT WEEK OT ! I'M IN THE HOUSE DAY COMM ! argh too exciting i can't wait ohmygosh ! planning this huge school event is really really awesome . I AM SO HAPPY TO BE ABLE TO GET THIS OPPORTUNITY ARGH YAY ! i love doing this type of weird organizing stuff ! ;DD WAHAHA AND 204'11 CLASS COMM IS AWESOME TOO ! we had this meeting on sunday and it was pure brilliance (Y) . so many self initiated events we're gonna hold !

okay . but of course , my life isn't perfect .
there's a history test tomorrow ( yes amazingly fast ) and loads of homework . grrrrr .

ahhh , i guess my life is kind of perfect right now . but it won't stay like this for long .

heh sorry for the caps i'm crazy excited ! ;DD
and ohmygosh angelia i love your baby pedo face .

love ,
liyin .

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Friday, January 21, 2011

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yes so now we CADs have another project on our plate which is to design house merchandise in like , what , ten days ! ridiculous D:

wahaha and spirit week ! super exciting ahh . i didn't get any more updates from anissa but i'm still excited to be part of this big project (: sorry if i seem really weird but yeah ! SUPER EXCITING ! ;D

ohoh and girl guides ! (: we all passed flag raising today (: cheers for our batch ohmygosh i love you guys (: awesomeness okay ! ;D

love ,
liyin .

TGIF . and i love physics . seriously .
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

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SORRY FOR NOT POSTING LIKE AS OFTEN AGAIN (: because seriously homework ): super a lot okay ! had math compre today and it was horrible ! and it's graded . yes , it's only the third week of school and we have tests and history tests next week ! anyway i spent super a lot of time reading the front cos it was quite confusing . but i shall not say anything else cos some other classes haven't took it yet so yup . but i guess the questions were quite alright .

okay anyway , SPIRIT WEEK wahaha so exciting ! (: anissa emailed me yesterday saying i was selected , together with two other seniors from waddle house comm to be in spirit OT ! who knows what OT stands for . i think it's like organising something ... team ? heh . anyway , we're going to work with the other people from other houses , pb , psb and congress to organise the events and activities in spirit week , which is a schoolwide activity ;D wahaha based on my memory from last year , spirit week included " be yourself day " ! (: ohmygosh awesomeness . awwh thanks anissa and the capts for giving me this opportunity !

okay then urm that's it ! D:
oh ya i was down with a fever , which led to flu , which led to a sore throat , which led to a cough . and i still went for pe and i was freaking breathless . D:

oh yes and art and design yesterday was kind of horrible ): we had to draw those porcelain jugs / mugs and stuff and mine looks totally horrible D: but i think art and design is quite fun heh ;D i can't wait for cooking ! ohmygosh . and i don't know why , dance too (: it's indian dance , that's quite fresh .

kthanksbye ;D

love ,
liyin .

school tomorrow . sad face much ):
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

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right . so first things first .
sorry for not posting as often as i did during the holidays . reasons are quite obvious .

okay so urm i think no one ever reads my blog anyway D: haha , oh you know last month , there were 993 visits to my blog (: yeah , just last month . uber cool right . readers from singapore are of course , the most . and united states comes in second ! wahaha so honored (: THANKS AMERICANS . heh .

okay anyway , super a lot of homework this week ): cries .
but yesterday i still had to go for my little cousin's 4th birthday party (: as i was waiting for a bus that would take me to rio vista , suddenly this teenage boy just knelt down in front of me . then i was like what the heck and moved back one step . then he got up , smiled and said sorry repeatedly and walked off . super strange ! D:

okay then went to the function room uh ... the cake was this dora the explorer cake heee . that show is super boring ohmygosh why does my cousin even like it ? can't read into the minds of four year olds . then urm i tried to start a conversation with my autistic cousin ? i grabbed his shoulders like very hard to face mine and looked into his eyes . cos urm my PE teacher said the first thing is to maintain eye contact . then i talked to him ! ohmygosh he actually responded , it was amazing . no one ever had the patience to talk to him so slowly and listen to whatever he was saying . they usually just put it all off as gibberish . but yeah , here was our conversation . it's kind of boring but it's very very meaningful to me . not as in the meaning of the words , but that these are actually what he said .

me : hello !
him : what is your name ? ( ohmygosh success already ! )
me : liyin . you ? ( obviously i knew this (: i just asked it to get a response )
him : caleb .
- long pause - because erh he was already out of focus and looking at something else . THEN he initiated a question himself !
him : where does she live ? ( referring to another cousin )
me : choa chu kang . where do you live ?
him : here ( which is correct . but no , the birthday girl isn't his sister . ) .
- pause -
him : choa chu kang ... you can take the bus 72 from outside there to choa chu kang .

right . it was awesome . but urm the last time i checked , there wasn't a bus service 72 and 72 doesn't go to choa chu kang anyway . NICE TRY COUSIN (:

okay hmmm , life has been pretty busy . my mortal finally replied to me , my chinese teacher is quite scary and i love literature . oh yeah and the guides banner is done hooray .

kaythanksbai (:

love ,
liyin .
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

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so had sec one orientation station games yesterday (: it was super super tiring ;D i was the station mistress . the sec ones just can't hear us , there were too many of them . so we had to speak very loudly . and it was quite boring doing the same thing over and over again . looking at them made me feel so old D: i want my sec one life again ! anyway it was quite fun overall . it was really cool being a senior all over again . yeap , 104 was the last class that came to my station . oh and i made a huge terrible mistake regarding my mortal D: wahaha it's too embarrassing i shall not say it here .

okay then today i went back to help with the ushering and registration of sec one parents because chairs and vice chairs were deployed to help . i was at the 104 booth ;D then a couple came . i was like , "what's your daughter's name?" then they said " jessa " WAHAHA . then i was like , OH ! SHE'S MY JUNIOR (:

then some of us stayed back to watch the concert . but i was quite bored so i left after one class finished their performance haha ;D

okay that's it (:
got to do my homework ): autobiography ugh . JUST READ MY BLOG AND MY WHOLE LIFE IS HERE . part of it .

kaythanksbye .
love ,
liyin .
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

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okay pretty boring day today ):
it was just talks and house meeting ( which was probably the best thing today , though it wasn't very high either . )

then we had class comm voting . i became the vice chairperson , a position i wanted last year . but LOL , i got it this year when i wanted to be in welfare with angelia . but i'm going to work with angelia , she's chairperson ! (:

oh and a selected few classes were going to get iPads and Macs sponsored apple . VERY VERY coincidentally , 4/5 of them were GEPers D: tell me how you'll feel ):

argh .
kaybye .

liyin .
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

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okay so yesterday was funfunfun! (: celebrated gillian's birthday . it was awesome . i'm quite tired and shall not elaborate , but we went to swensens , ate ice cream , went to fairprice , ate sushi , went to icing room , ate cake , went to toast box , drank milo with pearls . AND ANGELIA'S DSLR IS AWESOME ;D photos here (:

okay today was the first day of school for the sec ones (: yes , we upper secondary people need not go to school , but i had to go help out with the house boards and guides for cca orientation . so i went there at 8.30am and did house boards (: wahaha , oh ya jessa is in 104 ! ;D yes , that's my ex-class , and my mortal class , for the angel-mortal letter system thingum . anyway my ex-psl's her psl ! (: kimberly's awesome ;D okay i tried to look for jessa ): but couldn't find her class . anyway , me and nikki were super bored doing the board . then i went for guides shift .

my guides shift was like from 1.45pm to 2something . and the sec ones were only released at 3.30pm . so i was like doing nothing . then i went to change back to my pinafore , and while walking to the j-block toilet , i saw jessa .

but after that , i stayed till 4.45pm to help with guides (: it was super fun ;D our cca was like bribing the sec ones with food LIKE MARSHMALLOWS and meat . we cooked them at the fire my seniors built . it was damn cool . the marshmallows were super awesome . soft on the outside , melt in the mouth inside .

okay tomorrow's the first day of school ):
but at least it's not much . no studying . yet . THERE'S HOUSE MEETING ;D

love ,
liyin .
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

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heyhey !
this is going to be a short post ;D but look at the screen shot ! wongfuproductions actually used the same photo as me ! the one i used in my previous post . scroll down (: heehee , that means we actually searched for the same thing on google ! awesome much . i'm so happy . and by the way , i drafted the first paragraph of the post on the twentyninth , with the photo (: haah , it's nothing but it's just something that makes me feel good ;D

anyway , if you're watching ryanhiga's new video , forget it . sean isn't in it and it spoils the whole thing . if he wanted to collabo with that guy , he shouldn't make a "how to be" D: because that's only for fujiyoshi ! ;D

instead , you should watch team humour ! ;D click
to watch bloopers/behind the scenes , the actual "movie" , and also the trailer ! ;D go go go and subscribe okay !
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