Monday, June 28, 2010

shall recap yesterday ;DD 

okay , so i went to ang mo kio to do some discussion for a bio presentation . last minute , but still ... haha . so met nai at ang mo kio mrt , then yany came and we walked to ang mo kio library . pretty far , but still quite fun . saw KOI bubble tea , wanted to buy but the queue was FREAKING long . like seriously . still had to take queue number , like hospital like that . so we went to ang mo kio library . then there were quite a lot of people there , so no space for us to do our work . so we went to the cafe in the library . it's called cafe galilee . we settled ourselves there and we ordered some stuff . nai bought a peach shake , yany bought some cookies and cream thing and i bought onion rings . it's quite cheap . a lot , yet it's $3.80 like that . 

haha , nai considering what to order .
our food ! whee ;DDDDDDDDDDD it's quite nice . then dawn came later with her laptop so we typed out our presentations , spend about 2 and a half hours there ? then bus-ed home . decided to buy SLURPEE , so i crossed the overhead bridge to the 7-eleven nearby . wanted to buy some stamps so i can mail jasmineDARLING her super belated birthday present . but the machine needed an atm card . grrrrr , and i didn't bring mine along . 
then went home and slept . 

2806'10 (MONDAY!)
today had school ))): changed pe teacher to this humourous guy . haha , but he said we shouldn't blog about him . so i shall not elaborate . then blablabla . and today's MONDAY ;DDDDDDDD emily day ! hahahahah . went up 132 . sat on this seat and there was something scribbled on the seat in front like "___________ , B*TCH ! snatch my boy , i'll give you HELL!" it's like , aiyo . why go to such extends for a boy ? 
then emily passed me a SUPERMAN TEE(: hee , bought through her from some blogshop . YAY ;DD

tada ! pictures(: 

went home . here i am . 

tada ! 

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