Thursday, September 30, 2010

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" growing old is mandatory ; growing up is optional " ~ chili davis

IT'S OCTOBER 1ST ! ;D happy children's day (:

rgs declared it a holiday for us (: so i thought i could take a break from my endless mugging and do a blog post ;D alright , so nothing much actually happened ? except for monday . JUJU DAY ~ let's see if i can actually still remember the details . shall kope the photos from emily since i'm too lazy to upload my owns . tee hee hee ;D

alright , so as usual , took 132 from my school to the ang mo kio mrt there , and sms emily to come up . but i sms-ed too fast or something and she boarded the previous 132 . it's really strange how two 132s can be so close to each other , and the fact that i didn't miss any 132 before and had to wait really long for the one i was in . so emily told me to stop at the next stop , but i didn't cos i didn't see her D: then in the end i told her to meet me at my house the bus stop there so we can walk around (:

yeah , so we did . then from the bus stop , we walked quite a distance to a mama shop (: and omg , so many cool discoveries ;D the sold really weird stuff . hahaa .

we saw MILLY MOOs ! at first i thought they were MILKY MOOs , because that thing has a sentimental value to us haha .

oh well , but close enough . rawr .

then we saw this awesome thing , like they give you four mini ice cream cones + a tube of cream . at first i wondered if it was nice , so i bought the chocolate-vanilla flavoured one to try first . we went out an tried (:

it's really quite awesome squeezing it (: so creative .

YAY (: surprisingly , it taste quite awesome . the chocolate-vanilla ones , that is .

s0 we went back and bought more . i bought 4 boxes of that thing , plus some other candies . hee , spent more than five dollars on junk like this . i must be crazy . but oh well , have been staying in class to mug during recess ;D so i probably won't get too fat from eating those . LOL .

but disappointingly , the grape and the strawberry-pineapple flavours weren't that nice . they tasted quite artificial . but oh wells (:

hee , okay . i have been mugging these few days . its quite awesome (: OMG , what is rgs doing to me ?! i'm actually saying that studying is nice . oh no no no . but seriously , i practiced my self - control really well (: no facebook , and only half an hour of computer time everyday . and my parents weren't the ones who asked me to do this . i even have an hour - by - hour study plan . ZOMG , i got to go now , or else i'd be behind schedule ! (:

toodles ,

EYAs : two down , seven to go (:

twelve more days . i'll wait for my freedom ;D
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

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" i really just want to be a warm yellow light that pours over everyone i love " ~ conor oberst




OMFREAK . SO FREAKING HAPPY (Y) hee , im creative arts director (: awesome much ;D
so yeah . i shall cover the stuff i mentioned in my previous post ;D

saturday , 18th sept

went for COASTAL CLEAN UP AT EAST COAST BEACH (Y) 4 CIP hours . ahahaha . at first we thought some stuff were cigarette buds , in the end we realised that they were actually tampons . sick , but yeah . like , seriously ? why do they use those in beaches ? or why do they dispose of those in beaches ? OMG , it's super beach-y . hee , get it ? change the "ea" to "it" . LOL LOL LOL . PHOTO TIME ;D

super nice girl (EGO YAY ) in a super nice background . ugh , but stephanie was there ! ARRRGGGGGGH . haha , nevermind , she enhanced my picture (:

yay (: me and justine both got into house comm . ahahahha (: she's the sports captain ;D

ahhh (:

more photos can be found on facebook ;DD hee , then i went home and went to HIPS for mid autumn fest ;D met emily fellow SUPER compatriot at the bus stop . teehee . then went to HIPS . some boys were there already . rachael was there too . then i was helping at the jumble sale thing . hee , quite fun lurh . but ehhhhh , no drama , so sad . wanted to see some couple(s) in action . hmph . damn . then , i bought 2 things from the jumble sale , an inflatable sofa and hand sanitiser . YES I KNOW , IM RETARDED , LOL . me and emily wanted to buy tickets , but sadly don't have . then during the jumble sale , asked huang liyin to help me buy cotton candy . TEEHEE . then that brian hong keep coming , and not buying anything = = he keep saying he need to borrow money . LOL . then i wanted to sell him this "vitality for men" thing . in the end , a man bought it . ahahaha , it's actually messages from God , and brian hong thought it was some rubbery thing . then i went home . so badly wanted to ask my father come and fetch me . but i thought it be cool to walk in the dark alone . so i walked to hougang interchange cos i didn't think the bus stop was save . so i walked . BAD IDEA . my leg was so pain , cos my shoes were cutting me . argh , got a really painful cut . reached home quite late . 10 - 11 plus like that . ugh .

camwhored with EMILY (: in the toilet . HIPS toilets are the best school toilets i have ever been to . seriously.

yes , i know my bangs look really weird . AHAHAHAH , it'll grow out anyway (: but i'm kind of liking it now (:

sunday , 19th september

went to grandma's house for birthday celebration . played MONOPOLY card game with my brother and my cousin . yes , it's a card game . it's quite cool (: better than the board game , i guess . hee , i was losing like crazy cos it was my first time . then after that , during the most difficult round , I WON . AHAHAHHA . they surrendered (: GIRL POWER WHOOOO .

ate super a lot . ugh . damn it .

monopoly card game ! ;D LOL my cousin's leg looks damn awkward .

camwhored in the car(: i love how the leaves of the trees are there ;D

monday , 20th september

teehee , school was quite good . during bio we watched HOUSE . AWESOMENESS . then i went on this POPULAR SHOPPING SPREE . omg , i spent about 10 dollars on stationary in 10 minutes . and the worst thing was that , it was IN SCHOOL . crazy much . so i kind of spent my time during lessons removing price tags . ahahaaha

tuesday , 21th september

hee , school was alright . had philosophy , but i didn't contribute . surprisingly mr lim er yang doesnt call me (: then went to thomson plaza to study after school (: surprisingly it was SUPER PRODUCTIVE . YAY
huimin unglam ;D

wednesday , 22 september

YAY it's today (: ahahahah . reached school at about 6.55 am ? justine , gillian , stephanie and lijia were already making their way to the KS Chee theatre for HOUSE COMM RESULTS ! ;D i asked them to wait . so i ran to my class , put down my bag and ran to the theatre . then mrs alina wee was talking about house comm and how its a leadership position , stringent selection which had 4 stages - our application form , teacher's recommendation , interview and the checking of our conduct (: and OMG i got creative arts director ! im the only year 1 in CAD for waddle ): oh wells . in 104 , only me and justine got in house comm . NEVERMIND , I STILL LOVE ALL OF YOU ;D ahahaha . this was what i drew for house comm (: i didn't actually apply for CAD , my anissa told me to draw something ;D so that maybe i can be CAD or something .

i dont understand how this could have got me into creative arts , but yeah (: im happy ;D i hope i'll be able to design the house tee or something , together with the other seniors ;)

heehee , then i went for study session again at thomson ;D ate chicken rice . LOL , there were two uncles also buying . then they go and help me take the tray and utensils. i was like ... "erm ... thanks ." it was damn weird . i mean , a stranger helping you take your fork and spoon . it was damn strange . ahahaha . did quite a bit today too (: yay ;D tomorrow 's oral PT . hee , OMG , i feel super unprepared , can ? oh wells .

anyway , YAY IM IN A GOOD MOOD .

bye (:
love ya
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

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hmmmm , kinda busy now . so yep , not posting anything much in detail . but i'm going to cover these days in my next post . I PROMISE . with loadsof pictures , so yep , embrace it(:

saturday , 18 sept .

mid autumn fest in hips(:

sunday , 19 sept .

paternal grandma's birthday(:

monday , 20 sept .

i was mad and bought 5 ZIGs at one go D: plus a black marker . to those who don't know what ZIGs are , they are these awesome markers . go google it or something . bought red , yellow , purple , pink and blue .

tuesday , 21 sept .


AND OMG , tomorrow house comm results will be out . SUPER NERVOUS . i doubt i will get in , so wait for the bad news tomorrow ):

love ,
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Friday, September 17, 2010

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" reputation is a bubble which man bursts when he tries to blow for himself " ~ anonymous

so erm , got back a few mid year exam results . yes i know . sooooooo late . so hmm ... for english literature , i got ... 15 / 20 ! ;D not bad , considering the top in class is 16 (: then urm , for chinese 实用文 , which is letter writing , i got 15.5/20 ;D the top is 16.5 ! heehee , quite satisfied , cos my letter writing has never been good .

anyway , chanced upon this picture .

super sick can ?
i chanced upon it D: i didn't go look for sick stuffs . it was on GOOGLE . teehee , if you don't get it , then , well , pure you .

during aesthetics , the teacher made me damn pissed . i shall not talk bad about any particular person . it's not the dance teacher , anyway . does she expect everyone to know how to play the box instrument when one has never played it before ? so what if i'm grade 8 for piano ? piano is different , can ? say what , im grade 8 so im actually PURPOSELY playing wrong notes . she expects "MORE" from higher grade people ? PLEASE LARH . luckily next week is the last lesson . hmm , will i get into trouble for writing this ? but i didn't state name , so should be okay right ? hopefully , if cannot please tell me okay ? (:

but assembly was awesome . had T.H.E dance company with us . T.H.E stands for the human expression and OMG the dance was so good , it's contemporary / modern dance and it was like , all abounded with feelings and stuff . IN LOVE .

and guides was good (Y) OMG IM IN LOVE WITH THE BANANA SONG I TOLD EMILY AND GILLIAN ABOUT . chanced upon it , and its awesome . i chance upon weird and funny stuff .

okay , done with this post .
tomorrow going back to HIPS for mid autumn festival at night (:
and in the morning , have coastal cleanup at east coast park . PACKED .

love ,
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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" We dare not trust our wit for making our house pleasant to our friend, so we buy ice cream . " ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

doesn't the ice cream sandwiches tempt you ? i think ice cream can really bring joy , and stuffs . i mean , it did , but only when i was younger . now ice cream doesn't excite me like it used to D: the pleasures of childhood are slowing slipping away from me . ugh . yet another sentimental feeling . but hmm , this year , i am not sure whether i have become sentimental or not , cos i can let go of many things now , but i can't let go of some . LOL . i'm being so retarded .

ugh , i've been sick very often this year D: last time i didn't even use to get anything . now , it's super often . asthma is coming back , and it had been 4 years since it last attacked D: now the gap is just months . fell sick during the weekend D: fever , sore throat , and stomachache . i lost 1 kg in a day . exactly . i'm supposed to feel happy , but yeah , NO . my stomach is forever painful , and i'm not exaggerating it . i think i have some sort of stomach ulcer or cancer or something , i mean touch wood but yeah ... i think i should go for some sort of checkup soon . but sometimes my stomach's good , so yeah . argh man .

hmmm , but this few days I'M PRODUCTIVE YAY ;D except when i went to study with huimin and angelia after school yesterday . LOL super fail man . IM SORRY EMILY I FORGOT IT WAS EMILY DAY . but yeah , anyway , we went to thomson plaza the kopitiam there . apparently they said that it was a good place to study = = . so we brought in old chang kee , and bought some dessert from there . then angelia bought the breakfast set , which was eggs , bread with kaya and a cup of coffee . LOL , super funny . it was already 4 plus , she was still eating breakfast . so we ate , and erm ... hmmm ... we forgot about studying ? hee , then i remembered and took out some rgs past year math papers to do . hee , managed to finish one in about 20 minutes ? though the designated time was 1 hour ;DD YAY . ahaha , so happy . then we went home . not very productive ehh ? im not going to do it again . mugging at home is so much more effective , but boring lurh . then erm ... i shall not say anything ;DD teehee .

hmm , then mid autumn business D: EVERYTHING FREAKING CRASHED ON THE SAME DAY . ITS FREAKING IRRITATING . sometimes my weekends are super boring , and sometimes everything just happens . on saturday i have COASTAL CLEANUP , then on sunday i still have to celebrate my grandma's birthday . and my EYAs are coming , i need to MUG MUG MUG ! but oh wells , i'm still going anyway , after convincing my mother ;D ahaha , i wanna see MS YEO (:

okay , erm , i think thats all . OH WAIT . today's school was great (: dont feel like elaborating (:

love , yapliyin
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

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" anyone who said sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain. " ~anonymous

hello people(:

so , i've been quite dead ? i meant my blog , yep . ahahaha . anyway , the holidays are about to end . i'm sad ): ahaha , i havent been very productive D: i think i just dwindled my holiday away . okay , so i did do quite a bit of work , but yeah , i just think it isn't enough . but oh well , productivity doesn't mean in terms of academics , in terms of school work and stuffs . why do people always think this way ? "productivity" should include other stuffs , like family time or bonding with friends , relaxing , letting go of stress and other stuffs ? i'd score full marks for productivity in those terms .

oh well , anyway ...
i can't wait for the EOY holidays . but i got to survive EYAS first D:
short post . hohohum . i shall go check my email nowwwwwwww ;)

yapjujuwaffleliyin .
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Monday, September 6, 2010

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" i have always wanted my colours to sing . " ~ paul delvaux

from now onwards , i'm going to start with a photograph . cos i think good photography is really really cool . i would take up photography someday if i had the chance ;DD and im going to pair that up with some sort of quote which i'll find . cos i think it'll make my blog more colourful and fulfilling ? ;DD ahahhaha .

anyway , this is just random . but IM A ROBOT . yep , according to google . but oh wells .

oh did i tell u about some house comm matters ? well , i was whether i minded being the creative arts director . of course i don't mind . so i had to draw a picture . any picture . so i drew a duck in a michael jackson pose and wearing the michael jackson stuffs and i wrote "MICHAEL QUACK-SON , KING OF WADDLE" . hmm , i really hope i get in . cos my drawing skills are really really bad D:

then erm , today went to school for some guides thing . 1 hour of transport time , 5 minutes of guides stuff . oh well . to make my time more worthwhile , i went to orchard for a while . bought a chicken wing from old chang kee . ahahahha . i was craving for it , can ? then i mrt-ed to ang mo kio . decided to buy "each a cup" cos i like it . ahahha , im fat already but who cares ? ;DD so i ordered a caramel ice blend . first time trying . usually i drink blue coral milk tea from there or simply get from another store . THEN I TRIED IT . OMGOODNESS . its damn nice , can ? other shops dont have caramel . and this is just awesome . it was $2.20 worth spending (:

went home . now im here .


bye friends ,
love ya
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

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WHOOOO ~ i survived thursday . awesome much .

hee , done with my ict homework (: the one we were doing about the webpage thingy . SUPPOSEDLY they say we're working with html codings . but NO . it's just some cut and paste thing which i don't like . i'd rather work with html codes , but oh well D: hee , i've come up with a REALLY REALLY ROUGH draft for my webpage , which i have themed as MICHAEL JACKSON ;DD take a look(: but no ripping please (: thankew .

so yup , click to enlarge , this is the michael jackson webpage i have designed in 15 minutes ;DD not bad for a rush work , eh ? (:

anyway , im really irritated by certain people on msn D: damn lame and irritating can ? haha , so tomorrow's friday , which is LATIN AMERICAN DANCE dayy (: whoo , looking forward . and then HOLIDAYYYYYYYYYS . awesome much . i love my life these days . but oh well , soooo much work assigned . *sigh . and gotta prepare for the much dreaded EOYS D:

love , yapliyin(:
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