outinq wif alina 22aug09

Sunday, August 23, 2009

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hey ppl,
yesterdae went outinq wif alina, went to AMK hub for movie, UP. so cute and touchinq.....
PSLE oral over liaos, ok-ok, english tester keep on laughing for no reason, didn't even say anythin funnie lorh, chinese alrights lah, best thing is tat now no nid to practice oral alreadyy. yays!
prelim, science improved, maths improved, english so-so, chinese havent get back yet... not bad lah, psle coming already... 2 more months or so, lols.

updated blog after quite some time, relinked brendaMEI and jasmineJNR. okkayyes , 
facebook-ing now.... lols, wanna playy all dayy, but cannot lah, have to be on my toes... after psle then can slack. 2morroe go back to school liaos... sians, but i still like some parts of it.

thanks 4 taqqinq everyone!

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quiz tagged by bibiMEI

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heyys:] this was tagged by bibiana meimei:]

Name : YapLiYin
Nicknames : yapyap, yappie...etc :P
Name spelled backwards : niyilpay
Birthday : 21 Febuary '97:]
Glasses or contacts : glasses  
Hair colour : black....
Hairstyle : eh... horrible?


Brand name for clothes : erh... dunnoe leh...
Ice-cream flavour : cooookies&cream! actually ALL ice cream are nice, yes, even DURIAN!
Subject in school : maths/english

Of All Your Friends:

The best advisor : fiona:] maybe?
The best hair : vernise....DEFINATELY!
The best handwriting : celineNG<3it sia
The funniest : jonathan,delvin etc.
The prettiest : bibianaMEI,cherylJIE,jasmineJNR and loads more....
The most trusting : cherylMEI?
The nicest eyes : not sure... maybe amanda...
The shortest : heehee....JASMINE[teo] sorriee!!:]
The smartest : megan maybe?
The tallest : amanda lo

Have you ever...

Been on a stage : DUH!
Cheated on a test : nopes...
Gone to camp : obvious?
Keep a secret from anyone : yepps.
Stolen anything : lols, no.

The last:

Movie watched : UP with alina yesterdae!
Called you : alina:]
People who saw you cry : familee.
Person you went to mall with : alina
Thing you ate : candyy:]
Thing you drank : melted ice cream:]


If you could describe yourself in 3 words : cheerful, maybe cute...
What are some of your fav junk food : potato chips & chocolate
What colour are your bedroom wall : PINK but i wan purple:[
Whats your favourite thing to do during weekends : hang-outs wif friends:] [occasionally of course! if not i "po chan le"

I tag ...
-rachael sim
-Anyone who want to do. haha:]
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