Past Three Months

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

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It's been a while, it really has been. My unintended hiatus lasted for way too long, but I am indeed alive and well (and looking real happy in this most recent photo with some of the O'Week girls - it is summer, afterall). All of a sudden it feels foreign clicking to the Blogger dashboard and typing about casual and personal things, after a semester of churning out reports and research papers about topics I may not necessarily have genuine interest in, with the added pressure of having them graded. I have definitely missed this feeling of writing freely though. So very liberating.

In the span of time from my last post till now, there have been several developments in my life. I have discovered and been jamming to the timeless tunes of a K-pop group from the late 90s, realized that I much preferred baking bread as opposed to cakes, and found that I spend way too much time watching Buzzfeed videos than I care to admit. Oh, and I also concluded my first year in university.

University. It still feels slightly weird introducing myself as a university student. It isn't that I haven't assimilated properly into student life, but there's just something a tad unsettling about the independence that university provides. I don't feel like I'm doing enough "student" things to consider myself to be one.

That aside, my freshman year really has been one hell of a ride. It hasn't been all that enjoyable, but I definitely am blessed, as I always have been. Blessed with the company of friends, both new and old. I don't think I really understand how loved I am until milestones like birthdays happen... and then I realize how much people do care about me. I am so undeserving, but immensely thankful. Yes, I'm sorry - I am aware that my birthday happened a good three months ago, but it was one that I truly want to remember.

This is especially so because the transition into university was particularly rocky for me, as was making friends in Business School. Many of my close friends were overseas as well, and it was the first year we didn't have the convenience of school to celebrate birthdays for one another. I was thus so overwhelmed and shocked even, by all the love that poured in from everyone. I wasn't expecting anything and appreciate every single little well-wish that came in. I think that it is only as one gets older does one really understand the meaning of "it's the thought that counts".

Here are some people that I feel I really need to thank though, for all the effort they put into making me feel loved, as well as the difference they've made in my life this past year, or beyond.

Thank you O'Week for surprising me at Sentosa during Internal Dry Run in front of all the sub-comms with ice cream cakes! The blindfolding and having so many people I haven't gotten to know yet sing me a birthday song did not do well for my social awkwardness, but I'm really super touched. Joining you guys was definitely one of the best decisions I made in university. 

And O'Week again with another ice cream cake?! I really did not see this coming and I shouldn't have gone if I knew that you guys were going to get me another cake, sigh it's so expensive. Backstory was that we were going to support Roy at his acapella concert, and it actually fell on my actual birthday. Thank you so much masterminds Larry and Weiliang for going all the way to Seletar Mall to find me a mango flavoured ice cream cake, effort really off the charts. 

Thank you so much Huiting, Raenyse and Kaiwen for the lovely date at Suntec, and the immensely thoughtful gifts. You guys are too sweet. I don't think I would've survived this past semester without the three of you around giving me advice and encouragement. Even though I rarely reciprocate all the love you guys shower on me, please know that I treasure every single bit of it a lot. 

Thank you Ragini for the great dinner at Strangers' Reunion (my last dinner as a teenager!), and for being a constant in my life all the way from the tiny little secondary one schoolkids we were. I really can't express how much you mean to me, and I love how every single minute I spend with you is filled with loads of laughter. 

These hotcakes were bomb, but way too filling (and I'd consider myself a big eater). Definitely recommend sharing this portion among three people, and hopefully the chef doesn't take offence to my unclean plate. 

Thank you Emily for sticking by my side for eleven years now, and for following me to places that require lots of walking and blood-feeding mosquitoes (though not without complains). Being in your company is always fun, and I'm always thankful for someone who knows me inside-out and who's seen all sides of me - the ugly and the good. 

This french toast is hands-down the best one we've eaten (both of us agree). And thank you Boufe Cafe for the free birthday cake, even though I was slightly upset I didn't managed to get the unicorn one that I've been eyeing on Instagram because it was sold out by the time we got there. 

Thank you Chris for being a constant in my life as well, I appreciate your company so much. Even though you get embarrassed by all my weird antics, I know you secretly find it endearing. You definitely mean a lot to me, and you make studying at UTown a lot more fun. 

And special shoutout to Sarah for the amazing gift and card sent through airmail from London. I miss you so very much, and can't wait to see you soon. Thank you so much for keeping me in your thoughts even from six thousand miles away.  

And of course, the number one constant in my life - family! Mama Yap's pictured here - she took leave to spend time with me and fed me with all my favourite foods (think burgers and cakes). We also had a cozy dinner at home over the weekend before my birthday with the best of the best - fried chicken!

Thank you. 

And here's to a great summer ahead of creating even more memories!
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