Friday, June 25, 2010

arrggh . it's saturday already ))): i want more holidays ! 
anyway , MICHAEL . JACKSON . IS . AWESOME . i mean , seriously . i stayed up late last night and slept only this morning to watch the show but it was worth it . 
even though it's my like , 3rd time watching it but it's still AMAZING . like , seriously . he's dance moves are crazy . even though his backup dancers do the same moves as him , he has the STAR POWER . totally . OMG . it's crazy . i'm going crazy thinking about it . 

anyway , NIGAHIGA uploaded a new video yesterday (: it's SKITZO , my favourite ;DD haha , and it's funny . pure retardedness . how did he even get that despicable me guy to come . it's so cute . but people are saying he's a sell out ): oh well . oh , and youtube has this new button under the video . i kind of circled it in purple . 

it's in the shape of a soccer ball and when u press it , some weird noise comes out . i think it's the noise of a vuvuzela . [spelling ?] but anyway , it's pretty cool . 

alright . 
zaijian ;DDDDD

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