Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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firstly , i'd like to apologize for the usage of offensive words / terms in this blog post . but my mental , psychological and emotional state is quite ...shaky .

okay ,
it's pissing me off real bad .

why is he so smart in everything he does ! and i don't see him studying at all . all he does is to surf the web . or maybe he has some secret to success thing . or a mega brain .

life is effing unfair . i'm stupid (i know , i know , i'm in RGS , supposedly a top school but i'm seriously a damn dumb asshole and no one is kidding .) i have no talents at all (i think i'm like this stupid jack of all trades , master of none . actually , i don't even deserve to be a "jack" DD: what the shit )

and the problem is that my brother always does much better than me !
it's pissing the heck out of me . there's like a marking for comparison . and it sucks . i always fail to live up to his standards , much lest being better than him ):

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hi (:
i actually have no mood to this quiz right now , which i will touch on later , but i also feel like doing it to destress as well ! (: so yup . HAHA i think this quiz ain't very appropriate but okay (: tagged by fatima !

1. Do you need him/her to be good looking?
haha anything (:

yeap . i don't want a guy who's less smart than me cos that would be torture trying to explain things to him .

3. Preferred age?
older than me , by less than 5 years .

4. Preferred height?
taller than me , of course . which isn't very difficult :D

5. How about sense of humor?
yes . definitely . i'm one who can't do without laughter in her life .

6. How about piercings?
one ear , that's the max . not a pair please .

7. Accepts you for who you are?
pssssht of course ! if i had to act all day , that would be just plain stupid .

8. Pink hair?
ultimate nono ♥

9. Mushy or no?
a bit , not that cliche and all though (:

10. Thin or fat?
moderate ! (:

11. Black, Brown or White (skin color)?
yellow heh (:

12. Long hair or short hair?
medium length . boyish (:

13. Plastic or metal?
metal ? i think that sounds cooler LOL

14. Smells good?
yeah (: not too much cologne please . i will sneeze .

hell no .

16. Drinker?
a bit maybe ? (: but doesn't get drunk ;D

17. Girl/Boy-next-door type?
i don't know , i prefer popular kid :D boy-next-door is like ... shy ? ): which sucks . i need a vocal guy .

18. Muscular?
not necessarily . ain't the top priority . but not a weakling of course .

19. Plays piano?
no . unless he plays like timminchin which is the king (Y)

20. Plays bass and/or acoustic guitar?
anything ! but not necessarily i guess (:

21. Plays violin?
nope . that's so gay .

22. Sings very good?
nope . ain't doesn't want a guy who overshadows my singing :D heehee but if he knows how to harmonize , why not !

23. Vain?
pisses me off , guys who look into their reflections or something DD; i guess he needs to know how to dress appropriately though ! (:

24. With glasses?
anything (:

25. With braces?
YEAH . MATCHING WITH ME THEN :D we can have the same colours every month ! (:

26. Shy type?
not really . but if it can be cute if they act shy occasionally !

27. Rebel or good boy/girl?
middle ! (:

28. Active or passive?
active (:

29. Tight or bomb?
BOMB ;D boomz .

30. Singer or dancer?
don't overshadow me can already HAHAH . not that i actually sing or dance .

31. Stunner?
not really .

32. Hiphop?
LOL I THINK IT'S COOL , but i still remember there was this boy in my hiphop class (which i went to like millions of years ago) & it was quite weird seeing him dance . i think it's just him hahah !

33. Earrings?
one only !

34. Mr/Ms. count-my-ex-girlfriends-until-you-drop?
nope , duh .

35. Dimples?
will do :D

36. Bookworm?
not nerd lah ! but if he likes books , it's good (:

37. Mr/Ms. love letter?
awwwh yes ! (:

38. Playful?
yeshhhhhh :D

39. Flirt?
to me only ! (:

40. Poem writer?
love poems ? yes please ! :D

41. Serious?
not really . knows how to act at the right times i guess (:

42. Campus crush?
ahem . girls school ): but its perfectly alright if its campus crush (:

43. Painter?
again , NO OVERSHADOWING PLEASE (: but if we could do a piece together , that would be so awesome ! and not just spilling paint over everything D:

not necessarily .

45. Someone who likes to tease people?
occasionally ! so cute :D i usually fall for guys who make fun of me actually (: but not the supersuper irritating max kind .

46. Computer games geek? Or internet freak?
nope thanks .

47. Speaks 20 languages?
nononono .

48. Loyal or faithful?
faithful . loyal seems like a ... dog . heh .

49. Good kisser?
doesn't bite my tongue i guess hahah that would prolly hurt so much . and won't that be so awkward hahah ! i don't know . never experienced (:

50. Loves children?
I HATE KIDS . so he has to love them to make up for it hahaha .

kay . done (:

anyway ! back to the point of my day being bad .
had the first of SAs today - lit , math , history .
all were bad , especially math which i did terribly in . its like confirm fail , and i'm not like faking or bluffing or something . i'm dead serious .
for lit , it was after math , so my mental state was quite unstable , and i didn't write properly .
for history , we only had 40 minutes . which was ridiculous . and a very very distracting invigilator . so yep . not the best , not the best ):

i'm gonna slack today .
i have dealt with too much stress today . seriously they shouldn't cluster all the exams on one day and then give us two weeks till the next cluster .

love ,
liyin !

p/s : i'm gonna draw now . it relaxes my mind hahah !

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Monday, March 28, 2011

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argh there's 3 papers tomorrow ! ): lit history math . math sucks . it's my ultimate worst subject .
apart from chinese . but that's besides the point .

i have stocked up on my treats that would accompany me tonight . one pack of chips , one bar of chocolate , and one cup of biscuits with a chocolate dip . ohoh and oh so yummy chocolate chip cookies ! i'm gonna put on SO CRAZY A LOT of weight , but its figure or results (: and have just finished a cup of cappuccino . they say you get more caffeine from tea , but who cares right ! (:

i'm gonna try this recipe after the exams ! (: it's like super simple and doesn't need an oven and i think the people cook this for outward bound & home econs :D oh and i have fallen in love with the song FORGET YOU (: this cover by megan lee & arden cho ( YES THAT GIRL FROM AGENTS OF SECRET STUFF . I'M MORE JEALOUS OF HER NOW D: SUCH A GOOD VOICE ) is super super awesome . i have raped the play button ! (:

it's crazy awesome okay !
oh yes and i have just watched MYSTERYGUITARMAN'S 3D video ! yeah i finally got hold of some 3D glasses (: haha youtube is really really progressing :D it was so awesome and real .

i see you driving round town with the guy i love ;
and i'm like forget you (:

love ,
liyin ! ;D
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

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thou shalt wait for christmas . thy joy of receiving (: or just buying for oneself .
okay . nevermind . i shall just get one for myself soon . heh .
microphones are so cool . those are studio mics by the way . i think it'll be cool to make music . and just scream into the mic when no ones looking . or take it as an investment for my band (:
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

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happy earth hour babes (;
get those candles out , and switch those lights off .

i reused my guides candle ! so yeap . hahah . its still good and big and fat anyway .
ohoh & candles are so ... emotional .
i don't know , i think lighting candles are really touching and stuff . like when i see the burning flame instead of the usual light bulbs , it touches my heart and i would reflect about many things . like what my guides senior said , when you look into the puddle of melting wax that is formed below the flame , you can see the clear reflection of the fire , so it's reflective and we should reflect on ourselves as well . for now , i'm just thinking about how fortunate i am , and praying for the victims of the various earthquakes around the world , because we are one community , one earth .
right , so this earth hour , light up a candle and reflect on your life (:
you save the earth & you self-reflect . PEACE ;D
imma wearing a green tee .
love ,
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

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video call with emilyyyyyyyyy (:
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heh sorry for the scary photo of myself at the start ! wahaha i'm not wearing any specs i think i look weird . ohman boredom makes people do weird things . camwhoring when you are sick of studying works wonders . haha i think its alright for girls to camwhore . but not guys . a big nono .

yesterday was a super awesome day . wednesdays are always awesome , because we have like 3-hour aesthetics that takes up three quarters of the whole day lessons !
aesthetics was art last time , which dragged on to this term too ! (: for two lessons D: meaning next lesson is the last ): which is sad . but anyway , the second last lesson yesterday was so so so so so so so awesome ! ;D heh , so both halves of the class combined cos their teacher was on maternity leave ! so its like twice the fun (: kay so he returned our sketch books which we submitted before term ended , then i guess i was quite delighted ;D like he preliminary identified a few of us to have "art potential" to join the SAP . but it's only preliminary only lah so its nothing but i'm still quite happy to know that i at least have a bit of talent in art hahaha . y'know i used to think my art was damn good when i was in primary school ! like winning tan kah kee & everything but then when i tried out for SAP last year , i flunked it ))): LOL /bitter about the rejection i got in sec one from SAP/ psssssht . he wrote comments in my sketch book that made me feel so ego HEH . butbut right when i see those year two SAP girls uploading their artwork on facebook , i feel so horrid about myself ): no chance already D: like i'm serious ! they have super alot of talent D:

anyway , the teacher just suddenly said "okay , we shall go to the singapore art museum now !" LOL like what ! he didn't even tell us and it was so shocking and surprising and we weren't even prepared for this excursion . kay so we went and it was uber fun and awesome . the art works there are so unique , some were gory , but the meanings were all so deep . i don't quite get some . there were some works that were pretty freaky and crazy . like literally . then i saw this artwork and remembered that it was a piece mr choo [pri school art teacher] showed us . i felt devaju-ish hahah !

then there was this interactive exhibition . it was like for women awareness & such . there were many many big cushions that were shaped like breasts , complete with a relatively hard nipple . i think it was quite awkward when mr . wong told us to "embrace womanhood" and jump into the sea of boobs , which is highly encouraged by the artist . haha mr.wong said he had done it the last time he came LOLOL ! even more awkward . but it was uber fun in there (: we were laughing at all . NOT because we were immature but because it was fun kay .

there was another piece that resulted in even more awkwardness with mr.wong . we were actually given free time to roam the whole museum ourselves but we always bump into him . he tried explaining and said "this is about some woman's problems , very complicated uh ..." hahah ! we can read the description ourselves . ohoh & don't mistake this for some feminist exhibition kay !

so it was supersuper fun yesterday . then we had RS , but couldn't get in touch with our mentor , so we just made ourselves comfortable in the library and indulged in philo books ;D

kaykaykay .
today was alright i guess . oh well .

heh i started this secret chocolate / cookies stash in my room . i have this supply of chocolates & cookies to keep me awake to mug this few days ! hahah so awesome . yesterday i was eating potato chips . sigh . i guess in life , we need to sacrifice some stuffs , can't have everything right . in order to get good grades (not guaranteed though) , i need to sacrifice my body ! errr , as in , shape of body . not what you were thinking of .

goodbye !
i think you can tell that i'm in higher spirits right ;D

love ,
liyinnn .
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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i know its unfeeling to say this . since life is supposedly all "precious" and stuff , especially in this recent spate of events . but I HATE MY LIFE . really D:

so yeah . i lead a relatively lucky and fortunate life . i'm in a relatively good school , but yeah , that's exactly the problem . why must life circle around school , academics and stupid work ? when we grow older , life still circles around career , money , which is again stupid work . it's reality , but why is the reality so sad ? who defined reality to be such a depressing thing ? pssssht .

therefore , i am going to come up with a list of stuff / activities i can look forward to in this year . to make my life seem more meaningful and worthy to live through . because if i don't , i think i have a high possibility to commit suicide . yes i know i don't look like an emo person , & is a super happy gay hysterical woman . but that's the thing . extreme cover ups . no mood to elaborate so yup . i had a post on my terrible and fake front i have last year or the start of this year .

okay , most of these stuffs got to do with guides . because this year , i've truly found my guiding light and i'm really passionate for this cca now . ANYWAY . here goes !

near future ;;
26 march '11 -- HOUSE PRACT ;DD
1 april '11 -- RAFFLES HOLIDAY (: there's still guides but bonding (Y)
9 april '11 -- CENETARY CELEBRATIONS :D might be boring but most batchmates are going !(:
23 april'11 -- Raffles Institution 01 GANGSHOW ;DD campfires are the win :DD this is something i can't wait for nuts ! (: excellent bonding time ;D

further future ;;
28 may'11 -- ANNUAL ASSEMBLY i can't wait for this for crazyyyy ! scouts + guides from other schools are all coming ahhh ! im in the comm in charge of so many things wahaah ;D
30 july'11 -- AESTHETICS OUTREACH PROGRAMME (: i think it would be quite cool , even though it means work for class comm ):

future ;;
where we would have many many gatherings so i can't wait !

ahahah , looks like my life is quite organised (: and meaningful . and fulfilling .
okay i'm feeling much better . man , this is a good way of cheering oneself up ! (: you should try it someday guys . it works better than any other cheer-me-up ;D

love ,

ohohoh and to end off , here is a super nice song from the best band everrrr (except for my own band , of course . which is by the way , not disbanded yet hahha . it's still alive ! ) anyway , this is HOT CHELL RAE , presenting TONIGHT TONIGHT (: special thanks to cherylwee ;D

ohoh and i can't wait for RS tomorrow ! ;DD DID I TELL YOU I GOT INTO PHILOSOPHY RS ! ISN'T THAT UBER FANTASTIC ! ;DD i can't believe we got in ! pssssht help from rj philo circle founder hahahah !

oh and my brother just drank my ice cold lovely milo . argh DDD:
i heard the clanking of the spoon and so was like " are you drinking my milo ? " haha then he told a lie " no ! " but y'know i always know when he tells a lie , so i asked again . LOL different answer this time " yes ! " pssssht ): i was like " WHAT THE SHIT MAN . " haha okay so its just milo , but it's MY milo DDD: if i make one more cup , it won't be cold ): unless i use the new cold water milo . which i don't have .
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Friday, March 18, 2011

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hey (:
i'm gonna stop my 10-day letter challenge since i've skipped so many days and i'm lazy to go back and write them . i have more important things to say anyway . okay so , japan's unfortunate events are still ongoing . justin bieber doesn't usually gain my support . but his song , "pray" is truly inspirational and really worthy of listening ;

Ohh Ohh Ohh ..

and I pray I just cant sleep tonight Knowing that things ain’t right

Its in the papers, its on the tv,

its everywhere that I go

Children are crying Soldiers are dying

Some people don’t have a home

But I know there’s sunshine behind that rain

I know there’s good times behind that pain, hey

Can you tell me how I can make a change

I close my eyes and I can see a better day

I close my eyes and pray

I close my eyes and I can see a better day

I close my eyes and pray

I lose my appetite, knowing kids starve tonight

Am I a sinner, cause my dinner is still on my plate

Ooo I got a vision, to make a difference

And its starting today

Cause I know there’s sunshine behind that rain

I know there’s good times behind that pain, hey

Haven’t tell me how I can make a change

I close my eyes and I can see a better day

I close my eyes and pray I close my eyes and I can see a better day

I close my eyes and pray

For the broken-hearted I pray for the life not started

I pray for all the ones not breathing I pray for all the souls in need.

I pray.

Can you give em one today. I just cant sleep tonight

Can someone tell how to make a change?

I close my eyes and I can see a better day

I close my eyes and pray

I close my eyes and I can see a better day

I close my eyes and I pray

I pray …

I close my eyes and pray

right . so i just came back from march camp which was pure awesomeness . batch thirteentoes , we are crazy awesome and supersuper bonded and guides used to be kind of a burden , like a cca to me , it still is a cca , but now it's something that calms and relaxes me and it's reallyreally fun to be around all of you guys . my patrol is super awesome too and i love all of you !

so the first day was fun ! we had outdoor cooking which was super cool ;D i cooked like the chicken with just oil and soysauce but it was really good (Y) then we melted chocolate , and dipped marshmallows and bananas in and it was super heavenly ! ohoh and we made smores ohmygosh ! choccolate chip cookie with marshmallow and chocolate sandwiched in between , followed by warming it in the mesh tin ! OHMYGOSH THIS WAS THE HEAVENLY-EST OF ALL ;D haha it's gonna be a mynah tradition ;D

anyway , we had night surprise ! it was quite cool , even though my team didn't follow the map and didn't go to any stations , the seniors looming around randomly were still pretty scary i guess (: good job , especially mayo ;D & those who dressed up as ghosts .

the next day , i had to go to guides headquarters for centenary celebrations marching training . only four of us ): we went there , saw ms kwek ! ;D then , someone told us to go to kuochuan , so we walked there under the rain . then , we waited there for about two hours . then finally , we asked the office and they told us to go back to HQ , so we walked back . ohmygosh everyone was there already . super paiseh , i tell you ! oh wells . then we walked to bishan stadium to march and all that . the timing was super different from our school's one . so we were quite lost i suppose . but i think some people were worse than us heh . oh ya when i was in like the senandiri position , i saw jerome lim walking past ! it should be him lah . in his hci tee . i was like "oh crap" loudly hahah ! cos i think i was in a state of unglamness . but anyway . he didn't see me so too bad .

then , marched back to guides HQ ohman we were all so tired ): then , we still had to do sizing and all that . they were very strict with us . and we were missing patrol lunch ! ): then after that , I SAW MISS ONG ;DD ohmygosh so happy ! that's prolly the only plus point of going there (: she was still so cute hahah . i was like " miss ong ! " and heh i think her face just brightened by a million times . BOOYA .

okay , so the four of us , went to j8 to grab lunch since we missed patrol lunch ): supersad . but it was really fun with vallei , kimberly and pan wen anyway ;D wahaha y'know i love mos burger's vanilla milkshake ! like i will order it everytime i go to mos cos it's like melted mac's ice cream heh . ohoh and i saw jerome kwok . i wanted to call him but he didn't see me at all and it was quite paiseh to go over cos there was like his guy friends .

so yeap , the trip to bishan made me see so many hips people so i guess it was rather worth it ! (: okay then after that we went back , had other cool activities , then it was sleeping time wahaha ! it was really awesome cos this time , we slept in batches so it was truly a good bonding time . we were all awake and gossiped a lot ! haha not really gossip , but we shared loads of juicy stuff , especially between christina and i ! ailica joined in after writing her letters wahah ;D

then i was damn tired today , had batch talk , then err . dismissal (: ahh it's good to be back . OHMYGEE IM SO SCARED FOR RS . the teacher ain't replying D: kay anyway i shall attempt to be more productive in the last two days before term two starts . i'm really really dreading it .

i close my eyes and i see a better day ,
liyin (:
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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hi guyys(:

so uh got a new laptop with a webcam finally (: so camwhored with emily through msn . oh my things are so epic . both of us are wearing the same cotton on shades . wahaha uber cool . and holding our duck ;D ohoh and you can see my braces hahah .

anyway , day two of my letter challenge ! (: write a letter to my favourite singer !

now isn't it superduper obvious who i'll write to ? nopeeeeee , not tim minchin nor george watsky ! ;D its MICHAEL JACKSON please like duh . that awesome figure you see looming on your right as you're reading this . so yep . here goes ; oh and i see no need for a photo since there's a big one beside YOU watching your every move so you better watch out heh heh .

dearest michael jackson ,

i hope you're doing well up there , in a better place , and i hope you're having fun with elvis preseley ?(: i can already visuallise the two kings chillin' and having a dance-off . anyway , you will always be in my heart . you're truly an inspiration - an amazing performer , not only a singer , but an entertainer , a dancer , a gift by itself .
you are someone i will forever look up to . not only as a marvellous performer , but also a figure of bravery and a generous philantrohist .
you had an abusive father , but that didn't stop you from having a good showbiz career . you were persistent in chasing your dreams and nothing could break your stride . then , when you broke into the entertainment industry , you gained loads of critism , which a normal person would not have handled as well as you . this showed how you were as a person , how fantastic you were . then came the bleahing incident . the media didn't know that you had some type of skin cancer and made it seem as if you wanted to be white , which is not true . then came the child molestation incident . well , you were found not guilty , so yep . but all these incidents which the media put you through were simply outrageous but you survived it all . shows your will power and everything and you are truly someone we can all look up to and admire .
you commit many acts of philantrophy , donating loads of money to various organizations . i'm sure , if you were still alive now , you would have done something for japan because that's just who you are .

this short letter definitely cannot put whatever you did into word . you are too amazing .

MICHAEL JACKSON , I LOVE YOU TO THE MAX . YOU WILL FOREVER BE IN MY HEART . and i hope to be your billie jean (:

your number one fan .

right . GUIDES CAMP TOMORROW OHMYMAMA I CAN'T WAIT SUPER EGGCITED (: its a good way to destress too (:

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Monday, March 14, 2011

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hiya little kids !
i have decided to do a 10-day tumblr challenge on letters here (:


1. A letter to your best friend

2. A letter to your parents

3. A letter to the person you like

4. A letter to someone you miss

5. A letter to someone you will never forget

6. A letter to someone you look up to

7. A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

8. A letter about something you wish you could do over

9. A letter to your favorite singer

10. A letter to your favorite actor/actress

am i supposed to do it from top to bottom or the other way round ? hmmmmmmm . i shall do from the bottom since i think the letters to the people on top requires more thinking (: right . so errrr . to my favourite actor/actress . since i don't actually watch tv that much , i shall take a youtube actor ! the star of agents of secret stuff ooh lala ;) here goes :

dear ryan higa ,

i have been your subscriber on youtube for at least a year now . you are pretty cute and good-looking , and is the most subscribed guy on youtube . i have watched all the videos you uploaded and this is not an empty statement . even those not . like " Ryan and Sean's not so excellent adventure " . i must admit , you are quite a talent with a stable fan base , which of course , includes me . you used to make videos with a lousy cam corder or maybe just your web cam . though it lacked visual quality , it was these videos that contained real genuine humour , not forced jokes commonly seen nowadays . these videos were the ones that made you so popular , that made your fan base grow . as your popularity grew , you invested in better cameras and provided us with HD videos . however , many of us felt that it wasn't raw enough for our liking and you tried too hard to be funny to please us . companies also approached you to make references to their products or have you include various product placements in your videos . who doesn't want these opportunities ? who would turn them down ? however , your videos became really really commercialized and your viewers didn't like it . it was still good , you were still ryan higa but it didn't appear so and many of us commented on this . fortunately , i suppose you did read our feedback and comments and did some really genuinely funny rants using your lousy web cam . it's not that we didn't like visual quality , it's just that the level of humour somehow is affected . making the rant was a really smart move of yours and it garnered support from your fans , both present and past , whom you probably won over as well . you have all our admiration and support . continue doing what you love because you look really happy and is enjoying this whole youtube thing . we love watching your videos and you make us happy (:

loads of love ,

p/s: i think i have a pimple on my back .

wahahah ! okay . first day completed (:
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Saturday, March 12, 2011

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i have just changed the playlist on the left .
i realized my taste in music is really really weird .
i like songs which are really freaky . and strange .
but hold really strong meanings if you analyse the lyrics .

so , my playlist is now home to tim minchin & george watsky songs .
these are two of my favourite living artists .
they are both daring in terms of how they daringly show their opinions through music .
though tim minchin's songs are supposedly comedic , they have deeper meanings .

and uh don't be put off by the startings and immediately pause the song .
especially tim minchin's . because it starts off really boringly .
because there's usually a volta . and it gets more exciting . i promise (:

the songs for your entertainment are ;
if you really loved me - tim minchin
fuck an emcee name - george watsky
prejudice - tim minchin
pale kid raps fast - george watsky [ this isn't actually a proper song . but it's really cool anyway ]
seizure boy - george watsky & the getband

both of them use many many f - words (;
kaythanks (:

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Boy/girl to text you last? huimin (:

Are you afraid of falling in love? yes DD: very very afraid . because i fall for the wrong people . and it's just really really wrong ): but it's a nice feeling actually ;D

Name something you are doing tomorrow: stupid piano lesson ):

Does your phone normally ring in the middle of the night? nope hahah ! i'm a loser and no one wants to text / call me (:

To whom did you last give the finger to? erm . i don't think i've ever given it on purpose , like not when im mad or anything . i just jokingly do it maybe ?

How many hours did you sleep last night? can't remember . really short i suppose ):

Ever given your all to someone who walked away? nope thank you (:

Is there anyone you trust who you shouldn't? yeap .

Is there someone you can't stop thinking about? wahaha *giggles* yeap (:

When someone walks out of your life, do you go after them or let them go? what can you do ? there's nothing you can do if they're sure .

If you're being extremely quiet, what does it mean? i'm in pain , physically or that i just don't have the mood to engage in conversation . which means PMS-ing D:

Do you think the legal drinking age should be changed? errr . no thanks D:

Something you really want right now? more holidays , but that's just shallow . a better world for all , without the disasters and all . #prayforjapan and the world ;D

Do you think you're old? yes , how i wish i was younger .

Are you a jealous person? yeap , but i hide it very well (:

Where have you lived throughout your life? singapore !

Do you wear contacts? nope DDDDD: but everyone's used to the specky me & i supposedly look weird without them )):

What were you doing an hour ago? watching tim minchin's videos AHHH HE IS GODLIKE (:

Are you a morning person or a night person? night (:

What are you wearing? gay pink tee and primary school pe shorts ! (: AWWH HIPS .

If you could go back in time and change things, would you? yes , i would not have worked so hard for psle and got myself in this whole crap .

If you could seek revenge on someone would you? not now , i don't actually hate anyone , no one did anything bad to me D: but i would if the time arises (:

What did your last text message say and who was it from? from huimin ! she asked " Liyin, did tat mr larry send u anything?"

Do you have a gay friend? hahhaah guy friends , are y'all gay ? guess not .

Who do you live with? parents and older brother (:

Have you ever kissed someone who smokes? errrr . nope .

Did you have a good birthday last year? last year ? oh not exactly i guess . but it was okay .

Last person you were in a car with? my dad !

Do you like someone that doesn't know you like them? iyeap (: but i'm slowly but surely getting rid of this person(s) from my mind . haha yes im horrible & like a few people at the same time ): but it's just like slight infatuations , no biggie , i promise ! (:

Do you own a black pants/dress? black pants yes , dress ? nope ):

What are you most looking forward to? end of year holidays (: but currently MARCH CAMP AHAHH !

Is there something you want to tell someone? everyone affected by the japan incident - STAY STRONG . EVERYTHING WILL BE OVER . IT WILL BE DIFFICULT , BUT LIFE STILL HAS TO GO ON . GAMBATE (:

What were you doing at 12 this morning? eating lunch i guess (:

Is there anybody you're really disappointed in right now? myself . i digress from my work wayy too often )):

Is there someone you will never forget? almost everyone i have met . yeah this sounds like some politically correct answer , but its true ! (:

Is there a girl that knows everything or mostly everything about you? not exactly ): yes not even you , juju ! (: but almost ;D

Did you have any unread text messages this morning when you woke up? yeap (:

Where were you last night? sleeping at home i guess D: sad life i lead ):

Do you think you're smart? nope . im really this stupid freak who landed in RGS by accident ): and no this is not supposed to be sarcastic or ironic ): it's true

Do you have unlimited texting? no , but it's okay (: i don't actually reply smses anyway ! ;D which bothers many people d:

Have you ever kissed someone whose name started with a "A"? nope .

Have you ever held hands with anyone? yeap .

Looking forward to the next couple months? no . life sucks D:

Have you changed this year? yeah , not for the better though ): i think i'm becoming a horrible person . like really D: i need counselling .

Have you ever kissed someone whose name started with a "C"? no . can you stop asking these questions ? life doesn't center around kissing people .

Have your parents ever caught you drinking? nope , i usually drink under their supervision . but i don't enjoy drinking . so they won't have to worry about this bit (:

Have you ever crawled through a window? errrr nope .

Is there a secret you've never told your friends? haha of course ! one must always have their own secrets (:

What would happen if you had a baby with the last person you kissed? err . please . i haven't kissed anyone in my short 14 years of life so stop it already !

Last beverage you consumed? H2O

Who was the last person you took a picture with? gillian or jie lin i think heh (:

Is there anything stressing you out currently? ALL THE CRAPPY AAs ): and revision D: ugh . MYAs are coming up real soon ): and i'm not prepared . at all .

Do you remember what you were like a year ago? better than what i am now , in every aspect .

Are you happy with your life right now? i'm really trying cos i have to , or i'll be like some spoilt brat ! however , i personally believe i don't actually gain happiness by MUGGING , and getting good grades . i was truly happy when i saw how happy the little kids in batam were . i get genuinely happy when i help others ! i'm serious . those are the simple little pleasures . i should do something more meaningful with my life . and not just to live up to parent's expectations .


How many hours of sleep do you get every night? way lesser than the recommended amounts ): maybe 6 ? if i'm lucky , 8 ! (:

What was the last reason you went to the doctor for? asthma i guess. does the dentist count as a doctor ? (: since they have "DR" before their names too ! ;D

Is there someone you want to see right now? yeap (:

Midnight, who were you texting? noone . but sometimes i do , and it's prolly emily i guess (:

When is the next time you will see the person you like? ohmo this will be too obvious ! for one , it will be never ever . the other is too obvious (:

When was the last time you cried really badly? i can't remember ): but i sometimes cry to sleep .

Are you currently frustrated with someone? yes . i appear to be cheerful and bare no hatred but that's just "appear" so yup .

You want to get married? maybe (: if i find the right soul mate .

Is there someone of the opposite sex you tell everything to? not exactly . but i guess i have some good guy friends whom i can talk to comfortably (:

Have you ever regretted letting someone go? at the start , of course a certain degree of reluctance and regret will be felt (: but don't worry , i get over things fairly easily and swear by the believe that i did things for a reason the first time round , so there's no need to look back ;D


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Thursday, March 10, 2011

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anyway , this week's learning journey week , meaning we don't have school (Y) on tuesday , we went to batam for LJ and it was really an experience . more photos here THANKS OMOHOMO (:

so , went to school really early to pack the donation items from 204 to the batam kids (: i couldn't wait yeahyeah . then we left for habourfront (: , where the ferry station was located .

the box of goodies for the kids there . it basically contains children's books , stationary , board games , flash cards , and lots of cool cool stuffs ! haha okay im making it sound really nice . it's the thought that counts yeah (:

before we left for the ferry ! it was apparently considered immigration & photography wasn't allowed but we didn't see any signs hahah ! stopped camwhoring anyway . oh and y'know the metal detector that you walk through ? it always beeps when i pass through it . it really freaks me out , and makes me panic for that brief moment . but it's usually my belt or something , which is in this case (:

on the ferry which was super duper rocky and made almost all of us seasick D: we should've known and brought more chips and candy DDDD; when we finally reached there , we had like express pass , and just submitted our passports to them , in which they would stamp us both in and out of batam at the same time which meant we would have been stamped out of batam before we actually left (: there , we met our tour guide ! he's kevin (: ohmygosh he's this super smiley person . i liked him the moment i saw him even though he isn't very handsome or something ! (:

wahaha doesn't he look super sexaye here ? anyway , he cracks superalot of lame jokes but it's reallyreally funny ! he's so cute , the way he speaks . and i really admire him cos he's like some language genius or something . he's indochinese and learnt english for just the past eight months , but the way he spoke was really fluent and amazing . i heard him speak in mandarin too ! and of course , bahasa indonesian ! oh yes and he could speak many dialects ! wahaha new idol . okay not really . TIMMINCHIN oohlalala . oh shoot , i'm crushing so many people at once ! nahhhhhhh , mr. kelvin has wife and kids around my age heh . anyway , he brought us to this garden thing to look at the minature versions of indonesia's various cultural buildings/villages etc .

then , it was lunch at a seafood restaurant called "golden prawn" or something LOL . the ambiance isn't exactly very restaurant-ish . i remember eating there when i went to batam a few year's back ! (: i think we ordered the wrong stuff that time , cos i didn't exactly liked the food there . but , the food the teachers ordered for us were nice . like , most of them were fried and and it was really good . they ordered many dishes ! it was like , we thought it was the end of the meal and waitresses would bring more plates of food for us (:

just two dishes ! (:

&& a class photo ! (Y)
after filling our bellies , we made our way to the school ! which was the main thing of the whole trip . our class have spent quite a bit of time planning the stuff to be organised and played with the children . especially to batam LJ comm , it meant a lot (: once we got off the bus to walk a considerable distance to the school , there were already a few students there to welcome us (: it was so heartening to see them . then , we walked . before we finally reached the school , melodious singing could already be heard and my heart just melted . it brought tears to my eyes . it was really touching to see these kids - without anything , yet having such positive attitude towards life . we must really be appreciative to all that we have in singapore .

they performed for us (: it was really heartening to see them put in all their effort in all that they do . i hate little kids , but that's probably because those spoiled brats in singapore spoilt my impression . i'm not saying i am perfect but we really have a lot to learn from these kids .

this is the school where angels study and gain knowledge from (;
then we went to the p6 class to carry out our activities . all of them were so willing to learn and participate ! though their standard of english was lower than what we expected , we adapted quite well , i guess ! good job LJ comm ! but i guess more can be done . because it was relatively messy . as long as the kids enjoyed themselves , which they seem to be , we are contended (: but perhaps they are always happy ;D

byebye ! (': we will miss you guys ;D

ferry back to singapore (: yes , all these happened in a day (:

okay , so the other learning journeys were a bore , compared to this , of course !
history LJ to the old ford factory was quite boring but the station masters , whom i suppose are post a-levels pre-u young adults , were quite awesome (: there were three guys who were superduper funny and made the whole thing much better .

for today , WELL nature park thing was the usual . but it was worse due to the rain . we had to like wear ponchos or hold umbrellas and all was terribly inconvenient .


TIM MINCHIN IS AN AMAZING PERFORMER , amongst those alive , of course . michael jackson can never be replaced (: this guy is a musical comedian and is super awesome . he has a reason for his eye makeup and whatnot , so don't slam him as gay okay ! he has a wife , if im not wrong hahah . OHEMGEE , HYPERVENTILATES . i think i'm crushing on guys way too easily . this must stop . as in , not only public figures / celebrities DDDDDDDD; haha but it will past , yes it will (:

finally completed RS proposal today . late , but oh wells . hopefully we'll be accepted for philosophy rs (: PHILOSOPHY ;DD my new love (: it forces me to think . and lately i realized that my brother is quite an amazingly smart guy .

kaythanksbai .
loads of love ,

hopefully , this relatively long post can make up for my absence for the past few days / weeks (:
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