National Young Leaders Day

Saturday, August 31, 2013

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"Do you think that Shermaine would make a good nominee for this award?"

That was the question Ms Cheong asked Jing En and myself over email in April this year. "She is the perfect candidate", we said and that's still something I still believe in - perhaps even more strongly - four months later. What exactly is this award? It's the National Young Leader Award, an award created by Halogen Foundation that aims to recognise young leaders ranging from 15-19 years old who are involved, engaged and have conviction in the things that they do. 

Shermaine is one of the five finalists in the running to get this award and to me, she's someone who truly deserves it. I have known her for 3 years, ever since we met in Waddle House Comm 2011 but we got much closer when we became classmates last year and I have been spending a lot of my time this year with her as well. There is truly something special about her, something incredibly inspiring and I love her so much. She's a House Commer I can trust wholeheartedly - I never ever need to chase her for anything, she's a friend I can always rely on and she's someone who does things not ever for the credit but for the positive impact it gives to people. Even when nominated for something as major as this, she remains so humble, inspiring the people around her in the quietest and littlest of ways. 

Do pop by over to the Halogen website to watch the leadership stories of the other four finalists. I believe they have also touched many hearts around them and they are all people I would definitely learn from. Remember to vote for the leadership story that resonates the most with you. As Shermaine's friend, I urge you to consider voting for her because it'll mean so much for her and for myself as well :-)

This award is part of the National Young Leaders' Day and a few of us went to attend the event on Thursday (29 August) after school - actually we left school early - in support of Shermaine as well as to listen to some inspiring speeches. It was held at the Kallang Theatre! :-) It was my first time there and it was a rather grand place, highly different from what I was expecting. 

Swan, Phionna, Wang You, Sarah and myself with Shermaine! :-) 

Basically during the event, they screened the videos of the 5 finalists, had four speakers (Eddie Sung - an award winning photographer, Zhang Yingjun - co-founder of The Chain Reaction Project, Martin Tan - co founder of Halogen Foundation itself and Budi Soehardi - founder of Roaslin Orphanage) give really inspiring speeches which I thoroughly enjoyed and had the finalists of the award share a bit about themselves. Though not every single speech given applied to me, they all had wonderful stories and I particularly liked Mr Martin Tan's sharing. Even though I've heard him speak about leadership twice previously, this speech wasn't one where he preached to us but rather more of a sharing of his life, which resonated in me. 

For such a huge event, I personally found that the atmosphere in the theatre was a tad bit weird - it felt like I was in a rock concert of sorts because they played really hip music throughout the entire event and even as the welcoming song for the Guest of Honour, Education Minister Heng Swee Keat. Everyone around me were screaming their heads off but somehow I liked it - it felt like it was truly an event meant for young people. 

During the break! :-) 

The 406 kids (missing Wang, who left halfway for tuition) with Mr Faizal, the best form teacher ever! Also, this is such a weird photo because we were all tiptoeing (including Mr Faizal) except Sarah. 

It was quite a funny day because I was somehow very tickled by almost everything everyone was saying (maybe I'm like that everyday) and kept laughing and I think my form teacher was quite surprised to see me this way and told the class over Whatsapp later that night that I couldn't take Twiggies  (it's a long story HAHAHA) At least he only found out that I was so crazy near the end of the school year (only one more day of lessons left oh my) because I'm pretty sure he would've teased/ laughed at me a lot if he were to knew I had such a personality.  

To end off, I'm so incredibly proud of Shermaine and grateful for that day because I was truly very inspired and I had a lot of fun hanging out with the Boings (minus Priya)! :-) 
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Blackberry Popsicles

Sunday, August 25, 2013

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Hello friends :-)

I am trying to go on a healthy diet while I still can (because EYAs are coming up in a week's time and I'm pretty sure I'd binge eat like mad during that period) but of course, Li Yin still needs a dose of sweet tasting things and natural sweeteners like fruits are great in fulfilling this.

Then again, fruits are extremely boring to eat on it's own so here's a healthy recipe for blackberry popsicles! I didn't use any sugar in mine and that works if your blackberries are sweet but if they're sour, you can add one tablespoon of sugar into your concoction or mash a banana in there. Also, you can use any berries you like - my personal favourites are raspberries - but I had blackberries on hand :-) 


1. 120g of blackberries (or any other berries)
2. 230ml of milk 
3. 1 tablespoon jam
4. 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 
5. One banana or 1 tablespoon sugar (if your fruits are sour) 
6. Popsicle moulds (you can use paper cups and ice cream sticks as well)

1. Stir in the vanilla extract into the milk 

(You can actually see my reflection in the spoon) 

2. Stir in the jam into the milk

3. Mash 2/3 of your blackberries together with your banana/ sugar (optional) - either in a food processor (which I don't have) or just by this cheap method of putting them in a plastic bag and pressing them by hand - it's a great way of de-stressing as well!

4. I like my popsicles chunky but if you prefer, strain the mashed blackberries through a sieve to remove the seeds and then pour them into the milk mixture

5. Mix till it looks smooth! (At this point, you can also drink it as a nice blackberry smoothie - I tried some and it tastes really good) 

6. Coarsely chop your remaining blackberries

7. Equally divide the blackberries into your moulds

8. Pour your mixture into the moulds! :-)

9. Freeze for at least 8 hours (please don't be impatient!!!)

And there you have it! :-) Home made blackberry popsicles - my blackberries were actually pretty damn sour and I didn't add sugar nor a banana so it wasn't that much of a sweet treat. But the milk did neutralize the tartness a little and it was quite a refreshing popsicle to have. Definitely makes one feel good eating it :-)

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Speech Day 2013

Saturday, August 24, 2013

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heh heh heh my little Waddle year ones!  I see them everywhere on posters, banners etc. (x 

Hello friends :-)

Firstly, thanks so much for all your care and concern regarding my last blog post, it truly means a lot to me, be it anonymously or in person! I feel truly blessed and I know that I always have been so thank you so much. Personally, I believe time is able to heal most things so I was already feeling much better about myself and about my mum today - in fact, this feeling was triggered by my form teacher, Mr Faizal's Whatsapp message to the class group which was the first thing I read when I woke up this morning. 

"Be sure to thank your parents, teachers, friends tomorrow as without them the award means nothing." Indeed, I wouldn't be here without my parents :') Though I still don't find whatever that happened yesterday justified, there's no point for me to continue to be mad because life still goes on. In fact, my parents are probably one of the most supportive ones ever. As a side note, can I just add that I have the most amazing form teacher ever?  406 is truly fortunate to have him - he really  cares for every single one of his students and it's crazy how amazing he is considering he just joined RGS this year! Plus he uses #hashtags! 

With that being said, Speech Day took place today and it's my second and most probably final time attending this ceremony (first time was in Year One where I received an award I honestly don't think I deserved because I mean, I didn't even do anything significant in Year One but okay that aside). To be honest, Speech Day doesn't mean that much to me because it's essentially a day where the school showcases our achievements to the board of Governors which I personally don't feel encourages unity as a whole school because they focus on just the best. Then again, I'm still incredibly honoured to be receiving something - it doesn't matter what it is, just know that it isn't an academic award (not surprisingly). It was a fun Saturday though, as all of Boings were there - Pri, Wang and Phionna who were receiving awards as well as Sarah and Swan who are amazing people who went to support us / make up the numbers for the number of representatives per class. Passed Swan and Sarah my camera so the photos here are mainly taken by the both of them - thanks so much :') I really appreciate it!


Sarah, Azaleah & Emma! :-) 

The walk into the hall where everyone looks really glam :') 

Ragini! :-) 

Wang You! :-) 

Phionna! :-)

Everyone looks so happy and glam and then there's me :-) 

 No shame though. 

Eden, Tiffany and myself! :-) 

We sat through the Principal's Report for the year, speeches (some of which were fairly entertaining) and received our awards. I don't think there's much to touch on because Speech Day is a very structured and formal event. There was however, a concert segment after the prize presentation and that was quite enjoyable - my school mates in the various performing arts groups of course did amazingly as usual. Thank you all for your hard work :')

At noon, after three hours, it was time for the reception which was probably what most of us have been waiting for!
The 406 people who were present at Speech Day with Mr Faizal! :-) Swan, Eng Yin, Debbie, Sarah, Phionna, Wang You, Qian Wei, Azaleah and myself! Not including Priya and Emma though, unfortunately 

And, the Boings at the lunch reception! We are happy with food because food makes for happy bellies. 

Demure and happy 

Less demure and more happy 

Our true selves! 

Even crazier selves (I love Swan's expression here) 

Getting weird 

Alright, back to normal (almost) 

We had so much fun together today, I truly appreciate the five of them for making such a significant impact in my Year 3 & 4 RG life because they are one of the craziest people I know. With them, I can really let loose and even though they still judge me for doing strange things, I know that they are all secretly super weird too. It felt amazing having all of them present at the last ever Speech Day we'll ever attend because they mean so much to me and like what Mr Faizal said in the Whatsapp message, without friends, the award means nothing. They have been with me during the two busiest years of my secondary school life, supporting me constantly whenever I got stressed out and encouraging me all the way. I wouldn't have survived these two years without them, much less get an award? So thank you so much Boings :') 

Today feels like Thanksgiving Day but I have no qualms about it being that way. Of course, I shall save the last one for my parents! 

Even though what I said yesterday still holds true because that is a mindset that the both of us will definitely have and won't change overnight, I can safely say that though she doesn't have faith in my academic ability, I just hope that I still do her proud with my other achievements. I'm sorry that I'm not good enough, I'm sorry for not meeting up to your expectations and I'm sorry for always being so frustrated whenever you fail to understand where I am coming from. At the same time, thank you for always tolerating my nonsense, thank you for sacrificing so much for me, thank you for trying your best to support me in whatever I do even though you might not agree with it. I have only one mummy, and you are that mummy, which makes you the best mummy I ever had and will ever have! I just hope that you would have more confidence in me because that would mean the world to me. Other than that, thank you for everything and I love you :-) 

Of course, even though Yap Papa did not attend Speech Day and is not pictured here, I love you very very much too :-) In this entire world, I think are the person who believes in me the most. Too much, in fact, but I'm not complaining. You always believed that I'd get into RGS and I did. You always believed that I would become Waddle Captain when I was campaigning for vice captain and true enough, I did two years later. You have so much confidence in me, and I can't thank you enough for that, really. Thank you for being so understanding about my academics - you and mummy are worlds apart when it comes to this topic but I appreciate the viewpoints of both! You believe that I'll become Singapore's first female Prime Minister (what a joke really) and that makes me very happy but unfortunately, I can assure you that it'll never happen! But thank you so much, you're the best papa ever!!

Alright, I have come to the end of my Speech. Thank you for listening (reading) :-) 
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Friday, August 23, 2013

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"Your results right now don't really inspire any confidence."

Indeed, I know that. But does that give you the liberty to make such... disgusting notions on how I'd be doing in future? Apparently so, according to the warped logics certain people hold. With just a seemingly harmless question, though fairly abrupt, my brother asked "So, will you meet her JC teachers next year?" directing it to my mum over the dinner table. 

We were on the topic of school and teachers, which is probably one of the most frequently discussed topics of the century here in the Yap's family household. As strange as the question might have been, I didn't really think much about it till I heard her response. 

"Yes, of course la! I will want to know how she's doing."

Alright, so she cares about me. Tha's very nice indeed. 

"They'll probably ask me to go what. She won't be doing well!"


Wait, what? 

That's one step too far, isn't it? In fact, it's one step ahead. So, it seems like my mum already knows how I'll be doing in JC academically before I even step foot into that institution. Before I even take any exams in JC. Worse, before I even take my Year Four end of year exams (which is already causing me a great deal of stress on it's own.) I'm pretty sure my psychic genes didn't come from her. 

The anger within me practically heated up as soon as I heard that. To be perfectly honest, I was already quite annoyed a few minutes before dinner because she was cooing about how great my brother was at writing. Jealously probably played an important role in this - afterall, he's already amazing in science and I believe I should be the one good at writing but NO he is stealing it all because he is just that perfect. That aside though, I know that my brother is actually really good at whatever he does and that's why I didn't bother to get myself angry about the incessant praise she showered him with because in hindsight, he deserves it. However, when coupled with the passing remark she just made, I couldn't control myself any longer. Hot tears began welling up in my eyes, "I can't believe you just said that!"

Visibly taken aback by my sudden outburst, the remark that she made probably didn't mean much to her and it was evident that she didn't think it through before they found their way out of her mouth so blatantly. Then again, due to the mere fact that she didn't think about it made it so much more real and honest. It was what she genuinely felt about her own daughter and it wasn't even an idea that she would consider sugar-coating. Pausing, perhaps already forgetting what she just said, I didn't wait for her next reply. I couldn't continue eating anymore. I just couldn't. 

I don't care if you're angry or disappointed or upset when I don't do well in school. That's justified and I understand where you're coming from. It hurts even more for me, failing to meet not just the expectations set down for me but also the expectations set down by myself - trust me, nothing good comes out from that. But I grit my teeth and continue working hard to prove myself that I'm good enough and more importantly, to make you proud and happy to have me as your daughter. I try to be the best I can be in areas which my brother has not achieved anything for because I know that I can never ever be as good as him and you know that too. Recently, when you met our kindergarten teacher, you told her how brilliant he is followed by how "Li Yin is not as good". Yes, I laughed when you related the conversation to me, jokingly acting like I was angry but deep down, it wasn't an act at all. More than anger, I felt discouraged, heartbroken and torn. I try my best to close my eyes and ignore all of it, living under the shadows of him, because he is definitely better than me and I fully acknowledge that fact. Being second tier works for me and as much as I question why, I blame only myself for being this untalented. 

However, if you assume certain things and pass judgement so quickly about something means a whole load to me, I simply can't accept it or take it lying down. Why would you be so sure that I'm going to do badly? Supporting your claim with case studies of your colleagues' daughters who do badly in JC does not make it any more substantiated or believable. It is incredibly hurtful to know that someone, someone who should be the one who has faith in you the most has in fact, so many doubts about you and how you would perform. 

Getting mad at my outburst and not being the least empathetic, she proceeded to say "Okay, next time when you get bad results I will praise you! That's what you want, right?"

No! No no no no no. That's not what I want at all and you are not even getting the crux of the situation. It is so difficult to explain things to you because you never ever understand what I'm saying or be patient enough to hear me out. Just because I am not proficient in relating my thoughts verbally doesn't mean I don't have any. It feels terrible knowing I am not good enough but trust me, it feels even worse knowing that no one believes that you can one day be good enough. 

"Your results right now don't really inspire any confidence."

Indeed, it doesn't. But if you don't even have the slightest bit of confidence in me, there is no way I'd have that in myself. And I will constantly remain this flawed being you have produced and you'll just have to bear with me. I'm sorry. 

There is so much negativity in this post and I absolutely hate it :-( I'm extremely sorry but I truly couldn't hold it in any longer after what happened during dinner earlier today. I will get over this eventually though and all will be fine :-) At the moment, all I should be concerned about would be the looming end of year exams. Even if no one believes in me, I will try my best to believe in myself :-) Jiayou Li Yin and all my batchmates! We can do this, it's really the last lap. 

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

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I've been on this Earth for a good 16 years and I've never really found out what I wanted to do with my life. Having no long term goal in mind and really just following the typical flow of things was getting too tiring and increasingly dreadful. So what is this end goal that everyone is looking to achieve? Horrible as it sounds but realistic as can be, for most people, it would be their career choice that will eventually be most important (apart from family - but that isn't something we can control or work towards or draw up a life plan for).

Think about it, the most frequently asked question amongst young people, even from the tender kindergarten age would probably be: "What do you want to be when you grow up?" and for the longest time ever, mine has been "I don't know" or immature dreams like "artist", "superstar", or "baker" (the last one isn't actually that immature and is still one of my dreams, though unrealistic. So I haven't been able to give people a definite answer. Up till now. I (think and hope) I have finally figured what I really want to be when I grow older and in the appropriate age to find a full-time job. This choice truly stems from my love of writing. 

"Author" has actually been one of my answers when I was younger and I used to write a whole ton of short stories (and even illustrated) on paper which I stapled together. 

This is the first time I'm publicly showing my little works of art :') When I dug them out from my drawer (I have one entire drawer dedicated to my self-made books), I was quite surprised at the amount of "books" I actually wrote. 

In Primary five, I even wrote a story that was e-published (that is still available online for sale even though my relationship with the publisher is kind of fuzzy so if anyone ever wants to read that story, just approach me personally I can give you the actual printed version of the book!) That strange book actually got me on local newspaper which I suppose is quite a milestone for me. Then again, this dream never did materialize and even though it might in the future, as I got older I realized that writing fiction isn't my thing. It's really difficult to come up with fresh new ideas and storylines, probably due to my lack of exposure to the world around me. I know that I can't be like JK Rowling who is able to create this entire new world that somehow people can relate to. They say nothing is impossible but I know know myself - I wouldn't be able to do that. I still enjoy writing fiction a great deal though, but I know that I won't be able to make it my livelihood.

What then would be a more realistic career path I'd be able to take that requires me to write then? Journalism, perhaps. In fact, YES -journalism! Truth be told, I was never that certain about taking this path until the Career Day we had in school last month where we got to sign up for talks by alumni in the certain field. While a lot of my batch mates and friends signed up for things like Medicine, Law, Business, I went for the Entrepreneurship talk and of course, Media & Journalism. Yes, I am an underachiever but it's what I am genuinely interested in, I wouldn't want to live a life morphing into someone I am not. After listening to the entrepreneurship talk, I'm fairly interested in it but I don't think that going into it is something that I can plan to because a lot of it is based on whether the opportunity is presented in front of you at the right time! When sitting through the journalism talk though, I had this moment of epiphany and was pretty darn sure that this would be the career path I would want to take.

It had all I wanted  - a job that changes every day, a job that requires writing, a job that allows me to travel (if I'm lucky), amongst many other plus points. However, I am fully aware of all the downsides to this job (there are many too) - the life of a journalist is very busy and you don't exactly get any fixed rest time because there might be a sudden story you'd be required to cover! Apparently a lot of them do not get married :-( But no one would want me either so that's alright HAHAHA.

However, this isn't like a fixed goal either because I will still consider other options. I'm rather inclined to working in PR or Marketing or perhaps even the Ministry of Foreign Affairs because what they do there really interests me as well. But it's really nice to actually have a certain goal to work towards though :-) 

Then again, my dreams of starting up my own café cum bookstore hasn't died down yet, though I'd probably pursue it when I'm slightly older and slightly more stable.

Above all, I need to make sure that I don't lose myself through all these and I actually think that I won't. I just really need a time travelling machine to find out what I'd eventually become because uncertainties make me insecure and unhappy. And I want to be happy :-)

Ok yup I just wanted a place to share my thoughts :-) 

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Strictly Pancakes

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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Hello friends :-) 

As mentioned in my previous post, I went to catch the play "Everything But The Brain" with Wang, Sarah, Phionna & Swan on Sunday (18 August) and it was such a pleasant and enjoyable day! Before the play (which I have already blogged about), we headed on a little adventure to Strictly Pancakes for dinner. Everyone has been raving about this place for quite some time now but I haven't gotten to try it so I was very excited - of course, I love food! 

Strictly Pancakes is located at 44A Prinsep Street, which is a little further down the SOTA area and the nearest MRT should be Dhoby Ghaut so we all met at Plaza Singapura first before walking to the place. It was quite a rush as Strictly Pancakes open at 6pm for the second shift on Sunday while our play starts at 7.30pm (at least, we all thought it did - it actually started at 8pm so we basically rushed for nothing but that aside) so we had to do everything in a rush; felt like quite an adventure though. 

It was quite a distance from Dhoby Ghaut though, so we walked....

Swan, Phionna & Sarah! 

And walked....

Wang You! :-) 

And walked!!!

We then stumbled upon rockstar at Orchard 22, which is a really quirky store with a really cool concept selling things like shoes, bags, and even things like notebooks and french dictionaries - everything was very interesting to look at :-) Basically, it's a multi-label store which is pretty cool as it's like a one-stop shop! There was even a Plain Vanilla pop-up bakery within the store selling their signature cupcakes as rockstar was celebrating their 4th birthday and they had some collaboration together.

However, we were rushing for time so we didn't stay in the store for long. 

SHOES :-) 

Finally got to Prinsep Street! I really like this area of Singapore - it has many speciality shops and somehow the architecture of many of the buildings there captivate me a great deal :') Beautiful place, I'd love to come here after EYAs armed with a camera and perhaps good company! 

Yay reached Strictly Pancakes

It wasn't even 6pm but there were quite a few people already queuing outside - I think that they're really busy during the weekends so go there early if you don't want to be disappointed! However, I personally found that the staff there were quite organized and were fairly trained to handle large crowds professionally, which was great. 

Sarah the duck :-)

I have a personal preference for eateries in shop houses as they give off a very cool vibe; it's like Holland V and Upper Thomson Road! 

They opened promptly at 6pm, which was nice and we were seated in no time as we were third in the queue. 

Chalkboard menu! :-) 

Actual menu! :-) 

At Strictly Pancakes, they have quite a wide selection of pancake kinds - there's savoury and sweet pancakes and they also have things like sandwiches, finger food and drinks. 





We decided to share three plates of pancakes amongst the five of us. At first, I was a little worried that it would be too little as I assumed that people eat one plate each but it was just right - in fact, it was still a little too much! Plus I consider myself to be a fairly big eater, so don't order too much at first go. However, as it was a full house that night, our pancakes were estimated to be ready in 30mins and that caused us to be a bit flustered because that'd mean it'll arrive only at around 6.40pm which would give us only 50min to eat and to travel to DBS Arts Centre.

Note to self: Visit Strictly Pancakes only if you have lots of time and don't have anything to rush to! :-) 

Maple syrup and garlic & herbs flavoured butter! It came with the savoury pancakes we ordered.

We were all extremely hungry by then (I ate lunch at 10.30am that day - don't ask me why) and couldn't wait the whole 30min so we decided to get some chicken wings to share as the snacks take less time to prepare (plus the couple sitting next to us ordered them and it smelled like heaven coated in crisp batter and deep fried)

Chic Wings - $8 for 4 wings and 4 drumlets! :-) 

Though it was quite an impulsive buy, I don't think any one of us regretted the decision to get the chicken wings - it was really hot which warmed our bellies :') It wasn't super salty or anything either. All of us love chicken as well (you should see us in the canteen in school) so we were super happy kids! I don't particularly like the sauce that came with it though, I think it was hot sauce (like Tobasco) and it wasn't very necessary. 

Then our pancakes came! :-) 

"What-A-Spread" & "Bananas-Scotched", $11 each from the sweet menu & "Garlic Buttered Prawns", $14 from the savoury menu! 

"What-A-Spread" is basically pancakes with Nutella and peanut butter sandwiched in between the layers, with Kinder Bueno on top and a scoop of vanilla ice cream complementing it! Initially, I expected this to be my favourite out of the three we ordered because I love chocolate and peanut butter but it was a bit on a dry side even with the condensed milk drizzled over the top. 

"Bananas-Scotched" was my favourite :') It wasn't overly fancy - just pancakes drowned in good old caramelized bananas, served with vanilla ice cream! We opted out from the rum though. I think it's confirmed that anything with caramel just works very well for me. I loved it that the pancakes were really soaked in the caramelized juices and bananas are one of my favourite fruits (I'm probably the only one who drinks the banana shake in school hur hur) /cue banana song/ so this was amazing for me! I don't think the rest of them liked it that much though - it was incredibly sweet.

Finally the savoury pancake - garlic buttered prawns! I had so many doubts about it because I simply cannot stand the thought of a savoury pancake; that's akin to a salty pancake. And my intuition was right; I had a mouthful of that and didn't go for another. It felt so weird to me because the base of the pancake was sweet yet the sauce over it was garlic butter, as the name goes. Also, I don't particularly like garlic or prawns so this one didn't work well for me. I had a prawn on its own (i.e without the pancake) and it was incredibly juicy so I guess I can understand why some people like this. Afterall, the four other people loved this dish so much and couldn't comprehend why I hated it. 

Ugh savoury pancakes not ever again!

They felt guilty for eating so much and decided to pose for the camera eating veggies. 

Me and ma banana homies ;-)

Three pancakes for five people is more than enough, really! :') It was surprisingly super filling and we were all stuffed. I think that there's an option for some to cut down the number of pancakes from three to two (your pancakes will cost $1 less) so that's an option if you'd like to try more flavours/ there on your own/ small eater. 

And we're full, satisfied kids! :-) All of them are super pretty why do I have such pretty friends :')


Wang! :-) 

Sarah! :-) 

Swan! :-) 

 Hurhur and me! :-) 

We rushed to the DBS Arts Centre - we had to take a bus and when we got down, some of us literally ran to the place because we had to collect tickets first and there wasn't going to be an intermission - if we were late, we'd miss the entire show! When we got there though, we realized that the play started at 8pm, not 7.30pm and we could've stayed for a longer time at Strictly Pancakes or not sweat so much.

It was a wonderful wonderful day though :') If you'd like to read about Everything But The Brain, scroll down - I've blogged about it!

Great food, great company & great entertainment! I am so blessed.
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