Friday, June 11, 2010

wednesday (0906'10)
went out with miss emily khoo ><>< know =" =">

we saw this amazing poster of MICHAEL JACKSON in the science centre . it was about this impersonator coming - edward moss . i looked him up on youtube and boy , he DOES look like michael jackson when he's performing ! and he came to singapore last year as well . i wish i could catch him in action . i mean , that's the closest to seeing MJ in person ! 

in science centre , it was pretty quiet in the hallways leading to snow city and the iMAX place . 

then we reached SNOW CITY . it's my 2nd time there and emily's first . we went there and it was pretty quiet . we bought the snow city + science centre tickets for $14 ++ ? then i still had to rent gloves and we rent a locker together .  there were so few people except for 2 boys in the "changing room" about our age . then we went in , it was freezing ! at first outside they wrote that inside was supposed to be -5 to -9 degree celsius but inside was -21 degrees ! that's like , a BIG difference ! 

sneakily took a picture - we were not allowed to , but oh well . then we played the slope thingy . the person push us so hard then i always slide down backwards which is VERY SCARY >< all =" =">
then the in house photographers keep on taking photos of us cos we were like , almost the only ones in snow city . then we bought 1 photo each after we went out . it was supposed to be $18 for one 6R picture but cos we were students , so it was $5 instead ;DD

then we went to eat at macs . super crowded . cos there were many small small kindergarden kids . they were wearing shirts doodled by themselves . but I HATE KIDS , BABIES OR SMALL CHILDREN so i don't find them cute . 

then we went to the science centre . my seniors were there doing those work experience programme thingys but luckily it was their lunch break . heehee . then we went in . immediately we went to the futuristic world place cos it's my favourite ;DD 

emily is obvious in this picture , but can u see me ? then we explored the place . and filmed this totally fail video . we wanted to get famous like NIGAHIGA , whom i love , but looks like there's no hope for us . hahahahah .  just some pictures from science centre ... ;DD 
emily insisted on sitting on the big chair )): 

this kiddie playground thingy i was really scared to climb up cos i was scared the whole thing would break apart cos i can't stand my weight .

it's the BIG BOUNCY INFLATABLE YELLOW BALL . haha . it's not really bouncy or inflatable . but still ... ;DD then we went to VIVOCITY cos emily keep on complaning = = 

my leg's the one on the left , than emily's one is the top one ;DD then i went candy empire and bought this "special" wonka nerds . the packaging different only . 
heehee . when i got back home already very late ): 
and we had this rated photo . do u want to see ? cos it's seriously like , gross . 

here it is . it's POSED . so it's not real . 
okay . that's it ;DD

thursday (1006'10)
went to my aunty's house . cos house warming . it's right beside cat high . nothing much . ate kfc and pizza ;DD teehee . 

today ? stayed at home to rot . 


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