Saturday, May 29, 2010

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saw this on matt's facebook page (: 
this is better then justin bieber's baby ;DD 
much better . 
and i think this guys's pretty cute . cuter then justin for sure . for sure . 
the video quality is fab too . 

alright . 
bye (: 

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

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YAY ! the school holidays are here ! (: and i have so few homework , it's hard to believe . 
i have : a math worksheet which is made of only 1 piece of paper , a chinese compo , and a history PT ! ;DD ooh lala . anyway , i shall update on my life this week . 

okay , so i went to the heartstrings concert - a collaboration between RGS guitar ensemble and Raffles Strings . went after school with tricia . when we walked out , people asked us to do survey , and then kept talking to us , then commented that my bag was nice , bla bla bla . then we had to fill in "address" , "phone number" but we didnt . we just put a dash . HAHAAHA . we went to junction 8 to eat macs , and do ... u know ? sight seeing , heh . i meant , people seeing (: teehee . especially those dressed in white . but all so nerdy . yucks . LOL ><
then we took an mrt to city hall . when we were waiting for the train to arrive , this random woman came to talk to us , or rather , me . cos i was answering = =  

woman : Are you from RGS?
me: yeah . 
woman: yeah , i could tell from your uniform . 
me: ... okay ...
woman: my niece is there, you see. 
me: oh ! really ? [ i didn't know what to say = = ]
woman: yup . are you in sec 2?
me: nope , i'm a sec 1. 
woman: oh . do you do to church?
me: no . 
woman: have you ever been to a church?
me: no . 

*TRAIN ARRIVES* me and tricia heads to another carriage , lest she talks about religion . then we went to city hall and alighted . as we were going up the escalator , i was standing next to tricia . then i heard someone say "excuse me" from behind . i thought i was blocking someone . so i turned back . then it was this bunch of about 4-5 guys . they were pretty tall . maybe sec 3 or something . they were wearing home clothes . then one of them [the nicest looking one] said "are you going for the heartstrings concert?" i said "yeah" . heh . he sounded like an RI guy . u know ? RI guys talk in a certain manner . and he wouldn't attend an RGS concert if he wasn't from RI , right ? so anyway, he continued , "can we follow you? cos we don't know how to get to the Victoria Concert Hall" . and i was like , "erm , actually we are finding people which we can follow . we are not sure how to get there either" and he said " oh it's okay . we'll still follow you" . WTH ? 

then we just walked . we followed the traffic flow . then we were walking too fast or something ? the RI guys were like , "WAIT! DON't WALK SO FAST ! later we can't find you and we will be lost" erm ... okay ? then we slowed down . then SUDDENLY . one of them fell into the bushes near the pavement . i got no idea how he did that . the pavement was so wide , but he could fall in . then his friends pulled him out . me and tricia laughed >< 

then we went in to the theatre hall . it was FREAKING SMALL ><><>


heh , i don't feel like posting anymore . as for today's SPORTS FEST , i HAD A BLAST ;DD but i have a sun burn ): 

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Monday, May 24, 2010

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photos (: 

open house ;DD 

the food we were given (: 

i'm the special bottle . 

the chaotic class (; heh . 

and close up of the food ><>

& today ! emily day . heh . go to her blog to read.
cos i lazy to write . she put UNGLAM picture of me >< 
heh . here are some glammer ones . 

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Friday, May 21, 2010

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yeeha (:
today was open house prep day ! ;D so school ended at 10 am . whee ~ luckily for me , my cca didn't need us sec 1s to help in setting up the guides booth , even though some ccas needed their dear sec 1s . HEH :P
then some of us decided to play basketball . we took the balls in the cage where there wasn't any labeling . there was another cage which had a sign saying "for basketball school team members only" so we didn't take those . then some school team members told us we couldn't take . but our PE teacher said we could take , as long as we asked any school team member , which we did - charlene . so , those basketballers couldn't do anything (: heh . 
so we played till 11.30am . whoa , i was SWEATY D: then me , shi min , samantha , jamie & zixian took 190 from the opposite bus stop . i went to orchard mrt , and took to bishan . they took to plaza sing . didn't want to join them though . 
then at bishan , i walked around J8 aimlessly . heh . super bored . then read some books at popular ? then time passed . then after that , i saw some RI guys . WTH . how come their school end so early ?
after that , i realised that i SHOULD go to the library cos i could sit there ><>


heh . he was reading a book on the 2nd level . he looked up and saw me , then he went back to his book . OBVIOUSLY . i'm not a guy or anything . LOL  .

then i waited for my MUMMY to come to eat swensens with me . after eating , we went home . and i slept >< 

heh , and now , i'm here . YAY 

cos u know u want to (: 

love , 
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

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book day in school today ! pictures speak a thousand words , yeah ? 

back door of our book cover (: 
the "curtains" that'll greet you when u step in . 
front door (: heh . i drew these ;DD 
EL reps ;DD with coordinated it (: YAY . jamie & i ftw . heh ego but still... she's a mouse :P

i'm the queen of hearts (: heh 
front door picture with the solider -valerie , white queen - justine , chef - tricia , alice - ms irene , queen of hearts - ME (: , mad hatter - stephanie & queen of hearts too - valencia 

CLASS PHOTO (: can u spot me ?(: 

THANKS TO JAMIE & CODEE (: for the photos . YAY 
you can view more on my FACEBOOK 

bye (: 
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

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okay, so yesterday , it was monday . the EMILY & LIYIN meeting day . but emily was erm , late . so she could not catch my 132 . so i told her . let's meet at hougang then . which meant i would take 132 all the way to hougang and meet her there . anyway , she got apple ice blend for me ;DD heh . thanks , eh ? then i was like , haiz ... i wanna go back to HIPS ... then she said , okay , you want to go back to HIPS or hougang mall? of course i chose HIPS , then she gave a call to Mr. Ho , and off we went ;D took 132 back to school . i saw jewelyn getting into her car at the gate there . she waved to me first , then i waved back ;DD heh . at least she recognized me . then we went there and Mr. Ho was there . the security auntie gave us a VISITOR pass ! :O we're visitors man ;D haha , i have always been a student there . then we went to HOD room and visit visit a while . BRINGS BACK MEMORIES ;D then mr ng was there too . he asked me , "有没有买票?" he was talking about the $100 per person HIPS 25th anniversary dinner .  so i was like , "没有" then he said "莉盈,太令我失望了。"  LOL ><  so funny . 

then went we going out , mdm goh was sitting there and i was like , 吴老师! ;DD heh . she remember my name leh ;D i was like her P3 student ? she was like , "莉盈, 不错啊" huh ? bu cuo what ? but i just smiled and left . then me and emily went to the toilet to take photos like we always did during recess last time (: awww , no jasmine ): 

on the way to HIPS ;D
in the toilet...
heh . VISITOR pass ;D
HIPS (':
visitor passes again ;D
then went we were outside , emily called mdm ong phei nee to see whether she's still up there . sadly , she went home already ): awwww ... so sad leh . i wanted to see her . then , me and emily walked to hougang mall . heh . i was lured there . too tempting already . we went up to the 5th level and came back down again . then i saw KFC ;D so we went in . heh , treated emily to SNACKERS popcorn chicken for the 2nd time (:  i ate mine really fast then emily couldn't catch up . LOL >< 
going up up up ! and later down down down again on the escalator 

then we went over to macs . i bought a chocolate milkshake . 

but the chocolate milkshake was horrible . i didn't like it . 
then i went to hougang interchange and boarded 132 . on the bus , i saw shu qi , a P5 girl now. she boarded the bus at the school bus stop . heh . she recognized me leh (: she smiled at me , then i smiled back and she took out her geronimo stilton book (: heh . 

alright . that's it for yesterday . 

today , i stayed back to cheer my friends doing 2.4 km retest . we made banners and all . hahas . 

okay , gotta chiong my english AA ;D
BYE (: 
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Saturday, May 15, 2010

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i shall update now ;DD 
okay , so i had my 2.4km run ! (: heh . skipped lunch so i had time to do the book cover thingy ;DD done the front door . super proud of myself (: [and classmates too, larh. of course] then went for 2.4km run . super scary okay ? being the last index number , i had to go with the last batch . i saw other batches run and they made it look so easy . they just ran and ran . i was like , WTH ? why is everyone so pro ? then it was my turn . first 4 rounds were fairly okay . my 1st round timing was about 1 min something , then 2nd round 3 min something. that means i took about 2 min to run the 2nd round . but after that , my timing just kept deteriorating . then my recorder , jie lin decided to run with me for the 5th round to spur me on . but i just couldn't , cos i was afraid i would get asthma attack . i felt the asthmatic type of breathless feeling .  so i walked and run . there was this girl from another class i didn't know , then she was like , cheering for me . it was super touching .  then i tried to chiong the last round . but then i couldn't so i just chiong at the end a bit . 

I PASSED ! ;DD but it's a D . 
i actually expected an E . so , it's good . but i'm 3 seconds to C ?! i hate being 13 . then i went back to class where everyone was super red and sweaty . whoa , at least we had air con and were blasting it at a super low degree . then i bought 100 plus from the students raising funds . walked to the bus stop with deborah and then i saw the girl from the other class still running . so i cheered her on ! ;DD i was like , JIA YOU ! u can do it ! (: and she was like , clenching her fist with motivation and smiling and nodding . went home and was dead tired . 

had the last house pract and psl session . for house pract we just did mass dance and cheers . it was quite okay , i guess . but the sun was freaking hot and now i can see tan lines . damn obvious . like i went sun tanning or something . 

heh . i'm one of those yellow people , if u can see me . we were preparing for the sports fest in school . 
mass dance but we were not dancing cos the teacher wanted to see our formation first . can u see the word we spelt out ? not very clear but it's supposed to be 


but it's not really clear . oh well . my house is doing the "A" . 
then we had HOUSE PARTY ! ;DD it was all yellow food . we had great fun and it was super cool . we were all late for psl session . psl session was really fun too . they gave us prezzies which were all super nice and we had a PARTY too ! ;DD with all the delicious food (:
then our PSLs gave us this awesome CD with this video they made . unglam pics of me . but oh well . it seems as if we're graduating or something . but it's actually only 4 months . heh ;D thanks PSLs - 104 CLASSICS ;; MWACCKSS . 
maegan , weiting and clarissa , carly , kimberly , sonia , selene .  
super love them . I'LL MISS HOUSE PRACTs AND PSLs SESSIONS much (': 

less than 3 , 
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

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i'm in a good mood today . 
won't elaborate cos i got to study for chemistry exam tomorrow . but for the chemistry practical exam i took , i got a GPA of 4.0 ! ;DD ALRIGHT , baby (: 
heh , but for the other exam papers i got back ... erm ... i ... will not disclose the marks cos i think i did SUPER BADLY D: 

anyway , i'm in a good mood not only because of chemistry but also cos i finished painting alice for the book day thingy . it's some decor competition where we are supposed to decorate the classroom doors to look like a book cover . and our book is ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND . heh , i'm in charge of this project . and EVERYONE was really cooperative . i split up the work , and best of all , i skipped recess and lunch ! ;D i like keeping myself busy , like in my pri school days , so i can DIET (:  heh , but i ate after school anyway . 

then , my classmates praised me ;D heh , so honoured . 
THANKS for saying all the good stuff about me . but really , it's not really true . 

then for speech & drama , chloe said that i'm good in acting and should join TCS [mediacorp] heh . thanks chloe , but i didn't even make it to drama club . LOL . she probably said that cos i "cried" for quite a while on stage cos nai jie lin and tricia were having some problems and they messed up the script . heh , i could showcase my "talents" for a while more . LOL >< 

alright , 
dinner now ; and then MUGGING 

yuppjuejuewaffleleeyinn (: 

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Monday, May 10, 2010

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okay , so it's some singapore kindness week this week . so my school has some activity . people pass stress balls around and if u've done a good deed , u sign on it ;DD heh . look at my beautiful name (: it's 


anyway , it's EMILY&YAP day today ((: i got her a mocha breeze . she's addicted to it . it's from my school cafe , btw . and she got me a coffee milk tea (: THANKS MUCH ;DD 

she dropped her straw in the bus , so she could not drink the lovely mocha breeze ... 

and of course ! a picture ((: 

heh , a picture speaks a thousand words . so , bye ! ;DD


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Saturday, May 8, 2010

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mugging for chemistry on wednesday ;DD but in the meantime , enjoy this super cute Mac's advert i found (: 
alright , got to go and mug now ! D: & i want to run another 7 rounds today ! (: 

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went to school today for HOUSE PRACTICE 6 ;DD 
hey , why am i cheering ? it was freaking hot under the sun ... but oh well , i like house practs (:

went to school at about 7am + ? not many people were there ... then the house comm came to our class to ask the few of us to report to the mini amphi . then we went there ... then it was some telematch thingy today . so our first station was at the tennis court . i have never been there before and we played some really fun games against BUCKLE . we used tennis racquets to hit badminton shuttlecocks . it was really stupid and i kept laughing . WADDLE lost ): but that's only the first round ! ;DD then we decided to try again with another BUCKLE team . this time , we also used badminton shuttlecocks but we played with table tennis bats ! ;DD haha ! this time we won ! yay ! WADDLE ftwwww . 

then we went to another station & another ... i forgot what they were )): then after that , we went to the basketball court to play ... basketball ! of course larh ... i mean ... it's the basketball court ! ;DD wow ! WADDLE  scored 90 shoots in 7 minutes ? and that's including the tedious travelling time we had to take by using newspapers and all that . super complicated . but we won all the 0ther houses ! :DD muahahahahah . we won like , 2 out of 4 stations already . so we just had to win one more station to be the CONFIRM CHAMPS of the day (: so we went to the first station again and RICHARDSON and HADLEY was there ;DD we were scheduled to play against RICHARDSON ! ;DD then we played 1 game and we WON ! ;DD we used the tennis racquets one . 

then we went for mass dance practice . it was combined house mass dance with all the formations and everything . it was quite fun except for the hot sun . but the colours were beautiful . it was like ,  WADDLE TARBET HADLEY BUCKLE RICHARDSON super colourful . we practice mass dance for sports fest and OPEN HOUSE 2010! ahhh ... that reminds me ... JUNIORS ! come on down for RGS open house on 22 May ! ;DD you might see me there (: 

anyway , just went to a track quite far from my house but within a walking distance . it was like , amongst those flats which were not that big . so the people there were quite rowdy . i'm not ostracizing them but it really was rowdy there . then i ran 7 rounds in 19 minutes . which is like , SUPER SLOW . but it was like , for leisure so i walked half of it . anyway , near the track , there was some argument or fight of some sort . like , there was this woman shouting to a man with ALOT of 旁观者 she was like “我要带我女儿走。” and the man did not want and like , wanted to hit her or something so some people stopped him . then it was like , a really heated argument ... the man was saying stuff like “那我的三千元呢?” super scary . i decided to stay out of it . of course . 

then there were many old men . there was one who kept walking to and fro and he kept starring . super scary . so i went home . i had a nice shower ;DD 

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

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wow . today is a super interesting day . probably one of the most interesting days of my entire life . it probably won't sound interesting as my writing skills are pretty bad , but i shall try my best.

okay , basically lessons today weren't very interesting , it was just pretty normal . 
it was after that where we had to go for the dreaded 
PFT / NAPFA or whatever you call it . 
anyway , hmm ... these are my scores : 

SIT-UPS : A ;DD i was like , only at 26 when the guy said "10 more seconds" , so i was like , OH SHUCKS , i want my A . so i gathered all my strength and did 1 sit up per 2 seconds . WOOTS . 刚刚好 . heh heh . 

SIT&REACH : A ^^ this is the easiest larh . i just sit there and stretch and got 44 cm (: improved 5 cm from last year . got the same for both attempts . wasted my energy . but actually i already overshot A by 2 cm ;DD yay ! 

STANDINGBROADJUMP : B - . - haiz ... so sad . jump so short distance ): at first it was worse , only 140++ it's like D or something . then , i thought , NO , i must jump further than that ! then in the end B . 

SHUTTLERUN : B = = u know in pri school , we used bean bags , but here , we used wooden blocks . easier to grip , so i managed to get a B which is considered not bad for me . 

INCLINEDPULL-UPS : you don't wanna know D: okay , i will tell you , but a disclaimer before i reveal my grade : i have always failed my napfa in pri school because of this , except for pri 6 . 
okay , my grade ? i don't even have one ! i only did one pull up , then i gave up D: i couldn't even do 3 )): it was super scary , then i was so scared the "chief tester" would walk past . she's damn scary and acts so authoritative . other class' people failed because of her strict guidelines . 
but i had tricia to fail with me . in the end , we decide to retest for that station after everything . so we went there again . my school gives one retest on the day itself . then if you really cannot , u gotta come back in august to retest all 5 stations . 

of course i didn't want that , so i retest . 
i decide to go to an older man to test me , not those young ones as they are probably strict and not those women as women are pickier . so , i did ... 3 ! ;DD i passed man . woo hoo . THANKS TESTER , love you so ;DD I DON'T GO FOR OLDER MAN , you get what i mean = = i did like , 2 . then i couldn't gather my strength and had to use my lower part of the body to push myself but he didn't count that , i did about 3 of those "cheaty" type of pull up . then , i was like , oh no... then he said , "okay , nevermind . i just write 3 here" YAY ! ;DD then he laugh at me , he said "never practice uh ?" then i was like , inclined pull ups cannot practice , cos i dont have those metal bars . then he showed me ways to train , probably for next year (: hahaha . then went for guides , which was slack . and i took bus 132 home . it was rather late already . 

u must be thinking , "she's already going home , but not much had happened , what's so interesting about her day?" hehheh . but NO ! ;DD who told u that stuff dun happen on buses ?(:

okay , so i had a low battery on my phone . the battery bar was like , RED ?! when it's supposedly green if it's battery is high . LUCKILY , it managed to play songs to entertain me throughout the 1 hour trip . LOVE YOU SO MUCH , PHONE ;DD 

anyway , that's not the point . the point is , when the bus was like , at around , amk hub ? one guy , maybe about 50 plus years old ? fell down . it wasn't the normal fall , he was standing about 3 seats away from me , near the door [it's a single deck] . i was sitting at the second seat from the back . anyway , it wasn't a normal fall , i saw him . he kind of , i don't wobbled a bit and suddenly fell smack on the floor of the bus . and it wasn't because the bus was jerky or anything . of course , it caused much of a commotion . and he didn't like , stand up or anything . he just lied the floor . then some people asked him if he was okay and he shouted at them , he was like "I'M NOT OKAY!" real rudely . i'm not making him sound bad or anything , i'm just narratin what happened without adding my own personal thoughts , YET . anyway , then more people crowded around him . i stayed in my seat , but my neck grew a little longer , trying to steal a peak . then this CJC boy i recognized as i always see him on 132 with his gf , stood up and tried to carry the man to a nearby seat , where a woman was sitting with her trolley . the boy put the man's arm around his neck , but the man was like , "NECK NECK !" or something . 

then after that , the man lied back on the floor as he was too heavy . by the time , the bus had pulled over at the amk mrt bus stop and onlookers from outside were peering in . the bus driver got out from his seat and came over . the man was shouting at the woman who was sitting at the nearby sit. he was saying "IDIOTIC . SO SELFISH . CAN'T SHE SEE I NEED THE SEAT" or something like that . the woman immediately pushed her trolley to a seat at the back . then a few more man decided to carry the man up onto the seat , but he was like , "MY LEGS ARE WEAK . I CAN'T EVEN STAND . I HAD SUFFERED FROM A HEART ATTACK NOT LONG AGO . THAT'S WHY. LEAVE ME HERE." well , obviously we can't leave you there . you are blocking the door ... nobody will be able to exit if we leave you there . then i think a few people told him that or something so he commanded the CJC boy to carry him down to the bus stop . so the CJC boy did . and i heard from outside , the man was saying "JUST PUT ME ON THE FLOOR. " i was like , eh ? on the floor ?

anyway , after he was left "on the floor" , the bus drove off ! and the commuters were like , "boy , that man has a real hot temper" or "so rude" or stuff like that . one man was laughing so happily . as for me , i don't know whether to feel pitiful or angry at him . but all i could think of was , i want to eat packed food . i have no idea why , but i didn't feel like eating home cooked dinner today , unlike normal days . 

and when i went home , it was packed food ! ;DD haha , ooh yeah . 
then i told my parents the 132 story . then my dad was like , "That guy is so rude" and stuff like that . i actually thought he would scold me and say i was so heartless cos i felt damn angry . you know , at that point of time in the bus , i really wanted to go over to that guy and tell him "if you want people to help you , please be more polite. you might feel humiliated and is venting your anger at us , or maybe this makes you feel more authoritative and save you from your face , but trust me , you're not helping yourself. This makes people judge you really differently." 

Okay , this is just my personal view , please do not take any offence or anything . 
Anyway , when my mother heard the bus story , she only had one thing to say "do you think it was candid camera ?" 
LOL , it might be ... the possibility seems more and more real as i think about the whole situation . but of course , it might not be . 
if it really was , luckily i stayed in my seat . 


end of my SUPER LONG POST 
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Monday, May 3, 2010

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it's another post on today [0305'10] ! but the previous one was basically just some long overdue photos i was too lazy to give a description of . 

ANYWAY , nai jie lin came to my house just now to do S&D skit . 
TRICIA you never come eh ? still playing audi when we called u ? = =
better do a good job tomorrow , ah ? ;DD hahahaha 

oh , and i went jogging ! ran around my neighbourhood . took about 50 minutes . heh , but i was like , walking half the time ;DD well , then 25 minutes of running is not bad , not bad at all :P praise me , cos u knoe u love me . 

hmmm , changed my blogskin ? was too lazy to do one from scratch , so i just took one from blogskins  which is like , super easy . but i edited alot , to make it uniquely mine , eh ? ;DD 

awww , school's starting tomorrow . 
not really looking forward . gahhh . i want to meet emily [yes , emily . u must be happy when u read this] heh heh . i wanna meet her cos i have excuse to buy food ;DD

alright , i shall do my speech & drama script now . 
and learn ting xie D: 

gahh , my life sucks .
i want my pri school life back . 
it was much better . 
juniors , u heard that ! pri school is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better . 
there are no amounts of "Y"s that can express my super long WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. 
cos it's seriously WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better . 

toodles .
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Sunday, May 2, 2010

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long overdue photos ! figure them out urself ! ;DD 

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

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helloh everyone ! i'm back ;DD
well well , did i blog about having an asthma attack ? oh well , i shall not elaborate , since my facebook status[es] have probably been enough . 

gahh gahh )': i'm having that feeling of sadness again ... 
whenever i visit BIBIANA's blog , i'll get that feeling . it's really like , seriously CRAZY . it's overwhelming . i just think about 6r7 , the prefect EXCOs , the brownies , my juniors , and every single person in HIPS , then i just get so sad and wanna cry . but it seems to be that only bibiana's blog can do that ... it's like some magical power or something . i just miss her the most , apart from all the other 6r7-ers (: 

arggggghhhhh . and homework . 
that's my hatest of all hates . 

gah , goodbye ;DD 
i shall try to attempt my geog worksheet . it's killing me D:  
it's a pretty slow and silent death . but i'm dying , yeah ? 
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