Saturday, October 31, 2009

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u knoe , now i cannot post with some words made bigger , cos when viewed in Internet Explorer browser , it becomes all like , muffled up lidat....
see the picture below? this one is Internet Explorer , the normal one.
For myself , i usually use the Safari Web Browser, which is the one at the bottom, even though the pic is small, u can tell that the words are visible. so sorry for the previous few posts, cos u all cannot see the thing... lols , 

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Friday, October 30, 2009

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todayy , im in a bad bad mood.
damn sad sia , bcos of smth , but i dun wanna say... its just tat , was i like? omg , neverminds lurh. over then over liaos lorhs , but i must say smth , like , its all in the name of fun... okayyes? 

i knoe most wont understand me derh , haiz... neverminds lorh. 
i oso dun wan any other ppl to understand , i just hope all will go well for the next few weeks. okayyes , then today ms kwek giv me the brownie consent form... for p6 farewell party(: budden it it crashes with many other things , so sad sia. dunnoe whether can go ornot.... sianz. *sigh. then alot alot of other things , dunwan say liaos , in a terrible mood mah.

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little india

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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todayy went to little india excursion with school. today was my class (6r7) , 6r2 and 6r5. but its go individually derh. then it was soo damn hot at the place... walao , seriously leh, like soo hot sia. then the sunlight was like , totally shining into my eyes... almost get heat stroke, lols.

went to the hindu temple , u knoe, the very popular one? like , alot of gods and goddess statues outside. it was my 1st time , had to take off the shoes. quite ok lurhs. then we walk walk walk and fill up that worksheet. if there was no worksheet then would be good lorh. cos its like , very troublesome to keep on writing when standing. i also cannot hear properly wat the guide was saying.... but anyways , the best part was the break. were give 35 min break at the Tekka market. newly renovated , so quite clean. at 1st , i bought an F&N grape to quench my thirst. then decided to buy a spring roll. budden i personally thought the spring roll tasted horrible after just one small bite , so i didnt eat it anymore.... lols. then me and emily damn hungry, so we bought a bowl of fishball soup (without noodles) together. lols. that's not all. after tat , when leaving , i saw my friend taking milo dinosaur. then ontop have like , rainbow rice... looks soo nice, so me and huang quickly rush to buy it. yum yum(:

u knoe, before the break , i was like damn frustrated. cos it was soo hot and i was veryy tired. but after the break , i was like , so refreshed and very energetic... hahas , and i also completed the worksheet. so i was like , drinking my dinosaur [lols] and walking about. oh ya , and cos it kinda rained when we were having our break  , it was like , so much cooler. hahas. then we board the bus and went back to school.

ms yeo was so nice , she let us go canteen first to maybe , have a drink and go to the toilet. but i did neither. so even though we arrived in sch at about 11.30pm , we were like , in class at about , 12? so its quite ok , my day today(: 

alrights . that's all for today
pictures for the little india next time.
today very lazy:P
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Sunday, October 25, 2009

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todayy i went to the thai embassy for some , red-cross bazaar? had lunch there cos there was soo much food....(: eat until very full....

drank soup , eat Ben & Jerry's ice cream [cake batter(: ] , eat cotton candyyy [pink colour , so niceee] , and quite a lot more.... yummyy. then i went home lorhs... lols, like , DUH? then i watch T.V.... damn bored sia... watched the show 公主小妹 or smth like tat... quite nice lurh... but i think the show very outdated cos i watch on channel U , aiyah, mediacorp play those like , outdated  shows mah... lols , but still nice to watch..

ok, buh-byes. tomorrow, sch reopen liaos...(:
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quiz from janice's bloq

Thursday, October 22, 2009

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was bored, so decided to do a quiz from janice's blog(:

Last person you talked to on the phone: Handphone or wat? Amanda, if its handphone
Last girl you received a message from: Emily
Last guy you received a message from: Qi Ge
Last girl you messaged: My Mum
Last guy you messaged: Qi Ge Next: Xue Bin
Last person whom you took handphone pics with: Emily, Gary and Jonathan
Last person whom you got a missed call from:Emily
First person in your address book: Alina
Last person in your address book: Xuan Wei
First girl in your address book: Alina
First guy in your adress book: Amos
Fifth contact thats related to you: Related? family? only got 4
Eighth contact thats from your school: Celine Ng
First contact that starts with H : Huang Li Yin
First contact that starts with M: Megan
First contact that starts with K: No K's
Second contact that starts with V: Vernise
Second contact that starts with B: Bibiana
Second contact that starts with A: Amanda
Third contact that starts with L: Leanne
Third contact that starts with C: Celine Toh
Fourth contact that starts with G: Gan Jing Jing
Fourth contact that starts with J: Only Joanne
The first contact you see when you randomly press a key in your address book search: Wendy
The second contact you see when you randomly press another key in your adress book search: Joanne
Person whom you received the most messages from in the past one week: Emily
Person whom you sent the most messages to in the past one week: Emily
Person whose photo appears the most number of times in your phone: Emily

okayyes, done(: i tag everyone in my links (: better go and do, huh! ;)
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new blogskin!呢

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hey people! changed my blogskin!
how is it? took quite a short while as i already had all the codes prepared for all the other stuff.
so, is it nice? i think its muchh brighter than the previous one, right?

now, im at home... alone... but its okayyes. later going to emily's hse to do maths project... celine toh cannot come... neverminds, ask her to do powerpoint.

sians, i still dunnoe wat to do for mrs.tan's performance.... serious, im stuck. and also have mr.ho's storytelling thingy... lols. at least i completed the egg project liaos. i cant believe im bored, like after psle? i tot only studying makes one bored. okayyes, im going to put some music into my blog. searching searching... the old songs were like, so old. im gonna find newer songs to put into my blog (:

so, buh-byes (:
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outinq with SBK [-2+1]

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

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okayy, yesterday went outing with SBK [-2+1] at jonathan's house... quite nice, hahas . pictures! (: 

this is me and emily's reflection at hougang mrt...  the place was very quiet and eerie... very few people.... 
on the LRT [do u knoe? its my 1st time taking the LRT? yuppps. ]
on the MRT [sorriee, the sequence sucks]
me at jonathan's house, listening to some "virtual barber shop" damn cool... very hard to explain though...
me&emily's jumping pose [gary very smart, he take photo damn accurate sia. he only need one shot, can catch us jumping....]
then we play arcade.. the drums thingy... lols , 
sorrie for the lousy sequence, its not lidat derh. 
on the mrt, as u can see...
me! running down the steps at the LRT station, Rumbia.
in the lift to jonathan's hse.
me playing the wii!
gary playing the wii
scenery from jonathan's house...
2 boys playing soccer , the fake one, i mean
emily took this photo of me, i didnt knoe tat
they locked us in! so we took photos of them to blackmail them so they'll open the gate
wat sneaky things are u saying behind our backs? hahas , jkjk.
i have no idea wat im doing, but i kinda look annoyed
and finally, a group photo. successful after many many shots... hahas , jonathan looks funny. 

okayyes, enough of photos, now for the details of the whole event... lols.

okayyes, 1st, we met at hougang mrt station. i arrived 1st, then jonathan, emily and later, gary. took mrt [which was spookily quiet] to Sengkang [ i think ] and then transferred to LRT. they were all soo funny, and i was laughing and laughing all the way. then arrived at Rumbia [an LRT station] and alighted.. went to jonathan's hse and played wii. basically was bowling and tennis. then so funny. eat eat , the play cards. seriously, was veryy fun. after tat , girls were bored, so we begged jonathan to bring us to compass point [with gary too, obviously]. then they go and locked us in his condo... cos we were walking too slow..... but luckily they let us out... lols. but 1st we went to rivervalle mall. and after tat , took LRT to compass point.

at compass ,  went to arcade and played games. especially liked the "drums" game. but i played till my arms were really very sore.  then we left. jonathan took LRT  home , the 3 of us took MRT. gary and emily went home straight from hougang interchange, but i still had to take a bus. by the time i reached home , it was about 5.30pm... wow, 10.30am to 5.30pm, tat is about, 7 whole hours, phew. tats why, today, im stayin at home. sorry sheila! had to cancel our outing. 

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vivocity outing

Saturday, October 17, 2009

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okayyes, yesterday went to 6r7 girls outin to vivocity,! caught cloudy with a chance of meatballs in 3D! lols, quite nice... lets take a look at some photos we took.... or, i took with them.. 17 of us went, but i took only with some...

huang liyin & me! you can barely see us, cos i took the reflection only, hahas, anyways, im the one on the right and she's on the left... and the next 2 photos are basically me , huang and alina in the mrt....
okayyes, this one is me [middle], huang [left] & christi [right] at vivocity's water park there.... hahas, took a quick snap before playin in the water!! (:

me and christi! our legs already submerged into the water liaos, hahas, its cooling compared to the burning sun!

huang liyin posing for a picture! (:
wendy's turn... but she's rather annoyed cos huang keep on splashing water onto her pants.. hahas, its just harmless fun!
yay! 3 of us!
and ME! legs in water!hahas , 
christi's solo shot!
alrights, after tat we headed to arcade for some dancing games [proudly sponsored by huang liyin] hahas , then we watch movie... 3D, quite nice, meatballs came flying to us! then we headed home, i reached at bout 7.30 lidat. today went to bugis, alrights. buhbyes [feeling superr TIRED]
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

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today was so fun fun fun! dun wan to say any more but, PSLE  is over

went to hougang mall, then heartland mall, then go park with celine ng, alina & huang liyin! 

if u wan to look at today's photos, go to facebook and see. sorry, no time to upload, next time ba.

woohooo! im FREE!
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

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okayyes, psle was alright. i dun wanna say more bout it. tomorrow have science paper, so im revising now.

i jus post to ask who is tat mr. unknown at my tagbox.
okayyes? show urself ba. anyway, i tink i already knoe hu u are le.

pretty short post.
gotta revise.
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