Tuesday, June 15, 2010

helloh ;DD 
WOOHOO ! sorry , heh . singing song :3 obviously the song will be WOOHOO ;DD sorry , just randoming . anyway , let me recall some stuffs . 

basically nothing happened in the day ? went piano lesson in the morning . BUT in the evening , went jogging with my mummy , to keep fit , you see ? ^^ anyway , back to the point . i was jogging like , in my neighbourhood , and i saw MISS IRENE :O it's my form teacher , btw . it's like super coincidental . and scary . i was like , OMG ! and we were running in clashing directions . that means we confirm see each other . she saw me first . she was like , aey ! hahah , but that day pretty normal anyway . boring life i lead >< 

what about monday ? even worse . i didn't even go out or have any encounters with anyone . i just stayed at home and rot . haiz , there's nothing to blog at all . sorry for wasting your precious times , people . heh . 

15june(TODAY !)
heh . at least i'll have one interesting day in a week . not that it's very interesting , but ... i went out . to school , at least D: gosh , i'm making myself sound very lame . anyway , i was supposed to reach school at 9am to do D&T [Design and Technology] so my father couldn't possibly send me there cos the timing , u know , clashes . so i took the uber long 132 bus ride . and then POOSH ! when i was on the bus , it started raining . and it got real heavy >< 
i was like , OH NO ! cos i would have to walk quite a bit and cross a big junction to get to my school from the bus stop . true enough , everywhere was SUPER WET :/ it was like practically flooding and my shoes were squishy and soaked . then my umbrella couldn't cover me totally and i was like , UGH . then this stupid car sped pass me and WOOSH ! all the water from the road splashed on me . grrrr . so angry . the muddy water was HORRIBLE . then when i FINALLY reached school , my whole pinafore was black , not dark blue :X 
then i went to class , there was no one in J-block . scary much  , but i'm used to it already . then huimin came . she was drenched too . after that ,  justine and gillian came , perfectly dry . they had cars to send them there >< 
then we walked to the D&T workshop which is this really cool place with cool machinery for us to do stuff like make toys cos they have all the materials and equipment - u can cut wood and melt plastic and we are allowed to use it (: ,  which is located ... somewhere in school . it's like , we got to walk on the large track to get there . we had to use umbrellas as it was still pouring , so in the end , the pampered girls had to get wet too . the field was wet and muddy , so we couldn't take the risk to walk through . and GUESS WHAT ? cos the track was filled with puddles of water , the puddles of water were filled with 


the worms were long and thin , and boy there were MANY of them . we screamed like mad women :3 then there was this shed or something along the way and there was something that looked like a six pack suit . damn funny . i told huimin , "WHAT IS THAT?!" then she screamed and jumped when she saw that . i laughed like crazy . and it wasn't just me . everyone did ><><><>
they all so slow leh [muahahahahah] i'm so evil . they haven't complete it yet . so i waited for them . i go and take scraps of wood and used the machine scrow saw [idk how to spell it] to cut it to form "JAY-Y" !  upload picture next time ;DD i think it's damn nice . hahah , ego again . i'm painting it now (: whoooo . hee , it's gonna be perfect . i'm gonna make it into a keychain . 
then after that , we left , said bye to mr . low , then we walked to the opposite bus stop . the plan was to go to tangs plaza to grab a bite . but jielin going home , then huimin was like , "you sitting 132 ?" and she said yes and in the end , gillian and huimin go and sit 132 too . then me and justine went to tangs market and eat (: delicious . ahhaha , it's their loss . i ate unagi sushis and justine ate taro-Qs .

i mrt-ed to bugis to meet my mummy ;DD while waiting for her , 2 people asked me for directions = = do i look very knowledgable or something ?

anyway , my mother came , we went to guan yin temple to pray ;DD then we went to eat and went to shop ! went to bugis street , which my mother didn't fit in , but nevermind >< 

zaijian (:
rotting tomorrow D: 
6r7 class outing on thurs ;DDDDDDDD 

shoot . my post is actually longer . but idk what happened to the rest . grrr . blogger problem ): 

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