new year's eve

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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It's New Year's Eve , and I'm in a bad mood... 
Won't be filling in with the details but don't worry , cos my anger would always subside [real fast :D  ! ] Erm , so it's New Year's Eve and I'm alone at home... as always ... but that gives me more freedom , so i like it. Gonna blog about yesterday which was quite a fun day. Went to Marina Barrage and Vivocity with my niece , aunt and aunt's friend.
We took the MRT there and it was really crowded as it was the peak hours. But everyone became invisible when I took this photo(: Just kidding :P (of course!) Nobody was heading to Marina Bay , so I took this when the train was nearing the last station. From the MRT station , we had to take a Marina Barrage bus to Marina Barrage (like , obvious :P )
This is the place where you'll see once you get out of the bus , but it had many many millipedes (or centipedes , I can't tell the difference) crawling all around on the ground. Double eww :X
Then we went in and went to the rooftop & the bridge as the museum thing wasn't opened yet. It was super windy and rather cold but it was a great feeling. People were setting up the stage for the countdown party scheduled today (: Then we went to the museum. Everything there was like , touchscreen? So it was rather nice to play with

Saw this open book and decided to snap a picture of it. It wrote "Flood Victims at relief centre at Raffles Girls' School in Anderson Road". I think you should know why I took a photo of it. (:
Then there were all these really cool stuff.
And this place with many many screens on top of me.. can you spot me in this picture?

I think this picture looks nice ! (:
Can you spot me here too ?
Oh , and there was this place where the floor was made of glass and you could see the stuff underneath it. Can you see my legs stepping on the picture? 
But it seemed pretty scary to walk on the glass , as the feeling was like the glass was going to give way anytime.
And they had this screen to take photos of you...
marina barrage ! My niece and I :D
After Marina Barrage , we took the MRT to Vivocity to have our lunch at Marche.
Some people were also setting up a stage for the countdown party today...
At Mache's , ate what I always ate there... Wild mushroom soup & cheese sausage but instead of chocolate fudge or ice cream , I ate a brownie and ordered a coke. YUM ! Even though it doesn't seem very filling , I was really full ... Maybe because of the carbonated coke. Then went to play at the water park. And they had this newly put up sign . Figure out the meaning :

Do not run or take off your shoes. 

I understand the first part , do not run cos' that's easy but the way the phrase it , does the second part mean "Do not take off your shoes" as the Do not will be brought over. Or does it mean "take off your shoes". But it would not be proper english if we follow the latter as if it means "take off your shoes" , the sign should say "Do not run AND take off your shoes" But it's strange if we interpreted the sign with proper English. We don't usually wear shoes in the water park , but since the sign instructed us to do that , we did. It wasn't as painful as before because our slippers protected our soles from the rocks but it was rather difficult to walk as our the slippers keep on floating in the water and it felt as if there was no gravity acting on us... LOL.
After that , went to buy licorice . [Haha , all because of you , Sheila!  (: Made me love it ]
Asked to taste other flavours but still stuck to my favourite flavour (: Blueberry Bubblegum! 
Then we took MRT to Bishan and took a bus home. 
Haha , then my father collected the Taiwan trophy from Mr Ho and bought my Japanese books :D But I can't seem to understand what they're saying ... of course ! :D 
Anyway , Happy New Year .....'s eve! :D 
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cca orientation

Monday, December 28, 2009

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I went for CCA orientation today. Quite okay...
I think I want to join the editorial CCA ... or maybe Girl Guides (:
Haha , yes. Then I went to collect my stuffs from HIPS [eagles as well as PSLE certificate] and I saw Sze Zhi Hao also collecting =.=  Of all people. ): Oh , never mind.
Then went home... and did normal stuff. Just checked my mail , didn't get selected for SAP ): Oh well , never mind then. Maybe I'm not up to their standard. This will leave more time for me to do other activities , and also focus on my 3rd language and CCA (:  
Then Xuan Wei called me and told me that Mr. Ho wants us to go back to HIPS and collect something .... I was like , the timing she called was so not right... =.= now I have to make another trip there... oh well. 
So now , I'm just doing random stuff at home ... Haha :D So bored ... :P 

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singapore idol

Sunday, December 27, 2009

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I watched Singapore Idol yesterday and I'm so NOT HAPPY with the results.
Sylvia was the obvious winner.  She sang Mercy , Yellow and Touched By An Angel so well. I even voted on her ! Yes , I wasted my money on Mediacorp
It shouldn't be Sezairi. ): Oh well , never mind. If I had a choice , I would make BOTH Tabitha as well as Sylvia the winner ... 
Anyway , I shouldn't talk about all these money making tactics Mediacorp comes up with. Alright , so , let's talk about my day. Went to RGS for SAP selection test. I think I did quite ok at the practical test but I think I completely FLUNKED the interview section. Oh well , if I managed to get it , I shall count myself lucky. If I don't , I won't be too bothered either. Hope the still-life drawing of the zebra would help me(: But anyway , I made new friends. Both are GEP , oh wow. 
I also bought my books already. But tomorrow I still have to go back as we have CCA orientation.

Such a busy busy schedule even before the school term started. 
Oh well. 
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Friday, December 25, 2009

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Alright , I think I've mood to post right now.
It's Christmas ! (: I mean like , yeah. I know I posted this in the previous post , but well , there's approximately 2 more hours to boxing day. But apparently I've already opened all my presents , so tomorrow will just be a day to box people(: haha. Just kidding , of course.

Today , it was a usual Christmas Day like any other Christmas Day? Alright , I know I'm crapping once again. Well , I ate LOADS of chocolate . When i say LOADS , i mean LOADS :P .
Probably ate at least 2o pieces of chocolate today? *Sigh. I can predict that I'll constipate tomorrow. But at least I ate fruits [bananas & apples] to be exact , so I hope they'll aid in digestion as what "experts" claim. 

Anyway , I've eaten way to much today and maybe I should exercise a little tomorrow. 
My mum even gave me a box of chocolates as a Christmas present. Haha , I just can't resist the temptation. I also received other presents too of course. 

List of Christmas presents I received [and of course, I said thank you] :D 
♥ from mum - box of chocolates & box of christmas lollipops :D YUM ! 
♥ from second aunt [aka. 二姑] - bag (: I LOVE IT !
♥ from wife of 4th uncle - hairband with ribbon & a pair of earrings ^^ SUPER CUTE [especially the hairband]
♥ from second aunt's friend - monkey keychain [that moves] and handphone pouch ;P CUTE TOO!
♥ Can I add the present I received from my class christmas gathering? Oh , never mind. But it's from Vernise (: 

Okay , I guess these are my new conquers. 
Bye people ! (; Have a HOHO merry christmas ! 
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it's X'mas!

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Hellos :D 
Well , It's Christmas ! (: [think coca cola advertisement :D ] 
Alright , so it's christmas , but i don't feel like blogging about my day.
It's just the usual , you know? Like , a Christmas gathering and of course , presents ! I love presents and this year's are not a disappointment. 

So , you guys should realise I added the new prompt when you enter my blog. I think it's so cool & I love it ! Alright , just a short post.

And a HOHOHO merry christmas to you guys too ! (: 
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proper english.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

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*sigh. i think i'll have to blog in proper english nowadays. 
since i'm like , entering rgs & everyone there seems to be so ... well , you know? [it's not like some alien has invaded my mind , but , just being there makes me feel so pressurized. erm.... maybe a little pressure is good for me? i never know.] haha.  but of course , i can't be too strict to myself.  i'll occasionally allow some errors here and there and also NOT to care about capital letters. oh ya , and i'll maybe allow some short forms like TIS. haha , am i being too lenient? hmmm , i guess i better not . i have to tell myself that i'll be strict!!!

Okay , so even the word "okay" has to be "okay" and not "ok". Alright , maybe I've gone a little bit overboard. Erm , but maybe , this has to be the way to do things? This is tough. To be hitting the "shift" button ever so often is NOT something I am used to doing. But well , I guess I could handle it. It's just like typing a compo. Whoops , I mean composition. Gosh , this is hard to keep up. 

Anyway , back to my point. I am stressing myself out and I haven't even started a proper day in the school. Seriously , I feel freaked out right now. I'm not sure if i can cope with so many subjects. Especially those subjects of science. Sorry , i mean Science with a capital 'S'. Much less to jump right to 'O' level standard. Alright , now now , Li Yin , get a hold of yourself , alright? It's Christmas Eve , and so they say , "Tis' the season to be jolly" . Haha , so i should be enjoying myself right now. Okay , so I'm done with this blog post or maybe you should call it essay... 

Hope the standard of my English improves by blogging this way. 
I think it might work. 
Look back at my previous posts. Compare the difference if I actually do put in some effort :P
(And I'll not be so strict to myself as to ban smileys (: from the face of my blog :D ) 

Christmas Colours ! (: 
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

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i love rgs  ! 

whoa , 1st day there , they already brainwashed my mind. seriously . it rocks , ! and anyway , i already made friends , so its fantastic! 
when for orientation there. arrived at 7.30am cos of my kiasu parents :P go so early. but anyway , earlier was better cos we could find a parking space easily. then went to see groupings for the orientation. was in group 12. and then , saw VICTORIA's name in group 11 ! (: hahas , anyway , im the only one from HIPS. cos like , most of them went to nanyang. alright , then registered and then went to the hall for talks talks and more talks ! (: 

listened and listened . kinda boring , but i liked it. 
i made new friends . one from rosyth and the other from CHIJ toa payoh . hahas , im so fast (: 
then talked to my seniors , prefects and peer support group leaders (: very nice.
they always say RGS stuck up or snobbish or nerds , but i dun think so :D  then when to respective classes , its not our real class , only the grouping for orientation. gave out rgs file with loads and loads of forms inside . was told that i am offered japanese at moelc in bishan. so , will be taking up the 3rd language. and , I WANNA APPLY FOR SAP ! 
wat's sap? its special arts programme. so cool. nanyang has art elective but nevermind. 

will be going for selection test on monday (: hope i make it. 
maximum only 15 ppl , dunnoe i can or not :P supposed to draw something they place in front of you , then hv to go through interview and all tat. but i want(:

then went to buy uniform and then victoria was there. hahas , said hi and all tat. whoa , we meet after 2 yrs or so? :D i love rgs uniform (:

its the dark blue pinafore with the white blouse inside. and its special cos we fold our sleeves , its the rgs tradition (: and we do not button the 1st button unless we're wearing ties. oh ya , and the ties are slotted into the pinafore (: so nice.
but the best is the PE attire. its a white polo shirt which is very very nice(: and the shorts is like fbt pattern lidat :D HAHA . and oso , there's the culottes , which is like , half shorts half skirt , like my brownies uniform. tat one is like , when there's PE , we wear the shorts inside. so its like , the shirt with the culottes. PE then take out the culottes(: hahas , so cool.

decided not to buy books first cos maybe my brother hv some hand-me-downs. =.= tats the bad thing of having an older sibling. and going to the same school . [well , he didnt go to rgs , but u knoe wat i mean] 

oh ya , and saw my childhood friend , vernetta ! (: 
she's a prefect there. (:

so well , monday will be going for sap selection test and tues will be going for cca orientation.
but i kinda knoe wad cca i wanna join already. art and craft club ! (: even though its a merit cca , it can be taken as a core cca if i appeal or smth. its like , school havent started but still have to go back so often. i predict a busy year ahead. tomorrow got piano lesson :P i didnt practice this whole week. die die :X
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taq replies again

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

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im gonna reply taqs again , cos they're rollin in , baby !(: LOL
but not gonna do so complicated like jus now. 

MikaMei:): WOW ! Got into RGS , congrats . ILY !!
reply: thanks thanks (: ILY too ! 

Ris! {:: Junior ayes, saw you yesterday @ mall again, ahahaha. Study well in secondary schools okay, all th best. Loveyou, :D
reply: carris ! (: yeah. hahas , thanks thanks . love you too (:

jewelyn: liyin jie congratz that u can go ur dream school.Even i only now you for 6 months but i think we are close gud luck in the rest of ur life.Ai si ni ILY ILY ILY ILY ILY ILY ILY ILY ILY
reply: thanks jewelyn! yeah. i think we really click. ai si ni too ! (: muacks.

Huiwen(:: Woah. GratsGrats(: Pro huh. Haha.
reply: hahas , ty ty(: but im not pro. it was purely luck (: 

Brenda.: Waha , Yap Yap Jie So CLEVERRR ! :D Hahs . CONGRATSSS MENN ! :DDD
reply: ty brenda mei(: (L) 

alrights. done . 
tomorrow gonna go to my new sec school . super excited :P 
whoa , brenda even post about me on her blog. im so touched (: HAHAS , 

oh ya , and i oso loved one of my posts on facebook(:
dedicated to michael jackson.

my status : "the girl was bad , the girl was DANGEROUS. by michael jackson. (: 
then , andrew ng commented : "can i Beat it
i said "LOL , no u cannot beat it. u have to heal the world instead."
andrew "ok i'll Kill the world"
jun yuan "kill no matter if you're Black Or White"
emily "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough"
melissa yeak "why tok so much when They Don't Care About Us?"
leonard tan "ermm..are u all talking abt michael jackson songs??diao-_-"" "
gabriel lim "and remember the time too!"

HAHAS , i loved this (: so nice. 

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taq replies

Monday, December 21, 2009

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havent been replyin to taqs for a long long time , so i'll reply now(:

start from the latest , and i'll end when i feel like it. :D

BibianaMei=D: hello liyin jie! Wow! You got in to rgs! Congrats!=D feeling happy for you(: Heehee.
reply: thanks thanks bibiana meih! i wun forget u , dun worry , okay? and ILY ALOT ALOT TOO ! iMY tooo ! ^^
azt: lol i go the school i told u...
reply: oh ok... so its , maris rite? if i rmb correctly (:
HuangLiyin: i have a picture of your ice kachang after eating ! (:
reply: LOL. i think its looks disgusting , isnt it?
LEONARD: congratz!!!!um go rgs...smartie,will excel in the school u go hor!!!
reply: tyty(: but im not a smartie and i might not excel there. there are wayy too many smarties there (:
Joey: Tagtag! (:
reply: thanks for tagging ! (:Joey: Tagtag! (

alright , i think i dun wanna reply anymore(:
u knoe , im eatin this right now :

u must be thinkin im childish. but its cute and nice to eat :P LOL.
didnt knoe santa claus tasted so good. and theres a snowman and christmas tree ready to be eaten too ! (:

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sec school(:

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i could not sleep , was like , tossing and turning.
was half asleep when my mother woke me up at about 6.05 am? 
so i could get up easily.
"the sms is here !" oh god. this was it. we sat on my bed and she gingerly pressed the "view message" button on her mobile. 
blablabla is posted to RAFFLES GIRLS' SCHOOL (SECONDARY) blablablabla. 
whoa ! we were so happy we hugged. this time , i didnt cry . but she did :P 
yes ! budden i think nobody from hips going with me , ): 
they go nanyang i think.
haiz.. but maybe victoria is going to rgs too(:
then we can meet again. 
alrights. end of story. 

happy happy happy ! :D 
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x'mas gathering

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today went for the xmas class gathering at rio vista.
organised by fiona , celine ng and pius (:
alright ,  let me start on the story. 

woke up quite early in the morning. bro havent left the hse for his holiday job. couldnt be bothered with him , so went to use the com and he left the house. then halfway , about 45 mins later? my hp rang , answered it . it was my bro. he called cos he wondered if he left his key at the lock on my hse's gate. i opened the door and check , dun have leh. so told him dun hv. and he "shit"ed and said bye. 

then i very scared tat someone took the key from the lock after my bro left and was like , going to open the gate and come into my hse... and i was alone.... cos i oso heard some noise from outside before my bro even called me. walao. i damn scared. then i go and lock my main door . which we dun really go and lock. so rusty already. LOL. but i feel safer larh. then i go and get ready and went out at 11.30 am . i was still very scared . but dunnoe why suddenly my hse downstairs got police . so i felt safer larh. then i not so worried le. and then bus-ed to hougang. 

sat with a xinmin girl on the bus , dunnoe why , but she's very nice(:
i dunnoe how to explain larh. (: 
then alight , and walked to hougang mall there.... and suddenly  , !
somebody jumped forward to me from behind. so shocked ,  ! :O
hahas , it was weiping and huang liyin. meeting them for lunch. then we looked for rachael sim and we went to the kopitiam there to eat. saw carris'cjy.
i walked around , didnt find anything i wanted to eat. so i bought some strawberry desert. 
its like , ice and then pour strawberry sauce over and then 1 scoop of ice cream. quite nice larh.
 but at the bottom i dun like. cos got real strawberries , then huang liyin say not fresh :X 
then hv those corn and all those u'll find in ice kachang. which i dun like. 
so i didnt eat already. then went arcade and played para para of course(: 
played like , more than 5 times? and also other games then we went to take bus to rio vista where the gathering was held.

when we reached there , its like , alot of ppl there already.
played hide and seek. girls find boys. become like , hide and catch larh. cos we find them already still must catch. and then rio vista so big. so difficult. the boys even run to the carpark there. so dangerous -_- then we slacked around.. so boring larh. really really boring. then went playground. saw samuel chee ... then very boring larh. then so thirsty cos dunnoe why all the drinks at pius hse then cannot go in or wat. stuck outside . LOLs , but in the end can liaos larh. drank alot of fizzy drink. (: 1 cup of f&n orange & another cup of root beer. *burp. [excuse me :D] 

then most of the ppl went to the playground again to play colour catching or wat. 
didnt feel like playin. me and weiping sat on some rocks near the pool and slacked. then ryan tan called us from afar. asked us wanna play table tennis or not . well , of course. 
and very few ppl oso , nicer. i dun like crowded places. so we went to the air-coned place and played lorh. only got me , weiping , ryan , kerwin and pius i think.

ryan tan was spinning kerwin on the fnuny spinning chair. and the pius remove the cover of the seat of his chair and didnt put back d: so funny. then ryan tan keep on screaming hysterically. me and weiping laugh like siao. 
laughing weiping.

screaming and laughing ryan.
ok , then we played table tennis? which i would rather call ping pong(:
some security guard came in and ask us if we booked. we said yes cos pius or fiona booked for us. but the man insisted tat we didnt. then he brought the logbook. hah! we did book. :P
then he said tat we have to pay $10 for the net. we said it wasnt necessary. but he said we have to follow all the rules and regulations. i think fiona's mum paid for us.(: thank you ! 
alright , 
then played ping pong and was leading when i was against pius. 
then the security guard came and said tat i wasnt wearing proper attire , meaning , my shoes. cos i was wearing slippers? he said i had to be in track shoes or sports shoes or wateva -_-
FINE ! i had enough. i went to sit at the funny spinning chair and chatted with weiping.

then the rest of the ppl found us ... ): oh no. 
did i mention i hate crowds?  and so they came and play . the whole room became nosier and nosier. chatted with xin rong , weiping , megan and yusong. then xin rong suggested we play murderer. so gathered a few ppl to play outside where it was more quiet. then we play. quite fun. then gary left. ian poy and jerome kwok pranked called and then fiona oso joined in . the rest of us laugh and laugh. like , so damn funny cos the person being pranked thought fiona was a boy acting as a girl and then called her a eunuch... then i went back inside and slacked around then went to the minimart with shu hui , xin rong and wei ping and bought some biscuits and a mars bar. ate the biscuits cos i was damn hungry. hey , i only ate desert for lunch , ok? and not really a proper breakfast. then was dinner time at celine's . exchanged gifts . ryan tan took mine and i took vernise's (:

eat eat eat. 
then pranked called ms yeo , i think.
celine ng tell her tat ian poy opted for hihs... LOL
then my parents came and fetched me.  thanks to weiping for waiting with me(:
parents told me tat they changed the lock of my hse gate. ok , much more relived. 

so , tats the end of my story. 
OMIGOSH! its like , tomorrow will knoe wat sec school im going. alright , not tomorrow , but today cos already 12 midnight liaos. cant sleep , still very energetic even though i was like , active the whole day today. haiz... scared to see the sms tomorrow .. i mean , today :P LOL.
dunnoe if i can make it to either rgs or nanyang , i really really want to. its a burning desire 
[haha , my brain got fried by the para para machine , cos there's a song called "burning desire"]

oh ya , i love wu zun [ 吴尊 ] ! not really love larh , i just kinda idolize him.
im not those ppl who go crazy over guys from boy bands. especially the korean wave . bleah. no offence to anyone out there. but i just like wu zun (: HAHAS . oh yeah , and michael jackson , of course. wu zun's features are like , so perfect . :X 
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Sunday, December 20, 2009

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This is Bob
/ \

He was drawing a picture ((̲̅ ̲̅(̲̅C̲̅r̲̅a̲̅y̲̅o̲̅l̲̲̅̅a̲̅( ̲̅̅((> & listening to his 
╔═══╗ ♪... 
║███║ ♫
║ (●)  ♫
╚═══╝♪♪   music

when a
̿' ̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=(•̪●)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ terminator shot him

Bob used a plaster to cover the boo boo :( ( ̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅[̲̅ ̲̅]̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅ )

But .....
(\__/) This is Phil
(='.'=) He eats stick people
('')_('') run, bob!]

LOL , i found this cute , so i decided to post it(:
anyways , later going rio vista fr. pre-xmas class gathering , (: 
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hougang point

Friday, December 18, 2009

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today went to hougang point again with my mother(:
went there to eat dinner. on the way there , walked at the void deck there.
spott-ed kah yuen (spelling?) from r1 and philip from r4. (aka rachel wee's brother). they were riding bicycles. waved to them and said hello. then kah yuen asked my mother wat the time was. apparently , it was 5.15pm . philip didnt say anything. he was just smiling there .LOLS. okay.
then went to hougang point. ate fishball noodles at the kopitiam there(: i love tat stall , ! really very nice , u all must try it (:

then shopped awhile then went up to fairprice xtra. bought groceries. and nail polish ! (: and chocolate , ! (:  hahas , bought black nail polish(: then after tat went to watsons and bought transparent nail polish(: hahas , then i went to buy ice cream from mcdonalds. bought a chocolate flavour burst . the person mendin the desert kiosk is tat teenage boy again . always buy ice cream from him :P he always smile de lorh. hahas , and keep on sayin "thank you" repeatedly .  my mother always find him very strange , when he give me the ice cream like , aiyah ,  dunnoe how to explain. then she always wan to stand there and see if he's so nice to the other ppl too. LOL , "mummy , never mind. lets go." -_- but he seems quite ok larh. noticed his eyes changed colour :P should be coloured contact lens. LOL. 

then went home. *phew. luckily today never stomachache(: 
went home and painted my toenails black(: my big toes had an additional streak of pink(:
lol , DIY nail art. but i think i made a big mess  :P better get some nail polish remover D:

oh yeah , thanks to everyone who has been taqqinq at my so called "cool" taqbox :X
loveeeeeeeeee you guys loads , yeah ? unless u are a spammer or watever.
and and , notice the pics which are moving on top of the taqbox? they're basically black & white with a hue of color (:
this type of pic is called colour spash !(: love the effect.
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70th post

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

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hmmms , yeah. this is my 70th post in this blog?
which oso includes post in my previous blog , , cos i merely changed the url. 
the day has just started and i've got nothin to blog about?
erm , so i'll blog about yesterday.
didnt go out , was superr bored at home . 
erm , ya. then i took some pictures at night , not of myself , but of my shadows! 
u knoe , shadows are really funny things.
they are with us in our whole life , so we ought to say thank you to this companion tat has been followin us around(: oh , i think i've got a screw loose sayin all this crap :P 
heart shape ! yeah .                   peace sign ! (: 2 peaces are better than one ... LOL 
and high-five ! wah , i realised im damn lame siah. 
and i oso took pictures of only my shadow ! 
and then , cos i was terribly bored , i went to "hold" the light in my room :P 
and i realised my hand wasnt an opaque object. cos light could pass through it (:

alright , im done with this weird post ! its my 70th crappy post ! yeah ! (:
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exco outing(:

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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today went to vivo fr. the exco outin(:
ppl were: sheila , jonathan , delvin , ian & sheffield 
obviously , cos they are the excos(: sheffield's the only p5. but its ok , i think . cos he blended in well?
hmms , this outing is like , more of a me & sheila outing(: [to me]
cos the boys werent really together with us. LOL. but neverminds. 
ok , here comes the story(:

get out of my hse at about 10am? [supposed meeting time was 10.30am , at hg's interchange sweet talk] then rannnn for the bus... luckily , the kind bus driver stopped for me. thank you , uncle ! hahas , then reached sweet talk at like , 10.07am?
msg-ed sheila , ask her if she's comin soon , she said yeah(: 
hahas , then not long after , sheffield came.  then sheila. (:
the other 3 boys took superrr long ... haiz... then they came eventually.
said they were waitin at the hougang mall's sweet talk... LOL. well , tat's understandable. cos there was some misconception . alright , wateva. 

so we took mrt to habourfront. went to get tickets for planet 51 --12.10pm movie. 
hmms , then me and sheila went to water park. the boys went to the arcade.
we girls were like torturing ourselves. there were many small stones in the water. sooo painful): but there were some cute pre-school kids playin. teacher brought them here. (:

then went to arcade to join the boys. they were playin racing , like , of course.
topped up $20 and so , play! hahas , played motorcycle game which i fell in love with. and then played the dancing game. and after tat para para . we didnt knoe the boys left already... then delvin called sheila. said why we not there yet. we look at the time ... oh no ! so late already? haahs , but para para still hv like , 3 more games? so we finish playin then ran to the cinema. luckily the boys werent heartless(: 

then i wanted to eat smth from the cinema's snack bar at the 2nd storey , but not open=.= so went down to the usual snack bar and bought a hotdog combo. sheila bought the same. then smth happened. then we went up and went to the cinema lorh. the show was rather ok larh. but delvin was so damn funny through out the whole show. sheila also. we keep on laughin. oh ya , u knoe those pre-school kids oso watched the same show as us? then sit at the row behind us , keep on kickin my seat -_- , and even pulled sheila's hair. oh well. 

then after the movie , was needing the toilet desperately. hahas , then me and sheila ran up up up to look for it. didnt realise there was one jus in front of us... the boys went to tat toilet. didnt tell us... LOL. neverminds. exercise is gd for me(: they went to eat subway. but me and sheila not hungry so we walked around. i ate my old chang kee sotong(: HAHA. again , yes. then we went to buy licorice or smth lidat. damn long , maybe about 60cm? i dunnoe. LOL. i bought some blueberry bubblegum flavour. sheila bought smth yellow. i forgot wat flavour .. hahas , looked really sick when we eat it , but well , its nice and sweet(:

then went to arcade again and played motorcycle game and the dance dance one and some random games... then played para para(: i got into the highscore and was 1st(: hahas , unbelievable... then me and sheila took some "neoprint" that wasnt really neoprint... hahas , dunnoe how to describe it. then wanted to write the date on it , but time was runnin out , so in the end only write the number 15 which had no meaning at all ... LOLS. but tat "neoprint" only $3 , cheap compared with the $8 in hougang mall. 

then decide to walk around aimlessly. 
and me and sheila saw MRS POH! our p3 teacher. sheila didnt see her. then i called "mrs poh! " hahas , then we chat-ed awhile with mrs poh and then said bye(: then we decided to go home. took mrt back to hougang . played on sheila's psp. then we bus-ed back home separately. 

hmmms , overall quite an enjoyable day. maybe photos next time(:
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shoppin spreeeeeee!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

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whoa , i went on a massive shoppin spree durin the weekends with my mother(:
i bought wat i intended to buy and oso stuff tat i didnt intend to buy ... LOL. i think i wasted money(:
ok.. talk about yesterday(:
went to suntec cos i wanted to go to popular book fest(:
went to eat kfc, hahas , tried the new black pepper chicken ... we were the  1st customers for lunch... other patrons were havin their breakfast :P LOL.
well well , it was damn damn spicy leh... seriously. 
i dun really recommend it to people. cos it was sooo spicy , i jus kept drinkin... but still ok larh.
then got lost in suntec... LOL. 
but finally found it. 
bought loads of stuff. seriously. most of it , i dun really need it :P but i still bought. dunnoe why.
ok... then went to eat mcflurry?
and went home. 
went to j8 again(: 
went to popular and bought skippin rope? and some white ink pens.
then went to minitoons and bought a hairband and 4 of those springy springy rubberbands...
and then , went to zinc and bought a school bag ... yay! (:
went to library and msg-ed father to pick us up cos he was in the vicinity ...

alright. tats it(:

[yay ! my com is functioning properly now(: WOOTS , !]

to the very obvious tags in my tagbox : its ok. (: im forgiving. :P
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quiz from shipei's blog

Thursday, December 10, 2009

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was bored , and went blog hoppin , so decided to do this quiz from shipei's blog. 
(click fr her blog!!)

1. Are you single or attached?

2. Do you have a person you like?
last time , but not now.

3. What is the name of the person you are in love with?
i told u mah, dun hv liaos.

4. If the person you love and your mum dropped into the sea, who would you save first?
my mum =.=

5. Have you ever hugged someone before?
obviously larh. walao =.=

6. Do you love your parents?

7. Will you hug the one you love?
yes i would (:

8. Are you willing to do anything for the one you love?
see 1st. maybe bah. 

9.Are you jealous now?
why shld i be?

10. Who was the last preson who smsed you?

11.Who is in your clique?
depends larh. i dun hv a specific group . hang out wif diff. ppls. but , probably the excos(:

12.Do you want babies in the future?
shld be bah

13.Do you prefer McDonalds, KFC, LongJohnSilver or Burger King?

14.Do you sniff glue?
nopes. only when doin my art(: LOLS

15. Do you smoke?
i would nvr touch a cig. 

16.If the person you love is a 2-timer, what would you do?
hate him like crazyyyy , !!  i cant stand ppl lidat. 

17.Which cca are you now in?
currently no sch.... pri sch- brownies.(: 

18. If you are rich, what would you do?
buy loads of stuff larh. 

19. If the person you love, held your hand, what would you do?
*tingles of excitement run down my spine(:

20. If the one you love reject you, what will you do?
i dunnoe. heck care lo. but i wun be the one confessing , no matter how deep the love is. so the one i love wun hv chance to reject me.

21. What is your favourite cartoon character?
patrick the starfish!

22. Friendship or love?
friendship , DUH!

23. Cookie monster or Elmo?

24. Do you use laptop or computer?

25. Do you like lollipops?
yepps , of course. i hv a sweeet tooth. 

26. Do you have a diary?
used to. but now dun hv. 

27. There's an admirer of yours and he won't die heart, what will you do?
let him continue ... hah! he'll stop very soon derh lah. 

28. If you quarrel with your boyfriend/girlfriend and he/she wants to break, what will you do?
break then break lorh. who cares? 

29. Are you blur?

30. If you can have your hair dyed, what colour do you want it to be?
dark brown. 

31. Who is the last person you chatted in your msn?
huang liyin & sheila 

32. How many boys/girls have you beaten before?
as in? fight? or wat.... LOLS

33. If your boyfriend/girlfriend don't love you anymore, what will you do?
"i also dun love u anymore mah! i was jus fakin it... can win best actress award right? tyvm. gdbye(:"  LOLS.

ok... done with this quiz... which i ripped from shipei(: HAHAHA....
i tag everybody in my links! (:
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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

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 this is darling's creation(:  LOLS. she did it on msn. 
hahas , wun say anymore... but its nice... 

cuttin hair later , ! omg.... but wun cut it short of course... i'll be heartbroken (:

haiz... honey go and watch princess and the frog wif other ppl =.= , now darling and baby hv to cancel outing ): 

hmmmms , ANYBODY wanna watch princess & the frog with me??? 
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just now when to hougang point to take a walk.  (its called festival market , but its not really a market , its a mall) 

at first my mother ask me to go , didnt feel like going , cos my leg still very pain from all the skippin .... like , 1600+ already , since monday ... haiz...
but wanted to eat somethin after dinner (hahas , tat explains my size) , so i went lorh.

wah.... i walked out of hse a few steps , damn pain le . but i still walk lorh. cos im such a resilient girl :P LOLS. then the more i walked , the less pain ... (: yay!  hougang point is kinda far from my hse... its like , hv free shuttle bus derh. but i dun take ... cos exercise is gd for u (: ! u see? i walk the distance a bus travels ... pro mah ? ;) hahas ,

then after tat reach there , my leg is like , not pain liaos(: woots. walked around . i look see look see... nothin nice to buy... so i went to old chang kee there and bought fried sotong , !  i dunnoe why , but i love it. rmb-ed someone tellin me she loves it too... forgot who liaos ... haiz... i shld learn to stop crapping... 

then i eat .... went to fairprice xtra to shop around. wanted to buy chocolate  , but at home oso hv , so didnt buy . but regretted it leh , shld hv bought. ): cos i crave for a snickers bar now ... LOLS. 

hmmms , when i was walkin around , stomach pain , CRAP LARH. i always go out then will stomach pain derh.. tat time AMK hub oso , then must rush back. at least 3 times im caught in such situations =.= 
so rushed back home ... ): wanted to eat ice cream de leh... wth larh. when walking back home my stomach sooo pain... crossed traffic light tat time , CAR ACCIDENT siah. no larh , im not involved , i just witness lidat only . heart the loud crash ... then turn around and see lidat. luckily not those type a fatal accident . maybe only a small dent ... but still some drama.

but the only thing on my mind was "get back home quickly" !!! woah , it was terrible walking home... shld hv taken the shuttle bus... luckily when i went home , went toilet a while , then ok larh (: hahas , then ate my chocolate (later constipate :P) while watchin TV....

then my mother take pity on me , cos i've been cravin for mcflurry... but didnt get to eat it... so she let me eat our own ice cream lorh. not as nice as mcflurry , but well , better than nothin . raspberry ripple(: hahas , and i dun get to eat it so late at night often(: so well , ok-ok larh. 

but tat hougang point trip wasnt fruitful at all , !
[apart from tat sotong i ate & tat it cured my aching legs]

oh well , 

p.s. jasmine tyl , how come tomorrow cannot go out? oh well , u wat day free? cos honey and baby wanna watch the princess & the frog with darling , ! [if u knoe wat i mean]

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Monday, December 7, 2009

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hmmms , im not gonna do wat jeraldine or sheila did on their blogs ... like , u knoe ? list down their good friends and thank them , !!!

but since sheila-lala wrote about me on her blog
(click fr her blog!!)

i think , i'll reply to her(:
ripped off wat she typed(:

miss smile and laugh alot(:
gd friends since you stepped into HIPS
i rmb the day when me and vic walked up to you and talked(:
but we seperated in p4.
den a prefect exco you became, we got closed agn(:
you were surprised with ur results,
you deserve it(:
work hard in the sec school ur going!
surpass the rest of the smarties!
xoxo iloveyou(:

sheilaleeshilei , tat's so touchin  , ! imy alot alot !
tyvm. (:

now i'll do one fr. u(: 

SHEILAleeshilei , 
pretty pretty girl , ! 
tyvm to u and vicky , cos i might've been a lonely girl(:
wild & hyper , yes u were .
made me laugh with ur hyperness.
sometimes , u're emo , sometimes , happy.
i'll still love u all the same....
but , stay cheerful and work hard in sec sch , !!
u can do it , i knoe u can.
we've to meet up nxt time , 
i miss u alot (:

was bored , so decided to do smth fr. her(:

hahas , maybe a bit small ... but oh well(:
if u click it , the picture will be bigg :D
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