Sunday, May 29, 2011

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Right , so I had the most amazing time on Friday .
We only had three blocks of lessons and then it was the end of school and everyone had to make their way to Toa Payoh Stadium for SPORTS FEST 2011 ! House commers met at the canteen where we ate lunch and then we had transport to bring us there (:

Louisa gave everyone a sweet note on a gay yellow piece of paper . I thought mine was really touching , thanks louisa ! (: Will work towards it .

Waddle house comm was just super duper cool , we brought balloons and crepe paper and everything and decorated our spot super nicely . Compared to the other houses , our area looked really pretty ! We had face paint as well , so we painted each other's faces :D I had a "W" on one cheek and a lightning bolt on the other , which is like harry potter-ish and therefore shouts WADDLE WIZARDRY WAHAHA . my awesome alliteration skills are so awesome .

Then everyone started streaming into Toa Payoh Stadium . Everyone was like super tired and for the lack of a better word , "sian" . Especially the sec twos onwards . I guess everything just impacted me and I didn't have much energy as well . But I thought I tried my best in hyping everyone up so I don't think I did badly . Then after the many races that a sports fest is supposed to have , which waddle did a pretty good job in , we had the cheer cum dance display competition .

And this was when I was so pissed and frustrated . I know I shouldn't have been , but I was . When the Waddle cheerleaders did their cheering routine , which all Waddlians should have been cheering loudly so as to score better , barely anyone was cheering and the atmosphere not too good . I felt very frustrated , everyone didn't cheer like how we rehearsed , and felt really bad for the cheerleaders who put in so much effort into this . But they still put on a bright smile and were not demoralized , something that was really heartening . And their dance display was really really awesome . For your viewing pleasure ;

GOOD JOB CHEERLEADERS ! ;D oh well Waddlians , we should try harder next time ! WE NEED TO CHEER REALLY LOUDLY (; Richardson got first for the cheer competition and we were a close second and that's something to be really proud of .

Tarbet got overall champion for Sports Fest . Congrats Tarbetians :D

Anyway , after that , we had the AWESOME HOUSE COMM DINNER ! It was so much fun , pity those who couldn't make it . We went to Bishan J8 and ate Pizza Hut (: Everyone was tired and worn out but it was so good ! Then Anissa treated us to Marble Slab Creamery . THANKS , dear captain (: We didn't want her to spend so much on us even though she allowed it so we shared pints , which were pretty expensive too ohman . Haha Jing En , Lynn , Jia Qian and myself got Cheesecake and Birthday Cake flavours in a pint :D I asked the guy to mix in REESE'S PEANUT BUTTER CUPS into our cheesecake and ohboy was it awesome !

Then we went home and it was really late I was so tired D:


We had AA Prep from 2pm onwards and it was super busy , I guess we were all rushing to make everything perfect for the visitors . There were two RI scouts [dancers :D] who came earlier to rehearse their dance . Everyone kind of just stopped whatever we were doing and watched them . They were really really awesome . Their dance moves are just smooth and they look as if they didn't have bones , it was just so cool .

Then the Sec Twos had to change into Guides Uniform , Christina and I then walked around school aimlessly and many people were strolling in :D Finally , AA started . GOOD JOB SEC FOURS ! (: Even though it wasn't the best campfire I've attended , lacking a bit in the entertainment factor , it was still really awesome because I know that this is the AA which the sec fours put in their heart and soul to do up a performance , a really touching one that is . I think that the sec four batch is a super enthu batch , with everyone loving Guides with all their heart and they are all really bonded , a batch that my batch is striving to become , not imitate , but to learn from .

Anyway , the RI scouts never fail to impress every time they dance . They should just join Dance or something . BUT our RGGuides sec fours don't lose out okay ! It was refreshing to see all the seniors dance like ... Mayo ! Haha , but she was the center of attraction mainly and I don't know how she could handle Waddle Cheerleading , her Batch dance and choreograph the sec one's batch dance ! And Wei Yi had her own fanclub it was so cute to watch .

Then everything ended and we exchanged gifts :D I'm glad my oreo monsters were deemed "cute" heh . I thought they looked weird .

I don't want striping to come , it will be a really really sad occasion ):
I love this sec four batch a lot even though I don't know many of them . Or rather , they don't know me .

Love ,
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Friday, May 27, 2011

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it was like a fairytale , okay not really but it is a day to remember .
it is a day where i experienced many emotions ;


but it's pretty late now so i will elaborate it another day . I MUST DO IT . or i will lose this beautiful memory (':
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Monday, May 23, 2011

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I feel like posting my 30-day challenge thing , but it's going to be unsubstantial since I'm on the verge of sleeping already . Therefore , I'm not going to do it till sports fest and annual assembly is over because I don't feel like shortchanging my readers , if any .

However , if you can't get enough of me HEH . go check out this video and subscribe if you want (:

It's an ICT project , but I think its cool , so whatever :D

Alright , toodles (: I need the energy .

Love ,
liyinnnn !
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

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ALRIGHT ;D day 12 of my 30 day challenge (:
Such awesome willpower to do this kind of crappy thing but not for real work . But anyway , here it is !

Five guys whom you find attractive

HEH , real guys or fake guys ? real = people i actually know , fake = i know them but they don't know me ): I think fake guys would be much much easier . So here goes :


HARRY SHUM JUNIORRR ! :DD spazzing so much right now . I don't watch Glee , he's Mike Chang in that ! And I didn't watch Step Up either . But he's a really really cute guy , an amazing dancer may i add and he's super attractive ! & Wongfuproductions just released three new shorts today , all starring him ! Is that fantastic or fantastic ? Makes me love him more (:

super cute , watch it (:


Wesley Chan from wongfuproductions :D
even though I don't like how he's so soft spoken [ i love philip's character more ] , he's very attractive heh .

my number one and two in the same photograph :D how awesome can this be ? wesley's the one holding to the camera and harry shum jr's the one in blue behind him (:


ryan higa :D he's such an awesome person . not the most flattering photograph of him though !


joseph vincent :DDD he sings super well as well ! what's there not to love ?


ryan follese , lead singer of hot chelle rae . haha sometimes he looks quite cute but sometimes he looks a bit strange , therefore being number five .


yeah i know whatever , michael jackson isn't in this list , but this isn't a talented list (: it's attractiveness and i must admit , mj isn't the most attractive guy .

i hate my lack of willpower in terms of practicing my piano .
i promise , i seriously promise , that i will practice for 2 hours a day during the june holidays .


love ,
liyin !
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I'm super tired , had a super long day ):
But I'm still gonna do my 30-day challenge :D However , I don't quite get what I'm supposed to do :

Your family

Mmmm , what ? Am I supposed to write about my family or state who's in my family or what ? But oh well , since I'm so tired , I shall just state - I have a father , a mother and a brother :D yay done heh . This is so unsubstantial but never mind ! (:

Went to far east after a super long day in school for open house and dawn and I saw Kumar , you know the comedy drag queen ? He was just walking around in shades and there was this man who walked pass Kumar and then stopped and whispered to his wife , "kumar ! kumar !"

Bishan library is such a conducive place for study , it's so quiet and all . Pity I don't make use of this facility often .

loveeee ,
liyinnnn !

p/s : robbie williams is freaking old and he's not very handsome but i think he has a lot of charisma !
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Friday, May 20, 2011

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day 10 of my 30 day challenge ! :D
yay i have finished one third of my challenge (:

Put your music player on shuffle and write the first ten songs that play
1 . Crash & Burn - Sugarbabes
ahh i haven't listened to this song for ages ! :D i remember i felt that it was an awesome song & it was on loop for quite some time . i think that the meaning of this song is really true , they talk about how in love , you got to look out for tell tale signs , or the relationship would just - as the title suggests - crash and burn .

2 . OMG - Usher feat . WILL.I.AM
heh i always wondered if you read WILL.I.AM's name was william , as in prince william or will i am , as in seperate words . but that's besides the point . again , this song was a song that has been on loop for quite some time . i think i do that to every new song i discover and like . this song doesn't have much meaning , they just describe this super hot girl or something and i guess they are hyperventilating , therefore going "ohmygosh" everytime . doesn't exactly relate to me .

3 . Just a Dream - Christina Grimmie & Sam Tsui Cover
yes this is the super popular cover that even people who are not fans of christina grimmie know about . i think the vocals of the two of them really match really well , not all singers are able to achieve this awesome standard . but hey , let's give some credit to the original singer / songwriter , nelly . at first glance , the lyrics seem to just be talking about one's other half , like how millions of songs out there talk about the same topic of love . however , the story behind nelly writing this song is really touching . he hasn't been writing songs since 2005 as his sister died of leukemia and he was very affected . but , his sister came to him in a dream and told him to write a song to soothe himself . now , if you look back at the lyrics , they mean so much more .

4 . Hold my Hand - Michael Jackson feat . Akon
this is the second "original" michael jackson song released after his death , after the song "Breaking News". i was skeptical of it at first as i felt that it was a marketing gimmick by sony . but look at the lyrics , even if it really IS some commercial thing by the music label , it's a super meaningful song that should be shared , no matter if the singer isn't michael jackson . it talks about how two people should lend support to one another , holding each other's hand .

5 . Avalanche - Marie Digby
i have always been marie digby's fan since she was a nobody on youtube to who she is today , a relatively popular artiste . she has come very far , breaking free from her many obstacles to pursue her dream . this song , avalanche , kinds of showcases this whole process and it's again a very meaningful song [i feel so proud , my musical choices are all so meaningful and deep] . this shows how we can overcome and pull through this "avalanche" , which is a mountain of mistakes and all , and to leave without regrets .

6 . World Behind My Wall - Tokio Hotel
i love awesome bands . tokio hotel is one of them . this song is also another very inspirational song (': it starts off with a few emo lines , talking about one's problems and the tempo of the song is also rather dead and dreary . then it ups the tempo and the dynamics get more energetic and then the lyrics go "the sun will shine like never before" amongst other really meaningful phrases . the song just means that we got to breakfree from our wall , the barrier that separates us from the true awesome world that we can be anyone .

7 . Shake - Jesse McCartney
ohman , such a frivolous song - breaks my chain of meaningful inspirational songs ): but never mind , i think jesse mccartney is a cutie (:i think he was more of a "hit" a few years back , he was cuter then , but he's still pretty young at 24 years old , so what's there not to love ? this song is just about him and a girl . typical songs i don't see any meaning of . but it has a catchy beat so that's good ! and i love the part when a phone rings in the middle and he would go "i hope that's her right now" or something like that .

8 . Woohoo - Christina Aguilera feat . Nicki Minaj
chain of frivolous songs seem to be trending right now . ahh well , spoils my image of being an intellectual person who only listens to meaningful songs . anyway , from the title , it's obvious that this song has sexual references and that's not very kid-friendly . if you play SIMS or know slang , then you would know that WOOHOO = urm sex . so yeah . - awkward - this song just talks about this kind of stuff , stuff that i don't think i need to go into the details . oh but i love nicki minaj a lot , i mean , a female rapper dears ! can't fault her at all . oh but there's this white female rapper Amy from Karmin . go check her out . she's awesome as well .

9 . Follow Me Down - 3OH!3
this song is super confusing . it's from the alice in wonderland soundtrack :D why is it confusing ? firstly , i have no idea how to pronounce this band name , and secondly , i don't get the whole song . it just keeps going like "follow me" and all that , but i still love the beat , it's super super catchy and 3OH!3 never ever fails to impress me with their creativity . wait - i think i just got what the meaning of the song . it's from alice in wonderland right ? i think its like "follow me" down into the rabbit hole thing . YEAH i'm pretty sure that's what it means - "so follow me down out of this town , i'll show you around" . sweet (:

10 . Redonkulous - 2 Pistols feat . Jason Derulo
this is probably the most retarded song ever . i have no freaking idea what "redonkulous" means , probably a made up word , i think it kind of means "hot" or something . okay like seriously , look at the lyrics . "her back is so redonkulous , her mother could've own it is" . her mother what ? the gramatical sense is incorrect and i have no idea what it means or implies . and even worse , there's this line that says "bottoms got an apple in it" . i have a strange feeling it's a sexual reference . but i'm pure and innocent , therefore i am unable to understand anything . but this song is super catchy , i must give them that :D

Alright that sums up the 10 songs :D quite cool hmm ?
Today was Open House prep . I was caught between waddle boards and guides . In the end , I went to do the Waddle Board , which was seriously lacking in manpower . Quite satisfied with the end product hoho . Yes , tomorrow's Open House ! :D I have like three shifts - physics booth , waddle house comm , and guides . Hopefully I'd be able to plan properly and not get caught between two shifts .

But anyway , I can't wait ! It's gonna be quite exciting , any big event in RGS is awesome . hopefully it doesn't rain :D

love ,
liyin !

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

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so let's get this over and done with , shall we ?

How important you think education is

Ahh , how important I think education is ? What a perfect timing to ask me this question , considering that the new cabinet of Singapore was unveiled today by PM Lee and our education minister is going to be a new guy who has never been an office holder , Mr Heng Swee Keat . Hopefully he does a good job .

But anyway , back to the question . I'll probably give a very politically correct answer but this would definitely be my TRUE VIEWS on education and not just to be a boot licker . Basically like all other kids out there , I do not exactly enjoy school and occasionally would ask myself why am I studying ? There's no point in this . However , for practicality , education is very important as it determines our future and everything . Careers determine our survival in this world . Therefore , no matter how we hate studying , I still feel that is important . What I truly hate is the mindset that started all these .

Why does life circle around education and later careers ? It thoroughly demoralizing . I'm not sure if this occurance happens only in Singapore , but it's so depressing . We are getting busier and busier by the days and time is running out for us . For us to do what ? To make money for survival . Survival is the top priority of everything and I don't like it . I'd rather be a lazy pig and have fun and make the most of my life and die young and happy . But society doesn't accept such people , it's not the standard thing for people to do . It is so unfair .

But all in all , after my mindless babbling , education IS still very important to me .

Right , day nine of my 30 day challenge completed :D

love ,
liyin !

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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Hello !
I'm in a dilemma . But never mind . Got back my Physics paper today . I was super worried that I would fail it because I was not confident at all for physics ! Luckily I got an okay GPA of 3.6 (:

Right , day eight of my 30-day challenge ! :

What you ate today

What I ate today ? Pretty easy , alright here goes :D

Breakfast : a cup of milo
Recess : ham & cheese bun that should've been my breakfast , ice lemon tea
Lunch : [which i ate at 3pm because of RS] chicken pie , ice lemon tea without ice
Currently : Stickys :D that are marble flavoured :D
Dinner [which I'm going to eat soon] : Spaghetti Bolognese which I cooked during home econs or rice , meat , egg and cabbage :D
What I'm going to eat later : 2 hershey kisses or eve's pudding which we made in home econs !


anyway , today was a relatively good day . cleared a lot of doubts with mr larry during RS :D
but i'm really tired and drained .

love ,
liyin !
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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Okay , just a quick blog post to fulfill my 30-day challenge because I'm feeling both mentally [due to house capt nominations] and physically [due to my being out for class comm the whole day] drained .

right , so day seven of my 30-day challenge is :

Five Pet Peeves

Pet peeves ... Many things irritate me .
I'm super tired now , so let's get this over and done with , shall we ?

  1. People who are obsessed with their fringe ! alright , i admit that i sometimes get a bit too concerned over my fringe too but if you keep touching it , it's so damn irritating .
  2. People who don't finish their food ! i hate it that people don't think about the less fortunate ): you know how much i'd like to give them a slap in the face ?
  3. People who wear their shirts the wrong way round ! i just saw a guy doing this today . self-explanatory . i think it's so disgusting .
  4. People who stare at others ! oh man , please get a life . you shouldn't stare , it's really rude .
  5. Myself . i annoy myself . i am a horrible person . i am disgusting .

Alright done !
I think , from my tone of voice , you can tell that I'm really really irritated and having a pretty bad day . So yeah , I'm sorry , but deal with it .

booya .
love ,
liyin .
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Monday, May 16, 2011

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Day 6 of my 30-day tumblr challenge ! :D Doing great so far , i guess . Pretty proud of myself for blogging regularly (: Anyway , here's the challenge of day 6 :

Your views on mainstream music

My views on mainstream music ? I didn't really understand what exactly mainstream music was , and therefore wiki-ed it . It confirmed my thoughts that mainstream music was like those kind of like popular music which many people listen to . My views are pretty neutral because I like the non-mainstream kind of music , like those of indie rock genres , and I love supporting independent artistes ! And I love comedy music , which is the best of all and doesn't fall under mainstream music !

Why do I like mainstream music ? Michael Jackson is the King of Pop , he sings pop songs that are under the mainstream music category , and I love the songs he sings as well as him therefore liking mainstream but nowadays , I think that the mainstream music industry is playing it too safe . Almost all the melodies and beats of songs are very similar and everyone is just using the normal chart topping beats and not exploring to something funkier or wackier . In other words , mainstream music is getting too boring for its own good .

They should just explore and don't care about what their audience think . Oh well , then I guess they won't be considered mainstream anymore and mainstream music would still be mainstream music which is conservative beats and stuff . That's really lousy .

I like non-mainstream music because they explore many different topics through melodies and they touch on touchy subjects , sometimes sounding rather crute but that's non-mainstream music for you ! And that's how I like my stuff .

But all in all , I think that both mainstream and non-mainstream music are really good and it just depends on the listener himself . Personally ? I enjoy both :D

Yay day 6 challenge completed !

Oh , Chinese was so screwed . Everyone did pretty badly in my class ): I think our teacher was pretty disappointed with my class . Perhaps the marker was really strict . And the point is that one single compo constitutes our whole semester one chinese results ! So if you flunk it , no matter how good you are at Chinese , you flunk your chinese grade for this first half of the year . If you wrote out of point and fail it , then you fail your Chinese and that's not very fair because you might be good at Chinese but this compo changed your grade . for the worse . Luckily , I didn't flunk it but I didn't do very well either ): It's like a mere 41 out or 70 DDDDD: And I had been deducted 4 marks for writing the wrong words .

How life sucks .
Not really , when you have a cool grandma who goes to RWS and gets you big packs of Hershey Kisses and Reese's Peanut Butter Pieces :D

love ,
liyin !

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

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fifth day of my 30-day challenge ! :D
It's not a very appropriate challenge , but I shall just do it :

Things you want to say to an ex

Ahhum , considering that I didn't exactly have a boyfriend , like a "real" one , I would naturally not have an ex ! But , let's just view this from the kind of character I have . I am basically a person with serious mood swings , even though I appear cheerful most of the time . Therefore , my ability to get over things is really fast , because my mood changes very often , and I would forget negative things that happened .

So , there's only one thing I would say to my ex , and that would be ;

thanks for the experience , but i'm glad i've gotten over you .

Yeap ! That's it :D Pretty brief , but day 5 completed !
I just came back from my piano lesson . Haven't heard the word "improved" in a while , but I did today . So I'm pretty happy , even though my piano playing abilities are still really really limited and I doubt I would pass when I take the exam later this year .

loveeee ,
liyinnnn .
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Alright , Blogger was down yesterday , therefore restricting my ability to post yesterday , which is the reason why I didn't do the challenge yesterday ): But I'm going to do two today to make up for it ! :D Third day challenge :

A book I love

Yes , it's "the five people you meet in heaven" by Mitch Albom . I haven't read it in a long time , the first time I read it was when I was nine , in primary three . I remember I was quite proud when I finished reading it , considering it was my first relatively thick "adult novel" I finished on my own , but I didn't think I had quite understood it . It was my brother's sec one literature book , if I'm not wrong , so I just took it and read it !

I haven't been reading fictional books for a while now , because of my busy schedule , therefore when I saw this challenge , the first book that came to my mind was this . I'm not sure if this is considered a good thing , I suppose it works both ways I guess . It's good cos I haven't read this is a long time , but it's still a book that has left a very lasting impression on me . It's bad cos I haven't been reading a lot , therefore limiting my ability to make a sound judgement .

But that's really besides the point . I'm not going to offer my own summary - there's many out there in the internet . It's kind of amazing , how the internet works . Anyway , I'm just going to tell you why I love it , assuming that you have already read it / some summary out there . This is shallow , but the first two words of the first page just captures your attention .

This is the first page , but the two words are the title of the chapter , and it wasn't captured in this photograph . However , from the highlighted phrase , perhaps you could derive the answer from an intelligent guess ? The two words are "The End" . Pretty smart , considering that the main character died at the start , therefore going to heaven , and meeting five people ! Relatively self explanatory , isn't it ? Mitch Albom really won me over just with the two words , I would immediately want to know what's going to happen . This book isn't one that's really very interesting , like it's storyline isn't that much of tragedy , mystery , suspense and all , but I guess it's kind of like a motivational and inspirational book , which honestly didn't really appeal to me when I was nine . But now it does and I guess I'm going to pick it up and read those words on those yellow five year old pages .

Alright , not a very substantial challenge post , but I shall make it up with the fourth - day's [today!] challenge :
Bullet your whole day

My life isn't all that interesting , but since this is a challenge , I shall do it ! :D
Be glad that today was relatively filled with activities in the morning , giving me stuff to talk about now . If this challenge fell on a weekday , that'd be so terrible . Right , so am I supposed to literally use bullet points for this ?
  • Woke up by my mother at 5.00am
  • Continued sleeping like a pig till 6.00am
  • Got ready , ate breakfast
  • Left the house with dad at 6.30am , made my way to school for the last house practice of the year ):
  • Reached RGS pretty early , at about 6.50am , made my way to the hall , but anissa and a few others were going to the amphitheatre cos the hall was being occupied by some math competition .
  • Sat down and brought out our food and stuff ! Then the other house commers started arriving , sec ones came too :D
  • Started cheering , then mingled with them , but I'm like goddamn socially awkward and always fail to mingle . It starts with a "Hello!" then all dies down .
  • Made our way to the carpark for combined mass dance , but it started raining , so everyone was squished in the foyer , it was really humid and everyone was sweating . The house commers were really worried , because the backup plan was the hall , but it was used for the competition for primary schools or something like that . To make it worse , I think we gave a bad impression to the visitors for the competition cos we would be the first thing they see when they step into the foyer O:
  • Then we changed plans , and moved to the canteen ;D The tables were really heavy to shift aside , but goodjob house comm !
  • When the sec ones were doing their mass dance , the creative arts directors [CADs] went to discuss on souvenirs for sports fest ! :D for waddle , we designed badges . Or rather , Caitlan designed it while we watched heh .
  • I felt super restless myself , I guess it was the weather that really dampened my mood ): But I really love my waddle juniors ! They are just so cute (:
  • Then interviewed teachers for the waddle newsletter , then did the last practice of mass dance with the sec ones before having combined house cheers ! :D
  • Alright , so the last house practice was officially over . We had the cheerleaders perform for us ! :D I really hope that they would win Cheer during sports fest !
  • Then we had HOUSE PARTY ! The mood was quite weird at the start , everyone was just looking at us . The sec ones were sitting down and it really didn't feel like a party . But then , Louisa blasted music and the atmosphere was so good ! It started off with house commers jumping awkwardly but later , everyone linked arms and jumped and it was really a party . I was bursting with energy and laughing .
  • Richardson's house commers joined us but their sec ones left already ): I'm not sure about the other house parties , but Waddle's was really really awesome .
  • Then we had debrief ! And we made plans for sports fest ! :D HOUSE COMM BONDING THROUGH MEALS ! I'm so excited .
  • Went home by a torturous long bus journey .
  • Ate lunch and slept without bathing at all ); I was too tired heh .
  • Woke up and it was already 6plus . Ate dinner .
  • Watched the news , and heard that MM Lee and SM Goh were stepping down . At first , I thought they were stepping down from Parliament cos the news was in Mandarin and I don't really understand a lot of Mandarin , then the first thought I had was "GEORGE YEO CAN REPLACE THEM!"
  • But no , they just retired from the Minister positions , but would still be in parliament .
  • Then , I went to bathe [finally] , read some newspapers , practiced some piano
  • And now I'm here .
Ugh my life is seriously very boring .
I can't stand it anymore .

On a lighter note , day 4 challenge complete ! ;D
And I got back my history paper yesterday ! I'm super happy cos my overall GPA for history for sem one would be 4.0 :D

Oh and you know looking at my blog stats are oh-so-amusing ! My blog garnered the most blog visits on polling day ! It was a very very sudden and sharp surge , more than seven times the number of visits I'd usually get . That means that quite a number of people whom I don't know read my views on the results of polling day ! It's quite scary yet cool . And the keywords people use to arrive at my blog is quite amusing as well ! I have stuff like "christina grimmie" , "michael jackson" which is okay , but also "i want pap to win aljunied" and "desmond choo" . The worst is "sentosa babes 2011" Its really quite entertaining to look at the stats for your blogs !

Anyway , I shall end here . This has been a pretty long post and hopefully blogger doesn't crash anytime soon :D

loveee ,
liyinnn .

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

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Right , second day of my 30-day challenge ! Doing great i guess heh . The topic's

Something you feel strongly about

Something I feel strongly about ? That's quite difficult , considering my sheer lack of willpower , therefore making me lack the strength to actually feel strongly about anything .

Yeah , I should smile more , not that I don't but I don't smile internally .
One loves happiness and pleasures , so the something that I feel strong about should be the idea of Utilitarianism . Yes , that's a link to the wiki page on that moral theory and feel free to read it ! I personally haven't because reading that would just make things more complicated . So basically this idea is on doing what benefits the most people , I think . I like to relate this ideology to that of Robin Hood's - steal from the rich , give it to the poor . Stealing from one rich person benefits so many others , that's just plain awesome isn't it ? I think that's kind of like the idea , correct me if I'm wrong .

So yup , obviously one SHOULD believe in Utility because it's beneficial to most people , and that just makes the world go round :D one or two people should sacrifice for everyone else ! Right , I don't actually feel THAT strongly for this idea , but I can't think of anything else ! :o

Anyway , second day completed !
Alright , today I got back my literature results . Like the overall . Terribly disappointed with myself . For AA i did okay , which was the one that we had to write a poem . I got a GPA of 4.0 for that , but then for Lit PT , i got like 15/20 which is one mark to 4.0 & that is horrid and the worse was the paper itself , I passed , but it just sucked . So now my overall is like a lousy 3.2 and I'm really pissed with myself . I don't know how the heck I'm going to survive the other subjects , considering that Lit is supposedly one of my better subjects . But I already knew that I was going to do really badly for Literature cos my state of mind was affected by the horrid Math paper I had right before that and I couldn't think deeply .

On a second note , I have completed my NAPFA today ! (: So happy I passed . As I crossed the "finishing line" I was overjoyed and I just tumbled on the ground . Okay , that was due to fatigue , but still ! Sorry lah , I'm a naturally weak person and I can't do sports for nuts . I definitely can't run for my life :O But I'm quite disappointed with myself for walking like half of the distance , I didn't have any motivation at all . Goodness gracious . No more NAPFA till next year , no more exams till the end of june hols [which is going to be oh so exciting , may i add] , no more physics till next year , no more speech and drama [ it's gonna be replaced by PHILO PHILO PHILO ! ] yeap so my life is kind of awesome right now .

Just sent out an email to the Muscular Dystrophy Association Singapore , I hope they would reply with a positive response . Or we would have to do up another proposal for our Service Learning ! I really enjoyed last year when I helped out at the roadshow heh heh , though it wasn't that meaningful but hopefully I'll get to interact with them ! :D

Ohoh and today I bought like the jelly crystals which gillian and jielin kindly recommended to me at thompson plaza today and I went home and made it [I usually made agar agar so I didn't know the procedure was different] Therefore , the jelly didn't set so I just popped it into the freezer and it's gonna become flavoured coloured ice .

But I am still trying to battle with my problem of being so unmotivated and lacking of willpower DDDDD: I hate myself and am utterly disappointed . From today onwards , this shall be my daily routine in addition to doing homework and basic stuff [ like blogging ! :D ]

  • Practice an hour of piano [Near impossible but I'll try ! If I don't , there's a very very very very very high chance that I will fail it , cos for Grade 8 piano , it really is very possible . It's the last grade so the standard is exceptionally high .]
  • Practice at least a page of Math questions [My math isn't failing , but it's near failing and that's not very good . UGH i hate numbers !]
  • Read up on Aristotle and a bit on another philosopher
Doesn't seem like a lot ? Yeah , I agree . But I don't have any motivation to move myself to do all these things at all , except for the last bullet , of course :D


loveeee ,
liyinnnnn .
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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I shall attempt to complete this tumblr 30-day challenge :D Because I realize that my posts always go astray and that's not very good , and sometimes I have no idea what to write about and therefore just talk about my day which isn't usually very interesting .

Therefore , this challenge (: okay today is DAY 1 - 5 ways to win my heart ! I doubt anyone would be interested in this , but for the sake of my challenge , here goes :

No one has really won my heart , I basically only had juvenile infatuations so I'm unsure of how anyone is even supposed to win mine . However , I must admit that I'm easily moved and touched and i easily give my heart out [not that serious actually , basically I'll just crush a person back if he crushes on me] That's not true always , but most of the time , which is really bad cos i end up being unsure of everything . But of course I'm trying to change that so I'm becoming a stronger and more aware of myself .

Right , back to the challenge . If I had to explicitly list out 5 ways to win my heart , then okay ! This actually isn't much of a "ways to win my heart" list . It's more of a "criteria" or something hahah !

1 . Be a naturally witty person :D
when i argue with a guy , i would like him more cos i admire those who are witty and able to hold an intelligent conversation with me , therefore this is not difficult because i have limited / zero intelligence . there would be stuff to talk about between us , so that's really good . the reason i said "naturally" , because some people try to be witty and come across as pretty lame i guess . that includes myself , but yeah .

2 . Be romantic , but don't overdo it :D
i think that everyone would naturally want to hear nice stuff and blush and feel shy and all , so yeah it's really good to be romantic cos that pleases almost all girls . however , don't overdo it . guys who do would come across as a player and praises ever too often won't be sincere .

3 . Be able to cook ! :D
guys who are able to cook are the win . especially if they cook for you because that's just much more sincere than store-bought gifts . and if there's a guy who would bake together with me , that's just so lovely .

4 . Be my best guy friend (':
best girl friends are really awesome but you should always have a best guy friend to whom you can cry your heart out to , seek protection and feel comfortable around . and if he's my other half , then that's even better cos you'd feel comfortable with him and all . basically i just think that the guy has to be someone you're going great with (i.e he knows all about you , you can be unglam with him etc)

5 . Be himself .
i guess the top four criteria is important but this is the most important one . i don't want a guy who pretends to be who he isn't just to meet the above standards cos that will just make himself miserable . and i won't like it :D

Yeah , so that concludes it :D To win my heart , you got to just be yourself , be comfortable with me , be able to cook , be romantic , and be witty . Heh but case-to-case basis . But I am , afterall just fourteen and am obviously too young for such stuff . So hopefully my future other half would read this blog and click archives and hit "May 2011" .

loveee ,
liyinn .

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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PHYSICS IS OVERR . In fact , my mid years are over !

I'm so glad for RGS . The exam system , i mean . Many people complain about how its so draggy but I think its really good . My mid years actually started in March , and now its May ! I'm not just talking about projects and all , but the real serious papers actually started in March , because we have this system where we sit for at most three papers on one day , and there's a break for two weeks for us to study for the next few papers . I love this system . Apparently we swapped with RI , cos my brother used to have this kind of exam scheduling but from what I know of now , it's not happening there anymore . And RGS also used to be the standard one week 5 papers or something last year . But I'm so glad they changed it this year . I have more time to study :D

Anyway , I came back early so I decided to make something oily for myself heh heh . So yeah , that probably explains the photo on top :D And no , I didn't eat three sausages . That's crazy. Those are halves heh heh . But that doesn't make it me less guilty anyway . And I ate so much chocolate ugh i hate myself . To add on to this , I have my NAPFA 2.4km run tomorrow which I'm going to die for . I mean , the weather is crazy these few days .

Alright , I have gotten over my George Yeo phrase . No , I still feel sad and all but oh well , this is life . It won't help if I continue to brood on it :D Sorry if I have been acting differently or having mood swings for the past few days and sincere apologies to those I have offended . But seriously , I love his nose . It's so red and round .

loveee ,
liyinnn .
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goodbye mr yeo ,
you have been awesome . are still , in fact .

he's leaving politics . i read it in class , when someone entered hotmail through xinmsn.com . i saw the headings and my heart sank . then , when lessons ended , i read the whole article . i cried )': yeah , in class . not very much but my eyes turned super watery and my nose apparently became red . but i heard that he would still be like the backstage kind of person in pap , like doing up policies and all . so i guess that's good cos he is able to contribute to the country but doesn't get slammed but the public :D

two things that made my supposedly unhappy day - it rained :D and christina ! thanks for suddenly giving me that cute little exam pack . you prolly won't see this but yeah :D

love ,
liyin .


throughly sorry that this post lacks the kind of "proper" english . BUT SERIOUSLY . i'm in no mood at all to write .
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Sunday, May 8, 2011

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The weather in Singapore right now is crazy . It's so hot . I just want a water balloon fight right now . And the balloons should be filled with nice cooling water . Then I wouldn't mind being hit . If anyone could make Singapore less hot , I'd do anything for him . Yeah , even if it means voting for the opposition . But no one can . So I'm still sticking to the PAP . Right , this first paragraph has no meaning or any intent at all . It's just me blabbering . I have a splitting headache from looking at numbers . No , not from math but physics . But there's nothing I can do , if I don't study , I'd be so so screwed . And my life would be ruined .

I think I'm becoming really lame . It's probably the after effects of the General Election . When all these excitement has died down and I don't get excited anymore , I would then try to make myself by amusing myself . But it isn't working . Oh , everyone's talking about Mr Yam Ah Mee . That's cute . But I hate such jokes , they don't make me laugh at all . Nevertheless , I have sent a friend request to him on facebook . Heh .

Did you guys read the papers today ? All those facebook petitions and all about having George Yeo replace Tin Pei Ling in parliament has been translated into forum letters . It's amazing how they actually publish all these stuffs . I thought it would have been deemed offensive . But these letters are much more toned down and less offensive to Tin Pei Ling as compared to those on facebook . There has also been an outpour of thanks and well-wishes to Mr George Yeo , one of them writing about how awesome he has been .

No matter how much I want Mr Yeo to have a seat in parliament , I think that the petition would not be taken into consideration . I mean , the voters of Aljunied has already voted and we must all respect their decision . Also , it is against the law to do this kind of thing - swop places and all . If PM Lee replaces her or like creates a seat in parliament for Mr Yeo , there will be an outcry from his non-supporters and like the opposition parties . Democracy guys , it won't work . And even if it does work , I doubt that Mr Yeo would take up this seat cos the context is kind of unjust .

However , if Mr Yeo runs for president in August , I think that he would definitely get the position . He is so popular . All over internet , even those Aljunied residents who voted for the opposition has said that Mr Yeo was a fantastic talent and everything and is the minister who is the most humble and all . But I doubt that he would run for president . In one of his rally speeches before the results were announced , he said that he wouldn't . And I personally feel that it would be a waste of his talents - the President , in my opinion doesn't seem to be doing much , but of course , I don't know much .

Right , I should study for physics . There's a stupid mosquito biting my leg . UGH .

loveeeee ,
liyinnnnn .

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Yeah , that's basically just a better and nicer sounding way for saying that I'm really frustrated now . And yeah , it's for the same reason as my other posts today [this is the third post of the day] . Oh man , I just can't seem to control my emotions and they are getting the better of me . I have lost all my concentration to mug for physics even though it's so near and I'm not prepared for it . At all . The General Election this year is so screwed . So , so messed up .
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Yes , I do know that nothing is forever but I am still very sad . True enough , I cried to sleep yesterday . I don't know why , it doesn't really concern me much but I was affected as I pondered about who would take over Mr George Yeo's position .

Today is Mother's Day , Happy Mother's Day , mum ! (: On a side note , as we were driving to east coast for a mother's day meal , we passed by Aljunied GRC . As I looked at the PAP campaign posters which are still up , my heart turned sour , it sank . My eyes turned watery as I saw the ex-minister who has been serving the residents for a good 23 years smile for the camera . I knew , at that point in time when the posters were put up , no one knew of the results and they were probably least expecting or least hoping that this man would have to step down and put an end to his political career .

As I read his latest posts on facebook , with the latest being "Overwhelmed by your goodwill n affection. Roses to all mothers!" . I just feel like crying , I know I sound shallow and all but my limited linguistic abilities make it hard for me to put my feelings to words . Or that the English dictionary is too limited for me to express myself . I keep re-watching the videos of him making speeches and all and his voice just rings sincerity . But don't worry , I'm not some crazy person , I just admire him a lot . Oh and a side note , in his "favourite music" section , he stated that he enjoyed MICHAEL JACKSON music . That just makes me like him more .

But , like the quote on the top of this post , life still goes on , everyone has to leave . A door closes , but a new door opens . He'll probably be offered a high post in a company of sorts , most likely one managed by the government but it's the fact that he is unable to serve the people of Singapore of a more widespread level . Life is so realistic , negatively realistic .

Right , my posts have been revolving around politics , and I sincerely apologize for that . But that's like on everyone's minds . The table beside us at the restaurant was talking about politics , we ourselves were talking about politics . Everyone was , everyone is worked up , everyone is unhappy with the results . There can never be a perfect world where everyone is satisfied and contended .

loveee ,
liyinn .

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

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It's 3.22am in the morning of Mother's Day as I write this . But I do not care , I would not be able to sleep anyway as I would be crying to sleep . Today marks a historical moment in Singapore's political history . Not because an opposition party has finally captured a GRC ward for the first time , but because Singapore has lost not one but two great ministers - Mr. George Yeo , a fantastic Foreign Minister during his time and Mrs Lim Hwee Hua , the first female minister .

When the election results of Hougang SMC were announced , I was visibly disappointed . Desmond Choo has lost to the guy from the Worker's Party even though it wasn't Low Thia Khiang anymore . However , Mr . Choo was really sporting and congratulated him , he said that a defeat would never be sweet , but he would of course continue to work the ground . I have a feeling that the both of them are very similar in personalities and that they would work together .

Then , there was the nail-bitting Aljunied GRC . It was announced that Worker's Party won , but quite a fair margin . I was very upset , though it didn't come much as a surprise as Aljunied is a very hotly contested GRC and there was a 50-50 percent chance for both parties . As Mr. George Yeo went up and gave his speech , I could feel his disappointment and his eyes were getting red . I cried . Yes , I cried . I was touched and I felt really bad for not only the people of Aljunied , but for everyone in Singapore , including myself . No , not because I had something against the people of the Worker's Party [though I kind of do] and think that they would not do a good job but instead because we had lost two really good ministers , in particular Mr. George Yeo .

He has been doing great in his post as Foreign Minister , ensuring that Singapore sustained good ties with the leaders of the other countries , outside of Singapore . It is not an easy job , but Mr. Yeo did it well . If an important minister in the cabinet were to get voted out of parliament , it shouldn't have been him . These years , he has never committed any grave mistakes , unlike some of the other ministers who let a man escape from a toilet , or some who overestimated the budget for a big sporting event by a lot . He did not deserve this .

For the past few days , there has been a widespread interest in him and I have been catching his speeches online , both past and present and he is indeed a person with great ideas and deep thinking . He might not speak as eloquently as some others but his ideologies are one of the better ones . It has solid substance & it just goes to show that he is indeed capable of being in parliament .

However , the truth is the truth . Reality is reality . "This is life" , as quoted from the man himself . No matter where he is heading , I think that all Singaporeans would wish him all the best in his future endeavours and remember him as a person who did a lot into contributing to Singapore's current state . I am interested in finding out who would be taking over his position as Foreign Minister and I genuinely hope that he would do a job as well as Mr . George Yeo did for the past 23 years . This man has left a very big pair of shoes to fill in and it is a national catastrophe to have lost him . Hopefully he would still continue to help the residents of Aljunied or move on to another constituency and stand in the next election due in 2016 . GEORGE YEO , WE LOVE YOU :D

Right , this year's General Election is the ultimate showcase of how bad the GRC system has fared . It has backfired and I am not happy . A man like George Yeo is lost but a woman like Tin Pei Ling is now granted a seat in parliament . Yes , this is how screwed up it is . No matter what , I am still very sad and looking at his latest facebook status " Thanks for your support n encouragement " makes my heart tingle , in a sour way . I feel so bad and very depressed for him and the comments and support that Singaporeans give is truly touching and I hope that it would comfort him .

Alright , it's already very late right now as I'm typing this . Congrats to the Worker's Party for securing 6 seats , and moving one step closer to your dream of having a "First World Parliament" although the meaning is still unclear . I am going to cry to sleep tonight but I hope that George Yeo would recover from this and do greater things for the society in other forms .

The Singapore General Election 2011 has been a learning point of sorts and I am truly grateful to be able to follow everything and be informed of the happenings . I look forward to the next GE . Anyway , my constituency is won by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his team so yeap .

To end this post , I would just like to say , MR . GEORGE YEO , YOU HAVE BEEN GREAT AND PLEASE CONTINUE TO BE in the many other ways you are capable of .

love ,
liyinnnnnnnnn .


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My life is boring but the world I live in is thoroughly interesting . This year , especially .

2011 has been a year with many happenings . Obama , whoops i meant Osama , died . There has been a series of catastrophes occurring all over the world . Singapore , this tiny red dot where I live in is now in the middle of the elections . No wait - it's about to end and I'm really upset that all these excitement is going to end soon . But of course I can't wait for the results which will be tonight , which I would obviously be staying up for so that explains the reason I took a really long nap in the afternoon which was really awesome and refreshing .
On the other hand , I still can't get over the fact that our Foreign Minister George Yeo replied to me via facebook ! If you didn't get my post script at my previous post , i personal messaged his personal facebook wishing him good luck and all for today and he actually replied ! :D he was like thankyou ! even though it's just a simple reply but it just goes to show how he actually bothers replying and taking into consideration everyone's comment / feedback to him cos I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who sent him a message . I think he was really nervous for today cos it was still on facebook in the early hours of the morning , which was when he replied to me .

Anyway today is polling day and my house is situated right beside a polling station ! Though there's not much hustle bustle happening , seeing people walk to the polling station just makes me want to go down and brainwash them . But I doubt any freak results would occur in my constituency . I want PAP to win Aljunied more than anything ! Mr . George Yeo really deserves all the support he can garner .

Alright , I guess I shall just wait for the election results ! I'm so so so excited , I mean this is the most widely contested election [aka the most exciting one !] and it's also the first one which I'm really well aware of all the happenings but it just breaks my heart that I have to wait for another 10 years to vote . I want to become a politician when I grow up but it's just not possible and too far-fetched . I mean , I don't have the necessary linguistic abilities and ideologies to become one and it would just stay as a dream ): but seriously , to represent your people and speak in the parliament is like a dream come true and the fact that you are helping citizens by being their voice is so enriching ! To top it off , you have a really high salary too heh heh .

Steering away from politics [speaking of steering , I wonder if Mr.Low is going to have the chance to steer Singapore to the "right" direction . hopefully not , sorry this is super anti-WP but I can't help it , my apologies . ] , I'm really screwed for Physics , which is this coming Wednesday . Having a really awesome teacher doesn't exactly help . But hopefully my SPA and AA would be able to pull it up :D Alright , so my SPA wasn't fantastic but it was ... relatively okay . Super proud of my AA though , I know this sounds really egoistic but I'm happy with it (:

Y'know my yellow braces are so awesome cos they make my teeth look less yellow ! In fact my teeth actually looks white now cos the yellow of my braces is really yellow so the yellow of my teeth isn't that strong and looks white yeeha ! But my dentist was quite shocked that I chose yellow cos I don't think that colour is very popular due to people thinking that it will actually make your teeth look more yellow . But yeah .

I'M GOING TO MULTI TASK LATER - watch elections & study physics . RIGHT NOW , i'm going to write about the elections in chinese . Yeah it's a homework assignment . Perhaps I could just google translate yesterday's post to Chinese . I mean , I don't even know what's constituency in mandarin . I presume I'm going to take quite long . In the meantime , I'm going to change my blogskin to something else . Getting quite sick with the current one .

Can you tell that I'm trying to write in proper English sentences ? :D I guess that this will benefit me in the long run (:

loveeeeeee .
liyinnnnnn .
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Friday, May 6, 2011

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hello guys ! (:
it's cooling off day . so i guess i'm not supposed to be typing this now ? so i guess i won't be posting this until tomorrow at 12midnight [ the super exciting polling day 2011 ! ] i mean , i know that my blog isn't popular and all and no one from any government agencies / opposition parties or what ever would find it and read it and deem it as breaking the law but it's better to be safe than sorry .

right , i know that i have been putting back a post of the election cos i have been really busy these days . but i can't miss out on one of the hottest local topics of 2011 , can i ? if i miss it , then i'll have to wait for another 5 more years . and that would suck . big time .

based on the above picture , taken from a tumblr which i'd like to credit , you can tell that this post is going to be largely pro-pap . but that doesn't mean that it's going to be some propaganda crap . it's my own personal point of view :D yes , a fourteen year old who can't even vote . this is her point of view so there's no need to take it seriously or take offence alright (:

The Singapore General Election 2011 is one that decides many things . This year , it is the election in which the most number of constituencies get contested in - yes , if you have been following the news or just listening to the local chitchat - all constituencies are contested apart from the not so surprising walkover of the Tanjong Pagar ward led by our Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew . It is not astonishing as no opposition party would want to take the risk of losing their deposit or having to stand against this powerful man . However , the various other constituencies are all contested by fairly competent opposition parties . 2011 is also a year where the oppositions have made the decision to contest in the Group Representation Constituencies , otherwise known as GRC in short , so as to take a step closer to their dreams of having a democratic government governing this small island . Both opposition MPs , the Worker's Party's Low Thia Khiang , incumbent MP of Hougang & the Singapore People's Party Chiam See Tong , incumbent MP of Potong Pasir have left their Single Member Constituencies which they have been in for at least 20 years each , to contest in Aljunied and Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC respectively . Is this a right thing to do ? Not in my opinion . Before I move on to the topic of the most hotly contested seats , let me first touch on my GRC .

I live in Serangoon North , a part of Ang Mo Kio GRC , which is led by our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong . Most of us expected a walkover , but the Reform Party showed up at the Nomination Centre on Nomination Day , resulting in trucks with attached loudspeakers blasting pro-PAP messages going round my house these few days . We know who would win this seat , it's fairly obvious . Even if PM Lee was not the one leading the Ang Mo Kio team , I doubt we would have fallen into the opposition's hands anyway . Just look at the candidates from the Reform Party . I know , I'm not in a position to comment on all these affairs but the team has three candidates below the age of 30 years which is fairly young and therefore less experienced . Their professions are not comparable to that of the PAP's either - we have a pre-school teacher , a film maker - I'm sorry but are these the qualities that a politician would have ? One of its candidates is also on loan from the Singapore People's Party . Isn't this kind of weird ? It goes to show the the Reform Party is not prepared . Due to the lack of funding or other various reasons , I did not manage to see any of the RP posters put up , except for a rare one or two in the busier areas of Ang Mo Kio . If I did not read the news or surf the web , I might not even realize that my GRC is actually being contested .

My ignorance of not knowing if my GRC is contested or not is not entirely the opposition party's fault due to lack of election posters . Apart from putting up posters and having blasting trucks , the PAP in my GRC did not do much reaching out to residents or perhaps it's just my area . This year , our incumbent MP , Mr . Wee Siew Kim has stepped down to give way to new talent . Since she's new , I suppose that she should be doing more of an outreach to the people living here and to get to know us but I do not see that coming . There is no door-to-door visits , or at least not at my block and I do not quite notice her at grassroots events for the past year or so . I might be speaking unfairly as I do not see the full picture but i feel that this is quite unacceptable as she would obviously become our MP due to the Prime Minister leading our team but most of us do not know her at all . This is one of the bad points of the GRC system . It's creating chaos as not everyone in a particular team is favourable but they are all clumped together and this might affect the outcome of the votes to not be that accurate or to the public's preference .

However the rationale behind having the GRC system is also thoroughly valid - to include good minority candidates into the candidates fielded so as to mantain an equal balance and to get a more diversified range of people to cater to needs like what our Foreign Minister George Yeo said that the women in his team is able to relate more to the worries of the women residents etc . I guess we cannot always have a win-win situation in everything .

Speaking of incumbent MP of Aljunied , Minister George Yeo , his hotly contested Aljunied ward is quite worrying . Worker's Party Low Thia Khiang , together with his "A-team" , including the WP's chairman Sylvia Lim is creating quite a buzz by contesting there . The reason why this constituency is put under so much media attention is due to the risks involved . If the PAP loses , Mr . Yeo would lose his MP post , together with his minister post and point is that he is doing very well as Singapore's Foreign Minister , maintaining our good ties with the leaders over the world . If the WP loses , Mr . Low would lose his MP post and previously he announced that he would not take up a non-constituency member of parliament [NCMP] post , and this would mean that the opposition parties might stand a very low chance in projecting their voices in the parliament which would not be beneficial either .

I believe that both teams are equally capable but in terms of sincerity and track record , our Foreign Minister is leading in that aspect . Simply look at how he is able to connect with the younger Singaporeans - he maintains his own Facebook account , something which most politicians don't do , especially the older generation . He shot a video of himself reaching out to them due to requests and suggestions by these young people . At the Aljunied GRC rally held at Ubi on May 5 , he said that he first read from a script but after that he felt that something wasn't right , so he just said everything impromptu . Though fluency is somewhat lacking with his pauses , it just goes to show that everything is from his heart , it's truly from him , what he says is truly what he means . I watched all his rally speeches , not live , but on youtube and I am simply blown away by how he manages to capture the audience's hearts . Unlike many candidates , including those of the PAP , he does not have a script and he presents what he has sincerely . This is what makes him stand out from the other candidates . This is what make him deserve to win this election , together with his team . The first part of the speech he delivered yesterday is truly emotional and heartwarming , it's really touching and there's no reason not to vote for him . Just watch it .

The Worker's Party , however has a great team , I must admit and their strengths would be to draw the crowds .

Really . Just look at the crowds to their rallies . This might be both a good or bad sign from their context . Large crowds might mean that they have many supporters but it might also mean that they are many people that are still unsure of the WP's plans and manifesto and are therefore concerned and interested to know what would their fate be like if their constituency would be taken over by one of an opposition party . All in all , Aljunied is a hot seat and I cannot wait for the results tomorrow / the day after . If George Yeo were to lose , I think I would cry .

Moving on to Mr . Chiam See Tong , I do not know much of Potong Pasir and Bishan-Toa Payoh as I do not live very near that area but Mr. Chiam is quite an old man and though very experienced , he has several illnesses ailing him and I'm not sure if the residents of Bishan-Toa Payoh are willing to accept an MP not of tip-top condition . As for Potong Pasir which is now contested for by his wife , Mrs Lina Chiam , the chances are probably 50-50 since Mr. Chiam has left and the chances might not be as high as that of the previous years .

Mr. Low Thia Khiang left Hougang and in my opinion this has created an opportunity for PAP to take over Hougang . The capabilities of the PAP candidate , Mr. Desmond Choo is shining through and through . WP has often complained of the lack of funding which results in the Hougang estate not as shiny looking as their neighbouring PAP-managed estates . However Mr. Choo actually raised money on his own accord just to help the residents there . It's must of a big amount but it goes to show his earnestness to serve the residents there . Perhaps it's time for Hougang to undergo a transformation for the better .

Now , I would not touch on the individual constituencies that have caught my attention anymore . Moving on to one of the PAP's tactic of gerrymandering . I would like to question them , why are there so many new constituencies carved out suddenly ? I presume that this is a tactic that PAP uses to spread & separate the opposition party supporters in order for the PAP so stand a better chance in winning the election . I heard that it's illegal in various other countries by why didn't anyone raise this matter up ? You mean no one has noticed it ? Even though I'm pro-PAP , i do not agree to such underhand means as well .

Two hours ago , I watched the political party broadcast aired on Mediacorp's Channel 5 . The speech that the representatives of each party is very crucial in this short few minutes which is the only form of promotion the parties were allowed to do on cooling day itself . Some of the broadcasts came across to me as plain awkward while some were strong and made their stand clear .

I have a lot more to touch on about this year's General Election but am going to end here after having spent more than two hours typing this out . Thank you and please take no offence in any of my word I have written up there .

yay haha im done writing my 1889 word political essay , not that it's of any substance anyway . ! ;D
on a lighter & more personal note , i have just changed my braces colour to yellow , to complement sports fest at the end of this month if i'm not wrong . i love visiting the dentist :DD

ohoh and my day was quite horrid with constant cramps ):
so yeah .

ALRIGHT IT'S 12.02 OF MAY THE 7TH - POLLING DAY . meaning it's not cooling day so i guess i'm allowed to post this post ? ;D

love ,
liyinnnnnnn .

P/S: OHMYGOSH MR . GEORGE YEO REPLIED TO ME ! i personal messaged him through facebook to his personal account like wishing him good luck and all and he actually read it and said thankyou :DDDD
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