Friday, December 25, 2009

Alright , I think I've mood to post right now.
It's Christmas ! (: I mean like , yeah. I know I posted this in the previous post , but well , there's approximately 2 more hours to boxing day. But apparently I've already opened all my presents , so tomorrow will just be a day to box people(: haha. Just kidding , of course.

Today , it was a usual Christmas Day like any other Christmas Day? Alright , I know I'm crapping once again. Well , I ate LOADS of chocolate . When i say LOADS , i mean LOADS :P .
Probably ate at least 2o pieces of chocolate today? *Sigh. I can predict that I'll constipate tomorrow. But at least I ate fruits [bananas & apples] to be exact , so I hope they'll aid in digestion as what "experts" claim. 

Anyway , I've eaten way to much today and maybe I should exercise a little tomorrow. 
My mum even gave me a box of chocolates as a Christmas present. Haha , I just can't resist the temptation. I also received other presents too of course. 

List of Christmas presents I received [and of course, I said thank you] :D 
♥ from mum - box of chocolates & box of christmas lollipops :D YUM ! 
♥ from second aunt [aka. 二姑] - bag (: I LOVE IT !
♥ from wife of 4th uncle - hairband with ribbon & a pair of earrings ^^ SUPER CUTE [especially the hairband]
♥ from second aunt's friend - monkey keychain [that moves] and handphone pouch ;P CUTE TOO!
♥ Can I add the present I received from my class christmas gathering? Oh , never mind. But it's from Vernise (: 

Okay , I guess these are my new conquers. 
Bye people ! (; Have a HOHO merry christmas ! 

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