shoppin spreeeeeee!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

whoa , i went on a massive shoppin spree durin the weekends with my mother(:
i bought wat i intended to buy and oso stuff tat i didnt intend to buy ... LOL. i think i wasted money(:
ok.. talk about yesterday(:
went to suntec cos i wanted to go to popular book fest(:
went to eat kfc, hahas , tried the new black pepper chicken ... we were the  1st customers for lunch... other patrons were havin their breakfast :P LOL.
well well , it was damn damn spicy leh... seriously. 
i dun really recommend it to people. cos it was sooo spicy , i jus kept drinkin... but still ok larh.
then got lost in suntec... LOL. 
but finally found it. 
bought loads of stuff. seriously. most of it , i dun really need it :P but i still bought. dunnoe why.
ok... then went to eat mcflurry?
and went home. 
went to j8 again(: 
went to popular and bought skippin rope? and some white ink pens.
then went to minitoons and bought a hairband and 4 of those springy springy rubberbands...
and then , went to zinc and bought a school bag ... yay! (:
went to library and msg-ed father to pick us up cos he was in the vicinity ...

alright. tats it(:

[yay ! my com is functioning properly now(: WOOTS , !]

to the very obvious tags in my tagbox : its ok. (: im forgiving. :P

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