Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i love rgs  ! 

whoa , 1st day there , they already brainwashed my mind. seriously . it rocks , ! and anyway , i already made friends , so its fantastic! 
when for orientation there. arrived at 7.30am cos of my kiasu parents :P go so early. but anyway , earlier was better cos we could find a parking space easily. then went to see groupings for the orientation. was in group 12. and then , saw VICTORIA's name in group 11 ! (: hahas , anyway , im the only one from HIPS. cos like , most of them went to nanyang. alright , then registered and then went to the hall for talks talks and more talks ! (: 

listened and listened . kinda boring , but i liked it. 
i made new friends . one from rosyth and the other from CHIJ toa payoh . hahas , im so fast (: 
then talked to my seniors , prefects and peer support group leaders (: very nice.
they always say RGS stuck up or snobbish or nerds , but i dun think so :D  then when to respective classes , its not our real class , only the grouping for orientation. gave out rgs file with loads and loads of forms inside . was told that i am offered japanese at moelc in bishan. so , will be taking up the 3rd language. and , I WANNA APPLY FOR SAP ! 
wat's sap? its special arts programme. so cool. nanyang has art elective but nevermind. 

will be going for selection test on monday (: hope i make it. 
maximum only 15 ppl , dunnoe i can or not :P supposed to draw something they place in front of you , then hv to go through interview and all tat. but i want(:

then went to buy uniform and then victoria was there. hahas , said hi and all tat. whoa , we meet after 2 yrs or so? :D i love rgs uniform (:

its the dark blue pinafore with the white blouse inside. and its special cos we fold our sleeves , its the rgs tradition (: and we do not button the 1st button unless we're wearing ties. oh ya , and the ties are slotted into the pinafore (: so nice.
but the best is the PE attire. its a white polo shirt which is very very nice(: and the shorts is like fbt pattern lidat :D HAHA . and oso , there's the culottes , which is like , half shorts half skirt , like my brownies uniform. tat one is like , when there's PE , we wear the shorts inside. so its like , the shirt with the culottes. PE then take out the culottes(: hahas , so cool.

decided not to buy books first cos maybe my brother hv some hand-me-downs. =.= tats the bad thing of having an older sibling. and going to the same school . [well , he didnt go to rgs , but u knoe wat i mean] 

oh ya , and saw my childhood friend , vernetta ! (: 
she's a prefect there. (:

so well , monday will be going for sap selection test and tues will be going for cca orientation.
but i kinda knoe wad cca i wanna join already. art and craft club ! (: even though its a merit cca , it can be taken as a core cca if i appeal or smth. its like , school havent started but still have to go back so often. i predict a busy year ahead. tomorrow got piano lesson :P i didnt practice this whole week. die die :X

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