Wednesday, December 29, 2010

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2011 is officially here ! a new year , a new beginning , a new start , a whole new level of stress ! D: the past can't be erased to be rewritten , but you can write your own future !

okay i'm crapping . anyway , it's not on the dot midnight . in fact , it's already nine at night . but i did stay up okay ! emily juju came to my house at about 10pm yesterday to have a sleepover ! wahaha then we used the com , blablabla . it was quite fun . but a bit boring cos there's practically nothing to do at my house heehee . and i love my bolster . bolsters are the best thing on earth . anyway , we camwhored ! ;D

haha , anyway i was like disrupting emily's sleep ! i don't know why i was like hyperactive . and at about 3.50am emily was like shouting for me to sleep . haha , she was like damn tired .

okay so today after emily left , went for my auntie's shop opening . super epic . anyway , i wished my cousin and i can be like last time , like super cool friends ! (: i don't know why , i don't talk to her nowadays . it's scary and really sad ): i'm gonna talk to her okay ! ;D

then went shopping with my dear mum ;D
bought a dress and some jumpsuit shorts thing ;D super cheap sales man . i love the new year .

anyway , OHMYGOSH INET . miss irene's still our form teacher , i don't mind haha . in fact , i think it's awesome ! ;D anyway , THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED IS THAT school hours are shorter ! ;D now school ends at about one to three ! ;D that's awesome . no more lunch , who cares ? ohmygosh awesome .

love ,
liyin .
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helllllooooooooo (:

reading my past msn conversations dating back to 2008 is thoroughly enjoyable . yes , i actually save my convos ( actually i didn't know i was saving them and i just stumbled upon a file called " my chat logs " while tidying my files up . seriously , i can see how i matured . from

in 2008 . yes , i was super immature you know ! ;D so many emoticons , and my name was actually " Princess Yap " okay . beat that . i don't actually know what i'm writing D:

then 2009 , i was like trying to be cool or something ? i added unnecessary letters to my words and it was total retardedness . it's really cute reading it .

2010 ? pure matureness ! wahaha . okay , just kidding . but much more matured than before . it's really cool (: one should always save their convos heh ;D

the cutest convos are those with boys . uh " cute " as in , the ones that make me smile / laugh the most . and i was a super coward . i actually rejected two guys online . doing it online is the most cowardly act . but anyway i can actually save it so it's super funny reading it ! ;D okay am i being stupid saying it's funny ? heh , last time i was like a little kid and the feelings were like all fake . okay not fake , but it isn't that real or true or something .

hmm , the longest convo i had was probably with emily and / or ongqige . its very cute wahaha ;D

okay anyway i just finished cooking dinner with my brother ! ;D it was quite awesome but i'm feeling quite oily and sticky now .

kaythanksbye ;D
love ,
liyin .
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

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arrrgh .

what the heck . it's the twentyeighth already . darn fast . i hate life . school is starting . ugh .
okay nevermind shall not eleborate . yesterday went for cip at xishan ! ;D it's super cool , me and christina wanted to meet on the mrt , then we were at the exact same carriage (: coolness much .

anyway , after cip , went to junction eight with christina . we got KOI bubble tea . i got the hazelnut milk tea and i got the large one and was freaking regretful of my decision .

KOI isn't that fantastic . i think its quite lousy . but the good thing is that they have super a lot of pearls (:

random picture of a bear on a christmas tree in j8 . i could have stole the bear wahaha ;D

ugh , i wanted to get my michael jackson cd , but christina had to go home , psssssht . so i went home too (:

okaythanksbye (:
liyin .

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

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HI (:

so i'm set on getting the michael jackson album , whether or not its his voice . i mean , even though he did not approve of it , i'm pretty sure he wrote the songs and it's his hard work . it's the least i can do to show my support of him and to celebrate his life . contemplating about buying the album made be listen to more of his songs , to think about his terribly wronged accusations . i feel really unjustified for him . it's just so so unfair to him . i'm gonna rip an article i wrote that i posted on my tumblr two months ago . click the link if you would like to see it in it's original tumblr form . anyway , it might seem a bit random because it's not his death anniversary or birthday or anything but there need not be an occasion to think about someone you respect . if you think about him only on special days , it's not that real anymore .

- start of article (:

michael jackson had already passed away .

he had passed away last year , on june twenty fifth . but why is it that there are still so many people hating him ? or laughing about him ? yes , everyone has haters , but i do not feel justified about the false claims they make about michael jackson . it is hateful and hurting . he is already gone , so why still post such horrible comments on random youtube videos relating to him or any other place where they can post rude stuff . get a life , please .

i want to address some issues here . it won’t actually do much , but i would feel better and justified . if you think i’m wasting my time , i don’t think so . and i like what i’m doing .

they say he bleached his skin , because he didn’t like himself being a black american . i have been hearing this answer ever since i was young , even my parents told me that . i was also one who thought him as ” wacko jacko ” . but no . he was diagnosed with vitiligo and lupus , which made his skin sensitive to sunlight , and causes his skin to have pale blotches . so yes , he did bleach his skin as it was the only colour to even out his skin tone , but it was for a good reason .

i have a skin disorder that destroys the pigmentation of my skin , it’s something that i cannot help , ok ?

next , random tabloid news stating that he sleeps in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber to slow down the aging process . so what if he sleeps in such a chamber ? does that make him weirder than all of us ? michael jackson’s desire to stay as a child is known and it is not a crime to do so . also , tabloid news are not all true .

why not just tell people I’m an alien from Mars . tell them I eat live chickens and do a voodoo dance at midnight . they’ll believe anythingyou say , because you’re a reporter . but if i , Michael Jackson , were to say , ” I’m an alien from Mars and i eat live chickens and do a voodoo dance at midnight , ” people would say , ” oh , man , that Michael Jackson is nuts . he’s cracked up . you can’t believe a single word that comes out of his mouth . “

why do people choose to believe tabloid news or reporters ? why do they even gain ? i don’t see the point of it .

michael jackson’s plastic face ? so what if he has gone under the knife several times ? many artistes have undergone surgery but it wasn’t blown up . as an entertainer , it is important to maintain a good appearance for visual appeal to the audience . plastic surgery is an opinion which many entertainers choose . this is quite common in such an industry . also , michael jackson grew up getting abused by his father , both physically and verbally . he often said that michael jackson had a fat nose . growing up with this , michael jackson would definitely be affected and this probably also contributed to him being conscious of his appearance . if you were in his shoes , i’m sure you will also be as conscious .

now , what about michael jackson’s child sexual abuse allegations ? well , for that , i can’t prove anything but in the end , michael jackson was always proclaimed as ” not guilty ” with no charges filed , so what more can i say ? it has proven itself . however , imagine all the bad publicity michael jackson garnered . how was he to recover ? he is human being like any one of us . he is indeed a survivor .

before i would hurt a child , i would slit my wrists .

michael jackson is a singer and an amazing entertainer . but why must people dig into his personal life ? do they have nothing better to do ? why don’t they just focus on what he was out to do ? his music , dance moves , or maybe even his charity work ?

through his music , you can tell that michael jackson is really a very kind person . take his songs ” heal the world ” , ” earth song ” , ” man in the mirror ” and many others . the meanings of the songs are strong and it truly shows what a great man he is . he’s music is really very good , it’s evergreen . his dance moves are also just as awesome . think themoonwalk . and it’s only one of the iconic moves he has . his style is superb and the way he catches his audience’s attention with his style , he is definitely the king of pop .

and his charity work is amazing . he loves to gives and he gives to help . just citing one example . once while shooting an ad , the people accidentally burned michael jackson’s hair . they settled it out of court , giving michael jackson 1.5million dollars . michael jackson donated the settlement to the brotman medical centre .

these are just a few examples of his extraordinary deeds and acts of kindness . michael jackson is truly a man worth admiring . though he has passed away , his legacy still lives on .

so , instead of focusing on his bad points , why not just look at his good ones ? they already more than enough make up for the flaws he has .

i’m never pleased with anything , i’m a perfectionist , it’s part of who i am .

michael jackson , ♥ from yap li yin (:

- end of article (:

if you guys are more influenced by famous people , here's kevjumba's take on michael jackson . some points are repeated , but that's because these were the things mj was wronged for .

so , is your perception of the "monster" changed ? it better be .
if it isn't , so be it .

but you cannot deny that michael jackson is a great entertainer (:

loads of love ,
liyin (:


successful s'mores =
creamy melted chocolate , not drippy + nice fluffy warm chewy slightly melted but with texture marshmallows , not hard + crispy yet soft digestives .

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so you could tell how my christmas went today . not good , but not bad . anyway , i had presents ! ;D not such a sad christmas anymore . okay i don't feel like typing .

so i'm going to show you the process of making my S'MORES ;D
okay so i'm supposed to roast them in a campfire but errrr . i don't have that . so i just gave them some heat by pushing them into the microwave . okay so it's supposed to be graham crackers but it doesn't taste as good as digestive biscuits ! (:

okay so i stole from my brother those digestive biscuits with chocolate already so i won't have to add chocolate anymore (:

wahaha they look so good already . i could just eat them on their own , but hopefully it'll be nicer as s'mores ! ;D

then i put the marshmallows in between the digestives ! ;D i was like super greedy and put two . it ended up disastrous because of that .

in the microwave , everything went haywire . can you see how big the marshmallows expanded to become ? it's not very obvious here but it's quite creepy . then the biscuit on top obviously fell off , and it didn't look like a neat sandwich thingum ):

wahaha end product ! it was a bit burnt , but if you don't judge by aesthetics , it was quite good lah (: oh if you were wondering because of the unclear-ness of the above photograph , the brown spots are not burn spots . they are chocolate ! yeah so it's not that bad (: i mean , what could go wrong with chocolates and marshmallows ?

kaythanksbye :D

i hate my hair . fringe rather .

wahaha compare the intellectual-ism of this post and the previous one . notice the difference . aiyah christmas makes one high and thus affecting the brain and the therefore the ability to think well is compensated .

anyway i think michael jackson merchandise is really quite creepy . i mean , i know , i'm his biggest fan . but seriously they actually sell his standees on the official merch website . if you put that in your bedroom , wouldn't that be a bit scary ? silhouettes are okay , but if it's his face , i must admit it'll be a bit strange .

I WANT MICHAEL JACKSON SILICONE RUBBER BANDZ . yes , the official name has that " Z " at the back . i wouldn't end my words with a z unless i was like seven or something .
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Friday, December 24, 2010

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hey guys (:

it's christmas eveeee ;D but i'm not that happy because of lousy experiences buying my christmas gift .

anyway , i shall touch on that later . but my day started out pretty great (: went to my maternal grandparent's house and my grandma , as usual , cooked up a storm (: she cooked super a lot of dishes ! ;D it's just simple homecooked dishes , but it tastes oh so good when she's the one cooking it . argh why didn't my mum inherit her mum's fab cooking skills ? D: psssssssht . i ate super a lot . i think i'm a fat pig .

okay , now for the christmas gift shopping part . okay , so my mother and i went to two shopping malls but we still failed to find a christmas gift for me . perhaps its just me . i think i've read too much about poverty and decide that i don't actually need things that i don't really need . i just make up reasons of why i shouldn't get something when something caught my eye . am i making sense? YES .

okay anyway , at first i was about to order the ryan higa tee hee hoodie . then i told myself that i didn't need a hoodie . i was just buying it because i liked ryan higa . furthermore , the hoodie was grey , which is a colour i don't actually favour . the design was also quite plain . so i striked the hoodie off my christmas wishlist . then , i wanted to get the new michael jackson album , MICHAEL . then i told myself that i could jolly well just listen to the songs online because somebody would definitely post it on youtube or something . also , i can't be sure that it's michael jackson's own voice . also , this album doesn't have that APPROVAL from the king of pop . buying the album doesn't really support mj in any way . i'm just giving money to sony . pssht . then , i wanted to get this spongebob bag . it's like those plush toy type . but that's probably the most stupid thing . and urm you can probably figure out the NOT-TO-BUY reasons for that bag .

yep , so am i getting really retarded and stingy or is my heart getting bigger and i'm actually feeling for the poor people . i mean , i'm a contended person . i have everything i need and don't see the need to get other stuffs . argh what is happening to me ?! i used to buy on impulse and stuffs . being like this is not good either . NOW I DON'T HAVE A CHRISTMAS GIFT . i'd probably get myself a belated one but it's not the same . i guess it's pretty cool that education is working here . i mean , i don't just read about poverty . i actually think about the less fortunate . but i'm not actually doing anything so it doesn't mean a lot . but at least it's working a wee bit .

i guess if i don't see anything i like or anything i need or anything i really want super badly and not just an on-off compulsion kind of thing , i'm going to donate the money i set aside for my christmas gift to charity or something . that's hmmm , about sixty bucks i guess . not a lot , but that's the least i can do . it'll help a bit , just a bit , but it'll help (: why get something unnecessary for myself when i can get something necessary for other less fortunate people ? (: so , i'll give myself three weeks to find something suitable . if i don't , i'll just donate .

okay i take back my words . this is not a lousy christmas gift shopping experience . it's meaningful . though i wasted super a lot of time walking , it made me realise that i have everything i need and i should be contended ;D i guess next year i'll just decide on what i need to buy and get it all one shot . and not contemplate on the spot . that'll save me a whole shit load of time . sorry for that little vulgar word ( is it even vulgar in the first place ) but i'm quite pissed at myself for spending so much time walking around .

oh my gosh i don't know - i'm actually FINALLY making a bit of sense in the way i talk / type , and i really like how i talked / typed in this post (:

christmas , in the spirit of giving and sharing

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

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heyyyyyyy .

even though i'm not christian , i'm still excited for christmas ! (: i mean , presents and stuff ;D and food (: and gathering with family . awesome much .

and yes , i still haven't got myself anything . i'm probably going to get a belated thingum . *sigh . oh yeah , today i was so bored i went to wonka to explore . yes i'm that bored . there's like so many different types of cool candies that they don't import to singapore and i don't remember seeing those at candy empire or other candy stores . sad much .

oh yes , rgs' cut off point this year is the highest amongst the other secondary schools (: it's 265 . super high okay . luckily i didn't take my psle this year or i wouldn't have been able to get in ):

anyway , i'm thinking of getting this plain photo album and decorating it till it looks really awesome ( though i think it'll fail at my horrible hands ) and getting this super lousy camera . okay , not lousy . as in like , a camera that uses film , and not a digital one . then i won't be able to delete any photos and i'll go and develop all the photos and it'll be epic because there'll be tons of unglams and my photo album will be cool to the max ;D haha i think it's awesome . now all those film cameras are pretty cheap i guess ;D

kaybye (:
love ,
liyin .
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

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so christmas is in three days ~ food , presents et cetera (:
anyway today was the day where i was super nervous last year . i mean , my psle score was quite uncertain . i may or may not get into rgs . so i was really really emotional on last year's today . haha (: CONGRATS TO EVERYONEEE ! even if you didn't manage to get into your first choice or anything , just be happy that you're progressing to the next chapter of your life (: secondary school can sometimes be quite overwhelming (:

jessa gan , see you around in school next year ! (:

okay anyway , i went back to school yesterday for sec one orientation dry run .

today , i went to meet my band ( yes , i'm in a band wahaha . but it's just starting ;D ) - chloe , tessa & denise . at first charlene yap was supposed to be the keyboardist ): anyway , chloe plays the electric guitar , denise the drums , tessa and i are the singers . we went to chinatown , and went to some studio . it's kind of creepy and it was very dark and there wasn't anyone at the counter , then it was super epic and finally someone came out and stuff . we did THE MAN WHO CAN'T BE MOVED and it was quite nice you know (: seriously ;D except for my horrible singing voice , everyone else was really good . haha , maybe i can double up as a keyboardist the next time round (:

kay anyway it's really fun and we're thinking of a band name ! ;D shall go learn some other songs . super cool (:

oh ya , then i went to the orthodontist today . apparently my teeth is a very very complicated case because of the over bite . my over bite was very very serious cos when i clench my teeth together , you can't actually see the bottom row of teeth . not one bit . so that's a bit scary . it was like super weird and the guy said my teeth problem usually occurred among caucasians . but i thought many people had over bite . maybe it's something else . so unlike what the dentist said , i still had to do two rows of braces . that's good , i mean , that means i'll get perfect straight teeth (: and it'll be aligned ! ;D

then my mum agreed on the spot to let me do braces and she signed the thing . sigh , the braces itself costs about four thousand bucks . i could buy a whole load of other things with that ): anyway , after that , the orthodontist spotted something and wanted to check my teeth again . he said my jaw had some problem , but it was a mild case . however , it might become more serious in future when i grow older and this problem can only be corrected by jaw surgery . thanks doc ): , for spotting this and making me worried D:

luckily for me , it wasn't necessary to extract any teeth from the bottom row . but i'll have to extract three at the top row ! one baby tooth , and two adult teeth . yes , i still have a baby tooth . but i'll have to go and extract in february because the dentist / orthodontist were very busy and their schedules were all packed ):

oh and when my braces are on , i have to abstain from HARD FOODS , CHEWY FOODS , FIZZY DRINKS , SWEET DRINKS , ETC . that's like almost all the nice food ): i think it's two in one : straight teeth + slimming . i'm going to gorge myself till february ;D

kaythanks .
bye (:
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

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heyyyyy guys (:

so i added this number at the start of my post because i'm going to keep track of how many people actually visit my blog within posts BUT DON'T LEAVE A TAG . psssssssht . did your momma teach you to be so sneaky like a ninja ? i mean , ninjas are cool and really really awesome (think ninja melk or the ninja glare) but be a ninja at appropriate times . wahaha but i figured that i probably die of embarrassment if the number doesn't increase by my next post . so i'm going to scrape the idea . yep , so the chunk of words you have just read are useless and would not affect your life in anyway . sorry for wasting your time (: and sorry if i don't sound apologetic cos i'm not ;D man , i sound really mean but you read that paragraph on your own will . no one told you to (:

anyway , i'm constantly listening to THE MAN WHO CAN'T BE MOVED by the script these days . it's on loop . even if i didn't put it on loop , the replay button would have broke . but of course , the song still has a long way till it catches up with the most frequently played song on my iTunes . it's -DUH- a song by my beloved michael jackson . anyway the reasons for my listening to the script's song is going to be undisclosed wahaha . don't you just love the feeling of suspense ? well , i sure do love making others feel suspicious about myself . but of course i don't want to be a suspect of some sort of crime . okay i'm not making sense . i'm just senselessly moving my fingers across the keyboard .

okay so i really want a ryan higa teehee hoodie badly . real badly . but i don't exactly trust online stores . but it's the official nigahiga store , so what could go wrong , right ? ;D i'm going to order it ! or should i wait for other designs ? :O because the current design isn't that appealing . it's probably just the novelty factor of this new ryan higa official merchandise that's drawing me in . sigh , should i make an impulsive buy ? okay wait it's not that impulsive anymore . i mean , i am actually contemplating about getting it . NEVERMIND . in any case , i stumbled upon this unofficial ryan higa stuff . it's quite weird . i mean , only a super obsessed person would get this . the cap's okay , but not the other one . it's really weird and just thinking about it makes me shiver . am i exaggerating ? i highly doubt it .

anyway (argh is there any other way to start a new paragraph?! i start it with either an "anyway" or an "okay" or something) the psixers will get to know which school they'll be going next year this tuesday ? is that exciting or what ? (: okay wait i just realised it doesn't actually concern me , but i just had a flashback of sorts . i mean , it'll probably be a life-changing moment for some .

okay i haven't been too productive this holiday and i'm starting to regret it . what if i get back to school and everyone's like a pro person and i'll be lost and they'll be talking all cheem and i won't be able to understand them and i'll be like an idiot super lost in a world of my own and i'll fail all my tests and then i will be eventually kicked out of rgs ): sad face much ): something tells me that's going to become a reality . i'm really really scared . LAST TWO WEEKS = MUGGER MOOD . it's better late than never , right ? (:

enough of self reflections .
kay thanks bye (:

love ,
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Friday, December 17, 2010

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okay sorry for mia-ing (: if anyone even reads this . psssssht . the past few days have been spent going to school painting the waddle banner (: it's quite fun yay . anabelle and i bonded a lot , on wednesday , both of us stayed back till about six thirty painting the banner because we didn't have watches and it was illegal to use our handphones till five thirty . and anabelle's a prefect , so yeah . no chance or whatsoever . then it got really dark and we thought it was because of the rain . then i gave up and checked for the time . argh it was so late already (: then there were so many missed calls and smses from my parents haha sorry .

then i waited for my dad to come and pick me up . while waiting , mr chang , the deputy principal , came to talk to me ! ;D well , technically he's leaving the school already but how else can i address him ? (: then we chatted for quite long . he asked me alot of stuffs . then this cute stray cat that resides in our school , was walking in between us (:

hahaa , but of course i wasn't that rude as to take pictures when talking to him (: i think mr chang's a really really caring man . he was asking me all sorts of stuff . thanks mr chang ! you'll be missed dearly by rgs . wahaha there's even a fanclub on facebook .

anyway , i think anabelle's a really good senior (: wahaha we can talk about anything under the sun [man i really hate this phrase it's like super cliche but oh well] we ate two lunches together and it was quite cool . haha anabelle if you are stalking me and happen to read this , then yay ;D

okay waddle's banner is almost complete (: oh TARBET'S banner is really awesome . it's really really nice . i mean , waddle's nice too but i really like tarbet's (:

sigh i'm really restless right now and i don't feel like typing ):
i think my english's really really lousy and bad when i type on the computer , like on facebook or blogger or something . oh well , hopefully it doesn't affect my english standard or whatsoever . oh and my diet is really really bad these days . i had chocolate for breakfast today ! ;D

kay nevermind .

love ,
liyin .
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Monday, December 13, 2010

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the last day of 2010 !
i really liked the number 2010 . this year has been amazing for me . it was the first year of secondary school for me , it was the year i experienced setbacks , failure (in exams , one exam , to be exact ) stress , but of course , i also experienced joy , freedom , and pure awesomeness . i made super a lot of new friends , and of course , also strengthened the old friendships i had .

so , of course , DEDICATIONS TIME (:
how can i miss out dedications ? it's where my skin becomes super thick and i say sappy and mussy stuff . stuff i would want a guy to say to me (: i might sound sarcastic sometimes , but trust me , if your name's here , you mean a lot to me kay ! ;D if your name's not here , 2011's would be a year you can know me better . but anyway it isn't much of a big deal if your name's here (: but it's a big deal to have you in my life (:

emily juju khoo ;
bestie ; super juju ; guess the sketch awesome buddy ; sbk ; husband / wife ;
if i didn't write this for you , you would have said " HEY ! " in that tone of voice and scolded me like crazy . yep , that's how close we are (:
thanks for being such a fantastic super juju with me ;D
and it's really really touching that you would wait for me every school monday just to see my beautiful face . very few friends would have done that .
thanks so much for introducing handsome guys to me . without you , i wouldn't have found my true love , MICHAEL JACKSON & RYAN HIGA .
in fact , now i love them more than i love you (:
you are kind of awesome . okay fine i mean quite awesome . ugh . okay . you are really awesome ;D don't wear too scantily okay ? (;
i love you , super juju (:

angelia justine huimin gillian jielin ;
clique ! ;
wahaha first things first ! i'm not bias okay (: jielin has her own photograph because she's the one who's missing in a photograph that majority of us are inside . gettit ? haha , don't come and bash me up okay . okay , i shall do dedications for you guys individually ;D from left to right of the photograph ;D

angelia omohomo ;
MANAGER , did i ever tell you are so cute ;D super pro gymmer !
thanks for being the super enthu one with me . it was really awesome being all hyped up with you on the first few days of orientation . it was the first time we spent super a lot of effort and time but then it later gets wasted , but it wasn't the last ! ;D
you are a person who always work towards you goal , and you're seriously a very wacky and weird person ! ;D that's a good thing , by the way .
i love you , angelia omohomo (:

justin(e) bieber ;
FIRST FRIENDD ! ;D first person i worked with to lead the class (:
but your leadership skills outshone me and you were just awesome . though our orientation performance wasn't very fantastic , but working with you was thoroughly awesome . that wasn't the last time i worked with you , you awesome person (:
you are super competitive , wahaha that's the spirit okay ! keep it up girl and continue being a happy waddlian and house comm-er ! ( with me )
i love you , justine tan li ting (:

lee hui min ;
wahaha super cute lah you ! don't you dare say " i know right " or i will shoot you okay ! ;D
your k-pop fever is super super serious , i think it's a fatal disease now D: but luckily my immune system is like super strong and its not contagious to me (: but thanks so much for trying to spread your love ! aren't you scared i'll steal your taemin (randomly grabbed a name) or whatever , hmm ? ;D
continue being gay and happy ! but sometimes i don't know if you are serious or not . then it's super super scary ): wahaha . good luck with your korean husband (:
i love you , huimin (:

gillian budgies ;
XANXUS / ALONSO / TORRES / BUDGIES / etc . lover ! ;D whoa you got super a lot of guys / birds you like . anyway , continue loving them and loving me !
you are really cute and your sims are really nice . stop with your obsession man ! michael jackson reigns the throne of the shuai-est guy around ;D
anyway you are an awesome person ! but right , you are too naive and kind ! that's a good thing , sometimes . but be more evil okay !
have more confidence and talk more , because you know you are as wild as your sims . *pedo eyebrow wiggle*
i love you , gillian (:

nai1 nai2 nai3 nai4 ;
WAHAHA did i ever tell you how much i like your surname ? actually i like mine better but yours is nice to call ;D
anyway , you are an awesome deskie ! you appear to be very guai , but in actual fact , you are not really that guai ! okay , maybe not . but somehow my bad influence has made you become a bit not that guai . wahaha i love how you say WHATEVER but that's only because you have nothing else to say . you got really big eyes , wahaha a very stunning (not to mention scary) feature of yours !
continue being a good girl and book lots of people next year okay ! except me . you are very awesome ;D oh ya and i forgot , thanks for being such a nice 132 mate ! (: and it's cool that we live close each other .
i love you , nai (:

emourfilms & emily xinrong gary matthew ian ;
enthu primary school peeps ! ;
thanks for helping me dwindle my holidays away (: life would be so boring without you guys ! (: emourfilms was super crazy , so sorry for screwing so many scenes up !
but the release is tomorrow , so yay (: we'll be famous okay ! can't wait to work on another of the series ! ;D i promise not to laugh ( too often )
wahaha and enthu people who turned up for the fail group outing ;D thanks for convincing me to sit the skyride + luge thingum because it was quite fun ! even though it was just one day with you guys , it was one of the funnest days this year okay ! ( yeah my life is boring . such a day is considered a fun day in my context )
i love you guys (:

guides ! ;
yay i think we're awesome (:
we got ponners , we got super enthu-ers , that's the little things that make us so special . you guys would be the ones who will grow with me in four years in rgs and the first year has already been quite awesome. let's be more bonded ! (though we're already quite heehee )
you guys are awesome . oh ya , and ragini , thanks for always taking 132 with me . you are awesome ! ;D
i love you guys (:

jingen christina edina ;
heyyyyy you guys are a cool bunch ;D
though our neoprints are super fail , it was still awesome having your company ! ;D

jing'en ; thanks for being such an awesome house commer ! ;D i love chicken but please please don't link me to your onew or whoever . you are awesome , your handwriting is freaking nice and your art skills are fantastic (can tell by your letters) . you were probably just faking it ! (; but don't dao people okay ! it's not nice wahahah (:
i love you jingen (:

christina ; thanks for being so cute (: your obsession with koi wahaha . and japanese green tea stuff . ohoh and also , hot guys (: it was very very fun being your friend yay . i'm glad you didn't join choir wahaha . one day you must sing for me okay . i bet your voice is super good . oh and good luck being a classic ! the little sec ones would love you heehee
i love you , chris (:

edina ; ooooooooh i haven't been seeing you in the recent guides sessions where have you been ? ponning or overseas uh girl ? anyway you pedo bra strap puller . so weird and strange but so cute and nice at the same time . your smile's awesome .
i love you , edina (:

bibiana low ;
awesome awesome mei ; best junior everr
hey , did i ever tell you that you are awesome ? :D heehee , well you are ! you are super pretty okay ! i bet a lot of boys are going after you heh .
anyway , thanks for searching for me during thinking day 2010 ! i guess i won't see you at thinking day 2011 but we'll definitely keep in touch (: also , you're an amazing dancer , etc . haha , you can read the book i sent you ! ;D you are just too awesome to describe and hopefully we'll see each other in hips or something ;D
i love you , bibiana (:

CREATED A FORMSPRING GO ASK ME QUESTIONS ! and if you are touched , leave a tag okay ! ;D
if i missed anyone of you , do tell me okay ! because it's not that you don't mean a lot to me , it's just that i have short term memory okay .

love ,
liyin (:
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hi folks ! ;D
man i'm the worst g8 piano player ever ): sad face .

anyway , today's monday ! (: went back to school . supposed to meet the other waddle creative arts directors at eight thirty but i was an hour early because my dad sent me (:
so i waited for an hour . then we went to the house cupboards there and it's like super epic . and ohmygosh you know tarbet's banner is like done already . PROMAX . then nikki and annabelle came (:

then we WHITEWASHED our banner (: the worst experience ever . LOL we ran out of white paint ): so we went for lunch at far east (Y) where i saw DAWN (: before heading to ajunied to get the paint . wahaha it's like a warehouse like that . i didn't realise there were stores like that . so long , spotlight ;D

then we completed whitewashing ! (: awesomeness . imma going back everyday this week i think . to complete the banner . WE CAN DO THIS YAY ;D

my arm is training . painting is really good training . muscles , here i come wahaha . ohoh and carrying paint is a torture . especially the five litres ones .

kaythanksbye (:


oh yeah i stumbled upon this youtube artiste , brett domino , which is actually the alter ego of rob j madin . i think he's really talented ;DD but he lacks a bit in the looks department though :X

BUTBUT MICHAEL JACKSON MEDLEY ! WHOOOOO . i think this instrument is like damn cool . cross between a keyboard and a guitar (:

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

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second post of the dayyyy (:
i guess i have nothing better to do yay .

so i went shopping just now ;D but didn't get anything because my purpose was to get something for christmas but nothing caught my eye D: man the only thing i want now is this hoodie .

it's like so darn cute (: but can't find it anywhere online for sale . not even usa or something D: it's really so funny . but who will actually zip it up all the way ? this is probably the only thing patrick has but spongebob doesn't because spongebob's square and the shape won't fit him wahaha .

or a michael jackson hoodie . but frankly michael jackson hoodies might be a little itty bitty scary . unless it's the silhouette of him only .

maybe i can get myself a HOODIE BUDDIE ;D go google it or something (: it's like this hoodie thingum and the drawstrings for the hoodie right , instead of it being normal strings , it's earpieces ;D and there's this plug in the pocket to plug in your music ;D but i would have to order it online and maybe it won't arrive by christmas ): but the designs are a bit plain and not cute at all D: it might look a bit weird putting the drawstrings into your ears . but it's cool ;D

sigh .
christmas christmas christmas ;D

love ,
liyin (:
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Friday, December 10, 2010

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SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN (: really really really soon ;D

hello (:
so yay christmas is coming soon i can't wait . about two more weeks i guess . but that means school is reopening soon too D:

argh i still don't know what i want for christmas ): that shows i'm not materialistic wahaha ;D it's like i have everything i need and want already so what more can i ask for ?

oh i made oreo ice blend with a blender just now ;D man it was super sweet . i put two trays of ice cubes , some water , and three packets of oreos (nine oreos) and two spoonfuls of sugar . diabetes D: AND YES MY MUM BUYS THOSE THREE IN A PACKET KIND OF OREOS BECAUSE SHE SAYS IT'S "CONVENIENT" ): i've told her time and time again to buy those in a tube with only one wrapper because that's like more environmentally friendly ):


oh well , nothing in this world seems true anyway .
i'm living in this huge dream .

oh yeah , and before i go . i shall end with this erh , trailer . i really didn't want to put this up here cos it's going to be really funny but it's six resilience seven's [or just about one quarter of the class'] plus brian & xuebin nothing - better - to - do project together (: so support kay (: wahaha the real "movie" is going to be out on 1 january ;D

love ,
liyin (:

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hey (:

so went for this cip thingum at orchard central to raise funds for MDAS - muscular dystrophy association and i assume you know what S stands for . so basically we had to sell stuff . which was really cool . really . okay anyway i'm not gonna elaborate cos i'm feeling quite sad . but thanks to CHERYL , a sec two senior that i got to know better today , she made my day so much better ;D

anyway i'm sad because we should've talked . and not act like strangers . because it makes everything so weird . oh wells , what can i do ? i've been so stupid already . sigh . nevermind i guess . we have never really talked properly last time anyway .

i'm thinking of last year after the encounter today . last year was the year of epicness and primary school life was really the win . i've grown and matured so much but i really don't want to grow up . now , at this point of my life , i really understand how peter pan or michael jackson felt . when you are young , you are really free of troubles , you have that childlike innocence , the purity and everything . life was just perfect in primary school . you understand stuff , you encounter little complications and stuff that won't affect you . as you grow older , you encounter larger problems and have to make relatively important life-affecting decisions .


freaking sense of nostalgia .
primary five and six is currently best period of my short thirteen years of life . it's just amazing .

now why am i even thinking about all these ? they have passed , i am only left with memories . wonderful memories that i hope i will keep forever .

go drop by orchard central anytime till sunday kay ? ;D support the people with muscular dystrophy . phew , luring people to go take a look at the stuff with my mouth was overall a brand new and really cool experience . i can't imagine people working as salespersons . i was like really tired just after six hours into the " job " . we had to speak really fast because we had to get to the phrase " muscular dystrophy " because that's when people really pay attention . WAHAHA CHERYL IS DAMN GOOD AT TALKING HEH . i'm really fail . LOL but we got told off by a shopkeeper from another pushcart thingum saying we were stealing her business and told us to keep to our "territory" . okay she didn't really say that but that's the gist .

okay truthfully i really enjoyed today . but it's still really sad ):

oh whatever -.-

love ,
liyin ;D
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

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" society comprises two classes : those who have more food than appetite , and those who have more appetite than food " ~ sebastien - roch nicholas de chamfort

typing " poverty " in google images takes a bit of courage . i chose the mildest photo . this is the freaking mildest photo amongst the rest . LOOK AT THEIR PLATES . their's is empty . not because they finished the food , but because there's not even food to start with .

this post ain't gonna contain any other photos . because you have to focus on the one on top . I PROMISE I'LL EAT MY VEGGIES .

on a lighter note ,

hey guys ! ;D
so eh . went for some outing yesterday . i would not call it a class gathering since it's like not even one fifth of the class that went . so it's a yapliyin-emily-xinrong-matthew-ian-gary outing . which was just freaking ridiculous .

met emily at the entrance of hougang mrt . she was uh , not punctual -.- you know how they have freaking a lot of cctvs at mrt entrances ?! i could tell that they were all following me as i paced back and forth waiting for that khoo . then went to take mrt to habourfront . along the way , met xinrong . she came from kovan i think (: it's so "qiao" (: same cabin . then emily spotted the poy not too far from us .

anyway , gary was like so damn early . i was like only at hougang and he sms-ed me " are you there yet ? " then i was like ... uhhh , hougang or vivo ? LOL then he said vivo and i think i ignored him . anyway yeah he was there when we reached . then matthew and poy came . it was like only six people . then we were like what the heck . so we contacted other sixrseven people . they were all not coming . oh well , then we headed for sentosa .

okay so we went to the palawan beach . everything was rather fail . i just like sitting in the sea . but NOT tasting it . oh and in any case , if you ever get salt water in your eye , just open your eye for ten seconds . all will be well then (:

LOL okay then we went to koufu . crispy noodles for the win . it's awesome (: i asked not to have veggies , and not take it and waste it (:

then wanted to ride on the segway thingum . it's really fun . but there's this liability thing that had to be signed by someone above eighteen . psshft . then they wanted to sit the skyride and luge D: argh there was like a bit of thunder and lightning . cable cars are scary but skyrides are even worse . argh in the end i relented . it was horrible sitting it up there but luge was very fun ! ;D we rode it down in the rain . ahaha but i couldn't really stop the go cart - like thing . then when the person asked me to stop to stamp on my hand , i couldn't stop and i think the person was like shouting at me . but eventually i stopped d:

then we went to plaza sing cos i wanted to buy paints ! went to spotlight and got five tubes of acrylic paint . they were uh dressing up . thanks xin rong for giving me such good advice wahaha ;D

then we went to eat at the kopitiam . i had to force my carrot cake down (: nope , force is not a good word . correction : i ate my carrot cake happily and I'M CONTENDED AND FORTUNATE FOR FEELING FULL . sigh . it's really sad how people are wasting food . THOUGH WE ALREADY BOUGHT THE FOOD , IT STILL MATTERS WHETHER WE FINISH IT OR NOT .

anyway , we saw sesame street live ! (: we kind of screamed . well , elmo's really cute . cookie monster too . and not to be bias , bert and ernie were very cute too . while watching , i think i teared a little because i thought of my childhood and how i used to watch sesame street before going for kindergarten school and how my mum used to bring me to various shopping centres to watch blue's clues , neopets [YES THERE ACTUALLY WAS NEOPETS LIVE SHOW] , etcetera . and now i'm like old and i don't wanna grow up . yes im peter pan / michael jackson .

okay so i'm not exactly in a typing mood right now . then we went home .
awkward ending much .

kaythanksbye (:
epichumour i'mma gonna hide my face .
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Monday, December 6, 2010

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ahaha , can't wait for tomorrow (: rseven class outing ;D okay , maybe like one quarter of rseven . but oh wells . gonna have fun i hope . i shall learn from my lesson and apply big blobs of sunblock .

anyway i went to the dentist yesterday evening ;D the dentist was super kind and friendly .and he was pretty good looking wahaha you did not just see this . okay anyway , he took a look at my teeth and surprisingly said that my teeth was very well maintained . like what , my teeth has always not earned the favour of any dentists ever . okay so i was happy larh . then he said my bottom row of teeth were pretty straight , it was like already after treatment so might not need to put braces there . or even if i put , i don't need to extract any teeth from the bottom row (: but i will still have to consult the orthodontist . then , there was like this big shocker . he said i still have one milk tooth . like WHUT -.- i thought i had plucked all out already . that time i extracted four consequetively D: but he couldn't be sure . anyway , did the molding for the braces . haha it's like this big piece of gum or something to create the shape of my teeth . then went for the x-ray . ohmygosh the xray was darn cool . afterwards i could see all my teeth and the roots . so yeah , that milk tooth really was a milk tooth ): i could see the adult tooth behind it through the x-ray . so i'll have to extract that milk tooth plus two other teeth to create space on top .

oh yes then through the x-ray i could actually see my wisdom tooth (: apparently most people have four wisdom teeth which creates a lot of problems for them . i only have one !;D it was so cute . only the crown was formed . haha the dentist said it was very rare not to have four wisdom teeth (: maybe i have enough wisdom already ;D hmm , so in future if i have any wisdom tooth complications , it'll only happen to one (: ahaha .

apparently the dentist said that extraction was the worst part of putting braces . that's a bit weird wahahaa . but then , i'll still have to consult the orthodontist . his schedule is super packed , so i'll have to wait till the twentysecond of december . so i'll probably put on my braces when school has already reopened ):

kay can't wait for tomorrow (:

love ,
liyin .
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Friday, December 3, 2010

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helooooooooo .
sorry for going MIA , guys . okay not really . it's only four days since i last posted ? and i actually edited my intro part at the right side (: it's cooler now muahaha .

haha , but i've been super tired . i don't know why but this holiday i'm freaking restless . i tell my mother that i've been studying but in actual fact , i was just reading . it's not really considered as studying because i don't actually absorb facts when i read cos i just digress a lot and listen to music . hmm , but singapore history is really awesome . i cannot actually believe that all those stuffs actually happened on this tiny island . it's amazing . haha , but i can't actually explain in depth "all those stuffs" because well , i haven't actually been absorbing well . sigh i wish my parents are stricter on me . because i don't have any willpower myself . anyway , im really scared of world war three happening . because the guy who predicted that the 44th american president would be a black [ which is right ] and the september eleven thing [ which is right ] , predicted that at the end of 2010 , world war three would happen . that guy's dead already , by the way . so yeah i'm really scared :X

okay so what if life seems peaceful now ? it might not be peaceful everyday kay . look at korea . NOT THE FRIGGING SINGERS = =

okay anyway , on wednesday , i went out with emily for some work out thing cos both of us think that we are too fat [ i know , not think ] . anyway , we walked to hougang stadium from hougang interchange and went to jog . haaha , but both our staminas were frigging lousy and i think we only ran two or three rounds d:

then we went swimming yay . swim swam swum . haha i realised i'm quite flexible (: okay but it's nothing compared to the gymmers in my class .

hee my face looks disgustingly horrible here . so i blanked it out . but i like how my leg could touch my head like that . emily can't do it muahhaaa . yeah i know , i looked outrageously fat here .

and uh my phone kind of spoilt because it got wet haha . but i amazingly fixed it heh heh .

then lalala , went to hougang mall and saw juniors (: and yes , emily , i'll be sending you your photos through msn kay .

okay anyway , my life is darn boring . but i've been practicing on the piano so much these days (: you know , even though i'm like the worst piano-player [ i wouldnt call myself a pianist , because that's like for professionals or something haha d: ] ever , i think it's kind of amazing how my hands coordinate with each other though they're playing different things . they sometimes move so fast that my mind doesn't actually control it . okay , that's against science laws or whatever but seriously man .

alright i got to buy paint for guides banner wahaha .
christmas is coming but i don't know what to get for myself . i guess i have grown to become less materialistic after reading about poverty D: it's supposed to be a good thing . but i don't know , i just feel really weird not knowing what i want but don't need .

yay kay bye (:
love ,
liyin .

p/s: i love josh sundquist . he's my idol wahaha .
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