Honey Creme with Emily

Thursday, October 30, 2014

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Hello there :-)

I happen to find myself sounding more and more unsatisfied with my own life on this blog and maybe that's what I truly feel about it but that's unacceptable, because I know that despite all the negativity that has been happening, there's been lovely things that I should be appreciative and thankful for. I should never, ever let the cloud of darkness overshadow glimpses of the rainbow, because that'd be a pity. 

Recently, I have been feeling an increasing sense of loneliness and suffocation within my school campus and on Monday (27 October), it hit me pretty hard - I had about five hours to kill before going for service and yet I didn't have anyone to spend the time with. Normally I'd be okay being alone because I'm not one who thrives on company but at that point of time, I just let the weight of that feeling come crashing down on me and I sat blankly at the darker, more secluded side of the ever-busy school canteen. Just then, I received a text from Emily saying "yappie", followed by another one with "you at bishan??" and while Emily is the queen of being late and doesn't really have much affinity with time, she could not have gotten this timing more right. We ended up heading to Somerset completely unplanned and spontaneously, and decided to try the new "in-thing", the Honey Creme Stall - in fact, it was only their second day of opening, so we jumped on the bandwagon pretty early, I must say. 

Organic Cotton Candy Affogato ($6.20), which neither of us ordered - this was someone else's and it's probably the most Instagram-worthy one, due to its video value of watching the cotton candy melt as a shot of coffee is poured over it. 

We reached Honey Creme at around 4pm and it was a weekday, so the queue wasn't that long - at first we mistook the taxi queue for the Honey Creme queue and were pretty put off, but when we realized that the ice cream stall's queue was even shorter than that of the taxi's, we readily got in line to try the new fad on the block. We queued for around 10 minutes, 15 minutes tops and the line moved pretty fast. 

I got Popcorn ($5.50) and Emily got the Honeycomb ($5.90) 

I would say that the ice cream is honestly quite normal - it tastes a lot like McDonald's vanilla soft serve, just a tad milkier and it wasn't mind blowing, though I liked how it wasn't too sweet, which really brings out the unique toppings they put on the ice cream. That's really the only plus point - that these aren't usual toppings you'll find on ice cream and I suppose the honeycomb one was the signature item and it wasn't bad. In fact, finding a whole piece of honeycomb on your ice cream is a novel idea, and it's quite exciting to break it down and have it with every mouthful of soft serve. I must admit though, that I'm not a big fan of honey - in fact I really detest it so when I tried Emily's ice cream it tasted just like honey to me in a caramelized solid form. It somehow had a very natural taste/ vibe to it and I felt like Winnie the Pooh for a moment. Those who like honey might find this pairing quite exciting. 

My Popcorn ice cream was quite aesthetically pleasing, with caramel sauce drizzled around the cup and on top of my ice cream. They were extremely generous with the caramel popcorn as well, with the ice cream girls daintily putting on each piece one by one and a handful at the bottom of the cup. I like popcorn, I like caramel and I like ice cream, so having all these things combined made me quite happy. Comparing their popcorn to Garretts', my favourite popcorn store which is also walking distance from Honey Creme, I suppose there's a reason why Honey Creme is an ice cream store and not a popcorn one. But it's not that bad, I would say it's above average though it would have been good if it was more crispier/ tasted fresher. Then again, they don't have a popcorn popping machine on site so that'd be a challenge. Would I eat this again? Maybe, but probably not especially for its price- it's just a nice, new idea but it isn't fantastic taste-wise. Oh, and the ice cream cups are actually really small. 

It was very satisfying though, to have gotten seats within the Honey Creme store itself. Based on my approximate count, they have a seating capacity of around twelve people (yes it's small) by somehow, Emily and I managed to snag our own table with two chairs, right beside the water dispenser so it was quite comfortable for us, and we also got to people watch, with an endless stream of people queueing beside us as we ate. If one's a fan of kpop, they'd be glad to know that this store plays kpop music, probably trying to bring a small piece of its origins to the local crowd, as this whole honeycomb ice cream fad came from South Korea, though this particular chain is actually from Taiwan. 

Emily's company was invaluable though, and I appreciate it so much. Being from different junior colleges, talking to her makes me feel a lot more relaxed and the things we talk about would probably never arise in a conversation I have with the people from my own school, and that makes me feel incredible, to know that there's someone I can turn to that I won't find myself talking about specific school/ academic things about. The friendship that we have is truly special  and while we only get to meet each other for say, three times a year, four if we're lucky, I feel so comfortable every time I'm with her. The perspective she has on life is very different from mine and we have contrasting personalities (though we are quite similar in a variety of other ways) which adds a bit of excitement in our friendship. For that, and for her, I am infinitely blessed. 

It was also kind of cool that I somehow brought my DSLR that day even though I didn't exactly have plans with anyone.  Again, the notion that I am psychic when I am with Emily has been proved once again. I am blessed, I should be more appreciative of the things and friendships I do have, and I should be happy. 

 Note to self: goal to accomplish after Project Work ends - to catch up with friends who mean something to me one on one, to discover myself, and to engage in solitude. 
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throwback to halloween in RG last year :'') 

To date, I have had two people tell me that "Juju", in West Africa means witchcraft, and well I suppose witchcraft is kind of cool - I've seen it feature in some of my favourite childhood stories such as those of Enid Blyton's - but in this case, this sort of witchcraft, or "Juju" is apparently done without good intentions. It's harmful, it's evil.

And maybe that's why I unconsciously adopted the nickname - because that's exactly what I am, innately deep down inside. I'm harmful to everyone that's entered my life. It seems kind of like magic, some kind of witchcraft I practice that I'm not even aware of, that everyone that enters my life and has actually made me emotionally attached to them, leaves me. And I feel like I've harmed them someway or another. It's as if I hold a big sign saying "temporary friendship here" and in a sense, I've asked for all of this. I am a naturally detached person, I am kind only when I make a conscious effort to do so - nothing comes from within, nothing comes from my heart, but I must say that when I do invest myself emotionally into something, I don't show it either and so it's difficult to tell if I value people or not, and that's probably why I've had all these people walk out of my life time and time again.

I have a guy friend who told me directly last year, "I know you won't stay anyway" when in my opinion, at that time, we had such a comfortable friendship. The notion sounded ridiculous at that point in time, but he was right. I didn't. We drifted apart and while we're still friends now, we're definitely not as close anymore. Maybe it wasn't my fault, yet there is so much truth in what he said - and his judgement is usually right. I have a tendency to let go of friendships and people who are important to me - do I just not bother anymore? Maybe I don't at the start - I know for sure that things like that hurt me, that it leaves a gaping hole in myself, that there's a sinking feeling every time I think about how things were - but at a point in time, I just stop trying and yes, perhaps I just don't bother anymore.

But I'll never forget.

Sometimes I wish I had short term memory, or that my brain capacity for academics and that for life memories exchange themselves but perhaps it's because it isn't my brain that remembers such stuff, it's more of my heart that can't forget the pain it's been through and there's a wound there that never closes up. As much as I appear detached most of the time, I can actually feel things and as much as I appear to be outwardly channeling happiness, I can feel a myriad of emotions, including loss, emptiness and pain, all of which I am feeling extremely strongly at the moment.

Maybe I really need to engage in witchcraft.
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1.07am Musings

Saturday, October 25, 2014

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I'm not sure about anyone else, but I think one of the best, or probably the best feeling in the world is to be at peace with yourself. To me, the idea of being contended and completely and wholly satisfied with one's position in one's life at a certain point of time is extremely attractive. It brings about a certain calmness and I don't think 'happiness' is suffice to describe such a feeling, the word 'zen' may present the emotion more accurately.

Instead of seeking happiness all the time, which can be a little tiring, I think that finding oneself and being at peace from within is a lot simpler to do and it's more reflective. Rather than chasing something external, whether it's an experience or a person or a material good for happiness, perhaps it's a lot more therapeutic to search from within. I've definitely experienced moments like these before and I am thankful for those - now is definitely not a period like that but I am trying, and I am typing, and I am attempting to help myself and those around me as well.

It has just occurred to me in the midst of writing the above two paragraphs, that the main difference between happiness and being at peace would be that one is external and the other internal. Isn't it strange, how happiness is more often brought about by a kind act done by another person, or perhaps a new experience that one experiences externally, which brings about a certain sense of joy. Being at peace, on the other hand, doesn't require for any new event to occur but rather it is about making use of the thoughts and memories that we already have within ourselves, re-visiting them and reflecting upon them, before coming to conclusions or realizations such as new things we've learnt and mindsets that we could come to adopt through actively engaging oneself with the prospect of being at peace. I happen to think that that's amazing.

At this point of time, I am not at peace, and while it is not making me exceptionally unhappy or any other unpleasant emotions, it is making me feel slightly uncomfortable and not being completely ignorant of "what could have been" scenarios isn't helping anything either. I consider myself to have a wild imagination and that does not stop me from overthinking and creating a whole ton of stories in my own head that plays out either very well (and me knowing that that will never happen in reality) or very nastily (and me knowing that that could possibly happen in reality).

I would love to be at peace with myself, but that would take a lot of internalizing and coming to terms with things. Somehow, at where I am now, it seems like I'll have to actively seek to correct certain things in my life as well as to be a pillar of support for some of the people around me, which goes against the "being at peace" definition I have given earlier, about everything being an internal struggle. Then again, which component in life was ever straightforward and clear-cut and could simply be defined by one defintion? I don't think anything really is, but that's for me to figure out myself.

I started writing this at 12.54am, and here I am 13 minutes later (yes it really is 1.07am now) with a chunk of words, in its raw, incoherent form but I am feeling slightly better. Baby steps, baby steps. If I can believe, it can happen.
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Strong Sarah

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On the first day of school of a class of thirty, Sarah would not be the kind of person I would make friends with first. There were initial stark differences in the way we were as people. For one, on a superficial level, Sarah has good looks based on universal standards while my beauty... is subjective.

Somehow, I landed myself in the same OBS tent as her though - till this day, I don't know how because I didn't exactly "fit in" with that group, or at least at that point in time, I didn't realize my similarities with two out of three of my tent mates - the other being Shermaine. 

Perhaps we were like salt and pepper - vastly different tastes/ flavours but had the same goal: to spice one's food up. We had the same objectives and mindsets, in a way, and we bonded over our single digit Chemistry failing grade in our first Chemistry paper in Secondary Three, under the great tutelage of a really pretty and young teacher who couldn't exactly teach. Then again, maybe we can't blame her - we never really had the brains of a Science kid. 

Soon, we found ourselves struggling with similar obstacles - not the same by any means, just similar feelings perhaps. I can't read her like a book, and I don't think I understand her fully as a person but I do suppose I can tell sometimes when certain things aren't exactly right. 

She has a good sense of humour though, and she can do push ups. That's strong, that's really strong. She used to pull a bow to make music on a viola (which I can't pronounce, so I'll just call it 'violin) and now she's pulling a bow to shoot arrows in an archery range. Also, I just made that connection as I typed this and I am currently feeling a little too satisfied with myself.

Plus, she enjoys food and loves it when we go explore new places to eat together. (Actually I mostly just bring her to places I like because she lives under a rock, or maybe because I eat more) We went to Fat Boys at Upper Thomson yesterday after school and it was nice going back to our Friday afternoon routine of eating something other than school food to celebrate the end of the week. We were both craving a sinful greasy meaty burger, and haven't eaten one for months. Being healthier than I am, though this time it was relative, she got grilled chicken and guacamole while I got the Mahalo, which had a pork patty - it's a meat I don't particularly favour and usually abstained from but I surprised myself. Fun fact: pineapples go surprisingly well with burgers. It was a good meal, and we were satisfied. 

I had a post titled Happy Sarah not too long ago and this time I wanted to have another adjective to go with her name. "Strong" shall be it, because she is. 

On a sidenote, I'm really liking my 55-200mm Nikon zoom lens, for which I used to take the photos featured in this post. Funny how I've always owned it since I got my DSLR - my dad bought both at the same time about three years back but never got to using it till recently as I always thought it was more suitable for taking bird/ animal pictures. I now know that humans are animals too. 
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Simply Bread // Mu Parlour

Sunday, October 19, 2014

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Hello there :-)

So it's been quite a while since I have written a post chronicling my day to day activities as I've been recently been bombarded with thoughts and events that needed emotional input and time consuming reflection on my part. This space has been a stepping stone for that, and thus it's been a bit negative, though I've realized that writing for myself (and not the public eye) is actually pretty refreshing and a whole new experience on its own. I am back though, feeling ever so thankful and blessed for all the love I've received in this sad period, and this will be a more light hearted post (don't worry though, I'm not forcing myself to be, I genuinely am feeling that way), though whatever that has been troubling me is still troubling me. 

All that aside, here's FATS DAY with CHRIS WONG that happened last Friday (17 October) :-) Possibly our sixth fats day, though we've lost count somewhere in the midst of stuffing ourselves with nice food! Actually maybe it's our fifth: Orchard Central for EWF, Holland Village for Daily Scoop, Lola's Cafe, The Coffee Daily and now Simply Bread & Mu Parlour. Yup it's our fifth, not counting all the other unofficial times we've gone out for food such as GRUB

We met at Botanic Gardens before heading to Simply Bread at Cluny Court, which is just across the road from the entrance of Botanics and the exit of the MRT. I've walked past Cluny Court countless of times, most of the time on my way to Island Creamery, looking at the cute little cupcakes sitting daintily on the shelves of bakery-boutiques but I've never really entered the building before and well, perhaps I should've done this earlier. Simply Bread has such a chic interior and its white and simple furniture truly makes for a very nice backdrop for photos. The natural lighting is amazing as well, and the place was so quiet - maybe because it was a school day (which we didn't have because it was Graduation Assembly for the Year 6s) but it's really a chill place to have a nice chat. 

Both of us got the ham and cheese sandwich ($9) and it was really quite good, though I had a bit of tomatoes left on my plate at the end of it. Considering I don't eat veggies at all, that is quite a marked improvement for someone like me and I think I was motivated to attempt to eat (most of) the veggies because the sandwich wouldn't have looked tempting otherwise. If you ask me "how different can a sandwich be?" and understandably so, as this one is a little on the pricey side, I must say that this is by far one of the chunkiest and most aesthetically pleasing one I've ever come across in my short 17 years, so yes, it's worth a try - and the ambiance is beautiful as well. 

Dear Chris read the time on her phone wrongly halfway through the meal and she thought that it was 11.59am rather than 10.59am (which it actually was), which supposedly left us with only one hour together as she had to rush off for an ISLE meeting in school at 1pm, making us rush all the way to the MRT because we had to explore another place for food. When she realized we actually had two hours left, we let the train that we would have missed anyway go, though attempting to run for it allowed us to burn off some calories for space, not that we needed it since we (or at least I) had two tummies - a separate one for dessert!

The next fancy place we headed to was Mu Parlour at Holland Village! Neither of us had gone there before and it's easy to miss, since it was nestled on the second floor of the many rows of shophouses and truth be told, no one really looks up. So you'll really have to be looking for it - there's no chance that one would be able to stumble upon this quaint little cafĂ©. We were the first customers there, and the only ones for quite some time, which was lovely because we got to take photos of the interior really shamelessly. 

It's gorgeous to say the least, and it's evident that much thought has been put into the designing of this place. To be honest, it reminded me a lot of the Facebook game "Restaurant City" where I used to take pains to choose every single chair and table to perfection and had all these strange tile shifts halfway to fit in every design theme I could possibly fit in in my limited amount of space. It's such a lovely place and as Chris puts it, for "people-watching". 

The next time you guys walk along Holland Village, beware because this wild Christina may just be spying, or "people-watching" on you ;-) 

Of course, all that interior-design perfection aside, what matters in a place that sells food would obviously have to be their food! Their desserts are a bit on the pricey side, with both Chris' chocolate tart (forground) and my raspberry chocolate mousse (background) costing $8 each ($8.80 with GST). If they were pleasant-tasting, I wouldn't have minded paying that price but they were really... meh. In fact, I think I actually disliked my dessert and I didn't exactly feel like finishing it because it was a bit too tart for my liking and it was then did I realize I actually didn't like raspberries that much. Chris thought her chocolate tart was okay though.  

A group of schoolgirls came in later on and ordered some savoury food and their roasted chicken wings smelt divine. I might have gotten them if we weren't already stuffed by then - might come back for them if I was in the area, though I'm not sure if I'd be willing to pay a premium for chicken.

And the star of the show - green tea cookie!!! No - they actually don't sell these, these are from Chris' own bakery ;-) 

All in all, it was quite a lovely day (or rather morning) spent with Chris and it was much needed since we rarely get to catch up at all in school nowadays. Thank you for always being there and for understanding me, I truly appreciate you WONG WONG :-) 
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Saturday, October 18, 2014

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I wish I could just put a stop to all these, to detach myself like I normally do. Somehow, this feels different. It's not just something that has gone wrong, it's not just one part of me that's crumbling. My entire being is paralyzed. 

I get angry and upset at those who don't deserve it, and I can't seem to stop myself despite knowing it is wrong. I lay motionless and I spend more time running away from reality than living it, choosing to stay in bed (though I did manage to watch a brilliant movie yesterday - The Grand Budapest Hotel - it's probably the only good thing that has happened to me recently) for the most part. 

I just want to scream everything out, but a part of me knows that no one's going to look back or even care. Then again, I should let it out only for myself. Be kind, even in one's worst moments. 

All these will pass though, I strongly believe. I will be strong and I need to make a consistent effort in making things work. 
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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

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I bumped into her today, a friend I never really got to know properly and never really said anything more than a "hello" and a "goodbye", and perhaps a bit of small talk in between.

It's been very long since I was alone on the top of an old public double-decker bus - nowadays, I'd choose the quicker and a lot more suffocating option of the MRT. Buses used to be a staple in my daily life, taking 132 home with the best company in the world and at times where I find myself in solitude, I'd get lost in my own thoughts, and I remember myself writing lousy but the most honest poetry on a lousy tablet computer my dad got for cheap, looking out of the window watching faster vehicles zip by. Today, I hopped on one and started writing, as honestly as I could, just as I used to. 

There was no use pretending, though I still subconsciously censored so much of my own thoughts - I just couldn't bear to put certain realities down onto cold, hard writing, choosing to portray a better version of what it really is. 

This is by far the most truthful portion out of the five short paragraphs I wrote then and yet I have chosen to tone down reality with abstract phrases and no detail. Here is is nonetheless, in its raw, unedited motion-sickness form; 

I'm so blinded by fantasy that it is a legitimate struggle when it comes to pulling away. I know I will eventually be successful at distancing myself but I have absolutely no idea when that would happen and more importantly, if I'll overcome everything without hurting myself too much. As my mum said, I wouldn't want to fall in love with something, or someone I'd eventually come to be irritated by. And neither do I want anyone to be superficially attracted to me, nothing good will come out from that. 

I named the title of the note in my phone where I typed it "Infatuation" - short lived passion. While it did not fully reflect my thoughts exactly, it was the best I could muster at that point in time and I pride myself for having the courage to come to terms with myself and to do that. 

The moment I stepped out of the air-conditioned bus, my pair of spectacles broke at one of the strangest places - the lens probably expanded more quickly than the frame when it got into contact with the warmer air outside. And yes, it's that blue/ green pair I'm seen almost everywhere with - it's time to put it away. Surprisingly, I didn't feel any negative emotion - it felt liberating even. 

I spent the rest of the day doing what I loved to do best - baking. 

With grease on my fingers, I stole a glance at my phone and saw that she had texted me. It was surprising to say the least but I didn't read it just yet, and headed to take a nice, long shower to rid myself from the oils of the kitchen. 

We talked, and I was so, so, so glad for it. Sometimes, timing is amazing and I felt so liberated. While everything was shocking and at first it did hit me quite hard - in fact it still does and I am prepared to self-heal, no matter how long it may take - it felt like a blessing right from the start of the conversation and if blessings wore disguises, this one sure did put on a great, big effective mask. The conflict I was going through, the reason why I was writing and thinking so much on the bus this fateful day, everything that has paralyzed my rational mind recently; somehow they all fell into place and the pieces that mattered solved itself. While the other part of me started breaking and falling apart, instead of leaving me with a chasm that I wouldn't have been able to fill, it felt more like the shedding of dead skin, akin to the mealworms we were forced to take care of as little primary school children. 

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DIY Pennant Banner

Sunday, October 5, 2014

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Hello there :-)

The end of the promotional examinations signified the start of arts and craft activities for me, which makes me incredibly happy because doing DIYs transport me back to the times where I could embark on craft projects so care-freely and when school lessons consisted of "Arts" lessons, which I personally believe I excelled in; to be honest, I used to think I was really talented at art until I came to secondary school and thereafter stopped doing art competitively. 

Now, art to me is more therapeutic than anything - and while I do less of the drawing and more of the craft aspect, it's so much simpler and more relaxing this way. The entire process in doing these projects makes me very happy, from buying materials (sourcing for cheap ones!) to getting down to making it and anticipating the outcome, it truly is a wonderful feeling. 

Unlike my previous two DIYs, which were slightly more complex, this pennant banner is extremely simple and in my opinion needs no explanation or instructions at all; in fact it's very common and it can be found almost everywhere - in retail stores, online, in designs, in parties, everywhere really (though my mum thinks I'm going through the blue car syndrome). Posting this up is really more of a "hi-there-if-you-are-reading-this-and-are-bored-and-free-you-can-try-doing-this" kind of thing, and I encourage anyone who would like to jazz up their room in a cheap (everything cost me less than $8, a lot cheaper than pre-made ones currently sold at Typo) and simple (yet fun!) way to do this simple DIY that only requires two materials you might not have already. 

What You Need: 
1. Twine
2. Scrapbook Paper 
3. Scissors 
4. Ruler

Note of advice: Get your scrapbook paper from Popular rather than shops like Paper Market or Spotlight - it's a lot cheaper at Popular and contrary to popular belief (HAHA get it), the designs available at Popular are really nice too, and in fact are possibly nicer than some at high end scrapbooking stores. The brands of the paper are the same for some too. 

Although no one really needs any instructions, here's how to make it, just for the fun of it!

1. Cut your scrapbook paper into equal sized triangle pieces - to do this, I didn't use a template or anything, I just measured 10cm intervals on top and marked them out before marking 5cm intervals at the bottom and connecting the three dots together before cutting it out. To be honest, your cutting doesn't need to be extremely neat because once it's hung up, everything's less obvious 

2. Use a pencil to poke holes - refrain from using hole punchers because the holes might be too large for your liking - and I didn't measure for this, I just eyeballed it and all the holes are different for each triangle piece but it turned out looking okay. 

3. Thread through the holes with your twine and that's it!

Hang it up wherever you prefer - it was around 11.30pm when I was making this and I ended up climbing a ladder in the middle of the night and I felt like I was going to fall down anytime because I was really tired by then but thank goodness I didn't, and in fact I was really pleased with how the pennant banner looked - it added a bit of a party feel to my room, but not being too over-the-top or gaudy. 

Can't deny how pretty it looks, I think the scrapbook paper design is really what sets it apart from others so choose wisely my friends :-)
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Happy Sarah

Saturday, October 4, 2014

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Approximately exactly a year ago, I wrote a blog post on Ikea, and called it Happy Ikea, which can be read here. A year on, Ikea is still one of my favourite places to be in, and being there just makes me incredibly happy and light-hearted. Considering I've gotten myself very into furniture shopping and room decor and things like that more recently, I've been frequenting it a lot more than I used to. 

Ever since last year after our Year Four End of Year examinations, Sarah has always been asking me to bring her to Ikea because that girl is a deprived one who's never been into the land of cheap food and creative ideas and comfy showrooms. I never did, up till four days ago (30 September) when I decided it was time, and Sarah was extremely enthusiastic and excited about the thought of going there. Unfortunately for us (or maybe her), everything seemed to work against us during our journey there. The shuttle bus from Bedok MRT that usually takes only 15 minutes to arrive, had us waiting for it for more than an hour, which was really horrible. When we reached there, we dashed to get lunch and it was really good, as usual. 

Afterwards, we explored the showrooms, which were really empty, naturally considering it was a weekday and the crowd was mainly contained at the cafeteria. That meant plenty of photo opportunities, and as such I will let the photographs do the talking from here on. 


"Furry tube top", as I called it


Sarah the domestic goddess come hit her up

"Who said you could enter my room?"

Reflective surfaces were our friends that day, and there were many :-) 

Sarah attempts to wear window blinds as a hat

Welcome to my crib 

Sarah the serial murderer with Thenzy (original)

Welcome to her crib 

"Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest one of all?"
"Neither of you, both too tan"

Honestly I think Sarah can pull this apron off as a dress 

"There was a moose, 
He liked to drink a lot of juice"

"Li Yin please eat your veggies"

I really really like ugly toys - there's such an endearing characteristic to them

"Yikes, baby!!!!"

Hmm, very strange babies indeed, not sure of their genders

Sarah the auntie buying clothes hangers - eight for $1.80 - hit her up for great bargains

Smelling nothing because these are fake 

Sarah with her great buys - hit her up for bargains 

Sarah buying even more stuff when we all thought she was done shopping - it is never too late to hit her up for bargains 

And of course, who can forget ice cream at the end of an Ikea trip? Nobody! I thought this was really funny - usually on weekend we'll see children queueing up to make their own ice creams but here we have working adults queueing up after eating lunch - 50 cents per cone, no one can pass that up. 

Look at that swirl - so sexy ;-) 

Final call - hit Sarah up for fabulous shopping bargains!!!! 

Well, I had a lot of fun that day and although our bus ride back was slightly strange, it was out of the ordinary and that's kind of nice, depending on how you look at it. I had a lot of fun "writing" this blog post as well, please do pardon my lack of insight - sometimes, we don't need that, do we? 
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