new year's eve

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's New Year's Eve , and I'm in a bad mood... 
Won't be filling in with the details but don't worry , cos my anger would always subside [real fast :D  ! ] Erm , so it's New Year's Eve and I'm alone at home... as always ... but that gives me more freedom , so i like it. Gonna blog about yesterday which was quite a fun day. Went to Marina Barrage and Vivocity with my niece , aunt and aunt's friend.
We took the MRT there and it was really crowded as it was the peak hours. But everyone became invisible when I took this photo(: Just kidding :P (of course!) Nobody was heading to Marina Bay , so I took this when the train was nearing the last station. From the MRT station , we had to take a Marina Barrage bus to Marina Barrage (like , obvious :P )
This is the place where you'll see once you get out of the bus , but it had many many millipedes (or centipedes , I can't tell the difference) crawling all around on the ground. Double eww :X
Then we went in and went to the rooftop & the bridge as the museum thing wasn't opened yet. It was super windy and rather cold but it was a great feeling. People were setting up the stage for the countdown party scheduled today (: Then we went to the museum. Everything there was like , touchscreen? So it was rather nice to play with

Saw this open book and decided to snap a picture of it. It wrote "Flood Victims at relief centre at Raffles Girls' School in Anderson Road". I think you should know why I took a photo of it. (:
Then there were all these really cool stuff.
And this place with many many screens on top of me.. can you spot me in this picture?

I think this picture looks nice ! (:
Can you spot me here too ?
Oh , and there was this place where the floor was made of glass and you could see the stuff underneath it. Can you see my legs stepping on the picture? 
But it seemed pretty scary to walk on the glass , as the feeling was like the glass was going to give way anytime.
And they had this screen to take photos of you...
marina barrage ! My niece and I :D
After Marina Barrage , we took the MRT to Vivocity to have our lunch at Marche.
Some people were also setting up a stage for the countdown party today...
At Mache's , ate what I always ate there... Wild mushroom soup & cheese sausage but instead of chocolate fudge or ice cream , I ate a brownie and ordered a coke. YUM ! Even though it doesn't seem very filling , I was really full ... Maybe because of the carbonated coke. Then went to play at the water park. And they had this newly put up sign . Figure out the meaning :

Do not run or take off your shoes. 

I understand the first part , do not run cos' that's easy but the way the phrase it , does the second part mean "Do not take off your shoes" as the Do not will be brought over. Or does it mean "take off your shoes". But it would not be proper english if we follow the latter as if it means "take off your shoes" , the sign should say "Do not run AND take off your shoes" But it's strange if we interpreted the sign with proper English. We don't usually wear shoes in the water park , but since the sign instructed us to do that , we did. It wasn't as painful as before because our slippers protected our soles from the rocks but it was rather difficult to walk as our the slippers keep on floating in the water and it felt as if there was no gravity acting on us... LOL.
After that , went to buy licorice . [Haha , all because of you , Sheila!  (: Made me love it ]
Asked to taste other flavours but still stuck to my favourite flavour (: Blueberry Bubblegum! 
Then we took MRT to Bishan and took a bus home. 
Haha , then my father collected the Taiwan trophy from Mr Ho and bought my Japanese books :D But I can't seem to understand what they're saying ... of course ! :D 
Anyway , Happy New Year .....'s eve! :D 

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