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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

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hello people. todae was an alright day, i guess. received maths worksheet 37... not cleared and still have "see me" which means to see maths teacher. luckily, she was kind and explained to me properly... phew... thanks! 

and then got back compo [english]... yay. have to type! so no need to do corrections. just type. which is probably the reason why im using the com NOW. on a school night. but anyways, tomorroe is a short day [until 12.30pm] hooray. last time had brownies, used to be until 5.30pm. but now becos of h1n1 AND being a P6-er, no need to go:]

so. im now sendin email to english teacher, about the compo thing... yeps. so im so going to shut this com down soon and go and read the Reader's Digest. i hearts ♥♥ this magazine. it rocks. maybe im exaggerating but im NOT, ok? it improves my english as well. yeps, im soo gonna work for tat PSLE results. 

260>> pretti please?
go to nanyang or rgs, pretti please? 

fine... its unrealistic, i knoe... for my MORE realistic dreams [or wishes]...
250>> fine?
go to st.nics or cedar, kayyes?

but i dun think i can reach any of the above criteria... only the tops can do it. *sigh. im such a wateva. lost most of my confidence. well, wateva will be will be. the leads me to the song i used to sing in kindergarden. suppose most of u will knoe it. it goes "when i was just a little girl. i asked my mother wat will i be? will i be pretty? will i be rich? here's wat she said to me. que sara sara, watever will be will be. the futures not for us to see. que sara sara." 

i dunnoe i spell correctly or not. the "que sara sara". and i rmb there was a SARAH in my kindergarden and everybody will look at her when we sing. and we all laugh. standard, isn't it? *sigh. good old days. i can never revive it again. now, its the STRESS, the PSLE. but imagine how good we will feel after the PSLE>>> FANTASTIC. wan go outs with my class right after Higher chinese paper [PSLE] ... like last year, right after Science exam, went out watch movie... heehees. :]

so now, must  choing... burying head in books.
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in school now...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

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okayyes, now im in school cos' teacher bring us here to do some chinese typing. i was the 10th fastest in class... which is actually veryy slow and i can't believe i lost to jonathan!!! he was 9th place. from 1st to 8th all are girls... yeah, we rock... hahas...

anyways, i gtg now. cos i think we need to go now... heys, noo... we don't need. anyways, this is the time to make use of the time...lols.... at home too much homework... but it seems like i've been blogging everyday since i created this new blog...

i love this blog! its my favourite compared to all the rest!:] <3<3


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michael jackson R.I.P

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ARGGHH.... some person living downstairs is BLASTING chinese music [seems very getai] she's/he's  sooo NOT considerate? i can't focus.... i can't hear my own music from the com... [at least im using earphones, im soo considerate..] anyways, i gtg now. have to read science.

btw, i was watching michael jackson's daughter, Paris, say a few words abotu her father... it was so touching... she said "i just wanted to say... daddy has been the best father you can ever imagine... i love you... so much..." and then she broke down and cried ... sad...i could cry just watching her.... omg.

bye peoples:]
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

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had school todae... yeah. so we did the usual stuff. then we change classroom with r9, from sd10's classroom... i knoe its confusing, but... well, tat's life. so now poor r9 people have to climb to 5th floor... sorry people! 

had staggered recess which i totally HATE... no prefect duty... sads... i lurve it sia!! now im using com cos teacher ask me to type my poem and design it... heehees... so honoured. todae stayed in school until 5.15pm bcos of the PSLE maths course i signed up... ok-ok lah... not as boring as the last year's one. different organizer. basically, todae was ok. u knoe actually bcos h1n1, supposed to cannot stay back in school, but for p6s ONLY, lessons resume... how UNFAIR.... but anyways, juniors, next time, u will also experience the PAIN, ANGUISH, UNJUSTNESS.... alrights, maybe im a LITTLE BIT too dramatic, but still....

kayyes, i better go off now. must look for merlion pictures:p heehees...
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jus bloggin again...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

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yeahs, right now im at home with my brother... who is also usin the com [the other one, like, duh!] alrights, so im bloggin, i think u are smart enuf to tell [as u are veryy smart to read this blog:D ] lols. just eaten my lunch of salmon porridge with egg... quite yummy... even though i dun realli like salmon. 

just now i did one chinese compo... u wan proof? sure... :]

lols. yeps. if u can read it, read it. but nooo plagiarism! thankies :]
hahas... so now, im currently listen to I'll make it real [yes, again...] and i have 3 windows open, www.lil-missS-unshine.blogspot.com , www.facebook.com/restaurantcity , and www.blogger.com/post-create .... yeps... tomorroe have to go school liaos. i better get back to some work [taking out PSLE booklet- HCL] :p

now, avril lavigne is screamin into my ear. lols. tokin to amanda sng [4i8] on facebook. byes ppl!:] oh ya, todae im gonna watch 东方之珠。its kinda nice. anyway, im not addicted... even if i am, todae's last episode, so it wont affect me in anyway. byes:]
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alrighty, i was acually blog-hoppin in search of nice stuff. budden i guess i could not realli find anythin tat catches my eye.  i simply lurve tat song, i'll make it real!! im soo crazy, well, i guess tat's wat im born to be. todae i stayed at home to complete my homework and also to revise my chinese. yeps. im soo nervous for PSLE, i knoe, its like, a few months away? budden, the stress, the information... its ALL cramped in my mind!!

anyways, enough 'bout exams. currently im viewing facebook profiles... sianz sianz... lemme see hu's online on my msn. Victor, Jin Xia, KaiLing, Annadine, Jun Yuan, Jo Shen and Mr Ng. kayyes, i knoe im jus being random, but nevertheless? :]

talking to annadine now. she's being very encouraging. thanks meimei! :] you rock too! 

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

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todae i went for the RGS GAT test. it was all the patterns and stuff, askin u which comes next. i think its quite okay, but i dun think i can get in, cos there are probably loads more fantastic girls out there. i drew ALOT on that blank sheet of paper. i guess i could not exactly visualize...

then i went for piano lesson... teacher said my scales improved, but i still must go and memorise the fingerings for my left hand... cos it wasnt too good... well, tats a nice way to put it. then i done 2 maths practice paper, yeahs... so, now i can use P.C.... lols. yeah.

i think i <3>

drinking ice-cold cappuccino now. lols. damn delicious sia... i bet u are green with envy, rights? yeah. muahaha... im so evil. *evil laugh. d: lols. bye peoples:]
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3 days weekend!

Friday, July 3, 2009

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heys, u people should have known tat monday is youth day, so no need to go to school, rite? 
its kinda good news and bad news. good news is that we will have on extra day of rest right? budden tat means tat teacher will giv more homework. but if u finish it quickly, u can relax, yeah? tomorroe, [saturday] i have the RGS general ability test, a part of the DSA exercise to their school. i wish i can get in leh... wish me luck, kayyes? thankies:]

todae was alright, went to school as usual, then we had the staggered recess again. then principal announce tat on tuesday, will have screenin at the school gates... gonna waste time. and then at canteen, ate this new yogurt. its peach flavour, quite nice, taste abit like the YAMI yoghurt, except it had peach chunks, which makes it nicer. then me and emily did some neck exercises. 
i deleted the video cos i dun think i wanna put it up here.
its damn funny but sorriee...

then i lean on some chili, my blouse at the back have chili stain, luckily my pinafore can cover if i wear it abit to the side, so i did tat. 

todae also had 听写,did quite ok for it. we also write 作文, ya, quite ok lah. after tat, went to science tuition, with rachel wee and her brother philip [r4] and 3 other ppl. go through paper we did last week. hahas. 
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just another post.:]

Thursday, July 2, 2009

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hey people. today i added this Plasma T.V. to my right--> oops i mean bottom right. yeahs?
lols. i think its pretty cute. instead of just putting the music, i let you watch the T.V. too. Yes, i knoe im very kind. thank you very much. the 1st video, its I'll Make It Real by Katelyn Tarver. I think not many people know about her. but as you can see, her songs are rather nice too. she participated in the 'American juniors' contest, an 'American Idol' contest for children, a few years back. she didn't win, but i guess she still has a record label.

ok, why am i tokin about her? im just tokin nonsense. sorriee. dun mind me. thanks.

right now im making a 'name card' for a tang dynasty poet, dufu, 杜甫. erm, dun get me wrong, of course this is homework, ok? im not that free. im kinda pleased with wat i had designed. its kinda nice... sorriee, im self-praising. :P

i dun like the recess these days. have to sit with your class. cannot play, must sit, no prefect hall duty... sads leh. all because of H1N1. if school closes, im happie, but not the way they are handling recess... not good. and today teacher giv us a thick thick envelope, filled with homework in the event school closes suddenly. but part of it was those in my previous post, which i completed. the rest are like, PSLE booklets, which i had already completed. you see, i soo hardworking. but there are also some maths worksheets, but its ok, i rather do work then be bored. 

anyways, i got to go now, kayyes? 
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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

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hey dearest blog hoppers, im here posting on my blog, after quite a long time.
Reason? that's because the school had reopened and I am far too busy to post, yeah?
but today, i am bloggin as I am checking my mail...lols... and doing some LEAD tasks...

teacher gave us alot of homework yesterdae!! [but its actually in the event when school closes down for H1N1]
let me list the homework:
-English Unit 9 supplementary worksheet
-English Unit 10 supplementary worksheet
-English Revision Paper 1 [full paper!!]
-English Revision paper 2 [full papaer!!]
-Science Unit 10 [or 9, i think] paper
-Science Unit 11 [or 10, i think] paper
-Science Prelim Revision Paper [full paper!!]
-Science Prelim Revision Paper [full paper!!]

well, i guess that's all. but, that's life in primary six, right?
the good news is... i completed them ALL today!!!
even though the school did not close. in fact, i heard that today they are contemplating whether to extend school hours to make up for the coming Monday holiday [youth day]. hopefully not, but if there is, my class is surely one of the classes, sian.... 

i wonder if H1N1 is a good thing or bad thing. wat do u think? :]
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