Monday, August 29, 2011

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but i can't cos i got seriously ZERO will power .

Yeah it isn't nothing new , I'm fully aware of this lack of willpower in myself .
I say I'll conquer this . But I don't , simply because I don't have the willpower to conquer the lack of willpower . So obviously I will go nowhere .

Seriously , I have zero willpower . Or rather , I don't use the willpower I have inside of me .

You know I said that I would become vegetarian if Dr Tony Tan DIDN'T get the post as head of state ? Well , Stephanie told me that we were "supposed" to become vegetarian if he DID . But that wasn't the mindset I had when I knew of the results - meaning I didn't actually back out on my word since I thought that we were to become vegetarian only if he DIDN'T become vegetarian . But I still attempted this because I wanted to see if I could .

Oh gosh Steph if you're reading this don't kill me >:| I'm sorry .

Yeah so I was going good for the first day . I hate vegetables for one , so all I ate for meals were basically to put it simply , carbo and like mushrooms , tofu and stuff like that . It was difficult cos my family was unaware of this challenge I was trying to do and therefore I just didn't touch the meat which means that I didn't have a lot to eat ! Which was alright actually , works to slim me down .

Then , the second day was when everything went wrong . Went for CSI filming at Valerie's House [YES RGS IS SO COOL WE GET TO MAKE OUR OWN CSI MOVIES . as in we have a CSI science module it's really awesome . the filming was quite horrible though , might touch on it another day] . There , we had to eat lunch . And we had to order Macs . There wasn't anything vegetarian to eat , nearby or what not . Macs , obviously doesn't have vegetarian food . Even their salad has chicken bits in it .

I for one , didn't like veggies so obviously I didn't get the salad . All of my group members told me that I had "no choice" since Macs was the only choice . Except for maybe KFC delivery but that's no better . It didn't get better at night when my mum made fried rice cos the meat is just all fried into the rice . It was crazy to pick out the meat , not to mention a lot of explaining to do .

Yeah so basically I failed .
I'm still going to try for the rest of this week but it'll be quite difficult . It was kind of due to the lack of willpower [since I could have not eaten lunch at all or something] or perhaps its just cos I didn't inform my mum and well , made preparations first .

But anyway that's really besides the point . For something more of context , homework . Homework is something I hate doing . I procrastinate . I have no willpower to do it . End of story . I hate it when I don't do anything , but I hate it when I do work too .

But above all these , I fully believe that there's willpower in everyone of us . It's only whether or not we choose to use it . So technically I don't have the conquer my lack of willpower cos that's quite impossible if I had no willpower to start with . What I need to do now is to take it out and use it .

And it starts from now . I shall not eat my Caramel Chewy Junior till 3pm in the afternoon .
A fairly simple task , but willpower IS actually needed , no matter how small the quantity .

ate one strawberry cream cheese one yesterday . gosh so sinful :/ thanks mum for getting a box of these lovely cream filled things although you didn't manage to get tiramisu cos it wasn't ready yet .

they missed out i suppose , but it was double chocolate so i guess the chocolate on top kind of made up for it . not really actually the cream is the best part but ahh well .

p/s: haha sorry if my previous post caused emotions to run high . [certain someone whom i'm very sure is reading this if she even gets to this last statement] but ahh well PERSONAL views :D we can battle it out someday !
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Saturday, August 27, 2011

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dr tony tan won ;
i'm super happy .

seriously man , he's probably one of the best presidents singapore can get .

you know i hate it when all the younger generation keep on supporting the opposition ! i don't know , i personally feel that think its cool being on the opposition's side . i don't know , i just have the mentality that they think supporting the opposition is cool . but i mean , their life is so good under the leadership of the pap ! seriously , this generation take things for granted . they think our History books and like the mainstream media are all like propaganda from the government trying to brainwash us and therefore they are cool to stand up against all this . Well yes i agree that sometimes mainstream media can be a bit bias but seriously i wouldn't want to take the risk and have some crappy party take over . life's good as it is .

i might be wrong though .

but whatever , tony tan won .
it's not pap . yeah , i'm not mixing GE and PE together . because i'm cool like that .

this has got to be my all time favourite smiley - 8D

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Friday, August 26, 2011

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Tomorrow's Polling Day , I really really hope that Singaporeans will make an informed choice .
Oh , the joys of being underage , stripped of the privilege of voting .

I think many of us will be able to make better choices than some of the adults . But of course , if they truly allow it , it will be quite chaotic .

Gosh , I seriously do not want a freak result ; Stephanie and I plan to go vegetarian for one week to show our support for a certain candidate . Like if he didn't get it , we will go vegetarian (: (Well , she's going vegan) A bit difficult for me since I don't exactly enjoy vegetables - I never touch my greens . Vegan will be abstaining from dairy and eggs , this sort of stuff - that will be very difficult for me . But hopefully that candidate will get it !

okay i seriously need to study .
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

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I'm so disappointed .
I need to pull up my socks .

Got back some papers recently , pretty badly done , don't wish to elaborate .
Okay , maybe not THAT bad , but well , it wasn't good .
Makes me wonder if I should actually take up so many leadership positions .

On a lighter note , Service learning makes me very happy and contended (: Today we went to MDAS and it was our last session with them ! It went pretty well and it was a great slow relaxing pause to the usual hectic lifestyles we lead , it gives me a sense of fulfillment , really . kevin and syahrun weren't there but it was still pretty awesome .

My piano exam is in a month and one day , i'm pretty nervous and really really afraid but even more , EYAs are in about 4 weeks time and I high doubt I'm very prepared :X

Might not be updating as often ; I'm sorry but I need to pull up my socks seriously . High .

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

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T.T 8-D
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I don't really care if I get into trouble for posting this post here on the Internet . Besides , I'm only 14 years old . They can't really do much to me , right ? I apologize beforehand for this being crude or rude or offensive and stuff .

I shall not write about Dr Tony Tan since I'm sure he'd be able to prove himself to the voters of Singapore . His hats are really really cute by the way . I admit that his Chinese speech that was telecast on TV was really quite bad but ah well , the English one was still good , with great content .

Okay so I just watched Mr Tan Jee Say's speech (also the one that was telecast on TV) on Youtube and it got my blood boiling . Does he think that this is another general election ? Well , it really isn't . This is the presidential election . With all due respect , Mr Tan JS , it's not the PAP versus the Opposition now . It's the individual candidates' own capabilities to represent Singapore overseas and to oppose AS WELL AS TO AGREE with the government's policies ! You don't oppose for the sake of opposing , you have to agree with the Parliament sometimes as well . That's what a President should be - fair and just .

Mr Tan JS said that he was the only candidate that isn't linked to the PAP and would therefore be the most suitable candidate that is able to "provide checks and balances on the Government" . But well , he isn't free from a political party . He ran for the May General Election under the Singapore Democratic Party , if you're not aware . Therefore , he has the political ideologies shared by the SDP . He said that the other candidates have been "living and breathing PAP" . Ah well , you're "living and breathing SDP" then ! That means that he would probably just keep opposing the Government if he was elected and make things very difficult for them as Head of State .

That isn't what one is supposed to do . The President should not be siding any ONE political ideology - be it the PAP nor the Opposition . Judging from Mr Tan JS's speech , it would be a huge difficulty for him to side the Government for certain matters where they are really right . Actually I feel that Dr Tony Tan might side the PAP too much (haha whoa i'm unbiased!) , but I have utmost confidence that he would be able to represent Singapore overseas , I mean you can't actually not agree to his contacts !

Yes , these are statements that I'm assuming and claiming . But its a claim and shouldn't be put down as impossible or false . Just my own personal views :D

don't sue me .
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Friday, August 19, 2011

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A dilemma .

Okay I don't necessarily need to choose one of the two choices , but I need to choose if I should go for this .

So , as most of you know , I'm Waddle VCapt for 2012 , which is going to be a huge commitment and something that would take up a lot , a lot of my time . It's something that I believe I will enjoy doing / being , definitely . House is a huge part of me and I love this lead board although we don't gain as much recognition as the other lead boards .

Prefectorial Board , on the other hand , gains a lot of recognition in my opinion . They have a totally different uniform from the rest of us , they have a lot of authority and they well , look like leaders . Not that that's really important , but I guess it plays a part in many things . And this is the only lead board the does not open freely for applications .

But I don't think I'm really temperamentally suited to be a prefect , and neither do I view myself ready / able to cope with two lead boards , especially already being in the EXCO for House . Yes , so my form teacher selected me to be a second intake Prefect-in-training [which basically means becoming a Prefect in Year 3] and she left the form to me for me to think whether I was interested or not . I'd still have to go through interviews and stuff , of course , and I most likely won't get in due to my poor linguistic abilities . But I'm not sure now whether to apply for PB . It seems quite good but I'm quite unsure . I view myself as the more fun-filled kind of person , not someone who's really serious , although I could be if I wanted to .

And to add to that , Sec three's going to be really hectic , would I be able to cope with all the stress from academics plus leadership ? Should I submit the form ? ):

Also , I don't want to be an over-achiever , one who takes away leadership opportunities for others because I don't view myself as truly exceptional and perhaps I don't really deserve all these . Oh man , I have no idea . Open for advice :D

On another note , I said I wanted to talk about the Presidential elections but since I'm already predicting that my view will be one-sided , and after looking at the guidelines put forth by Dr Tony Tan and his campaign team , I don't think I should , lest I get into trouble with the law .

Above all , George Watsky is still being his awesome self . He's so genuine and seriously I have been promoting this relatively unknown guy . How many people are still missing out on this fantastic guy ? He's not the typical rapper in which drugs and sex and girls are the only topic to rap about . Instead , he's also a wonderful poet [like you can look at his other videos , he's actually a poet] and he raps with meaning , he raps with conviction . He's meanings are so wittily put . He's just so so amazing (':

This particular song is quite relevant now . It ends with

" f**k it, they can pull the plug I'm gonna kick it acapella, Dockers at my ankles, and I tell em what I'm feeling
even if nobody is listening I yell it to the ceiling and I celebrate the fact that I'm alive and I'm breathing "

Yeap , so I think I should just forget about everything right now and just live life as it goes .
Oh man but I still can't . I need to make decisions . Quick .
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

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Wow . 2011 has been such an exciting year .

Nope , it's definitely not year end already . Not that fast ! But this year , I've seriously gained so much insight and perspective of the world around me , especially locally . Why do I say so ? This year , it has been such a wonderful opportunity to know more about politics in general , I've definitely grown and learnt to develop my own insight , although it's usually biased and well , one-sided .

This year , there was first and foremost , the General Elections . It was exciting , it was one of the first times I was so involved , not in terms of participating of course , but getting involved by learning of what was happening and giving my biased one-sided pro-PAP views right here , on this blog during the May period . Especially this post right here .

And well , studying Singapore history during History this year was an eye-opener . It was such a wonderful experience learning more about the past ESPECIALLY the super cool politics and election stuff . Also , this year I got to participate in my own school House Elections ! It was extremely enjoyable and is also another form of politics ! hehehebythewayiwonhehehe .

AND NOW . the presidential elections are here .
I can't wait seriously . It's going to be another exciting event . Although there have been repeated times which people are saying not to take this as a second general election and stuff . Actually i think they mean not to classify Dr tony tan as like a pap candidate but judge them as who they are as an individual ; not the organization / party they used to belong to , I'm still going to interpret it as I did in the previous statement . I have a whole chunk to critique [yeah a 14 year old's shallow views] on the press conference thing that was held at the Straits Times [okay perhaps this newspaper is one-sided and biased towards the government as well , but i think it's still one of the more reliable sources in our local media scene] yesterday but I'm really tired [yes , i know , what an excuse .] and I feel like sleeping now . Can't do a lot of thinking anyway with such a state of mind . Perhaps tomorrow . And yes , it's going to be extremely one - sided .

So brace yourself (:
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

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i'm really really really tired .
i'm both mentally and physically drained .

two nights ago , someone grabbed my feet in the middle of the night .
really .
it was scary .

i'm too tired i'm sorry (:
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Monday, August 15, 2011

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If you do read my blog regularly , it might be quite obvious that I'm someone with the Peter Pan mindset . Meaning I don't want to grow up , perhaps because I am afraid of what entails in the future , it's so shaky , it's so unclear , it's really just very scary .

And you know how it's like when you're old . Like yesterday , I was talking to my mum and told her that something was "tumblr-worthy" . My brother intercepted and said that she won't understand what I was talking about . Truth be told , she didn't . How does it feel being the older generation ? They don't get what we're talking about and sometimes I feel bad for them . Do they realize how much they're missing out ? Or is it just from my perspective that I feel that they're missing something ?

Okay , so my point ? I don't know if my generation will become the "cool-grandparents" generation . Like the generation that would understand what kids do cos we aren't illiterate and we would keep up with times via avenues like newspapers , internet etc . That would definitely be great , as we'd be able to connect with the younger generation .

But , I think there would definitely be a generation gap , won't it ? Like , what if they invent something else , something cooler , bigger and much more extraordinary . Will my generation continue to keep up with it or will they just fall back and allow the next generation to know something we don't ?

That really sucks cos I don't like not knowing things .

Alright , what am I talking about . This is nonsense babbling ._. I'm ashamed of myself .
Oh yeah , I really am .

You know , we had Chinese PT Oral today and I messed up , big time . I was like uh "心不在焉" which basically means my heart wasn't focused and I started without being mentally prepared and I was just babbling what I had memorised . So when I forgot halfway , I couldn't link back to where I have stopped cos I had no inkling of what I was saying at all . Yeap , so there was this awkward long pause but I regained my train of thought later on . I had to impromptu so much I'm really pissed at myself .

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

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sigh , i don't know but i think people are getting really really immature nowadays .

yes , i'm not the most mature person around , but at least i try to be . so as to avoid irritating anyone .

i cannot stand you oh my gosh ._.
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

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oh seriously , why does my mood keep swinging .
it gets happy , then upset , then angry , then crazy .

But well , now its obviously a sense of happiness and gratefulness (:
Therefore , I'm feeling generous . If you're reading this , tell yourself that you are awesome , you really are .

Okay , anyway I have been receiving quite a few tags these few days , especially anonymous ones . Gosh , these are the ones I really want to reply because there's a sense of mystery and suspense to them . But hey , to those who tag with your real names , I love you guys anyway :D

Yeah , I know I promised to reply to tags the last time , but it had completely slipped my mind , I'm sorry ): I WILL DO IT TOMORROW , i promise . Anyway ,

My Dad drives me to school every morning , and we always listen to the radio , FM 93.8 LIVE to be exact . Yes , it's not 98.7 or 91.3 , well , my Dad and Brother are in the car as well , so they probably won't like those two channels . Alright , so 93.8 LIVE isn't the coolest channel in town , but it's probably one of the more informational ones , with occasional songs . Songs that would be more suitable for those of my Dad's generation . Definitely not my generation .

Today , there was a familiar tune though . It was the Rainbow Connection , reminded me of primary school . That song never ever fails to make me tear a little . I didn't today though , as the version played wasn't sung by Kermit the frog (': Nevertheless , I was like "Oh my gosh , I love this song !" when the introduction started playing . Then my Dad said "Yes , these are classics . One day you can grow up and compose a classic " Yeah , I have no idea why he said the second statement , it has totally no link at all and I have no musical talent . Besides , no one is able to create classics anymore , the music industry is too screwed up nowadays .

Yeah , that's what I'm pointing at , the music industry . Terribly screwed up , I'm so upset . Oh , but George Watsky's still amazing , he's so intelligent . Seriously go check him out . Alright , I had intended to rant on the music industry but it's pretty late and there's school tomorrow .

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

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singapore , you're so beautiful .
singaporeans , i'm so proud of us .

No , seriously , I'm not being patriotic just because it's National Day , and well , we HAVE to be patriotic . I'm patriotic because it's necessary and I want to be patriotic for this country because it's such a beautiful and amazing country . It's so small , it's tiny even . But it's so crazy awesome . We're so unique , in all aspects .

It's seriously amazing to look back and realize how far we have actually come . Learning Singapore's History during History this year was really interesting . I mean , it's really strange that this country , such a developed place , used to experience such bad conditions . It's just hard to believe what Singapore used to be . And it has only been a mere 46 years since we gained independence . Oh gosh , Mr Lee Kuan Yew's the smartest person ever . Like seriously , I cannot believe how smart he is , he's such a wise man , the decisions he makes and he has great foresight . Seriously , he's da man . He's foresight is unbeatable , it's as if he knows what other countries would do , and what Singapore would become . He's such a confident man and he's just amazing .

The 1959 Elections , the one where the PAP first won is such a milestone , it's such an important moment , for Mr Lee Kuan Yew to lead the country to such success . Yes , I understand that we shouldn't be too proud of our achievements since Singapore is still somewhat lacking in experience and Singaporeans have yet to stand united in real times of crisis since independence . I feel that only in times of crisis will it be clear whether a country is successful or not . BUT , we've definitely come a long long way .

You know , we're really cool . I mean , it's quite unique for an Asian country with English as the main language . Like really , I think its rare . Am I safe to say that we're the only Asian country like that ? Correct me if I'm wrong though . It's really cool , like I was talking to this guy from US on Omegle and perhaps I didn't speak in computer slang , and he was really impressed . When he learnt that I was a 14 year old from an Asian country , he was so shocked and told me that I spoke with such eloquence . Or rather , typed with such a high standard of English . Well , that's kind of racist , but I can't help but feel honoured as well ! (: Singapore's education system is working pretty well !

Oh and today I went to Bishan for our CSI discussion and I saw the Bishan Gay at the Bus stop . Forgive me for calling him that , but ahh well I have no other means of identifying that guy . I think that these are things that make us unique - we have icons that everyone knows about , its kind of like a neighbourhood thing , a common topic that we can talk about . And that makes us so special . Volunteers for the Workers' Party were giving away Singapore flags and although I didn't take any because I wasn't supportive of the party they were representing , telling them "oh , we don't need that to show our love for Singapore , we can do it in spirit" , it was cool to see almost everyone in Bishan carrying and waving a Singapore flag with pride . It was a united front , something that stood out and I'm glad that our flag is treated with such respect (unlike the Union Jack) , being a symbolism for so many wonderful things .

i love singapore ,
happy birthday singapore ! (:

p/s : i think this post has been rather insensitive and i apologize for the parts where it is .
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Monday, August 8, 2011

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ohmygosh GUYS WE DID IT :DD

finally after standing under the sun training , we've got it right (: i couldn't see how coordinated we were , but judging from this photograph [the one and only photograph we had] , our arms look like they are all tilting to the right angle !

it doesn't really seem like hard work is needed , i mean it's kind of like only a few minutes of actually marching past [not counting the not as long as expected minutes in senangdiri position] , but i think we all know that it wasn't as easy as it looked ! Yeah , we all know that people think that Guides footdrill sucks terribly , but as long as we've put in our best , i guess that's all that matters !

alright , enough of the cliche stuff ! d:
see that girl on my left of the above photo ?

she's ragini , and she's this awesome person :D
and why , it's her birthday tomorrow !
and yes , it's the nation's birthday tomorrow as well and i guess the post tomorrow shall be dedicated to singapore , so here's a little dedication to ragini ! (:

hey ragini ! happy birthday :D
you've been a super duper awesome person , you're such a nice person to talk to , even though you crack super duper lame jokes and seriously i can't stand lame puns . but ahh well , i guess that can be forgiven with the other cooler stuff you do . you're great company , it's always nice to take the bus home with you [although nowadays we rarely do] and having you in 13ATCH just made it better ! you're such a natural on stage and i think right now , you're going through some not-so-easy times . i feel that you're really suited to be the vcapt of richardson and jiayou ! :D
alright , everyone's celebrating your birthday with you , i'm super jealous (:

yeap , anyway today's the eve of national day and i spent it with my old buddy :D

yeah this is an old photo of us but whatever . we didn't take any pictures today . i was too unglam d:

but yeah , it was pretty good catching up and it's really fulfilling to relish some old memories and just rolling on the floor laughing our heads out on the various silly things we used to do . "don't take off my clothes!" ROFL . funniest thing ever .

sigh .

those were the days .
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Saturday, August 6, 2011

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guess what ? i have awesome friends :D
and even the people whom i don't know well , like :D

thanks so much (':
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Yes , I know I should be contended with who I am at this age .
But just because I'm in RGS doesn't mean anything .

No one really understands me ,
my parents think that I'm happy just because they provide me with everything I need [yes , I'm not denying that and have no need to deny it anyway] , and because I always appear very cheerful , I'm not one who cuts her wrist or does anything like that .

my friends think I'm the craziest & happiest person just because I appear very happy , always bursting into random fits of laughter , and I don't think I'm someone whom people despise very much . might not be true , just an intuition , but yeah .

On the outside , I appear to be someone who's contended with her life , who is living life to the fullest and enjoying every moment of it .

However ,
my life sucks . big time .

I broke down while on the piano today . It was horrible , I felt horrible .
I couldn't reach the chords that required my hands to stretch so much , and my fingers , being naturally short , couldn't reach them . I was exasperated . Time was running out and I have yet to master all three songs .

I felt worthless and just horrible . I was a failure .
10 years of piano playing and this was my standard . 10 years of money which my parents wasted on those not-cheap piano lessons .
I don't like to make my parents sad or angry . I don't like to make them feel disappointed . I hate it . But what can I do ? I am a worthless person . I am horrid .

I practically vented my anger and frustration on those musical notes . Well , my piano teacher would be proud of me . Cos that's truly "playing with expression" .

even if I'm the worst piano player of the century .

ohmygosh i keep telling myself that but what am i doing to make that happen ? nothing .
oh screw my life . I don't want to be the person people expect me to be .

and this doesn't only apply to piano .

oh freak this doesn't sound like me .
but ah well . it's the me people don't know . i don't sound like the me people know .

Yeah I know , soon I will be back and like perhaps tomorrow I'll have a new post saying how happy I am and stuff .
oh seriously what's wrong with me ?

shall practice piano now .
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Friday, August 5, 2011

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Before I pamper myself by sleeping early , let me pamper you guys by actually updating my blog :D Pamper isn't a right word because reading this won't actually make you any more happier .

Not that I actually know who "you guys" refer to . I'm sure no one actually visits my blog , but well this is contradictory but I'm quite sure I have secret stalkers or something because well , my blog counter does go up ! (:

Okay anyway school life has been hectic , with so many exams and stuff going on , but it has also been really really interesting with awesome lessons like CSI and rock-climbing ! For now , SAs are over for the team but I'm burdened by Chinese PT , Philo PT , English PT , History PT , Geog PT , Lit PT and CSI Movie . 7 projects to work on , so little time .

but oh well . 4 and a half day holiday , what more can i ask for ?

Anyway , I shall not bore you with the minor details of my life ;
but the little bits that are more inspiring .

And I will guide my guiding light , to let it shine (:

Yes , I'm in a WHOO-GUIDES-IS-AWESOME mood right now , had NDP contingent full dress rehearsal earlier today after school . It's one of the times where you actually feel proud wearing the guides uniform and I can't wait for Monday .

Anyway , Alicia messaged me on facebook today . Alicia's my Guides junior , she's in my waddlian junior class , plus she's my waddle mortal [whom i have no time to write to] ! She asked me a few questions about Guides like the purpose of this CCA , the huge global aim of Guiding , and what we strive to achieve at the end of our Guiding Journey . So yeap , why did she ask me all these questions ? Well , that's really secret and not the main point of this anyway .

Okay , to be honest , it was the first time I have actually thought about this Worldwide Guiding Movement and even though I have spent 4 years of my life as a Brownie and 1 and a half years in Guiding . Therefore , her various questions came as a surprise , something that overwhelmed me thoroughly . I never really thought about this , so why am I still part of this movement ? Well , I guess I don't actually need to answer this , because I feel that I'm already part of this movement so I've never considered this question , because it was something already inside me and I didn't see the need to question this action .

I know Guides doesn't seem appealing because it's a UG and it has the worst footdrill and stuff . But really , Guides is the best CCA you can ever ever have . But , it was great that Alicia asked it because I sorted by thoughts clearly , in hope of enlightening my juniors :D So what exactly did I tell her ?

    • guides is this huge worldwide movement that strives to nurture guiding in every single lady , with them learning new skills every guides session and not missing out on skills which the boys learn . it was founded by lady baden powell , the wife of lord baden powell , who founded scouting . she felt that the girls were very interested in the things the boys do - like life skills , pitching tents , making fires etc . and she wanted to extend this privilege to the girls as well , starting the guide movement .
        • so yeah , now it might seem quite irrelevant to learn all these stuff which we do [like firelighting , outdoor cooking , tent pitching , etc ] because i mean , we live in such a high tech world and it seems a bit pointless . but the main focus here is GUIDING . so what exactly is guiding ? guiding , to me , is something that empowers everyone to take the lead , to guide . to share what you learn to the next batch etc . it's this strong and emotional bond that you share and it's a bond that you share with the guides all over the world . i mean, isn't it amazing to know that you have something in common with another fellow guide which you haven't met somewhere else in the world ?
      • it's the only cca that has this super strong emotional bond among each other and it doesn't really matter if the things you do would benefit you in future because it's the friendships that you nuture through doing these things . and well , what do guides strive to complete at the end of our guiding journey ? well , get the president guides award of course ! but well , that's just on paper . because the guiding journey never ends , the guiding light just keeps shining .


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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

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cos we are all fcuking selfish .

Okay , sorry for using that foul word .
I'm sorry for not updating for such a long time , geog pt's due this friday , there's gong han this friday so my life is quite screwed .

But yeah , Philosophy RS is pretty good . I mean , we are really slow and stuff but I think it's been really really beneficial to be able to participate in such intellectual talk / thinking every week . Because I'm really not the kind of person who thinks / talks deep , I'm truly a very shallow person but I think I'm slowly building up my analytical thinking skills :D

Social responsibility . How corny . It's really quite impossible .
It's idealistic . But it's impossible :D

by the way , george watsky is the most talented person ever . okay , one of the most , third to michael jackson and tim minchin . he's moving up fast , one day he might just be the tops of my list .

ohmy seriously he's such a genius . he's the new kind of sexy .
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