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Monday, December 21, 2009

i could not sleep , was like , tossing and turning.
was half asleep when my mother woke me up at about 6.05 am? 
so i could get up easily.
"the sms is here !" oh god. this was it. we sat on my bed and she gingerly pressed the "view message" button on her mobile. 
blablabla is posted to RAFFLES GIRLS' SCHOOL (SECONDARY) blablablabla. 
whoa ! we were so happy we hugged. this time , i didnt cry . but she did :P 
yes ! budden i think nobody from hips going with me , ): 
they go nanyang i think.
haiz.. but maybe victoria is going to rgs too(:
then we can meet again. 
alrights. end of story. 

happy happy happy ! :D 

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