Monday, November 29, 2010

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alohaaaaaaaaaaaaa peepos ;D

so hmm , i've changed the songs at the left of my blog (: now it's all my favourite youtube starrrs (: okay , not really . i don't know who JRAquino is . but go listen to the song " BY CHANCE " by him ;D it's the fifth one (: recognise it ? ;D if you don't , i'm gonna hit you . it was featured in A.S.S kay ? david choi's " MY TIME WITH YOU " tooo (:

go listen go listen . haha , basically the only song that isn't linked to nigahiga , wongfu or kevjumba is only CHRISTINA GRIMMIE'S just a dream . i embedded it in a post previously (: heeee i like i like .

hmmm oh yes decided to change the dentist muahaaa . so i'm gonna go for consultation / x-ray on 6 december i think . yay , at least it's not in january . because if it's in january , it might affect my schoolwork heh . haha , i never liked to visit the dentist D: my teeth has never been a dentist's favourite . except that i don't have any decayed teeth . i havent gone for fillings before (: touchwood much .

heh yay i heard for this year's holyinnocents p6 batch , there were more guys who chose RI to HCI . and jessa's choosing rgs ! (: hopefully the rgs cut off point doesn't rise drastically . but i doubt it . this year's top scholar 's results wasn't that high compared with other year's top scholars .

hehe i can't wait for the first house pract as a sec twoo (: it's gonna be in orientation ! ;D haah , though i'm not in pb or psb , i think it's really cool to be able to help out for just three hours (:

haha ,
kaybye ;D

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i'm gonna have to wait till january to get my braces D: arrrgh that dentist is fully booked . oh wells , it beats waiting for two to three years to do it at some polyclinic , even though it's way cheaper at those places .

ahaha , my mother seems quite reluctant to let me do braces . but she has agreed already (: and the good thing about her is that she doesn't go back on her word .

yikes i heard some weird news . but i'd better not write it here D:

kaybyes (:

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

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argh ,
was my sacrifice for ryan higa worth it ? D:
to put it simply , i deleted almost all of my phone files to free up that 836 MB for his AGENTS OF SECRET STUFF . but of course , michael jackson's songs are still retained . okay so it doesn't work . i shall not go into depth . blogger freaking deleted the stuff i typed just now . and i don't wish to go through it again . it's really bad typing negative stuff , it makes you feel all lousy .

sigh these few days have been painting like crazy . it's really fun larh (: but it's quite a waste of time . but oh wells . life ain't just about results . i love my palate . i just used four colours - red , blue , yellow and white - to get these colours ;D okay so i've been painting the draft for waddle house banner . see the picture ;

haha , can't reveal everything (: not supposed to (:

okay and this is the guides banner draft (: not gonna show everything too . yay it's finally finished . haha i still don't know why i'm the i/c for this .

LOL okay anyway i went to plaza sing yesterday with my mommy (: okay so urm normal shopping stuffs ? then went to daiso . i love daiso , everything's so cheap . and all were supposedly from japan . damn i knew i should've learnt my jap well . okay haha , i don't have any regrets for quitting jap .

oh anyway , i saw these instant cupcake mixes . it's pretty cool . you crack an egg into a mug , add this mix thing , then put it into the microwave oven for awhile and bam ! you get something that looks like the packet cover . i koped this picture from somewhere cos i didn't feel like taking my own . heh urm thanks to the person !

i'm gonna try it like , sooooon (; darn cool haha .

then bought other stuffs (: if you go to daiso and don't buy anything , something's really wrong with you . okay i think that statement's just plain unfeeling and insensitive . poverty): it's really sad just reading about it . i'm gonna write an essay about poverty soon when i find time . urm , yes , on my own account . okay nevermind .

then urm shopped more ? haha , went to times bookstore . my mother went to look up SAT stuffs for my brother . urm SAT , to put it simply , is like this exam you take to like , heighten your chances to gain admission to an american university if you score well in it . and my brother just doesn't think usa's university's worth going to = = let's see if they even accept him first . haha he couldn't care less about SAT's stuff . he says it's frigging simple . hmm , we shall see about that . but yeah , he's most of the time right . okay anyway as i was saying , i was at times bookstore . then i remembered that STICKY said on their facebook page that they distributed their sweets for sale at all times' bookstores . so i went to take a look . yay it was true . but they had like , limited varieties so i bought grape rock . yay i don't have to go all the way to clarke quay in future (: LOL surprisingly my mom didn't object d: she always scolds me whenever i buy stickys cos i urm , have a very high sugar intake already .

okay then urm shopped more , bought some sushi and we decided to go to the new shopping mall , NEX , at serangoon there . it's supposedly the biggest heartland shopping mall . and yes , ohmygosh that place is freaking huge . it should be the biggest shopping mall . vivocity helms that title , right ? but i don't know , i feel that NEX is bigger than vivocity . haha , but that's not really possible , but it really looks like it . they have super alot of stuffs . like two supermarkets . malls usually have just one anchor supermarket . but there was both fairprice and coldstorage . and super alot of anchor tenants like isetan .

okay anyway we walked for awhile but i was tired so i wanted to come back . so urm , we came home . hmm , but i don't know how to pronounce NEX . is it like " next " ? or " nax " ?

kaybyes .
abrupt ending much (:

love ,
liyin .
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

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okay so this is my second post of today . because the previous one was just something crazy . a spur - of - the - moment thing .

oh yes just in case the previous post was freaking weird because it was a freaking early and tired morning thing , let me repeat my point . so RYANHIGA 'S new film ASS , was to come out on 2411'10 , which was yesterday . but america , being slower than us = = , meant that we had to wait for the film to be released . so i went to sleep at nine plus and set the alarm clock and the alarm on my phone to trigger at two . AND OHMY WHAT A SURPRISE . i woke up dudes (:

then pretty soon , the movie was released . darn nice . i wish i was taylor though ): then i would have gotten that kiss . my dream of being his wife flew away D:

okay , then today went for my grandpa's death anniversary .
nothing much to say i guess . yearly ritual .

and long overdued photos i found in my handphone (:

cup noodles i was eating at emily's house the playground there (:

heh we were supposed to pen down well wishes for next year . instead , i scribbled this on (:

and hmmm , doodled this on my hand during detention (:

now i'm gonna talk about the 23 of november (:

went out with angelia , huimin , justine & gillian ;D
met at dhoby ghaut mrt at 10 am , then we mrt-ed to marina bay and took a shuttle bus to marina barrage . it's damn freaking long waiting for the bus . the frequency is not often at all . okay then when we went there , went straight to the water playground ;D we got super soaked . i didn't bring clothes to change but the sun was burning bright , so i got dry in no time . but it was damn fun larh .

fail jump shot (:

heh i think i look cool ;D but yeah i look weird without my specs but because i hate water on specs , i rather not see clearly than keep cleaning my specs .

then we went to the top there (; and had a picnic ;D huimin brought bread , justine brought salami and tuna and prawn crackers , gillian brought ham , i brought cheese and chips and angelia brought eggs and the small cute thing . i love her eggs larh ;D it's made with love . you see ? so cute (:

heart shaped eggs (:

our lunch ! ;D

angelia's uber cute mini heart shaped sandwich (:

our sandwiches ! i think mine looks the most practical and sandwich-like (: guess which one it is ! ;D

it's this one (; yay ;D

my magnum gold (: it's darn gold but it's not really nice . and pretty ex too , for something not so nice tasting . but i got a new profile picture (:

okay after eating we attempted to fly our kites . super fail larh . mine was very lousy haha . that explains its uber cheap price . oh so we used angelia's ! (: it was also very fail . we were running like crazy . then there was this guy who was like a professional . his kite needed four strings but he controlled it so well it like , didn't even need wind to fly .

then we tried for very hard and i think he saw us , so he came to us and taught us how to put the kite's stick the right way . i felt super noob haha . then ange's kite could fly pretty high and for a longer period of time . haha , only me and angelia were enthu about it . the other three were just sitting under the shelter . and they still said they wanted to get tanner -.-

okay then played with my bubbles and off we went home (: angelia went to get her DSLR . uber cool , take photos of me kay ? (:

oh yes look at my tagbox !
ryan tagged ! I TELL YOU , THAT'S RYAN HIGA MAN ;DD yay .
i am not deceiving myself . really . that's not spam . that's not junk . that's not some random person asking me to visit their website . that's ryan higa .

seriously .

oh yes and the psle results for this year are released !

congrats to those who did well , and work harder to those who didn't ! life does not end at psle . wake up and smell the flowers , many many things await you guys (:

love ,
liyin (:
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

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me , emily and ian were like spamming facebook with ass stuff heh . IT'S DAMN NICE LARH . i love ryan higa (;

heh i slept at nine plus and woke up at two yay ;D so proud of myself ;D
i shall sleep soon .

love ,
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Monday, November 22, 2010

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heyyyyyy (:

this song is making me go crazy . really . i don't usually fangle over girls . but ,


(: i've been following this youtube musician since she was just a nobody , playing on her piano and singing in her humble bedroom . now , she's still not signed , but she's kind of discovered , moving on to the occasional more professional videos [see above ;D] and being an extra in a selena gomez advert (: i don't really like sam tsui , i don't know why D: he's voice is good and all but oh wells .

i love youtube , really . i think i've said this before when i was raving about marie digby but youtube really makes everything so much more personal . it's really quite amazing how much a difference youtube has made to so many people's lives .

oh anyway i went for CIP today (: helped out at some childcare centre (: haha there's this cute primary five boy who's really mischievous but super cute . when i say cute , i don't mean baby cute , i actually mean handsome cute ;D heeee , really . i think i'm in love . but i didn't get his name ): nor number . AHAHAAAAA . im serious kay . straight face -> ._. okay seriously i don't hit on younger guys d: i don't even hit on anyone , kay . i just crush people secretly mamamia .

kay can't wait for tomorrow (:

ANGELIA , JUSTINE , GILLIAN , HUIMIN ;DD fun times we'll haveeeee (: awesome much . back to the old days of having a classic picnic ;D seeee you alllll (: latecomers will be prosecuted .

kaythanksbye .

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

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then i remembered i took one a few months back . remember ? i posted it and i'm so proud of my skills hahaaaaaaaa *ego*

anyway i wanted a photograph to do with art cos AISH im suddenly overwhelmed with artsy related stuff . LOL suddenly im the i/c for guides thinking day banner design . and im just a sec one . actually im really honoured haha . but im so busy now . house banner design is not even done yet . oh wells , at least its during the holidays (: YES I CAN DO THIS .

short post (: argh piano lesson tomorrow ):

love ,
liyin .
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Friday, November 19, 2010

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so yeah the above picture is the one which i declared was " awesome " in my previous post . drew it on a sketchbook with a black marker (; no sketching , planning , reference whatsoever . then i realised it ain't that nice at all . it looks nice from afar . when you look closer , you can tell the drawings are all really slipshod and horrible . like a five year old's . so i suggest that you don't click to enlarge the scanned drawing . i suppose that reverse psychology doesn't really work in this context so oh wells , but please do not click it D: i'd probably try to do another real detailed one sometime . haha , did this when i was bored reading R&J at night ;D i finished the second r&j guidebook yay . yeah , took a long time compared to the first one where i took only a night . but oh wells .

okay so today had guides initiative like yesterday (: yeah , two consecutive days . but i feel healthy now (: yay . played super a lot of physical games . i really like balls . oh and yesterday i was shooting hoops . i tried ten times , and the ball got into the net nine times (: PRO OR NOT ;D heehee , no larh . i don't know why yesterday i was lucky or just suddenly grew taller .

anyway , yesterday after guides , i overslept on the bus and took all the way to hougang = = freaking angry at myself but haha , bought m&ms there . LOL . then today after guides i rushed to hougang to meet emily . met and i ate then we played at the playground awhile and then tried to find the bubble tea shop where brian bought the bubble tea on wednesday . yay we found it and bought . then we went to the shop beside it and bought party poopers . we wanted to scare the boys . haha . then went to her house to change .

went down and some boys were there already . but we failed larh . didn't scare them at all . then film film and finally it's completed . haha sorry guys i kept laughing . then saw delvin and cheryl wee (:

gahhhhhhh im tried .

bye ;D

p/s: i feel like locking my blog . should i ? D:

LEARNING ABOUT POVERTY IS QUITE VERY INTERESTING . and christina calls me a mugger ): LOL IM NOT MUGGING IM JUST EXPANDING MY KNOWLEDGE ;D reading books on poverty aint mugging . a mugger reads TEXTBOOKS (:

hahaaaa , im like preparing for jc's KI / GP paper . but im not ;D i just have an interest in poverty . whoooo has niceeeeeeeee websites on this topic ? gimmeeeee (:
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

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i find it very awesome teehee . ego much but anyways ,
it's too late to scan it in because my scanner makes freaking loud noises cos its like those professional big ones that make noise when on-ed (: people are sleeping so maybe tomorrow haha .

okay so on monday had house comm agm (: awesome much . thanks captain ' 11 anissa for playing host ! i like chicken wings . haha the sec 1 house commers were super funny . we were like camping near the chicken wings . it was super funny haha . yay i like it .

okay then tuesday rotted at home with my romeo and juliet . I KIND OF GET MIDDLE ENGLISH NOW MUAHAHAAAA . i was like asking my mother “ what o' clock is it ? " and she was like scolding me to speak in proper english and not singlish haha . i told her it wasn't singlish , it was middle english and her reaction was like super epic . argh i hate the word epic . it's wayyyyyy to overused . seriously . but oh wells (: yeah seriously its middle english . haha i guess i have been speaking middle english when i was veryvery young ;D

and today's wednesday !
supposed to meet at 9am at serangoon mrt to meet and then go ian poy's house . i think i'm freaking stupid . i took like seven bus stops from my home to serangoon mrt and then had to take six bus stops back on the same bus route to his house . i should've just took one bus stop and waited for them there .

anyway , i reached at about eight forty . yeah , pretty early and then i don't know why there were so many policemen petrolling the mrt plus some security guards . i was like not in a rush so instead of taking the travellator to circle line i walked in the middle path . and then a group of four policemen was walking towards me and i walked in between them . it was super funny . i like , cut them into half . okay so i got into the control station there and i saw so many security guards so i pretended that i was taking the mrt and took the escalator down cos i didn't want to be loitering there ... then super a lot of trains whizzed past me and i was still sitting there . i gave up and went up again . then i saw the group of guys . then we waited for a while and everyone came then we went to ianpoy's house .

so went there and filmfilmfilm . it's retarded , gahhhhhhh . haha , gary's accent was damn funny . i just kept laughing . i found that i had many strengths ! i could carry a gun awesomely , and bite ham properly (: yay to me . then hmmm , emily and i tried to vlog but we failed terribly .
then we went to hougang there .

ate subway . i hate bread so much . that emily khoo spilled her lemon tea . haha , made a mess (: then we went to the void deck to film more . i think overall it was pretty ridiculous . but it was quite fun larh , can bond with the psixers of 09 (:

then i bought bubbletea before going home . i have never tried drinking yoghurt bubbletea before but it was pretty nice . peach yoghurt . sounds weird but its nice . then took 132 home (: i get nostalgic whenever i sit 132 from hougang back home . haha ;D ohmy one year has flew past damn damn fast . the psixers of 10 are graduating tomorrow ! (: but sadly they didn't get what we got last year . it's quite sad for them (: but yeah ;D

love ,

ohmy such an abrupt ending . yikes i have guides tomorrow and friday ): okay its going to be fun but i'm tired (:
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

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i think i'm becoming a geek soon . really .

yikes . yesterday when i went to the library , which i havent been to in a while . anyway , that's besides the point . so i initially had planned to borrow a few [ one or two ] romeo and juliet guide books since romeo and juliet is frigging crazy . it's like written in middle english [ not old english , my brother always corrects me = = ] if i don't have any guidebooks , i'd be super lost and won't understand a single thing . but actually the R&J story is quite famous and the story is like already super well known . i first learnt of it when i was really little . maybe p2 ? cos i played runescape ;D there was this romeo and juliet quest haha . anyway , back to my point . so i went to the youth section and found these amazing section dedicated to shakespeare . it was really awesome . so i borrowed three romeo and juliet guide books and crazily , i even borrowed HAMLET . at first i wanted to borrow a merchant of venice guidebook since i had the real play at home already but i think it'd be too much for me .

okay , that does not actually prove my point about me becoming a geek . okay so i decided to borrow some chick flicks which i normally read . like , last year i was obsessed with these unrealistic fictional teenage puppy love stories . i went there and browsed through some and realized how retarded they actually were . YES I KNOW . how could i , right ? i mean , they are the interesting and cute type of stories but i don't know what happened . then i saw those info books and ended up borrowing some really weird books that are so unlike me . okay , not really . i like human geography so i actually borrowed books on poverty , the environment etc . i even borrowed CSI books , for science next year D: ohmygosh am i crazy or what .

but whether or not i will read them really depends .

i even borrowed a book on the minds of suicide bombers . i wanted to borrow a book on opposing views of pornography and another of abortion but they were too ... difficult to understand .
ARGH what is happening to me , why am i not reading the amazingly feel - good chick flicks D:

oh so i went home pretty late and i finished reading one romeo and juliet guide book already . yes i know . what is happening to me . i'm reading the second guide book now . yay now i love romeo and juliet . it's pretty cool . i'm starting to admire middle english . it's quite cute , the way they talk teehee .

yay kay enough of crapping . tomorrow's house comm annual general meeting . so cool haha . wonder how it's going to be like ;D
next week is going to be superrrr packed , even though its the holidays already . i only have tuesday to myself D: but it's okay (: it's fun stuff yay ;D can't wait for wednesday . epicness . LOL i don't know any of my lines bah .

i'm gonna blogblogblog about the stuff and emily lets vlog teehee .

love ,
liyin (:

i want my braces soon so i can get it over and done with . i'm scared of the pain ):
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

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heyyo peeps (:
so today after school went to far east with jing en , christina and edina for lunch first . i ate shihlin chicken , which was excessively salty haha . and slurpee yay . yes i know right , i have such a balanced diet (: thanks very much .

yeah then we went to bugis (: we took two rounds of neoprints . pretty nice i guess . but not the best haha . then we walked around bugis street and bugis junction and it was really boring . there were so many people and we couldn't walk properly , much less shop or even look around . then we went and slacked at the mrt station and afterwards we decided to go to macs to chill . i bought cinnamon melts which was quite bad . it's like bread soaked in this sickly sweet syrup ? pretty gross .

yeah then we went to the mrt and went homeeeee . pretty exciting , this outing . LOL . but it was really quite fun with them .

okay now , serious matters man .



seriously man , it doesn't actually sound like him . sure , there's a similarity but it lacks the touch and personal feel and heart michael jackson sings with . you should compare it to his previous songs . go listen to it here i'm pretty tired to explain but if you have been stalking me on my facebook yesterday , you would probably know why i think it isn't that much of a good thing .

okay i can't control myself . shall rant here .


why can't they just let michael jackson stay as this king of pop with awesome music ? why tarnish him with such a controversial issue ? i personally believe that this is not right . i intended to buy the album when i heard about its release through the newspapers . but now , i'm not going to feed my money to some money making people . sure , money might be important to them , but seriously ? i think respect comes first , especially to the deceased . leave him to be his perfect person with awesome evergreen music . even his " ows " seem to fall at predictable places . sure , it's probably his voice at some parts , but it's not an entire michael jackson song done by him , with love .

michael jackson , ily .

love ,
liyin (:

p/s: happy birthday to emily juju ! (:
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Saturday, November 6, 2010

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heyyo boomz .

man i really think the word "BOOMZ" is wayyyy too overused . but oh wells .


but nevermind . there isn't studying anyway . okay so on thursday , i went to bishan with jie lin and gillian after school for a while . we walked a few rounds and bought some snacks and then it was too boring because we were pretty early because school ended early so very few shops were open so we went home haha .

yay me in the middle (:

okay so yesterday , friday , had a date with emily . *winkwink .okay so we were supposed to meet at 9am , but KNOWING HER , i knew that she would be late and didn't go to hougang interchange yet cos i thought that she should be sleeping cos she didn't reply to my sms . so i called her at 9 am when i was still at home . her voice was like , super muffled . aish , she just woke up , my call woke her up . so she said , meet at 10.30 am LOL i think i'm smart . so i went at 10.30am and she was still as usual , late . so i waited a while . then we decided where to go cos we had this pretty weird thing we wanted to do , which included using a tripod and camera tee hee hee .

so we decided on marina barrage . we took mrt and bus there and then we did something really stupid . it was like super fail and super stupid . whoa then it was was like super super hot . she was like complaining of the heat . but we finally finished what we wanted to do which ended up being quite weird and pretty fail . LOL but oh wells .

then i wanted to go to clarke quay to buy stickys . haha she finally relented . so we went there and i bought rainbow pillows or something . it's not really the typical sticky shape . okay then we took an mrt to compass point . we went to eat lunch first . she treated me to this korean thing at the kopitiam there .

it was like chicken , but mainly the plate consisted of bean sprouts and onions . and erm , we both didn't eat bean sprouts or onions and erm this was our leftovers .

yeah it looks really untouched . but hey i did try to eat some bean sprouts . LOL i gave emily this informative geography lecture on poverty and hunger but she didn't get me ugh . she was like "ehh but what has us having so much leftovers got to do with them having less food ?" so i was explaining and man , i gave up haha .

i tried my best to finish my rice . i really did ! see my bowl (: compared to emilys .

my pretty clean bowl yay ;D

her obviously unfinished bowl of rice .

LOL haha anyway , then we went to icing room , cos i promised to buy her a DIY cake for an early birthday celebration . okay i bought the small $11.80 vanilla plain looking cake which came with five icing colours plus a few sugar flowers . we had this place where we could stand with this mini lazy susie kind of turning thing where we put the cake to decorate .

we wrote " the super jujus " on the top and wrote " happy birthday emily " at the side haha . and i wrote my name at the side too LOL.

the word " JUJUS " looked really nice till emily smudged it with her camera strap D: heehee , u could tell who wrote the JUJUS , can't you ? then we squeezed some icing and cream into our mouths and it was quite nice , especially the brown one which was a really surprising nice chocolate sauce . so we decided to go for taste rather than looks and lumped all the icing onto the cake .

LOL there's a lot of brown colour . because we like chocolate yay . then we went to the seats outside the mrt station and ate the cake . they didn't provide spoons so i bought a mcflurry and asked for an extra spoon . then she cut the cake ! (:

haha , can you believe it ? i actually ate half a cake at one shot . freaking full , i tell you . but LOL .  

kay then went home .

today ? nothing much .

i'm going to use any traditional methods and weird stuffs and various creams and lotions and face washes and whatever that i come across .

these are the methods i have tried apart from my daily cleansing , that didn't work , obviously :
[x] smearing honey on my face (youtube)
[x] applying mint toothpaste overnight on affected areas (youtube)
[x] two types of pimple cream
[x] blackheads away gel

actually they did work for a while , and some of my pimples and blackheads cleared , but overtime they lost their effectiveness UGH .

okay , so these are stuff i'm going to try . asked my mother to buy them :
- blackheads patch [ like a thing to paste on my skin and rip it off , hopefully together with the blackheads ]
- some herbal pimple cream

and stuff i intend to do if the above doesn't work :
> face masks
> other brands of pimple creams
> eat less junk food [ but hey , i cut down already ): ]
> last resort : seek medical help or go do a facial . i heard there's some sort of pill that's great for pimples . but they have really bad side effects so it was banned LOL .

yes i know i'm rather crazy but since i'm so bored this holiday , must well do something constructive [ not that this is considered constructive ] but oh wells . ahhhhhhhh i'm so excited for research studies project next year cos my group has thought of this wonderful research topic that's really awesome . but i'm not sure if it's going to be approved . but yay . yeah , i didn't audition for the odyssey of the mind or other stuffs . i'll try only in sec three (: man , but if there was fashion cluster , i would want to join ;D

haha , i'm like reading / trying to read THE MERCHANT OF VENICE . it's quite crazy . since i couldn't get hold of next year's lit text , ROMEO AND JULIET yet and since i love lit so much , i'd thought i try reading my brother's sec 2 text . it was quite crazy , the shakespeare english was quite overwhelming . i didn't really understand it at all . the explanations were also quite weird . hee , i'm also reading TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD , which very fortunately wasn't as bad , because it wasn't in old english (:

oh and i tried reading physics which i haven't learnt this year and it was ohmygosh , super MATH-SY . ugh damn it . i hate maths . i have a feeling i'm gonna hate physics too .

yay kay bye .
love ,
liyin (:
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