Sunday, October 31, 2010

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" trick or treat ! "

hello people (:
yeah i know i haven't been posting that often nowadays . but oh well , HAPPY HALLOWEEN . i really really wish that singapore had the culture of celebrating halloween . it'd be super cool . we would get to dress up in all sorts of weird stuff . haha , and get candy of course .

oh you know the meaning of saying " trick or treat " in the past was that you were supposed to give the kid candy [ yes that's the meaning now ] but the " trick " part meant that if you didn't give the kid candy , the kid would spray paint your door . that was the carried out last time . pretty scary (:

went for GYMNASTICS concert yesterday at RI ( JC ) performing arts centre . met at gillian's house at about 4 pm plus ? then went to thompson plaza for dinner with dawn , jie lin and gillian . we were all quite full so we ate popcorn chicken plus a drink (: we went to finest to buy some sweets . haha , bought gobstoppers and fererro rondnoir . then we took a bus to RI ( JC ) . security was like super slack and they just allowed us to go in . then we finally managed to find the performing arts centre after some time . it was quite cool . we were an hour early haha . it was supposed to start at seven thirty . saw deborah (: my class has many gym-ers (: eight in all , cos my class is the gymnastics dsa class ;D super cool ahaa .

then there were stickys for sale . it was like three bucks for a small tiny packet but its for charity so i bought it haha . then we bought eight stalks of flowers for every gym-er in our class to give them after the show . it was quite funny . it was like a stalk for four bucks . then the person selling was like quite shocked when we said " eight " . haha . the concert was damn nice can . our gym-ers are like super pro larh . they were all really chio too ;D

met them after the show and gave them the beautiful roses we got broke for . haha . then went home by marymount mrt to serangoon mrt and then by bus cos my father was busy and couldn't pick me up ): it was like pretty late by then . i exited from the wrong exit at serangoon mrt but at the exit there was a mad man shouting so i didnt dare to turn back and walk back inside the mrt . so i walked to the next bus stop which was really far and it was quite " ulu " and dark . oh wells . then i finally got onto the bus and sat at the back seat . i heard a familiar voice . i looked carefully at a couple sitting about five seats in front of me . it was my form teacher . this was the second time i saw her outside of school , like near my house . LOL then i got off the bus and went home . bathe and slept .

today went to my paternal grandma's house . ordered pizza , which i really hate . i hate pizzas . it's like flour with toppings but today i fell in love with a flavour , BBQ chicken . usually i just eat hawaiian but bbq's pretty nice (:

yay there's no school tomorrow ;D it's CCA awards day which i'm not involved in . there's also drama nite rehearsal but our class isn't involved . we didn't get selected . oh wells . haha , this is the spongebob costume we made for drama nite . valerie's in the costume ;D i look thoroughly unglam .

guess who drew the spongebob face ? ;DD

yay kay bye (:
love ,
liyin ;D
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

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so hmmm ... life 's pretty good . had net carn today , which our class didn't win , but oh wells . haha , it was pretty nice anyway . school sold yami yoghurt and bubbletea (: yay .

oh yes and i created TUMBLR . click it to go to my tumblr . tumblr is super cool . it's really easy to post and stuff . so this blog will be for my daily life and stuffs while my tumblr is for random whatnots like thoughts , cool photos and stuff . yeah awesome ;D

house comm is really awesome . i love it . i love seeing my inbox spammed with stuff . and since i'm free now , it's really cool to read and get busy . haha (:

alright , i shall end here .
lazy to write anything . maybe shall tumblr (:

liyin ;D
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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no picture or quote today , cos "image uploads will be disabled for two hours due to maintenance" blablabla . ohkay . so today was quite goood (: got back lit , lang , speech and drama and chinese ;D

got 4.0 for lit (; yay so happy . lang for 3.6 ): 1 more mark to 4.0 ! stupid . chinese was horrible . speech and drama got 4.0 too yay . it's included in lit anyway .

then went for HOUSE COMM 2011 COMBINED CAMP . it was pure awesomeness . had briefing first , blablabla , tell us how we were the leaders and all , how house comm next year was officially a leadership board , together with prefectorial and peer support ;D and other stuffs .

met the other creative arts directors , which were all sec 3 , so it was intimidating , but they were all very nice , especially the i/c , nicolette ;D then together as a whole comm , we decided on the theme , and us , the art subcomm , had to work on the tee shirt design , the banner , the newsletter , the notice board , the souvenirs for sports fest and the cheerleaders' outfits . quite packed . the tee shirt design is by next week ! which is really crazy . then we were all drawing ducks and discussing of what to do . it was really nice . the house capts were awesome and it was really enjoyable . met a lot of seniors (: yay haha .

then there was other stuffs , and then dismissal at bout 6pm ? asked my dad to pick me up yay . had dinner and here i am using the computer . oh and of course i bathed haha . can't wait for day 2 of the camp which is tomorrow !

oh and i got back all my results already . pretty satisfied , i think (: tomorrow and the days to come are all DRAMA NITE preparations (: i really want my class to get into the finals . we can do it man ;D we are awesome yay . i want to act haha .

love ,

p/s : today 's date is nice 20/10/2010 ;D didn't make a wish at 2010 hours though ): sadly .

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Monday, October 18, 2010

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" joy is not in things ; it is in us . "~ richard waqner


so , school this few days have been ... relaxing ? i guess . actually , it was stressful . i mean , RESULTS man . haha , but oh wells . school ends earlier ;D

so , my bio results was horrible . when i say horrible , i mean horrible . REALLY REALLY . like you won't even believe it .
geography was sad ): half a mark to a GPA 4.0 ): SAD OR WHUT .
history 's probably the only one i'm quite happy (: i mean , 4.0 ;D i can't expect any much more .
math was disappointing . i thought i would get 4.0 . didn't ): got a 3.6 instead .
oh wells , got back results for history pt and math presentation . was okay , i guess (: i couldn't ask for more .

okay so school ended at 11.30am today . and i didn't realise at first . LOL . so here i am (: facebook yay . youtube yay . blog yay (: oh LOL saw message from someone . whut he had a dream about me ? with a fax machine . ahaha , damn funny . unglamness much .

okay yay ,
done (:


p/s : tomorrow getting back chinese , english lit and lang ! D: zomg , i probably flunked chinese . it was freaking hard , i tell you . oh and house comm camp yay ;D

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

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" music is what feelings sound like " ~ anonymous


i'm probably the worst going - on grade 8 piano player ever . i don't play out music , i play out notes . i don't play with feelings , i play with fingers . seriously . i am horrible . the nine years i spent learning to play the piano is probably wasted . down the drain . really .

oh anyway , i have changed the music at the playlist thing on the left of my blog . and of course , also changed the list of songs on the right of my blog . the songs are awesome . especially the first two (: cos it's by the 3 people i was hyperventilating about in my previous blog post (:

the first one is by RYAN HIGA (: it's a parody of far east movement 's song G6 , and it's called LIKE A GOOD BOY . it's awesome .

the second is by KEVIN WU & PHILIP WANG (: and david choi too . but anyway , it's called DANCE TO THIS SONG . it's awesome too . check it out ;D

alright , done (:
bye ;D


p/s : oh and my freaking email got hacked . i sent out those virus emails to people , including my penpal from america and seniors . total embarrassment D: but thanks to leonard for telling me about this virus removal thing (:
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

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" love is temporary madness " ~ st augustine


no dont worry , i'm not in love . i dont have the time to do such things . okay , wait . i AM in love , omg . guess who's hyperventilating right now ? (:


really really . they are awesome . but they are like , about seven years older than me ): and it's near impossible to get together with them , actually it's near impossible to even meet them . grrrrrrrr . I WANT TO MEET THEM . they 're just so cute . and handsome (: heehee , the perfect man . and they earn quite a lot , i guess (: even though they're still students . cos they are youtube partners , and make money from thereee . OMG OMG . let me meet them please . that 's going on my wishlist (: but it probably be left unstriked for a long long time , or rather , forever . oh if u don't know who they are , i'm killing you now .

alright , random photos from 13 october 2010 ( wednesday )

kbox ;D

oh and the espresso sundae from burger king that was super bitter .

okay , then on 15 october 2010 ( thursday )

i was bored and decided to make almond jelly . yeah , so it was quite nice ? then when i ate mine , the first scoop i scooped out turned out to be a heart shape ! i didn't scoop it on purpose ! i just scooped normally , which was one " ear " of the heart . then as i scooped , another " ear " just came together . okay , i can't explain this properly as i'm like blaberring without making any sense , but yeah , its just that a heart was scooped out when i didn't intend for it to .

really . it looks like a heart . it's amazing . (:

okay , then on 15 october 2010 ( friday ) ,
went back to school for latin american jive dance exam , even though it was marking day . the exam went smoothly (: the examiner was the typical examiner , a caucasian . it was just like piano exams . damn funny . mrs richards was super hyper . then at the end she said " well done " (: yay . then me , jie lin , gillian , justine , hui min and deborah went to take 132 to thompson plaza after the exam . we ate kfc there . deborah didn't join us ): fattening , but oh wells . then we walked around . bought slurpees and then we went to gillian 's house (: had fun !

we watched vampires suck , which really sucked . seriously . its horrible . i don't understand why this movies are considered comedies , they weren't even funny , and it's not because i didn't watch twilight . i got the jokes , but it's pretty forced . so i didn't laugh , which is very unlike me . justine even asked me if i was okay . LOL . thanks for the concern anyway . yeah , but i'm one who doesn't laugh at funny stuff , i laugh at just really weird stuff .

then we watched the youtube videos i recommended and KEVJUMBA & NIGAHIGA & WONGFUPRODUCTIONS ARE AWESOME . freaking cute i tell you . and they're asians (: awesome much . then we had this karaoke singing session , then played audition which really sucked . i don't understand why people like audition . it's weird . but oh well , it's a free world , people can like anything and its none of my concern (: then went home at about 5 plus .

16 october 2010
okay , so ... today . i don't feel like talking about it cos i had a really bad mood swing today . i got no idea why lately i'm having moodswings and being irritated and agitated at everything . i'm sorry to those i affected today . but sometimes it really gets on my nerves .

but yeah , a flower wilts , but it can bloom as well . it all depends on myself (:
but this days , really , i'm not the very cheerful person i was . i might appear to be , but nope , i'm bottling up everything . what is freaking wrong with me ? gosh , i hate myself .

okay , anyway . there's piano lesson tomorrow ): i hate it . grade 8 is terrible . and i haven't been practising on the piano for a long time . gosh . i need to go out more , especially with hips-ters . i need to catch up with all of you (: u guys are the best (:

alright (:

love ,
liyin ;DD

p/s : OMG , house committee 2011 camp is this wednesday and thursday (: can't wait , can't wait ;D oh and going through of papers is this monday , tuesday and wednesday , which i totally dread . but after that , it would be post exam activities (: not that exciting , but funner - than - usual nevertheless (:
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

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" freedom is the last , best hope of earth " ~abraham lincoln


soo ...

the EYAs [EOYs] are officially overrrr ! ;D
yeah , its the day after the end of EYAs(: ended with maths , which was ... surprisingly smooth - sailing (: YAY ahahaaaaa , freedom at last .

so today's marking day . I HAD A BLAST yesterday at KBOX ORCHARD CINELEISURE .
okay , so went there right after maths lesson with justine , jie lin , gillian , hui min , lei zuo and valerie (:

we went to ion orchard to change , cos apparently they had lovely toilets . LOL , super funny . then we mrt-ed to somerset . walked to cineleisure . then we took a lift to kbox . then it was like , the place had the smell of cigarettes and alcohol and looked really ... idk ? and my friends were like ... erhhhh ... but yeah , they weren't open yet ? so yeah , we were hungry and went to burger king to grab a bite . haha , i ordered the espresso sundae , and it was really bitter . it was nice at first , then bitter at the end . so i threw it away . NOT A LOT . just the teeny weeny bitter part . trust me , i didn't waste food . okay , so my friends were reluctant to go to kbox , they thought it be sleazy but i convinced them (: if they dont try , they won't know (:

so we all ordered the klunch , which came with a room with KARAOKEEEEE (: $14 . 20 , which was pretty much a steal . so we went into the room . it was quite small but cosy . and there's no strange smell or anything . there was this huge selection of songs . i swear they have everything . whatever language you ask for too .

so we sang sang sang . drinks came . DRANK LOTS OF (root) BEER ! continued singing . I SANG ALL THE MICHAEL JACKSON SONGGGGGGGGS ! and a lot of super nice ones . there were mics and it was so cool (: then lunch came . i ordered chicken chop . the food was a bit ... crappy , though . there were fries , two cream puffs , peas , watermelon and chicken chop or fish & chips . yeah , then sang for three hours (:

then went to the neoprints shop ! ;D haha , took twice . but the amazing booth with the awesome frames was out of order D: boo . then some of them had to go to moelc to get their 3rd lang papers . i went home with jie lin . at first i wanted to like , stop at any random mrt and just randomly walk , but i was in pain and not feeling very well D:

hee , so came back and went to FACEBOOOOOKKKK , which i have not entered in ages (:
okay , so i slacked today . my life is totally worthless . i can't upload the photos due to some reasons ): its marking day today and tomorrow [have i mentioned this before ?] but i still have to go back tomorrow for a latin american jive dance exam = =
but going to gillian's house after that ! ;D heehee ,

yeah , but these are all minor outings , apart from the minor outings , i'm looking forward to the super epic short film thing with the 6r7-ers ! cant wait ahahahaaa . need to memorise my lines . LOL i feel silly . impromptu would be nice .

alright ,
toodles (:
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Monday, October 11, 2010

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" life is like melted ice cream . you can never rewind the time . " ~ anonymous


so , i missed 10/10/10 10 : 10 ! i forgot all about it D: ridiculous . i was too intent on mugging for biology ): so had biology today D: it wasn't all good . argh . ahahaha , but we had this bonus question and it was cool (: if some smarty from the gep class gets full marks and did the bonus question , then she would get 65 upon 60 . ahaha , that's so cool . oh but i think i screwed bio up . for real . it was terrible . seriously :/

oh , and the geog which kills people's brains ? i practically vomited everything out . my hand was like holding the pen and the pen was moving at some incredible speed (: hopefully , my geog would be okay . cos i blew it for the mid year test .

YAY im left with two more papers (: history & math ;D i haven't memorised history yet and well , my math is really rusty . when i say really , i mean really . i think i forgot what algebra is . ARGH . i had better go and study D:

OH and i cant wait for wednesday (: it would be temporary freedom for a while till my mother forces me to read ahead for sec 2 or something . GOING OUTTTT ;D to kbox and neoprints (: awesome much . ahahaaaa , LALALALALAAAAAAA . i just need to pull through this 2 more exams . three more hours of pure silence and scribbling of pens .

love , liyin (:

P / S : omg , im totally in love with this new person , as in like people i look up to and admire and FANGLE over LOL . he's called BANKSY . and he's awesome . really . he's a graffiti artist and he's works are WHOAAAAAAAAAAA , BAABOM ! and they have messages too . and he's strong beliefs are really awesome . go check him out on wiki or something (: PEACE . oh and he did this super cool simpsons couch gag , which really shows his ideals on capitalism , if i'm not wrong . i'm just seeing his art from my perspective and stuff , but yeah , it's not necessarily true . okay , shall put the couch gag here (: by the way , a couch gag is something before the show , like the intro and stuffs . go check he's ARTWORKS out . seriously , u should . it's amazing .

EYAs : seven down , two to go (:

two more days . i'll wait for my freedom ;D
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

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i'm going to keep my post simple and sweet (: with no photographs or quotes or whatnots .

so yeah , it's in the midst of the EYAs . english lit 's done , english lang 's done , chinese 's done , english situational writing 's done , chinese compo 's done . i'm left with geography , which is tomorrow , history , math and biology . YES , THE SUBJECTS THAT KILL PEOPLE'S BRAINS .
LOL , when i was mugging for geog i scribbled this on paper D:
i just cramped stuff into my mind . OMG , pointless , but necessary ): i can now recite everything . but i think my mind will just go *BLANK* once i'm in the exam room . oh and today 's chinese paper was a terrible killer . seriously .

ARGH . i really am studying more than what i actually did last year for psle . furthermore , there's so many more subjects . I'M CRAMPING EVERYTHING INTO MY SMALL BRAIN . grrrrrrr . oh wells . think about the freedom after exams (: it'll keep me going ;D

oh yeah , i know psle's already started , but it has not ended yet so ...


and EOYs / EYAs for EVERYONE ELSE (:

haha , oh but at least those supplements like oral and pts would be able to pull my overall grades higher . hee , i got back my biology pt . and ZOMG , i got 19/20 ! ;DD yay yay hahahha . and for english oral i got 18/20 (: so happy . ahahaha .

okay ,
done (:

shall revise MORE geog till it's stuck in my head . when i say stuck , i mean stuck ;D

love ,
liyin (:

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Friday, October 1, 2010

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" red blood cells are amazing things " ~yapliyin .

YAY so i am crazy . yeah . but i realized that bio is nice . tee hee . it's like , the human body is oh so amazing haha .
i completed revising bio yesterday and OHMY , the sense of satisfaction (:
studying sometimes is really awesome .

oh , and i have known about funemployed's on youtube for quite a while , but didn't check it out , but i did today and it's really awesome . it's by wongfuproductions & kevjumba (:

go check it out at funemployed ! it's like , the reason why they made the "dance to this song" music video and stuff . AND THERE'S NIGAHIGA too ! in 3 episodes and he's super cute .

it's nice , really (:

alright , toodles ;D
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