new bloggie<3 and brownies!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

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hey people! this is my new blog,! 
its nice and simple, just the wayy i like it, i mean, love it.

yesterdae went to brownies carnival at HQ in bishan, to collect my prize... won the cookie tin design competition [1st! :D], u see.

but other than that, i saw my childhood friend! she's a sec 2 guide, i think. cos' its a carnival, i bought a cupcake she was selling!

it looks so delicious, dun u think?
sorry, i ate it already, u came a wee bit late... lols.
anyways, other than that yummy cupcake, i also bought this delicious float of rootbeer and vanilla ice cream! sooo yummy but could not take a photo as it disappeared too quickly!

i also bought this bag of yummy cookies!
u cant really see it, i know, soo...

muahaha... its super delicious, dun be jealous, kayyes?
who ask u never go?

ok, nevermind, anyways, im gonna log off now. 
going to grandma house, bye people! :]

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