Sunday, April 29, 2012

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Pretty photograph Tiffany took and sent it to me via Twitter cos I told her I liked raindrops on car/ bus windows (': Yes, I think you guys should know that already.

It's Sunday. Sunday night. 
This week has been draining (as usual) - I should probably find a synonym or another word that has a more severe meaning. 

I don't feel like I've done anything very productive this weekend but I still feel quite accomplished. Sorted out ORA, finally did Guides Tee design and sorted out my thoughts, most importantly.

On Thursday, I had a pretty high fever and terrible throat infection and I actually had to see a doctor! Which I don't usually do, so that was something. I didn't expect my temperature to be 39.8 degree Celsius but the doctor showed it to me and I was quite shocked. I mean, I thought I was still 'alright'. So I had to take 6 different types of medicine, which obviously made me really drowsy. 

The thing was, I had a Math PT proposal thing due the next day and my group wasn't even half done. I insisted on going online to work on it while my mum was just screaming at me, asking me to sleep cos I was sick and that I shouldn't be so stubborn and besides, I'm not the only one in the group but I felt so irresponsible. It was really a reminder to me that I was truly becoming quite a workaholic, not caring that much for my body but rather what was due the next day. If only that applied to homework. 

I stayed at home on Friday and felt so much better and again, I wanted to go back to school because we had House Comm appraisals. I know I shouldn't have gone because my parents felt that I was putting too much emphasis on work and that I wasn't "indispensable" - I should really have focused on fully recovering. But I still went and it was quite an eye opening experience because I remember being just as nervous and insecure last year with Anissa and Joeline - and I would probably be like this too when my appraisals happen next Friday. 

But I'm so glad I went, because afterwards, Chunyen, Louisa and myself went to get Starbucks and fish and chips (for them) and fried curry chicken for myself hehe. Yes, I do realize I was just recovering but I don't regret it (': It felt really good after all the stress from the week just hanging out under the escalator at Plaza Sing! The two of them made me feel a bit more secure about my academics, although I'm still quite worried for it. 

Oh sighpie. Tomorrow is Monday. 
Tomorrow marks the start of Head Prefect Campaigning.
Judging from Fiam and Foveo, I really don't know if Fidu will be able to stay strong. But I believe we can (': 

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Friday, April 20, 2012

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I'm so glad the week is over. It has been utterly draining.
Did I mention how I slept at 4pm when I came home yesterday without bathing or anything and I just woke up this morning at around 7am? 15 hours of good sleep (': Woke up a stinky mess, but a stinky mess of energy. 

Anyway, shall do a quick update which I have been wanting to do for a long time but didn't manage to have enough time for it. Super overdued stuff, but they mean a lot to me, so I really have to blog about it! 

Last Saturday was dedicated to Guides (': Definitely a nice breather from my hectic life. Guides is always so wonderful because the values and things we do are so different from the normal fast paced society we live in today. We are so basic, doing things like handicrafts and stuff like wood chopping. I really love how disconnected to technology we are when it comes to our activities. It's just refreshing and so damn amazing. 

So we had South Division Day which is really special to me as it has been an annual event ever since I became a Brownie in P3. Every year we have almost the same sort of activities but to experience it with different people means the most to me. Joined a pretty strange competition that involved art and recycled materials with Yixi and two sec ones - Rachel and Yuka - and we actually won 2nd, to our surprise.

In the evening, I went to RI01's campfire! (: I had intended to give a link to my post on RI01's campfire last year, but after reading it, it's utterly embarrassing to, so I'm not going to. Go search for it yourself if you're interested! :D 

Had an amazingly fun time with my batchmates who went for it, I love you guys so so so very much, and being very crazy with wong wong who kept insisting on camwhoring in the middle of the crowded places! 

RI scouts have once again put up an incredible performance, although I must admit that last year's one was a little better. They never fail to impress though, with amazing dance moves and choreography. I liked this year's theme, it reminded me of Lord of the Flies (for which I'll have to study for this weekend, gosh Literature exam on Monday!), or perhaps even Hunger Games because of the inner savage theme. Again, it was truly a wonderful avenue to relax and let loose, I really enjoyed myself there! I hope RGGuides will be able to put up a wonderful Annual Assembly this year and next year's too (more importantly) since it's my batch's! 8) 

Tuesday was an incredibly refreshing day. After school, I decided to go to Ang Mo Kio library. To those who don't know, it's actually situated very far from the busier/ commercial part of Ang Mo Kio (amk hub and the mrt station) and it's pretty ulu (for the lack of a better word), surrounded by greenery (it's next to a florist!). And well, that's the kind of atmosphere I adore! It felt simply wonderful taking a slow stroll there, admiring the trees around me and having most of the pavement to myself. 

The library holds many memories to me, really, as I used to go there almost every week when I was young and as a kid, the playground really wasn't my favourite place. Rather, the library was. I thought back to how my parents wanted my brother and I to develop a crave for books and knowledge and I really appreciate it.

If you ever have a chance, do take slow strolls, it will really feel super relaxing and yes, I've reflected a lot during the walk. I am taking every opportunity to do so, and took another walk to Ang Mo Kio library again yesterday and this time, I borrowed many self help books because my life now is really quite crazy and books are quite calming for the soul (': Currently reading this book! 

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Friday, April 13, 2012

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Gosh, I haven't posted in ages. 

About two weeks I think.
That's crazy. Crazy hectic school schedules have stripped me of my blogging rights. 

I've been thinking. A lot. 
But nothing seems to be clear to me, I'm quite confused. 

Secondary school is probably a time in life where we morph from kids to young adults, it's a transition period where we should be exploring the finding out we who we really are and setting goals for ourselves. Especially so for IP schools in my opinion, as we sort of don't really have to care about acads that much (yeah right), since we don't have O levels and are given a bit more space to explore and experiment. 

But everything's just so fast and so crazy, I don't know if other peers my age are experiencing life just as fast-paced as myself. All these really distracts me from what means the most to me, and it doesn't give me ample time to think and figure out what I should do and how I should continue on from here. 

Sometimes I really wonder if my life will continue to be this crazy even when I grow up. If it's really the case, I'd be really drained. 

The thing is that I already know what I love and what my passion lies in in these two years that I will be in this school. But there are so many other things dragging me down, pulling me from pursuing what I really want to. And I don't know what to do. The only option will be to balance everything well. But that's quite impossible and that will be so tiring. But that's really something I believe in and I truly enjoy doing work for that! I'm willing to make sacrifices even if it means sacrificing a bit of my grades, although my decision will lie on this round of SAs, which I'm probably not going to do well in. 

I can feel that there's a lot of people expecting quite a lot from me and pinning quite a bit of hopes on me, giving me many opportunities and a lot of exposure, much more than I would ever deserve. I really don't want to disappoint these people so I don't know what to do oh goodness.

On a sidenote, I have Social Studies AA, History PT and Literature AA all due next week.
But I'm quite pumped for tomorrow! (or rather today since it's so late)
South Division Day and RI01 Campfire
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Sunday, April 1, 2012

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I can't believe it's already April. 
Time is passing way, way, way, way too fast!
At least it ended on a high note.

On Friday, went to watch WICKED with Nai, Gillian and Valerie.
Boy, was it amazing (': 
Really, it was such a wonderful experience and the musical was just too awesome.

Went to eat with Nai before meeting Gillian at Marina Bay Sands (first time there, it was so beautiful and grand!) We went to the rooftop outdoors but there were many strange flies buzzing above nai's head going in circles which really freaked Gillian and myself who could see it so we decided to go indoors and the flies dispersed. 

Then we went into the Grand Theatre which was actually pretty small, but Grand all the same. There were so many RGS girls and all of us were so excited (or rather, I was so excited!) To be honest, I didn't know a lot about Wicked, and wasn't exactly a fan but I've heard so much about it and it was my first time watching a real musical.

The show was just amazing - the choreography, the dancing, the stage placing and I absolutely loved the live orchestra and the live singing. It seemed recorded and the way they had to move around stage and sing at the same time was just incredible, really. It's difficult to put into words how wonderful the musical is; it just is and you have to see to believe it.  

I think Jemma Rix is crazy good as Elphaba, her vocals are so powerful and strong and when she sings, it just seems so effortless. Everything's rehearsed to perfection, I'm so so so lucky to be able go for such a beautiful production. Catching up with Nai, Gillian and Val felt wonderful too (': Friday was an almost perfect day, in my opinion.


Especially Defying Gravity. Elphaba just rose up into the air and it was seamless. 

Had MPP on Saturday - Bill Writing Workshop as well as Meeting with our student mentors; wasn't too bad a day :D 
It's Monday tomorrow, but at least there's only 3 days of school this week - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! Thursday's been declared a holiday for us due to good A level results in RI(JC) and Friday's Good Friday. 

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