Sunday, October 30, 2011

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First and foremost, thanks so much to everyone who has tagged in my tagbox/ spoke to me/ messaged me regarding my previous post. Don't worry, I was in a state way better than how I had actually appeared to be in the blogpost. I was never really affected by academic results (those who know me do realize that I don't get emotional with the marks I attain) to the point that my parents think I don't really care. 

At the point of time when I wrote that blogpost, I was just hit by some sort of identity crisis - don't worry, it's not the real sort, it's just a sudden attack of the psychological thing. I'm sorry if I scared anyone, I'm still me. Thanks for all the concern though, really (': Blogging has become such a wonderful pastime and a great way to gain confidence and confide in people. I don't know why people read my blog but I'm thoroughly glad and grateful that you guys do. 

You know, I love how everything is sparked by wishes, or just a single wish (': 
Almost everything I do is because of the wishes I make, the hopes I have. How else does one continue to live without a pushing factor to encourage the person to make the most out of her life? Wishes are such a wonderful thing, it's a yearning to attain something, it's just really powerful.

I'm really glad that I have many wishes and most of them get fulfilled. Even the most obscure and strange wishes that I might have deemed impossible earlier become reality a few years down the road when I might have even forgotten about this whole wish. I guess I'm really a very lucky person. 

Alright so, I have always loved High School Musical a lot, since 2006 when I was just nine years old, to the point that I knew every single lyric to every song in the production and I watched all three movies countless times. It was a series that particularly stood out for me because of how it related to me. 2006 was the year I transferred to my new primary school, just like the character Gabriella Montez who just transferred to East High and the theatrical sequel, HSM3 was about graduation and it was released in 2008, one year before I had to graduate from my primary school - I remember going to catch the movie in my first outing together with my Primary five class and the experience was just so good (':

Yes, so I have a serious obsession with that film and I have always harbored this secret dream / wish to somehow stage a remake of this show. I used to sing the songs in the bathroom (explaining my ever so long showers) and pretend that I was Gabriella or Sharpay. I was so young when I had such a wish and this was definitely very very impossible. Like seriously? How was I going to do it and why would there even be a reason for me to do such a thing? For our P6 Graduation concert, we were allowed to put up a performance. I had wanted to suggest this but I was too embarrassed to since HSM was not considered to be an "in" thing anymore. This strong dream of mine was almost forgotten. 

This year though, for Drama Nite, the Sec Two classes were told to put up a performance to do with Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet". That very day, I went to Gillian's house with a few other friends to watch some movies and we caught High School Musical. Angelia, the class chair and myself, the vice chair, saw the uncanny similarities between both stories - both couples met in a party, both go through obstacles to get together and although High School Musical has happy endings, it's still really similar!

We decided to stage our class' performance in a musical format. Script was written, cast was chosen, dances were choreographed, props were made. It was going to be a big production and we all knew it. Our class really got together in this period and I was just so happy because my long time dream to stage this show was about to be fulfilled. 

Our class when through the auditions and we're through to the finals with two other classes! It's not about winning but it's about being as a class before the school year ends and we will be split into various different classes next year (': I am especially elated because my child hood dream is going to be fulfilled soon (this tuesday to be exact!) and to think it had used to be such a far fetched dream. I'm really really nervous though (: 

I really really want to marry a pilot when I grow up (':
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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Sometimes I wonder why I keep a blog, I still don't know why, but I'm glad I do (': 
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I'm not talking now. I'm not pissed nor tired. I'm upset

Alright I didn't go to school yesterday - was down with flu, fever and a really really terrible sore throat. It's much better now by the way, thanks for asking (':

So, I'm upset. Yeah, my mood fluctuates crazily. I have no idea why I'm upset actually. I'm not upset for myself, I'm just upset for my parents for having such a dumb ass child. You know, I actually do realize that  I'm not a very very stupid kid. But compare me to my brother and I'm a fool. Maybe I'm bitter for not being shortlisted for RA, but I'm actually quite happy. The problem isn't with myself, but with my parents. They have one kid that's in two RAs and the other kid with nothing. 

They must feel terribly sorry for me. I'm really fine actually, I have been living with this lack of brains for my entire life but I feel like I've disappointed them. So people tell me that I have other stuff, like leadership. But so what? I don't actually have a lot of leadership skills or public speaking skills, I am not confident of myself at all, I just happen to appear like that most of the time. And well, being a House VCaptain or a prefect doesn't really mean much (okay it means a lot to me, but not for my future), and ACADEMICS are overall the most important.  

Okay okay whatever, not getting into RAs doesn't actually mean anything, right? It's just kind of like GEP and non-GEP. It was great being a non-GEP, it didn't really affect me a lot, so I'm fine (: And anyway my brother had 2  RAs and now it just helps him in his H3 subjects at the A levels, it doesn't help in the normal subject itself, so it defeats the purpose since the normal subject is what counts! A distinction in H3 would look neat, but it's secondary. I'm sorry, I'm just trying to make myself feel better - to those who are taking RAs/ are planning to take RAs, go ahead, my words shouldn't be wavering your thoughts or decisions, RAs probably really beneficial :D 

Heh, I love how I comfort myself, I feel a whole load better! (': 

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

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Hello, you've probably been redirected from my previous blog url! yapp-liyin-x3 was too strange a blog url to have for long, therefore I have changed it to this. I'm going to touch on why my url is changed to something like this in another post :D The new blogger is getting on my nerves now, it has nice templates but there are many things missing in those templates and I can't edit it with html so this blog hasn't gotten a revamp. 

You know, thinking back, I have always been a very very fortunate person. I get what I want (most of the time) and also more than what I need. I don't live in luxury, I don't have a big house but I'm don't feel bad for myself, not at all. Because what I have is really another person's luxury at another end of the world. 

Seriously, above all the random crap and rants of anger, frustration and stress on twitter, facebook or even this blog, my life (it pains me to say this but...) is really quite amazing (': I have a great family, I'm in a relatively good school and most of the time, I get what I want. Really, I'm crazily lucky and I hope it stays like this. I have always done pretty okay academically, it's not the best but I think it's kind of above average among the people of my age group I guess; I get to eat a lot and that makes me happy, imagine those kids who don't even get to eat proper meals when I can have snacks in between them; I have many many things that I should really be thankful for, one very important one being opportunities! 

Really, I have so many many many opportunities I am so fortunate to have! xDD Gosh my life is quite awesome actually, thank you so much to the higher being up there. 

Thinking about my life so far, it has already been fourteen years and well, my brother's eighteen now. 
An article was published yesterday in The Straits Times, it was about National Service and it's an article that attained a Gold Award in the Commonwealth Essay Competition and it's written by Ong  Hui Yao, entitled "Green Men" if my memory doesn't fail me. The image above is actually the one that was published together with the article.

It reminded me about National Service and how my brother would be enlisted just days after his A levels this year, in December. My brother would soon become one of those guys in green, looking so smart and well, most importantly, it actually meant that he wouldn't be at home most of the time (well, it's not like I see him very often but it isn't the same thing). It's such a strange feeling, that this guy is growing up, that I'm growing up and how we're moving on to bigger things. I sound like my mum now but it's so surreal. Everyone's growing up, including myself and it's faster than ever. Everything's so fast paced, it's so hard to catch up. I'm actually really going to miss my brother during this period but it's part and parcel of life. We've all learnt the importance of National Service during History classes etc (Look what education is doing to me!). My mother is already experiencing the Empty Nest Syndrome before we actually leave her. It's kind of frightening to realize all of these - how my parents would someday pass away and how I'd have to grow up to becoming my own person. 

Life is changing at a pace way to fast.
I have to adapt to this change or get lost at the back.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

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on a side note, i'm going to re-do the links section of this blog because a lot of them are broken so if you'd like your blog to be linked , do tell me / tag here !
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Friday, October 21, 2011

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asdfghjkl; i'm just really really confused.

This entire past school week has been an eye-opener.
It's been crazy, making me think through about the previous decisions I have made and wondering if I should and whether I can actually go back and undo certain things I have done.

There was house camp and I was in the Organizing Comm for this (for which we were only informed of the camp less than 5 days before the event itself). The five of us (one vcapt from each house) put in so much effort in everything and tried to do whatever we could, trying to perfect every aspect, to make House Comm Camp a great experience for everyone. Of course, that also meant we wanted it to be a wonderful experience for ourselves but it was entirely ruined but the many harsh scoldings we received although it wasn't exactly our fault. The anger of being blamed/ scolded for something which you have spent so long doing (and it wasn't even wrong) is really reallly crazy and it made us really mad for a while. But I think that most House Commers enjoyed the camp, so I guess that's what really matters at the end of the day (':

But this sense of stress of having to work in a short span of time really got to me and it hit me. Throughout the time when I was planning the House Camp, there were so many emails I had to read every day, including a huge amount from my Prefectorial Board batch. Emails during this peak period averaged at about 50 per day, each screaming for my input and response.

It was so stressful and this crazy period really made me wonder if it was the right decision to take up two lead boards, including one of which I was the vice-captain of. I felt like I was sacrificing one when I attended to the other and both didn't get the attention they fully deserve of me. To add to this, exams are over so there wasn't even any academic stress. So, I really wonder if I would be able to cope when the academic work piles up at a more difficult level and balance it with my two leadership boards, both of which are going to be quite hardcore next year.

However, I'm not saying I have any regrets, I'm just wondering how I'm supposed to cope- I can't back out in either one and I don't intend to but this is really a wake up call for myself, that next year is going to be a crazy year and I need to focus really really well or I would suffer the bad consequences and they wouldn't be pleasant at all.

I . NEED . TO . FOCUS . and really plan my time very very well!

okay i'm tired now, I have more to write but let's save that for another post shall we?
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

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Emotional / reflective blogpost is coming soon, I just need to sort out my thoughts because it's kind of messy and really complicated now. Putting it into words would definitely give myself a clearer picture.

In the meantime, I have gotten all my results back, they weren't fantastic but they weren't extremely disappointing. I felt like I could have done better though. House Camp is over (which I would touch on in the next post) which is a huge relief and the post-eya activities have started, beginning with a Western Dining Etiquette Course which we attended today @ Serangoon Gardens Country Club.

I initially thought that it was going to be really really boring, with a trainer just going to talk to us about the correct ways of eating / hosting / whatever. But, the trainer, Mr Christian Chua, if I'm not wrong, was just hilarious. It was so funny and we were all laughing like crazy, which was a good thing. But of course, I love food so that was the most important part!

It's really crazy to have to care about your image when you eat. Okay, it's not only "care", you actually have to be obsessed with your every move and it's really pressurizing although today's session was just fun because we didn't really care about all the etiquette tips. We just ate (x

Bread + Butter !

Soup ! (was it mushroom?) :D It was pretty good, to be honest.

the main course - chicken with rosemary sauce or something . with lots of peas / carrots / corn and potatoes . this was frankly quite horrible to eat , the chicken was quite tough and well , I hate veggies so it was quite difficult trying to eat it, no matter how deep my love for chicken was.

dessert was pretty good though - chocolate moose blackforest cake ! :D I don't think any of us actually followed the "proper" way we were supposed to eat so it was quite a waste of time although it was really really fun.

Oh by the way , our class tees are here! I think its quite pretty, I'm very happy with it.

OMG I LOVE FOOD HEHE . it makes me very very happy.
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Friday, October 14, 2011

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Shopping , or should I say , WINDOW shopping at ION Orchard has proved to be a terrible experience when I was there in my school uniform with Jie Lin and Gillian last Thursday .

Yeah , as much as I love ION, with it's dazzling array of food @ the food hall , with popcorn (Cornery) and bubbletea and The Cocoa Trees among others , there are like two wings of ION - one of which is more of the common people side , with the FOOD HALL , and shops like the DC comics shop , the Adidas shop , epicentre , Crumpler etc . And the other wing would be the "untouchable" side , with all those high end shops like Cartier , Rolex , etc .

And the point is that I'm not the one who deems it "untouchable" . It was such a terrible experience walking past all the shops (not to even mention stepping INSIDE the shops) . The salespeople were all wearing sharp looking suits and when we walked past , they just starred at us , as if we were out of our minds for even being there . There were only a few adults walking around in that wing of ION , not to mention students like us , and shops were practically empty ! Everyone looked as if they thought we were crazy lugging plastic bags of popcorn and a nike waterbottle (which we got for angelia) .

Who would even dare to go into these boutiques when we were given such dagger stares ? The service was really awful , we were so intimidated by them . Of course , we weren't planning on buying anything but this really reflects quite badly on our service industry . We jokingly said we should just enter these boutiques with confidence . Why must it be something that we should be saying "jokingly" ? Service staff should make their boutiques more welcome , seriously . It's such a turnoff and being in that wing felt cold . Like its an obligation for you to dress well to receive better treatment . That's just plain horrible . Every potential customer should be given equal opportunities to view their goods .

But it gave us motivation to work harder so that we would be able to afford / look like we're able to afford any of the products being sold there . It was really awkward but very very fun being at that wing . We should seriously walk into one of the boutiques there and see the staff's reaction . They never know , we might very well be rich man's daughters . How can they judge a person beforehand seriously )<

Okay I have no idea what this rant is for , I think I'm just bored . But I had loads of fun at ION , and later at Ngee Ann City . I kept laughing and it was genuinely fun being with that two fellas . Oh and gosh they have Candylicious at Taka too - bought my jellybellies xD You don't know how much I love Jelly Bellies . They're so delicious .

Alright I am crazy .
I am busy .

I have no idea why I wrote this .
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

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Hello ((:

I'm sorry I've been on a blogger hiatus for so long , but there were exams and well , I couldn't compensate my studies . So , EYAs are over here at RGS , I'm really really glad all the stress is lifted from my shoulders and I can now do whatever I've planned to do for a really really long time . The exams were overall pretty manageable and it was pretty fun actually cramming info into my head . (nope , I'm not crazy)

So , during the exam period , I've been surviving on Peanut Butter Cups , and I've wanted to make my own since they seemed pretty simple to do . I did so today since it's a marking day and oh wow it's more difficult than I expected , but it kind of tastes exactly like Reese's , I'm quite happy ! Hehehe took a lot of photos of the process !

Alright , for dear christina and everybody else who the recipe I used , here goes :D I modified recipes from the internet and made my own (kinda , but not really since they're all so similar .) :D

one pack of Hershey's Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips ! (or any other brand of relatively good chocolate)

one jar of creamy peanut butter (any brand!)

mini paper cups ! or large ones if you prefer :D

Alright , first thing : melt the chocolate chips WITH BUTTER :D so that it'll be smooth and creamy . place them in a bowl on top of a pot of water and let it simmer.

It should be really really smooth and creamy hehe it gets really tempting :D

Then , coat the mini cups with a bit of oil so that the chocolate won't stick to the paper . (not too much though or it'll be very greasy) Use a spoon (preferably a teaspoon) and coat the sides of the cup with an even but quite thin layer of chocolate . It's super super difficult at this step , I was really tired of coating all the cups with chocolate . And gosh be careful ! I spilled hot chocolate on my thumb and I went to lick it . So both my thumb and tongue were burnt .

Yeap , put these cups into the fridge for approx 5 minutes just for them to set .

In the meantime , prepare your filling ! :D add sugar to your peanut butter if you want (my peanut butter tasted very weird haha can only blame myself for buying a cheapo brand , so I added sugar) . You can add salt if you wish , like y'know contrast between the sweetness of the chocolate but yeah I added sugar as you can see from the little bits in my peanut butter :D

When the chocolate's been refrigerated , they should look a little something like this . Haha , they look so messy with chocolate dripping out from the sides ): but ah well they look genuinely homemade !

Put a dollop of peanut butter into each cup :D Be generous ! I wasn't very generous , so now my peanut butter cups are more chocolate ): Not that I'm complaining actually !

Top it off with another layer of chocolate . Try to smoothen it ! As you can see , mine isn't very smooth heh . Then pop it into the fridge to set :D

When it's done , take it out and eat it . I'm very proud heh heh . It makes about 35 mini cups , and it costs less than 10 bucks for the ingredients :D well , strength and energy is put in , but it's really really fun !

yeah like I said earlier , the peanut butter's a bit too little :x but it's alright ! It's a great first try ; I'm very happy , at least today's been quite productive .

i look tired and messy but it's okay I'm just very proud of it !


sigh marking days won't actually be marking days :X house capt meeting tomorrow , class comm meeting + obs checkup on thursday and prefect in training meeting on friday . but I'm not complaining ! It's great to be busy with this sort of stuff , I love it .

to those people who's EYAs have yet to end ;

加油 okay ! :D don't give up or lose hope ! if you're undergoing a lot of stress , tell me , I'd be happy to give you a peanut butter cup (if there are any left)
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

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hehe piano exam was horrible . i'd probably fail but it's okay .

eyas have started , therefore my lack of posts .
six papers down , three more to go :D

I WILL BE BACK AFTER EYAS . for sure . i have so many posts i'd like to post (:
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