Wednesday, March 31, 2010

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ahahah !
it's aprils fools day peoples ! (: 
but no jokes to crack though . sigh . 
anyway , nothing really happened today . but there's NO SCHOOL today cos RIJC attained good A level results this year (: ahahaha , thanks so much seniors . 

alright , but yesterday , many many things happened . 
the new cafe in school opened ! whoa , long queue during recess , super long . so , was smart & went to the canteen with jie lin & gillian . the canteen was SUPER empty . so poor thing , the canteen vendors ): then justine , tricia & the others who went to queue at the cafe didn't get their food even when recess was going to end ... 

then , during lunch , decided to try out the cafe . but teacher released us 20 min late and i had to change for girl guides , so just asked gillian to help me buy an ice chocolate ! (: thanks so much ! :D when i came back , i tried it . SUPER NICE ! :D yumyum . but the cafe's stuff is much more expensive then the canteen's. 

then , during guides , they gave us patrol corner , which means , "bonding" with the patrol & eating at the same time ! (: we decided to go to the cafe to have patrol corner . i ordered a hot dog "delight" with chili & creamy yellow mustard ... & also , nachos & cheese ! :D super fattening . who cares ? (: i ate until super unglam . but it's okay , cos i cleared up after that . 

we had FOOTDRILLS during guides , which i like . (: 
we had to form squad . but i shall not elaborate . 
then we were given punishment cos we were not ENTHU enough . 11 rounds the 3 netball courts . we only ran 8 rounds yesterday cos there wasn't enough time . i was drenched in sweat... haha , but i probably burned the cafe's food after running . it's quite a distance okay ? even though "3 netball courts" don't really sound big .  then , we also had to do STAR JUMPS & JUMPING JACKS ! LOL , by the end of the year , i'm gonna slim down quite a bit . 

then , went home feeling all sticky . 
BUT , my mother cooked a delicious dinner (: she probably added too much MSG or whatever . 

oh , & i've decided to quit 3rd language . it's stressing me out . 

xoxo , 

p/s :  i wish i can go out today . anyone ? i wanna visit primary school . but i doubt i can , with the new principal . 

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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i think i shall start titling my posts as dates (: 
anyway , today was a super SLACK-ish day :D 
we used friday's timetable (i don't know the reason) which is: 

flag raising . 
physical education . 
aesthetics [art & design] .
formal assembly . 
HOME ! (: 

ahahahaha , isn't that super cool ? (: 
we don't have any classroom lessons at all ! & we have aesthetics , which is so fun :D 
alright , shall tell u about my day . 
for PE , we just ran round the track once (super slack :P ) for warm ups , then we did our five stations to prepare us for PFT (which i'm gonna fail cos of inclined pull ups , but that's besides the point) . 
after PE , we went back to class to change into uniform (which is normal , but sick . but we're all girls) then RECESS ! :D 

went to the cafe , wasn't open yet . opening tomorrow ! can't wait , okay ? the menu was so AWESOME :D though i don't like the name . "GOODNEWS cafe" , what crap ? so went to cafeteria (the nicer name for canteen -_- ) to eat . then we went to SHAW LAB ! :D [which is filled with computers . so it's computer lab . it's called Shaw Lab cos its sponsored by Shaw Foundation] the art and design teacher wasn't there yet cos she forgot that we were supposed to use the friday's timetable . but never mind . our nice class chair called the teacher's extension for us (: 

then we went to the Design & Technology workshop ! boy , wasn't it cool ! :D 
it was like , a mad scientist workshop and there was this sound of drilling cos somebody was cutting wood blocks . seriously , it's damn cool . our project for this module was to create this puppet that was battery operated . i don't know how to explain the details , but it's damn damn crazy . like , if we chose sound sensor for our puppet , when someone claps or make a noise or anything , the puppet moves ! OMG OMG so cool . anyway , our class was split into 2 groups . my group went to shaw lab to research on ideas . then after that , we did a changeover and my group did the box , which was the base for our toy . WE HAD TO DRILL ! it wasn't a drill we used , but some large mechanic that looked like it was going to bite :P we had to wear those googles we wore in the chem lab (: 

after that was assembly , which i slept through D: ahahahaha , sorry to the speaker ! 

then , it was lunch ! eat eat eat , then i went to library with tricia . oh yeah , did i tell u tricia bought a cookie from the cafe ? the cafe wasn't fully opened and only sold cookies . i stole a bit . erm ... judging by the cookie , i'm not entirely confident of the cafe now . but who cares ? how can an ice blend go wrong right ? :D hahas . oh yeah , then went library . i wanted to borrow the FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON vcd or dvd or whatever. but don't have . shall try my luck tomorrow (: 

then went to classroom and HYPER for very long . we watched ghost videos which were like , SUPER SCARY ! when i saw the ghost head , i ran around the classroom! & then we also off the lights . OMG OMG . shouldn't think about it. then i walked to the bus stop myself ... i was so damn scared okay ? cos it was quite ulu at that time . cos most people went back home already . but once i boarded 132 then okay already . 

u know what ? i recognised the bus driver ! he always drove the 132 which i always took from holy innocents back home . i think he knew me too , considering i took his bus for about 4 years ? cos he keep on looking at me when i boarded the bus (: then i went up. so bored , no company today . haha , so i took photos of myself . [call me zilian , whatever larh . it's to pass time , okay ? ] 

i love this the most even though i look ugly , cos the angle was nice okay ? :D dark and bright (: 

i think this was HORRIBLE . OMIGOODNESS D: bleah . 
photos taken from below head levels make people [esp me] look fatter than usual cos it gives the double chin effect D: 

alright , done with my post ! :D 
thurs no school! cos of good A levels in RIJC ! :D friday's good friday , so no school too ! 

ahahahah , byes !

xoxo , 
yap li yin :D 
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Monday, March 29, 2010

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heyyo peeps ! 
decided to blog quite regularly as it MIGHT JUST improve my writing [even though i know its already very good :D ahahah , just kidding] 

today made me feel that my life after all , IS quite interesting . but interesting doesn't necessarily mean good . today had many many ups and downs ... 

started with math & english lit SAs , won't elaborate on them much cos' they weren't really the climax for today . yes , u might say "WHAT? EXAMS AREN'T THE CLIMAX??!" but it's true ! all i can say that for math i didn't do quite well but for english lit , i think it was rather alright (: i'm quite proud of the quotes i quoted from the text . & i checked , i quoted correctly ! aha ! :D i like flowers for algernon (: i wanna watch the movie , heard that it's quite romantic :D 

anyway , after the exams , there were no lessons , which means to say , school ended early ... but i had third language . the T-I-C of 3rd lang called for an "important but short" meeting for all year 1 third lang students . they were saying about having only 2 window periods for us to drop 3rd language ... I REALLY WANNA DROP u know ? then i told najla : if today my jap teacher dun call me to answer question , i'll continue taking jap :D so , read on ... to find out my decision (: 

and then , we went for lunch [ate my usual] then went back to class to HYPER ! :D if u are wondering who "we" are , "we" are me , jie lin , gillian , lei zuo , valerie , najla , tabitha , codee & kimberly ! :D the gym-ers [apart from codee] , had gym . codee had 3rd lang , jie lin had guitar and gillian & lei zuo had NCC :D 

then we hyper a bit . oh yes , we walk pass the yet-to-be-opened cafe beside popular . OMG , they hung up the menu already ! GOODNESS ME ! I WAS LIKE FREAKING HAPPY ! :D they'll be selling ... *drumrolls please* Cappuccino ,  mocha , latte , hot chocolate , ice chocolate , peach tarts , ice blended drinks , ham and cheese sandwich ... && LOADS OF OTHER gd stuff ! :D but , haven't try yet , so maybe not as good . but anyway , we [or I] was like , super happy and smiling at the menu , even though the cafe-operators were standing there discussing about stuff . embarrassed much . but who cares ? 

THEN , went to class and march ! ahahaha , wanted to learn japanese , but never mind . played jie lin's guitar (: played as in , played with it , not played on it :D then jie lin went for guitar and then gillian and others left one by one ... 

AND , that's when the fun really starts . we were marching like crazy u know ? we marched to the canteen ><>

left to right - kimberly , claudia [clown] , valerie , tabitha & hui min [if u can see her] .

then in the canteen , they were like , marching so fun ... then i said "now u must be regretting not joining guides" but then najla sang the hi-5 song : DREAM ON , DREAM OF EVERYTHING ...  & that's when we starting singing all the childhood songs which was seriously cool . 

WE SING SO MANY ! & then tabitha , who has no childhood d: , became a president [u won't understand me , but who cares? :D] then we started to sing from children songs to golden age oldies (: ahahaha , damn cool , okay ? doesn't sound fun , but it rocks man ! :D I WAS LIKE , SUPER HIGH (: in the end nvr learn dictation d; bleah .  

this is a random picture of najla straightening her leg on top of the not-so-high lockers . i also can , but my leg not straight . aiyah , she gym-er mah . 

lei zuo and stephanie's beautiful legs . but that's not the climax of this photo . it's actually PRO GYM-ER KIMBERLY at the background . she's straightening her leg on the super high lockers , okay ? goodness me . 

then , went for 3rd language . on the bus to MOELC , we were super high okay ? 
got back katakana results , better than i expected [i expected a 0] ahahaha :D 
then teacher teach teach teach ... not very climax-y . then JIAYI [my pre school friend now in St. Nics in my japanese class] gave me a letter from EMILY KHOO RUI JIA :D  cos they're same class in st. nics (: ahahaha , emily send me this long long letter with STRAWBERRY & CREAM PILLOWS :D from sticky ? :D  THANKS EMILY ! LOVE YOU ! :D 

the pillows are the ones pink with green stripes . the rest are my own stickys (: 

hahas , then yeong sensei forgot about dictation ! :D ahahaha . so lucky right ? 
oh yes , and remember i told najla that if my jap teacher never call me to answer question , i'll continue taking jap right ? HE NEVER CALL ME LEH . so surprise ! even though last week he called upon me about 3-4 times D: 

then went back home . had argument with parents about dropping 3rd language . decided to give in to them and continue taking 3rd language . *sigh .  LOL . try to tar-han until end of year lorh . but we still have to take malay which is staring soon ! D: thursdays gone . wth . 

&& my mother bought black pepper chicken pie ! so nice ><>

YAY ! tomorrow is Friday's timetable ! :D only got PE , Aesthetics [Art & Design ! (: ] & assembly . SHIOK or not ? (: 

hahas , EMILY JU JU KHOO ! u shall get reply soon , okay ? if i have the guts to pass to jia yi . 

wah , super long post siah . told u already , my day is SUPER INTERESTING today right ? (: 

xoxo , 
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PPAs ! D:

Saturday, March 27, 2010

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hello peoples ! (: 
havent been updating my blog , but who cares ? nobody ever reads it anyway. 
okay , for the people who requested to be linked or relinked , ur wish is my command . it has been granted , after quite some time ... heh heh :D 

yesterday was earth hour . rephrase :  not yesterday , but an hour yesterday was earth hour .
alright , so i went to AMK Hub to experience what it was like outside . cos last year i stayed at home. well well , what a disappointment , i must say .  the only participating outlet was the anchor tenant - ntuc xtra ... so , when it was 8.30pm , i expected some visible form of the outlet being darkened . but what did i get ? they just made an announcement saying that they'll of the lights . and i thought ... WHALLA ! but no , they just switched off those damn lights which are used at those trays they put fish and stuff . i didn't even notice they switched them off  

it was so stupid i wasted my precious time .  but at least i did some shopping (: 
anyway , in Ang Mo Kio , there was this guy who came up to my mother and me and started promoting about his tuition centre . even when my mother kept saying , "no , no , no . thanks ." , he still kept bugging us . So... (: 

him : i know you love your daughter and you want her to perform well . 
mother : my daughter doesn't need tuition . she is very busy. thanks . 
him : no , but there must be some subjects she needs coaching . 
mother : her syllabus is different from the normal school curriculum .
him : but we have subjects from primary school to junior colleges . 
mother : her school is different . thanks . 
him : i see that your daughter needs tuition is some subjects ...
mother : she's from rgs . 
him : rgs ? oh . [walks away] 

my mother is so evil . but he kept on bugging us , so what could we do ? 
not that she wanted to be proud or anything . but that guy was seriously 没完没了.

OKAY , end of story . 
just came back from piano lesson which was rather ... alright . 
yesterday i was reading Flowers for Algernon so many times to prepare myself for Literature PPA tomorrow . Maths is also tomorrow , so what am i doing on the computer ? 

i shall switch it off this moment . 
on second thoughts , AFTER i publish this post . 

crap , there's japanese tomorrow . i really want to quit but ... it's like very wasted . 
BUT IT'S WASTING MY PRECIOUS TIME & up-ing my stress level . *sigh . but i spent so much money on the books , but that's not the point . anyway,  most of my friends are quitting in june . should i ? >< 
there's some meeting for Year 1 Students taking 3rd Lang tomorrow . 
sounds serious . really scary . YIKES . 

done with posting , 

life's still gotta go on with a smile ! :D 

it's not over yet . i think i still like u . 
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learning journeys (:

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

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heyyo people ! (: 
it has been so far ,  a nice learning journey week ! :D we went to so many places like : a forest , asian civilisation museum && ang mo kio ! :D amk isn't very exciting , but the task we were given was the best :D

but i think i ate too much yesterday ): LEARNING JOURNEYS ARE MAKING ME FATTER ! D: 

but , that's not the point . 
the point is : WE DUN HAVE LESSONS ! :D even though most of the learning journeys lead to PTs , which are like , graded projects . 

blogger has a problem and i cant upload photos of it ): SO SAD . 

nvm , u can go to facebook and view them : http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2038486&id=1178324867

ALRIGHT , i shall get ready for the next learning journey to newater ! :D 

loves , 

p/s : oh yeah , during the forest trip , we saw ACS guys & became hysterical ? we are like , wat ? super deprived of guys ? LOL . 

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