hougang point

Friday, December 18, 2009

today went to hougang point again with my mother(:
went there to eat dinner. on the way there , walked at the void deck there.
spott-ed kah yuen (spelling?) from r1 and philip from r4. (aka rachel wee's brother). they were riding bicycles. waved to them and said hello. then kah yuen asked my mother wat the time was. apparently , it was 5.15pm . philip didnt say anything. he was just smiling there .LOLS. okay.
then went to hougang point. ate fishball noodles at the kopitiam there(: i love tat stall , ! really very nice , u all must try it (:

then shopped awhile then went up to fairprice xtra. bought groceries. and nail polish ! (: and chocolate , ! (:  hahas , bought black nail polish(: then after tat went to watsons and bought transparent nail polish(: hahas , then i went to buy ice cream from mcdonalds. bought a chocolate flavour burst . the person mendin the desert kiosk is tat teenage boy again . always buy ice cream from him :P he always smile de lorh. hahas , and keep on sayin "thank you" repeatedly .  my mother always find him very strange , when he give me the ice cream like , aiyah ,  dunnoe how to explain. then she always wan to stand there and see if he's so nice to the other ppl too. LOL , "mummy , never mind. lets go." -_- but he seems quite ok larh. noticed his eyes changed colour :P should be coloured contact lens. LOL. 

then went home. *phew. luckily today never stomachache(: 
went home and painted my toenails black(: my big toes had an additional streak of pink(:
lol , DIY nail art. but i think i made a big mess  :P better get some nail polish remover D:

oh yeah , thanks to everyone who has been taqqinq at my so called "cool" taqbox :X
loveeeeeeeeee you guys loads , yeah ? unless u are a spammer or watever.
and and , notice the pics which are moving on top of the taqbox? they're basically black & white with a hue of color (:
this type of pic is called colour spash !(: love the effect.

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