70th post

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

hmmms , yeah. this is my 70th post in this blog?
which oso includes post in my previous blog , http://lil-missS-unshine.blogspot.com , cos i merely changed the url. 
the day has just started and i've got nothin to blog about?
erm , so i'll blog about yesterday.
didnt go out , was superr bored at home . 
erm , ya. then i took some pictures at night , not of myself , but of my shadows! 
u knoe , shadows are really funny things.
they are with us in our whole life , so we ought to say thank you to this companion tat has been followin us around(: oh , i think i've got a screw loose sayin all this crap :P 
heart shape ! yeah .                   peace sign ! (: 2 peaces are better than one ... LOL 
and high-five ! wah , i realised im damn lame siah. 
and i oso took pictures of only my shadow ! 
and then , cos i was terribly bored , i went to "hold" the light in my room :P 
and i realised my hand wasnt an opaque object. cos light could pass through it (:

alright , im done with this weird post ! its my 70th crappy post ! yeah ! (:

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