Shakespeare in the Park

Saturday, May 5, 2018

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Shakespeare in the Park was a pretty regular affair back when I was a Literature student in secondary school and junior college - I remember attending at least two stagings of it with my classmates, both times without having read the actual text, and constantly bugged them for a lowdown on what was happening on stage (oops). 

But it has always been an amazing experience. There's just something magical sitting on a picnic mat under the stars watching a well put together show production in the middle of a park with popcorn in hand. While I don't profess to be a fan, I do know of some people who make this an annual event and the cancellation of it last year, attributed to rising costs, was met with sadness from theatre enthusiasts and practitioners. 

So I was glad to hear that the Singapore Repertory Theatre would be staging it again this year, following successful funding efforts. I didn't intend to watch it though, and didn't imagine I would be doing so. However, I decided to take part in an Instagram giveaway held by Epicure magazine (the sister magazine of Pets that I used to work for two years ago) and won tickets to last night's show. 

This time, I made sure I read the synopsis of Julius Caesar prior to watching it (thank you Sparknotes!) And I thoroughly enjoyed the show - absolutely stunning set, professional acting, and a clever spin on the classic play. I think studying theatre studies this semester has also given me newfound appreciation of the art of bringing text to life on stage. It seriously takes so much thought and effort to successfully pull off such a modern adaptation, especially one with such heavy political themes on power. 

It was truly a good breather from studying for finals (I still have two more papers to go this upcoming week) and thank you Jx for accompanying me. I was blessed with perfect weather and company. 

The tickets I won came with food and drinks from The Providore as well.

They had the hilarious opportunity to serve Caesar salad (ha..ha..) but they didn't. 

I really like this one! 

The seemingly simple set that was transformed so artfully according to the scenes.

Other picnic/ theatre-goers. 

I really can't wait for finals to end. Although post-finals is going to be so hectic, I'm incredibly excited for what's to come. 

Oh, and just a note - Shakespeare in the Park runs till the end of this month with its last show on 27 May. If you have the opportunity to go, I highly recommend it. I'm no expert but based on my own personal judgement, this is by far my favourite out of the ones I've been to. 
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