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Thursday, December 24, 2009

*sigh. i think i'll have to blog in proper english nowadays. 
since i'm like , entering rgs & everyone there seems to be so ... well , you know? [it's not like some alien has invaded my mind , but , just being there makes me feel so pressurized. erm.... maybe a little pressure is good for me? i never know.] haha.  but of course , i can't be too strict to myself.  i'll occasionally allow some errors here and there and also NOT to care about capital letters. oh ya , and i'll maybe allow some short forms like TIS. haha , am i being too lenient? hmmm , i guess i better not . i have to tell myself that i'll be strict!!!

Okay , so even the word "okay" has to be "okay" and not "ok". Alright , maybe I've gone a little bit overboard. Erm , but maybe , this has to be the way to do things? This is tough. To be hitting the "shift" button ever so often is NOT something I am used to doing. But well , I guess I could handle it. It's just like typing a compo. Whoops , I mean composition. Gosh , this is hard to keep up. 

Anyway , back to my point. I am stressing myself out and I haven't even started a proper day in the school. Seriously , I feel freaked out right now. I'm not sure if i can cope with so many subjects. Especially those subjects of science. Sorry , i mean Science with a capital 'S'. Much less to jump right to 'O' level standard. Alright , now now , Li Yin , get a hold of yourself , alright? It's Christmas Eve , and so they say , "Tis' the season to be jolly" . Haha , so i should be enjoying myself right now. Okay , so I'm done with this blog post or maybe you should call it essay... 

Hope the standard of my English improves by blogging this way. 
I think it might work. 
Look back at my previous posts. Compare the difference if I actually do put in some effort :P
(And I'll not be so strict to myself as to ban smileys (: from the face of my blog :D ) 

Christmas Colours ! (: 

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