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Sunday, December 27, 2009

I watched Singapore Idol yesterday and I'm so NOT HAPPY with the results.
Sylvia was the obvious winner.  She sang Mercy , Yellow and Touched By An Angel so well. I even voted on her ! Yes , I wasted my money on Mediacorp
It shouldn't be Sezairi. ): Oh well , never mind. If I had a choice , I would make BOTH Tabitha as well as Sylvia the winner ... 
Anyway , I shouldn't talk about all these money making tactics Mediacorp comes up with. Alright , so , let's talk about my day. Went to RGS for SAP selection test. I think I did quite ok at the practical test but I think I completely FLUNKED the interview section. Oh well , if I managed to get it , I shall count myself lucky. If I don't , I won't be too bothered either. Hope the still-life drawing of the zebra would help me(: But anyway , I made new friends. Both are GEP , oh wow. 
I also bought my books already. But tomorrow I still have to go back as we have CCA orientation.

Such a busy busy schedule even before the school term started. 
Oh well. 

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