Saturday, November 26, 2011

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Okay that video is absolutely unrelated but I never knew that Kurt Hugo Schneider made such wonderful videos. I used to think that he was just the guy behind Sam Tsui and other youtube singer's covers until he posted a cover of himself singing recently and I went to look for some of  his own covers. This video's really old, it's posted more than two years back but I love it so much. Especially the rap

The past few days have been really unproductive and not meaningful at all. 

Today, however, was different. I'm so glad Ragini asked me to volunteer with her at MINDSville! At first, I was quite unwilling as I didn't feel like leaving the comfort of my home. But I eventually agreed and I'm so glad I did. Thanks Ragini! It was my first time there and surprisingly MINDSville is actually within walking distance from my home. I'm quite ashamed that I never knew such a place existed before this but with it being so near my home, I'm thinking of volunteering there on a regular basis. However, I would have to convince my mum first because she doesn't get why I like doing CIP (yeah, I actually enjoy it, I was just really lazy when Ragini first asked me), she thinks that CIP hours are the most important and I shouldn't do it if they weren't going to be calculated/ reflected in my report book or anything because my past few CIP events weren't calculated and she got quite angry with me. 

I don't think we should be doing CIP for the point of getting the hours although that might be important. We should do it to give back to society, to help the less fortunate because manpower is really lacking at such organizations nowadays. People are too busy with their daily lives to volunteer but that's another story.

We gathered at MINDSville to bring the children there out for an outing to the Annual Christmas Fair at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza. It was a walkathon followed by a carnival/funfair sort of thing. Every volunteer was to be paired with a child 1-on-1 and we had to be with that kid throughout the entire event. The atmosphere at the Christmas Fair was really good, with people from all 6 charities under the Children's Charities Association  turning up. 

I was paired with a girl (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to reveal names or anything like that so it's best that I don't), who remained relatively well behaved throughout the entire bus journey and walkathon although she was supposedly a really difficult child, causing a fuss during last year's Christmas Fair. We hit off pretty well, and although we had to converse at a pretty slow pace, with her zoning out at times, it was quite interesting to be talking to her and the experience of handling such a child proved to be quite memorable

The walkathon was really enjoyable, it was like some sightseeing walk along the Orchard area - loads of eye candy (; The girl kept asking me when and where the funfair was (she was really excited about food!) and I told her it was after we finished the walkathon. When we finally finished 1.5km (it really seemed much more than that! I can't believe it was shorter than the NAPFA distance), we headed to the funfair and it was when her tantrums flared. I wouldn't elaborate on it but it was quite an experience. I wouldn't say it was a negative one, but I've learnt quite a lot and sometimes, we can't show mercy. I guess I really need to understand these kids a little better in future! :D

I think doing community service is really quite meaningful, I personally gain a lot of new experiences, exposure and I feel like my life's worth a little bit more (: I have definitely not changed anyone's life but I hope that the little things I do, or intend to do as I grow, would impact someone in one way or another.

yay let me do some tag replies :D I should appreciate you guys more, since you guys are quite hard to come by!

20 Nov 11, 22:51
((((((:: i think liyin is very awesome. :D

HAHA thanks ragini! :D I know it's you, really appreciate it but I wasn't affected much (:

20 Nov 11, 23:05
:D: (Y)

(Y)! (: Thanks for always tagging and reading my blog (': I'm not a very interesting person but I feel appreciated so thank you! 

25 Nov 11, 16:11
jingennn, ♥: HELLO! Omg I think Enchanted Airways is scary too. D: But no one screamed so I had to suprpress my screams :b
25 Nov 11, 16:12
jingennn, ♥: YES I AGREE the mummy ride, you don't actually know where you're going (: PITCH BLACK and the wind is SHIOK (:

Hehe hi Jingen! :D Back from Shanghai? Thanks for tagging and I know right, Enchanted Airways quite scary, I don't know why everyone was so calm ): The Mummy ride was really good though (: 

25 Nov 11, 22:37

Hi WONGWONG! (i think i'm the only one who calls you that & it sounds quite awful) :P hehe instead of spending time with Italian guys, you should read my blog more often! :D Yeah, who's pretty? You are! (; 
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

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Went to Universal Studios Singapore with Emily yesterday and it was beyond awesome (except for the fact that my shoes were killing me and I have 6 blisters on my feet now and the skin around that area is peeling). But all in all, it was quite fantastic! 

It was kind of like a birthday outing for Emily, since her birthday was this month and we didn't celebrate it properly so I brought her to USS! It was my second time and her third time, but well, there are new attractions so it wasn't completely boring. 

The last time I went to Universal Studios was with my mum, who has high blood pressure and the only roller coaster I sat was the Mummy ride - which caused my mum to almost faint and had to rest for an hour. This time, Emily was the outgoing one and I was really afraid of the Battlestar Galatica (Yeap, in the end, I had no guts and didn't take it but... I'm not regretting since I'd probably would have died in the seat because my family has a history of heart attacks and high blood pressure so (:)

I'm proud of myself for sitting the kiddy roller coaster about three/four times though :D It's called Enchanted Airways and I think it was really scary but apparently it wasn't, according to Emily. But I gained more gut as I progressed. Closed my eyes the first time and slowly opened them. I'm not scared of the feeling of  roller coasters, but rather the height of them (which is why I love the Mummy ride cos you can't really see anything and you don't know how high you are, which provides comfort to my nerves) 

Still enjoyed  the classic Shrek 4D movie and the sweet ferris wheel (: I love slow and cute rides, not scary and thrilling roller coasters! I guess it's because of my terrible fear of death. Really, I cannot come to terms that life has an end and I might touch on this in another blogpost. 

Then there was the Transformers ride. It was scheduled to open to the public this December and at first I wondered if we should have postponed our outing to December but we didn't in the end. The amazing thing was that they had a technical rehearsal yesterday and they opened it for a limited period of time. We were like the beta testers for this Transformers ride which was making its world premiere in Singapore!  I guess we could safely say that we were one of the first few people in the entire world who sat on that ride since Emily saw that the ride was kind of opened and we went to ask the person and were allowed to go in :D and we were. No one really noticed it yet so we were really honoured (': 

How was the ride? It was really amazing! We got to sit in this roller-coaster look-a-like thing which really moved (no it wasn't those chairs that were moving sort of thing, it was even better!) and I think the vehicle which we were sitting in was probably one of the Transformer's body thing and got transported into the movie and there were like screens around us which was so crazily realistic. We were like in this whole battle and the effects were really so realistic and it was like a psychological ride but not really (I'm kind of incoherent now) I would deem this ride as a roller coaster + 4D movie hybrid. I don't want to reveal too much since it hasn't made its official world debut but that ride is my favourite ride hands down. I can't really describe it and don't really want to because my limited vocabulary would no doubt give no justice to the awesomeness of it. 

After the ride, we went for lunch at some Pizza Palour! I love how even the eateries are themed to go according to the various zones in USS. I think we were in the Hollywood/ New York area.

Super good dessert! I think it was some strawberry + cream thing, they just called it "Dessert of the Day"


When paying for the food, I had made some friendly banter with the cashier man. He was telling me that the Transformers ride MIGHT be open later in the afternoon (such a kind guy to inform us about it!) and then I was like "Yeah, in fact it's open already. We just went for the ride and it was really good!" He agreed and we started going on about how wonderful it was :D Emily was wondering why we were chatting cos she didn't hear what we said. But I absolutely love all the USS staff! They're so friendly, personable, fun and cheerful! It just adds to the entire gay atmosphere of theme parks! During the school holidays when I'm sec four, I would love to get a job there but I highly doubt they have part time jobs ): 

We met Marilyn Monroe! :D Her skirt wasn't flying but she was quite pretty (: I have no idea why I can't rotate the photograph but ahh well! 

Some random performers! The last time I went, these performers were Asian 8D Now, they hire Caucasians. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing though. 

Woody Woodpecker from Looney Tunes! 

We stopped for some ice cream from Friar's at Far Far Away. The last time I went at the start of the year, I had this same Princess Fiona Ice Cream as well at the same place and it was only after reading Romeo and Juliet as my Literature text this year did I finally realize why the eatery was furnished in such a manner. There were stained glass all around (as can be seen below) and the place was just like a chapel! Like Friar Lawrence's chapel! It was really cool when I finally saw the connection. 

We also went to Mel's Drive Thru and I loved how the place was set like those lovely diners with the red and white comfy seats. Think Cee Lo Green's Forget You / F*ck You music video

Love this vintage jukebox! It was just for display though D: Didn't actually work. 

Emily had Iced milo and I had Coke Float (Y)

We met Charlie Chaplin! I love Charlie Chaplin! As in, the real one. He's such a phenomenal television actor! This actor was not bad too, I love how he stays in character so well, making everyone laugh with his visual actions and keeping mum!

All in all, Universal Studios was amazing  (': But I wouldn't go there again in the near future though! It's a bit too small and it gets a bit boring sometimes. 

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

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I'm really glad I didn't give up on myself during this stressful period! 

PIT camp was over a few days ago and it was such a great experience for myself, really.
We welcomed the new little twos, who named themselves Favilla and although I too, was new to the board, it felt quite wonderful to be the seniors to them and it had suddenly struck me that I would be sec three next year. It's such a strange and surreal feeling. It seemed just yesterday that I first stepped into RGS as a year one and next year (or the end of this year), I'll probably be on duty welcoming those little ones on Reporting Day, and be involved in Orientation 2012 as well. 

It's so strange to be growing up so fast, but I'm truly glad to be given such opportunities to lead in so many things. It's going to be quite stressful (it already is) but I'm quite ready and after PIT camp, I have really grown and bonded with Fiducia so much more and I know that I am not alone and have so many others to turn to for help and support.

Remember I used to ponder if it was a right choice in joining PB when I already had so many other commitments? Well, now I have an answer, and that it IS indeed a correct choice and I really have no regrets whatsoever. I'm so glad to have been given such a wonderful opportunity and I'm going to make use of it and do the best I can in everything assigned to me. I'm actually quite relieved I'm not in Reporting Day or Orientation Comm though. At least I'll get a breather :D

I have been so lethargic and tired recently, I sometimes don't even use the computer and it's difficult to update! How I wish I had a blogger app on my phone but ahh well. I'm quite pumped for this tuesday! Going to Universal Studios with Emily! (Y) :D Yes, my second time there but I love the atmosphere at theme parks, it's such a happy and gay feeling!

On a sidenote, to "):" who tagged "arrogant" at my tagbox, I'm not quite sure what caused you to say that but I don't and will never take offence to that. Smile, friend, because that curve on your face is definitely the most important curve that you should ever have, really (: 
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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NICE PETER followed me on twitter omg! :D

and he's not the kind that follows all of his followers omg (': he only follows 2082 people and he has 45,216 followers! 

He's the guy that created the Epic Rap Battles of  History together with Epic Llyod! That series is really really insanely creative and I especially love his second channel - NicePeterToo because he has this Monday show that's just brimming with optimism and I love it so much!

Now he's following me on twitter.  That's such an honour, a crazy honour (':
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Saturday, November 12, 2011

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okay I didn't really lie, I just didn't stay true to my promise.
I promised to update this blog daily with the 6 life principles thing but I didn't. I'm sorry, I was way too tired for the past two days. I did, however, still stick to these 6 principles and am very proud of myself :D

Putting that aside, I'm very very relieved. The past week has been really hectic, rushing to school during the holidays, checking my email every two seconds because there always IS an unread email. 

Shanisse, Valencia and myself were the I/Cs for Recreation Day which was a day to introduce the new sec one PITs into the board through fun activities and we didn't have any subcomms which was quite sad. We had to cater food, plan games, gather logistics, get prizes and whatnot. 

So yesterday was the day. In the morning we had Formal Farewell which was also planned by Fiducians to bid the Foveoans goodbye. It was really well planned and everything, all of us were dressed in the formal attire which was quite cute a sight in my opinion since I've never seen our entire batch in that attire! The court shoes were so painful and I think I looked very uncomfortable walking around like that. I wanted to look taller so I got the pair which had relatively high heels and my feet were killing me the whole time. But my legs looked so perfect in the stockings x) Really, it's like hairless and flawless smooth skin. This sounds a bit wrong but okay! I'm quite incoherent now, I apologize, I'm still quite tired from yesterday. Formal Farewell went very smoothly, I'm so proud of my batch. 

Recreation Day was next. We bade goodbye to the sec fours in the morning and we welcomed the sec ones in the afternoon. The three of us were so nervous because we were unsure if the games and activities we had planned would hype everyone up. Surprisingly, everything went better than expected and everyone was having a lot of fun, really. I know I did. It was quite a surreal (not to mention a bit strange) feeling having to be one of the I/Cs leading PB in all these activities since I was relatively new to the board as well but I'm really relieved that everything went smoothly and it looked quite well-planned from the outside I think. Seriously, it's such a huge burden off my shoulders. I have been worried about Rec Day for so long! 

Yesterday was particularly meaningful for me. Yes, it was the first event I planned for PB (not to mention participate in xD) and to be honest, before yesterday, I didn't have that good of an impression of PB because I didn't really bond with my batch. Being a second intake was more difficult than expected because everyone already knew one another so getting to know them would prove to be a bit more of a challenge. They have been really welcoming and friendly, perhaps the problem was just me. But after yesterday, I think I have really bonded and got to know so many more of my fellow Fiducians and I can't wait for PIT camp although I will have to go through some stuff with the sec one PITs because I missed them last year.

Next week's gonna be hectic but I can't wait! (since I'm not actually the one planning all these activities)
JIAYOU to everyone still planning! 
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

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it's been an amazing two years with this wonderful class , 204'11 (': looking back, I really appreciate everything. 
thanks for all that you guys have given me, I have really learnt so much from all of you and I love every single one of you, so much. 

I will write a dedication soon for all of you right here since I didn't make any cards/ letters/ notes for you guys! Those cookies, although sweet, were definitely not enough to express my love for all of you, I'll miss you guys so much when we split next year! 

Yesterday was the official last day of school for us, it was the last day to be as a class together.
We've been through so much and we've become so much more bonded when we first started and I think myself really fortunate to have met all of you. I will dedicate another post to this hehe now isn't really the time to get emotional :D

Anyway, I have recently started (today, to be exact) on something that I really hope I will sustain throughout my whole life. It's like 6 life principles which I hope to follow everyday and I think it's really beneficial to develop myself as a person as a whole. I chanced upon it in a "Chicken Soup" series, which was "Chicken Soup for the Single's Soul". Don't ask me why I was reading that book, yes, I am of course single but no, I'm not reading that book because I was depressed on being single or anything. 

Here are the 6 principles that I hope to follow daily:
  1. Do something for someone else
  2. Do something for myself
  3. Do something I don't want to do that needs doing
  4. Do a physical exercise
  5. Do a mental exercise
  6. Do an original prayer that always includes counting my blessings
They are not difficult actually, it just serves as a more deliberate reminder to do certain things.
So, I've started today and I really want to sustain it for the rest of my life if possible. I hope to update you guys on whether I have stuck to these principles daily. So, even if I don't have anything to blog about, I think I would still note down and post if I have achieved these 6 simple goals everyday.

Alright, starting from today;

1. Do something for someone else 

I was just thinking about how I was going to do this today at the bus stop near Ang Mo Kio MRT when I was coming back from a meeting in school (Yes, it's the holidays but I still have to go back ever so often). Then, a woman came up to me asking to borrow my phone to call her daughter because she didn't have a handphone and has been waiting for her daughter for half an hour. I did, and she was really grateful to me, repeatedly saying "God bless you". I had to catch my bus then and didn't return the blessing so wherever you are, bless you too (': I lent her my phone so I guess that counts as doing something for someone else I think :D

2. Do something for myself 

This is most definitely the easiest principle to follow! I'd be more than happy to appreciate myself. Got myself a cup of caramel flavoured bubble tea on the way home from Each A Cup. Not my favourite chain of bubble tea shops but it's good enough! Appreciate yourself, because you are special (':

3. Do something I don't want to do that needs doing 

This principle helps me deal with procrastination! For today, I practiced my piano. Oh, did I mention that I failed my Grade 8 Practical? x) I think I only mentioned it on Twitter but anyway, I failed and therefore will be retaking it in March. Don't worry, I'm not really affected by this failure but I'm practicing even harder than before and I am truly grateful for the extra time. So, I did something that I don't really want to do!

4. Do a physical exercise 

Skipped 100 times, lifted dumbbells (failed dramatically by the way) and did 40 sit-ups. Not a lot, but I think it'll be good if I continue this. At least I won't feel that unfit and guilty when I eat a lot.

5. Do a mental exercise ✓ 

Did the Sudoku puzzle in mypaper! :D It was a bit too easy so I went to read on the Singapore's Constitution to train myself mentally so I guess I fulfilled this principle as well!

6. Do an original prayer that always includes counting my blessings ✓ 

I don't have a particular religion, my parents are Buddhists and my brother's an Atheist. I believe that there is one higher being and this shouldn't be separated by the various different religions. I don't know, that's just my personal take which I shall not elaborate on as religion is a relatively touchy topic. For this principle - doing an original prayer? It don't think I'm going to direct it to any God in particular, I'm just going to count my blessings everyday :D Today, I appreciated my class, to have the fortune to have met them as can be seen at the start of this post!

Alright, today, I fulfilled my 6 principles. It's really good, it makes me feel so much less guilty and gives my life more meaning. It might seem forced to do good stuff just because I planned to and not because I intend to but I think it's great to start with this, to force myself to do such things, so much so that it'll become a habit in future :D
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Sunday, November 6, 2011

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I'm sorry I haven't been posting so so long. Life has been ... really interesting (':

Batch 11's Graduation two days ago.
It was touching, it was sad. This batch is a really special batch, I feel like they were the ones who were the seniors that had authority and experiences but yet were close and personal to all of us. I'll miss them so so much. I doubt any of them read my blog but thanks for all that you guys have taught us, we really really appreciate it. Especially my Guides and House Comm seniors (': I love you guys.

But a more important message the graduation ceremony made me realize was that four years is really not long and that we truly have to treasure and make the most out of our time here at RGS because no matter how tough the going is at this place, it's a wonderful experience and I don't want to leave with any regrets in another two years' time. Two years is really short. It just seemed like yesterday when I stepped into RGS as a sec one but I've grown so so so much.

Next year, I won't be with the same class anymore. We'd be split according to our subject combis. Yes, no more 204'11 ): It's difficult to accept this reality but oh well, life still has to continue. This year, our class has truly become so much more bonded. Did I mention that we got 3rd in Drama Nite (YES MY DREAM CAME TRUE HAHAHAHHA! putting up a high school musical show in front of the sec ones and twos + parents was an amazing experience. It wasn't scary at all actually, but that's another story :D) PLUS we got 3rd in NetCarn as well! Our class spirit was truly lifted and it has been such a truly wonderful journey with these 35 other girls I love so dearly (': I LOVE YOU GUYS OMG

Anyway, after the grad ceremony, I went to Bishan for Service Learning and after that, Gillian, Jielin, Angelia and myself headed to Junction 8 to chill 8) Cotton On was having a crazy sale, it was all super cheap. Bought two pieces though I regret now and should've bought more but that's besides the point. We headed to the ladies (ehehe I'm speaking so daintily) and well, there was a tune playing. I heard it and I was like, "OMG is that George Watsky's song?"

Yes, this awesome guy is George Watsky, by the way (': 

And well, I started getting really emotional and I teared. 
Not exactly crying but my eyes became really wet. It was so crazy! I don't know, but I felt that George Watsky's such an awesome and sweet guy [seriously, see his vlogs!]. He's so extremely talented and he stays true to his beliefs, not caring about anything else. I felt so happy for him because he was finally getting a fair bit of exposure in my country! Even if it's just the restroom. 

I was so happy for him. But uh, I shouldn't have been happy actually because I made a mistake. Because he actually did a rap remix thing for a famous song and included it in his mixtape album. I kept listening to that remix that I thought it was his original! So the song in the washroom was actually the actual famous song ): Not his version. I felt a bit cheated when I realized this awful truth but it was the first time I actually teared so randomly for an artiste! George Watsky has a special place in my heart. 

I'm quite a random person omg I feel quite retarded now. 
This post is quite haphazard. Shall attempt to redeem myself by replying to my tags :D 

:D: yes, I've heard about it (; hahah it's' gonna be so so so super duper awesome, really! but shakespeare's quite a bore especially if it's graded xD
fatima: awwh hahah (': i'm so glad you guys enjoyed watching me (embarrass myself) but yeah I actually really enjoyed being up there. 

okay this made my post even worse. okay bye :D 
i made peanut butter cups today by the way. 
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