Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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hey . 
do u remember i actually blogged on the TODAY newspaper advert on the samsung's 3D television not long ago ? it was so cool , if u have no idea what i'm talking about , then just scroll down . i was saying that nobody can beat them in the near future . but guess what ?

 panasonic managed ;DD 

it was published in yesterday's edition of TODAY . and it's freaking cool . 
it also advertises it's 3D television , and what better way to promote it than to provide readers with an ultimate 3D experience ?  haha , and i thought samsung was creative with the pop out thing . well , they are , but panasonic's better . 
haha , anyway , panasonic provided the readers with a pair of 3D glasses and on the newspaper itself , whatever panasonic 3D adverts you see , put on the glasses , and WHOOSH ! an ultimate 3D experience ;DD except that it doesn't move , if im not wrong , cos apparently i did not experience it first hand . i have the TODAY newspaper but i don't have the 3D glasses cos MEDIACORP forgot to distribute 20, 000 of the glasses , so unluckily , my copy didn't have any glasses attached ): 
but my mother works in panasonic in the accounts department , so she saw it . and BOY , wasn't it cool ? (: haha , and that's why i know mediacorp forgot to distribute some of the 3D glasses . whoa , panasonic must be real huge company to afford such an extravagant advert . haha , my mother's gonna borrow a pair of 3D glasses from her colleague tomorrow , so i'm gonna see it ! (: super cool . even though the advert looks pretty normal without any glasses . 

intrigued , 

p / s : I . AM . GETTING . FATTER . 
p / p / s : I . MUST . GO . ON . A . DIET . 

you may call me fatty bom bom . 

[except for u , emily . i don't give u this privilege] 

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Monday, April 26, 2010

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okay , today is monday , EMILY DAY ! ;DD haha
on the 132 bus when going to meet emily , there was this really strange SJI boy sitting in front of me . he keep on turning back , then i was like , WTH ? can u stop it , man ? but of course , i never say it larh . did he find me familiar or what ? keep on turning back , very irritating and distracting , okay ? anyway , moving on . 
so , met emily at amk today . i alighted from the bus and went to the mrt cos i wanted to top up ez-link cos the new sec school card marh , so i haven't apply for GIRO yet . haiz , super troublesome . 
anyway , went and saw her ! ;DD she gave me a ring with the letter 'Y' on it . thanks much ! (: then she helped me buy STICKY ! [haha , it's $3.90] i requested for PANDA ones . but not cute de , they looked very 'DIAO' , and had some pissed and 不爽 look . but pretty delicious . 

then emily wanted to go to the toilet . she wanted to go to the toilet at AMK hub . [haiz , just an excuse to spend time with me ... teehee] so we walked there . and i saw mcdonalds , so i bought 2 oreo mcflurries ! ;DD one for each of us . i'm so kind , yeah ? ;DD hahahaha . then we walked back to the bus stop and SOO MANY BUSES which i could take passed by us , but emily don't let me take . then , 165 came , so we took it . on the bus , i tried emily's cookies . the ones she baked . erm... if u told me they were pork floss cookies , then they tasted delicious . but they were actually chocolate flavoured . so , erm ... hahahaha . 

anyway , pictures next time ! lazy now . 
i shall chiong my Speech & Drama script ): 
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Friday, April 23, 2010

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okay , i haven't been posting much ...
so , this week was pretty alright ? 


met emily on 132 again ... she bought bubbletea for me ? but erm... the cup was rather.. low quality ;DD so it broke , and well ... bubbletea came spilling out D: but at least emily had requested for a plastic bag , so i drank from the plastic bag ? haha . i got emily a mocha breeze & nachos and cheese / teehee . 

oh , during the whole time in class , i was sneezing like crazy . especially during chem lesson , where it was so quiet , and then "achooooooo!" bah . how embarrassing . 

stayed at home as i was really unwell - a flu , a cough , a sore throat & a fever of 39.1 degrees D:
but after that it became better ;DD but of course , there's LOADS of homework to catch up on thursday... ): 

went to school , nothing really happened , i guess (: well , no news is good news ;DD

hmmm , so this was the more "exciting" day ? school hours weren't exciting . but i stayed back after school for a while to play a bit . jie lin , why did u go home so early ? LOL . we were talking about the ghost story of the squash toilet with the 3rd language people and then i went to the toilet at the back of J block with zixian . i came out of the cubicle earlier than her , and of course , washed my hands ! i pressed the tap and water came out . then i waited for her while the tap was still running . when  the button eventually came up and water stopped flowing out , i saw the button go down again ! :O and water came out again , and i DID NOT touch the tap a second time ! i was damn freaked out . 
but i decided not to think about it anymore . then me and zixian went to take 132 home and saw deborah there . then we sat there and chatted . 

then this random lower sec [judging from his shorts & height] RI boy approached and asked "can u help me do this survey?" erm... okay... so i did it . its about stress level and all that .. maybe it's for his research education . HAHA . i realised that i'm actually quite free cos there were questions like , "do u have tuition" which i responded "no" . and many others like "how long on average is ur CCA per week?" and i answered "3-4 hours" cos my cca is pretty slack . then the bus came just as i was fililng up the last question . so i just shoved the whole clip board into the guy's face ;DD he probably muttered "thanks" . then from the second deck of the bus , i saw him walking towards the road ? which was a big main road . he didn't have a bag or anything and i thought that was pretty weird . and why didn't he ask other girls at the bus stop to do his survey as well ? the more the merrier , isn't it ?

anyway , that wasn't all . me , zixian and deborah went up and found a wallet and a pack of cigarettes . the wallet didn't contain any cash , but it had some IDs in it , so we decided to go down and pass it to the bus driver . haha , we did a good deed yesterday ! actually i did two , i mean , i did help that RI guy complete the survey ... teehee . 

today is saturday ... HOMEWORK >< 
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Saturday, April 17, 2010

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blahblahbackshit . 

didn't go for ORA today ): sad much . 
missed out on all the fun , oh well .

OH YA , the most stupid thing happened to me yesterday . I LOST MY GUIDES UNIFORM ! D: i think i left it near the guides table . im appealing for witness ): bleah . 

anw , advertisements in newspapers have gone up to a whole new level ! i was flipping through yesterday's [1604'10] edition of TODAY and oh , gawd . the craziest advert i have ever seen popped up in front of me . when i say POPPED UP , i mean POPPED UP 

can u see it ? it's not a picture , it's like 3D , which is what they are selling , 3D tvs . 

is it clearer now ? it's like those pop-up books i used to read when i was young . haha , it's in the middle of the TODAY newspaper yesterday . super cool . it's 3 layers . bet they paid a lot for this ad. 

and coincidentally , when i was surfing the net , i saw this advert : 

the LED TV one (: haha , super cute or what ?

anyway , im addicted to NIGAHIGA , or rather , ryan higa :D LOL . 
but i cant seem to download his vids into my phone): at first , i could , but then i deleted the vid accidentally and i forgot how i did it in the first place . HELP ME ! ~ 

xoxo , 
yapliyin . 
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Monday, April 12, 2010

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okay , firstly , i must thanks the above thing :D it's my sound adapter , we rocks . anyway , today's school was alright . THEN , i met emily on 132 . it was planned , just in case u are asking . anyway , she bought BUBBLETEA FOR ME :D haha , thanks so much . 

hahaha , alright . just chittie chatted a while . JUICY GOSPS XD  muahahaha . no 3rd language today . actually , not really ... haha , i just pawned . but i dun care . cos i already quitted . why shld i waste 3 hrs of my life ? 

xoxo , 

shouldn't blog anymore . HOMEWORK >< 
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

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tralalala (:
today was okay , even though it was thursday , which was the worse day of the week . there was this super EPIC incident . okay , here goes:

hui min was fiddling with her broken name tag and then we were talking about liu qian [LOVE:D ]
then she was bad mouthing him . suddenly , her name tag disappeared . i dunnoe why or how it disappeared . then i told her : it must be liu qian . he can hear u ... she still thought it was me & gillian's evil plan .  then after that , she decided to talk good stuff about him . and... 

见证奇迹的时刻 ... 

WHALA ! :D hui min found her name tag . is this crazy or what. OBVIOUSLY , liu qian is powerful (: 

haha , just finished talking to ian poy . emily's convo window's still open , but not very active . 
i was like bored , then talk to him until WHOA , so much . i've become sicker ): so sad . haha , I WANT MY INNOCENCE BACK D: anw , thanks to them for supplying ideas for my art & design project . even though emily might not know she helped me . cos i just asked her to name me a fruit :D 

currently listening to ; BOOM BOOM POW by BEP 

xoxo , 
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

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FACEBOOK , what is this ? this is horrible . what is wrong with the website today ? bleah . 
im tired , so shall not blog much today :D 
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Monday, April 5, 2010

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today is a day for FANTASTIC happenings (: 
wait , not everything was fantastic . i can't upload pictures from my phone to the computer ! D: bleah . but that can't spoil my mood now . COMPUTER , haha , u failed to make my moody ;P FAIL larh u . 

anyway , i am listening to youtube videos now . YES , i'm listening ! that means , my computer can play sound now ! i'm freaking happy , okay ? you don't know how bad living without sound from the computer can be . no words can describe this feeling of pure bliss & happiness (: & i'm not overdoing my description . i'm feeling TOTALLY or even happier than this. & i'm not using my bro's com (: that rocks (: the solution to the muted com for months ? a USB sound adapter . i didn't know there's such a thing :D but now i know (: oh yeah . i took a picture of it , MY SAVIOUR , to post here , but as u know , i can't seem to upload the picture into my com . but rest assured , i will , as that small device needs to be given the respect and thanks it deserves for bringing back sound to my techie life (:  

okay , but if any of u guys don't know what a USB sound adapter is , here is a picture i ripped from YAHOOOOOO ! :D 

mine's black . so it looks cooler (: & mine has buttons on it 

the amazing symbol is the volume control symbol :D 

the next fantastic thing ? 
i quitted my 3rd language -japanese ! that's not very responsible for me . call me 半途而废 , give up easily , but I DON'T CARE . i know what's right for me & what's wrong . quitting will do me good , trust me . no more memorizing dictation during class . no more skip-a-heartbeat moments when i try to catch up during japanese lessons & teacher calls upon me . but i really like the teacher , he's damn kind , okay .  today he gave us 15+5 more minutes for break , cos he knew we were tired from the CA [unlike my previous jap teacher who didn't give us break at al] speaking of the CA , i thought it was manageable . like what angelia says on my facebook status , it's probably beacuse i wasn't as stressed out as i was quitting already , so i didn't feel as much pressure to cramp everything in my brain which always fails . 

& to those who wanted me to give hints to them , i'm sorry but strict rules of MOELC , & we're really told not to leak them cos we're the first class to take the test . all i can say is that , as long as u memorize all the stuff in chapters 1-4 , u'll do fine [okay , that's as good as not giving any hints at all , but ya ...] oh , and the listening compre isn't as bad as in class practices . 

OHOH , & i tried MOCHA BREEZE with WHIPPED CREAM TODAY :D from the cafe . damn nice , okay ? & cos of the caffeine content , i was like , wide awake during the lessons after recess . but i feel so sad for the canteen vendors , so i patronized them for lunch (: ahahaha . 

and for PE today , we had to run 1.6km , which is the pri school NAPFA distance . surprisingly , i did not feel as tired as i was during pri school NAPFA tests . last time my whole face would go red , my whole body would sweat like crazy , & i would develop red spots on my body . now i don't [but touch wood larh] . heehee ><

i shall attempt to do homework :D 
no , wait . actually i completed already :D haha . anyway , i wanna join Art IHG :D but i don't know what to draw , the theme is CONGESTED . eh ? 

xoxo , 
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Sunday, April 4, 2010

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it's 10.14pm now & i'm caught in a dilemma . 
damn 3rd language , damn myself , damn everyone .

okay , sorry for the inappropriate talk . 
but seriously ! that's how i'm feeling now . 
3rd language sucks , juniors , if u are offered , DO NOT TAKE IT . not all free gifts are good stuff , yeah ? trust me , you won't regret it . 

now now , i'm here offering advice to my juniors .
but WHAT ABOUT ME ? no seniors advised me not to take it . & what about my brother ? he took french till sec 3 and made it seem so easy . that's the wrong perception of mine . shucks , i should've known my brother had an intelligence level above normal people [like me] . he always uses the computer , for games , bridge , and all . BUT WHY DOES HE HAVE 2 RAs? which are like , the max anyone in RIJC can take . i dun have a brain like his , i can only rely on my hard work . 

but that's WAY beside the point. 
the point is : japanese is freaking irritating . 
for the past few weeks , when i study for dictation , tests , and all . i just FAIL to memorise any vocabulary . 
but now ? when i've made up my mind to quit , the vocabulary just comes into my brain easily . 
WHY ? now , i really don't know if i should quit . BLEAH . this is horrible . 

& why did my school bring forward the window period for withdrawals ? they should give us more time . 

my parents have already given in to my withdrawal request , but not myself . i have never made much of an important decision in my life . not that japanese is very important , but it could really affect my future . even choosing of sec schools weren't this difficult as i was sure of what i want . but now , i'm not sure . not sure at all . 

the feeling i have now is horrible . 
only some ice cream can cheer me up . 

but only for a second . 
cos i'll return to my horrible feelings again .

my life sucks . 


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Friday, April 2, 2010

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so u see , the control somebody has over me . 
she tells me what to post in MY blog , and i have to listen ): 

just kidding .
but its true she told me to post the above picture she drew on msn . 

hahas , but i post this on my own will :D 
eating swiss roll with ice cream (: gotta work out later in the evening ! (: 

haha , u see , somebody scared liao . so , talk in a nicer tone to me , cos she scared she "diu lian" hahas (: 

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this is KFC's new double down sandwich i found from the internet. it will be released soon i think? but maybe not in Singapore. but goodness me ! 

instead of bread , they use 2 big pieces of fried chicken breast ! like , WTH D: 
then , it's so fattening , they have big pieces of bacon in between. & cheese . if they were sandwiched between bread , it would be nice . but , it's chicken ! OMG . according to reports , u might die when u eat this . LOL , crazy . 

listening to WE ARE THE WORLD for the hundredth time . i can probably remember the lyrics & who actually sang which part. 

The worst part is the start ! ugh . justin bieber  D: bleah . 
why must he start such a fantastic song ? 

bah , 


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this is the second post of the day. 
but the first post is super crappy . no wait , IT'S NOT CRAPPY AT ALL ~ it's just random . 
but , JUSTIN BIEBER is hated for spoiling the starting of the 2010 version [DUH , he's so young, how can he be involved in the 1985 version . & the 1985 version is the SUPERGROUP , which means singers who have already made their mark either solo or in a group. HE HAS NOT MADE HIS MARK.] justin bieber- crazy people , dun kill me for this. but that's the previous post . 

now , i have this super crazy feeling . 
i miss my juniors so muchhhh  ):  i miss HIPS so much . i wanna go back & visit , but there's no special occasion . which sucks . can i go there if there's EXCO meeting ? haha , but i don't know if there is ... grrrrrrrrr.....

juniors i miss , starting from the one i miss THE MOST : 

jessa ! (: jon ! sheffield ! (: 
shu hui ! vanessa tan ! (: 
brenda , jewelyn , & many many others ... esp BROWNIES :D 

ugh . & teachers ! (: 

mr. ho ! (: mr. ng ! mrs poh ! (:
mr choo ! 

many many others ...  

the canteen aunties , uncles ... EVERYONE . 

why didn't i feel like this when i left parry ? 
i wanna visit . is it possible to conduct those "COME TO MY SEC SCHOOL" talks for the p6s? 
i doubt . cos ur school probably has to give u permission . 
but i remember my brother was given a day off to go to his primary to give brain-washing talks to the p6 when he was sec 1. but he didn't :P haha , 

xoxo , 

the feeling of missing people isn't good . 
i love them . 

heehee ,  and a screen shot of my lousy msn D: 


pssst . i wasnt forced to type the above statement :D 
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

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WE ARE THE WORLD  2010 & 1985

We are the World 25 for Haiti

the "purple" video is the remake of the 1985 hit song "WE ARE THE WORLD" written by MICHAEL JACKSON ♥ & LIONEL RICHIE . 

This video was recorded in fourteen hours by over eighty artists.

We are the World USA for Africa
the "pink" video was recorded in 1985 by the supergroup , and it's the original one . 

Compare the difference & hope that you'll fall in love with this song just like how i did . 
This song brings tears to my eyes . 

he really is a musical genius . 
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alright , it's another aprils fool day post but the previous one was about yesterday . this post is about today . 

was home alone , and decided to do homework . 
did i tell u guys that when i do homework , mug , study , etc , i will EAT LIKE CRAZY ?! hahas , so yes , today i experimented with food while doing my dear algebra math worksheet . 

my mother bought exceptionally sour grapes , so decided to heed Rain's [she's a person] advice & froze them in the freezer .

this was the end result . grapes with a layer of ice . cos i added water (: ahahaha . 

this is a grape (: with a shield of ice . 

anyway , the grapes became sweet ! okay , not sweet ... but they were not sour anymore ! probably cos the coldness hid the sourness . 

then , i scanned stuff for zixian which took me a freaking long time ... hotmail & gmail turned their back on me . but i realised that it ain't their fault ... it was actually ... 

this scanner's fault . it looked big and cool . but it ain't very good as it made the file too big to send . it's little brother , another scanner , was much better cos the file size was smaller and was able to send through hotmail . maybe the size of the scanner is proportionate to the file size . oh well . 

then i became crazy with food . 
i smashed one chocolate energy biscuit , added a few drops of condensed milk , added a teaspoon of peach tea , added 2 pieces of koko krunch , added some blackcurrant syrup .  & i got a spoonful of this: 

i dumped the whole spoonful into my mouth bravely . 
it tasted ... alright , i guess . surprisingly , the peach tea tasted the strongest , even though the mixture was brown ...

haha , this blog is turning to become some "food" blog .. yesterday i was commenting about my school's cafe . and now this ... hmm , it shows that i'm eating too much . i shall do some chin ups now with the chin up bar installed outside my room meant for my brother . seriously , i can't even do inclined pull ups properly , needless to say , a chin up ? but i shall try . usually , i just hang there like some weird person . but i can't really reach it anyway .  if i can't i shall skip . 

hey , i'm back . 
obviously , i went to skip cos i was like , hanging on the chin up bar which is weird . 
phew . tired . but anyway , i shall continue having my "food" post since exercise ain't for me . 

i made this ! it was delicious , i tell u  :D there's a couple of koko krunch at the bottom , and i scooped some blueberry ripple vanilla ice cream & topped it with chicken . whoops , i mean , condensed milk and blackcurrant syrup . boy , wasn't it fantastic ! (: u guys should try it out someday . 

top view ! ahahaha , i vow not to eat any other sweet stuff from now till dinner time :D & after dinner till sleeping time (: 

xoxo , 
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