Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i know its unfeeling to say this . since life is supposedly all "precious" and stuff , especially in this recent spate of events . but I HATE MY LIFE . really D:

so yeah . i lead a relatively lucky and fortunate life . i'm in a relatively good school , but yeah , that's exactly the problem . why must life circle around school , academics and stupid work ? when we grow older , life still circles around career , money , which is again stupid work . it's reality , but why is the reality so sad ? who defined reality to be such a depressing thing ? pssssht .

therefore , i am going to come up with a list of stuff / activities i can look forward to in this year . to make my life seem more meaningful and worthy to live through . because if i don't , i think i have a high possibility to commit suicide . yes i know i don't look like an emo person , & is a super happy gay hysterical woman . but that's the thing . extreme cover ups . no mood to elaborate so yup . i had a post on my terrible and fake front i have last year or the start of this year .

okay , most of these stuffs got to do with guides . because this year , i've truly found my guiding light and i'm really passionate for this cca now . ANYWAY . here goes !

near future ;;
26 march '11 -- HOUSE PRACT ;DD
1 april '11 -- RAFFLES HOLIDAY (: there's still guides but bonding (Y)
9 april '11 -- CENETARY CELEBRATIONS :D might be boring but most batchmates are going !(:
23 april'11 -- Raffles Institution 01 GANGSHOW ;DD campfires are the win :DD this is something i can't wait for nuts ! (: excellent bonding time ;D

further future ;;
28 may'11 -- ANNUAL ASSEMBLY i can't wait for this for crazyyyy ! scouts + guides from other schools are all coming ahhh ! im in the comm in charge of so many things wahaah ;D
30 july'11 -- AESTHETICS OUTREACH PROGRAMME (: i think it would be quite cool , even though it means work for class comm ):

future ;;
where we would have many many gatherings so i can't wait !

ahahah , looks like my life is quite organised (: and meaningful . and fulfilling .
okay i'm feeling much better . man , this is a good way of cheering oneself up ! (: you should try it someday guys . it works better than any other cheer-me-up ;D

love ,

ohohoh and to end off , here is a super nice song from the best band everrrr (except for my own band , of course . which is by the way , not disbanded yet hahha . it's still alive ! ) anyway , this is HOT CHELL RAE , presenting TONIGHT TONIGHT (: special thanks to cherylwee ;D

ohoh and i can't wait for RS tomorrow ! ;DD DID I TELL YOU I GOT INTO PHILOSOPHY RS ! ISN'T THAT UBER FANTASTIC ! ;DD i can't believe we got in ! pssssht help from rj philo circle founder hahahah !

oh and my brother just drank my ice cold lovely milo . argh DDD:
i heard the clanking of the spoon and so was like " are you drinking my milo ? " haha then he told a lie " no ! " but y'know i always know when he tells a lie , so i asked again . LOL different answer this time " yes ! " pssssht ): i was like " WHAT THE SHIT MAN . " haha okay so its just milo , but it's MY milo DDD: if i make one more cup , it won't be cold ): unless i use the new cold water milo . which i don't have .

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