Thursday, March 24, 2011


heh sorry for the scary photo of myself at the start ! wahaha i'm not wearing any specs i think i look weird . ohman boredom makes people do weird things . camwhoring when you are sick of studying works wonders . haha i think its alright for girls to camwhore . but not guys . a big nono .

yesterday was a super awesome day . wednesdays are always awesome , because we have like 3-hour aesthetics that takes up three quarters of the whole day lessons !
aesthetics was art last time , which dragged on to this term too ! (: for two lessons D: meaning next lesson is the last ): which is sad . but anyway , the second last lesson yesterday was so so so so so so so awesome ! ;D heh , so both halves of the class combined cos their teacher was on maternity leave ! so its like twice the fun (: kay so he returned our sketch books which we submitted before term ended , then i guess i was quite delighted ;D like he preliminary identified a few of us to have "art potential" to join the SAP . but it's only preliminary only lah so its nothing but i'm still quite happy to know that i at least have a bit of talent in art hahaha . y'know i used to think my art was damn good when i was in primary school ! like winning tan kah kee & everything but then when i tried out for SAP last year , i flunked it ))): LOL /bitter about the rejection i got in sec one from SAP/ psssssht . he wrote comments in my sketch book that made me feel so ego HEH . butbut right when i see those year two SAP girls uploading their artwork on facebook , i feel so horrid about myself ): no chance already D: like i'm serious ! they have super alot of talent D:

anyway , the teacher just suddenly said "okay , we shall go to the singapore art museum now !" LOL like what ! he didn't even tell us and it was so shocking and surprising and we weren't even prepared for this excursion . kay so we went and it was uber fun and awesome . the art works there are so unique , some were gory , but the meanings were all so deep . i don't quite get some . there were some works that were pretty freaky and crazy . like literally . then i saw this artwork and remembered that it was a piece mr choo [pri school art teacher] showed us . i felt devaju-ish hahah !

then there was this interactive exhibition . it was like for women awareness & such . there were many many big cushions that were shaped like breasts , complete with a relatively hard nipple . i think it was quite awkward when mr . wong told us to "embrace womanhood" and jump into the sea of boobs , which is highly encouraged by the artist . haha mr.wong said he had done it the last time he came LOLOL ! even more awkward . but it was uber fun in there (: we were laughing at all . NOT because we were immature but because it was fun kay .

there was another piece that resulted in even more awkwardness with mr.wong . we were actually given free time to roam the whole museum ourselves but we always bump into him . he tried explaining and said "this is about some woman's problems , very complicated uh ..." hahah ! we can read the description ourselves . ohoh & don't mistake this for some feminist exhibition kay !

so it was supersuper fun yesterday . then we had RS , but couldn't get in touch with our mentor , so we just made ourselves comfortable in the library and indulged in philo books ;D

kaykaykay .
today was alright i guess . oh well .

heh i started this secret chocolate / cookies stash in my room . i have this supply of chocolates & cookies to keep me awake to mug this few days ! hahah so awesome . yesterday i was eating potato chips . sigh . i guess in life , we need to sacrifice some stuffs , can't have everything right . in order to get good grades (not guaranteed though) , i need to sacrifice my body ! errr , as in , shape of body . not what you were thinking of .

goodbye !
i think you can tell that i'm in higher spirits right ;D

love ,
liyinnn .

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