Saturday, March 12, 2011


Boy/girl to text you last? huimin (:

Are you afraid of falling in love? yes DD: very very afraid . because i fall for the wrong people . and it's just really really wrong ): but it's a nice feeling actually ;D

Name something you are doing tomorrow: stupid piano lesson ):

Does your phone normally ring in the middle of the night? nope hahah ! i'm a loser and no one wants to text / call me (:

To whom did you last give the finger to? erm . i don't think i've ever given it on purpose , like not when im mad or anything . i just jokingly do it maybe ?

How many hours did you sleep last night? can't remember . really short i suppose ):

Ever given your all to someone who walked away? nope thank you (:

Is there anyone you trust who you shouldn't? yeap .

Is there someone you can't stop thinking about? wahaha *giggles* yeap (:

When someone walks out of your life, do you go after them or let them go? what can you do ? there's nothing you can do if they're sure .

If you're being extremely quiet, what does it mean? i'm in pain , physically or that i just don't have the mood to engage in conversation . which means PMS-ing D:

Do you think the legal drinking age should be changed? errr . no thanks D:

Something you really want right now? more holidays , but that's just shallow . a better world for all , without the disasters and all . #prayforjapan and the world ;D

Do you think you're old? yes , how i wish i was younger .

Are you a jealous person? yeap , but i hide it very well (:

Where have you lived throughout your life? singapore !

Do you wear contacts? nope DDDDD: but everyone's used to the specky me & i supposedly look weird without them )):

What were you doing an hour ago? watching tim minchin's videos AHHH HE IS GODLIKE (:

Are you a morning person or a night person? night (:

What are you wearing? gay pink tee and primary school pe shorts ! (: AWWH HIPS .

If you could go back in time and change things, would you? yes , i would not have worked so hard for psle and got myself in this whole crap .

If you could seek revenge on someone would you? not now , i don't actually hate anyone , no one did anything bad to me D: but i would if the time arises (:

What did your last text message say and who was it from? from huimin ! she asked " Liyin, did tat mr larry send u anything?"

Do you have a gay friend? hahhaah guy friends , are y'all gay ? guess not .

Who do you live with? parents and older brother (:

Have you ever kissed someone who smokes? errrr . nope .

Did you have a good birthday last year? last year ? oh not exactly i guess . but it was okay .

Last person you were in a car with? my dad !

Do you like someone that doesn't know you like them? iyeap (: but i'm slowly but surely getting rid of this person(s) from my mind . haha yes im horrible & like a few people at the same time ): but it's just like slight infatuations , no biggie , i promise ! (:

Do you own a black pants/dress? black pants yes , dress ? nope ):

What are you most looking forward to? end of year holidays (: but currently MARCH CAMP AHAHH !

Is there something you want to tell someone? everyone affected by the japan incident - STAY STRONG . EVERYTHING WILL BE OVER . IT WILL BE DIFFICULT , BUT LIFE STILL HAS TO GO ON . GAMBATE (:

What were you doing at 12 this morning? eating lunch i guess (:

Is there anybody you're really disappointed in right now? myself . i digress from my work wayy too often )):

Is there someone you will never forget? almost everyone i have met . yeah this sounds like some politically correct answer , but its true ! (:

Is there a girl that knows everything or mostly everything about you? not exactly ): yes not even you , juju ! (: but almost ;D

Did you have any unread text messages this morning when you woke up? yeap (:

Where were you last night? sleeping at home i guess D: sad life i lead ):

Do you think you're smart? nope . im really this stupid freak who landed in RGS by accident ): and no this is not supposed to be sarcastic or ironic ): it's true

Do you have unlimited texting? no , but it's okay (: i don't actually reply smses anyway ! ;D which bothers many people d:

Have you ever kissed someone whose name started with a "A"? nope .

Have you ever held hands with anyone? yeap .

Looking forward to the next couple months? no . life sucks D:

Have you changed this year? yeah , not for the better though ): i think i'm becoming a horrible person . like really D: i need counselling .

Have you ever kissed someone whose name started with a "C"? no . can you stop asking these questions ? life doesn't center around kissing people .

Have your parents ever caught you drinking? nope , i usually drink under their supervision . but i don't enjoy drinking . so they won't have to worry about this bit (:

Have you ever crawled through a window? errrr nope .

Is there a secret you've never told your friends? haha of course ! one must always have their own secrets (:

What would happen if you had a baby with the last person you kissed? err . please . i haven't kissed anyone in my short 14 years of life so stop it already !

Last beverage you consumed? H2O

Who was the last person you took a picture with? gillian or jie lin i think heh (:

Is there anything stressing you out currently? ALL THE CRAPPY AAs ): and revision D: ugh . MYAs are coming up real soon ): and i'm not prepared . at all .

Do you remember what you were like a year ago? better than what i am now , in every aspect .

Are you happy with your life right now? i'm really trying cos i have to , or i'll be like some spoilt brat ! however , i personally believe i don't actually gain happiness by MUGGING , and getting good grades . i was truly happy when i saw how happy the little kids in batam were . i get genuinely happy when i help others ! i'm serious . those are the simple little pleasures . i should do something more meaningful with my life . and not just to live up to parent's expectations .


How many hours of sleep do you get every night? way lesser than the recommended amounts ): maybe 6 ? if i'm lucky , 8 ! (:

What was the last reason you went to the doctor for? asthma i guess. does the dentist count as a doctor ? (: since they have "DR" before their names too ! ;D

Is there someone you want to see right now? yeap (:

Midnight, who were you texting? noone . but sometimes i do , and it's prolly emily i guess (:

When is the next time you will see the person you like? ohmo this will be too obvious ! for one , it will be never ever . the other is too obvious (:

When was the last time you cried really badly? i can't remember ): but i sometimes cry to sleep .

Are you currently frustrated with someone? yes . i appear to be cheerful and bare no hatred but that's just "appear" so yup .

You want to get married? maybe (: if i find the right soul mate .

Is there someone of the opposite sex you tell everything to? not exactly . but i guess i have some good guy friends whom i can talk to comfortably (:

Have you ever regretted letting someone go? at the start , of course a certain degree of reluctance and regret will be felt (: but don't worry , i get over things fairly easily and swear by the believe that i did things for a reason the first time round , so there's no need to look back ;D



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